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Bellarke + kisses at the top of the Ferris wheel?

Clarke kicked her legs out and the seat squeaked as it swung back and forth.  The whole fair was spread out below them, lights and tinny music and people crawling across the yellow-brown grass.  They were stopped at the very top, her favorite part.

“Stop it,” Bellamy said tightly.

“What, chicken?” she teased.  Everyone else was paired off so she’d ended up with him despite their years of enmity.

“Just stop it,” he said, and she realized he wasn’t looking down, just resolutely out.  A muscle in his jaw flickered and his knuckles were white.  The ferris wheel started with a stomach-jerking lurch and then juddered to a stop, the lights flickering off completely as the power died.

Bellamy swore viciously under his breath and Clarke felt a pang of sympathy.  He’d covered for her the time she was too hungover to work the cash register, after all, and he was always willing to be the designated driver when they went out.  “Don’t look down,” she said, trying to be sympathetic.

“I’m not,” he gritted out from between his clenched teeth.  She looked down and saw the operator gesturing frantically.  They probably weren’t coming down any time soon.

“Look at me,” she said.  Bellamy jerked his head over to her and she rested her hand over his on the bar.  “Do you trust me?”

He made a noise that was half scoff, half laugh.  “Enough, I guess.”

“Close your eyes,” she said, and he looked at her warily before complying.

Clarke leaned over and pressed her lips to his, dry and chaste.  She felt Bellamy’s muscles tense under her touch and then suddenly release, his mouth opening to hers.  It felt good to kiss him— better than it should, really.  She took his face in her hands and he melted into her.  Clarke decided not to think about what they were doing, the two of them at the top of the world.

In pictures: South Korea's Sewol ferry emerges from the sea nearly three years after it sank

The wreckage of a 6,800-ton South Korean ferry has emerged from the sea nearly three years after it capsized and sank, killing 304 people – most of them children on a school trip. The Sewol passenger ferry sank off the coast of Jindo island on 16 April 2014, touching off an outpouring of national grief and soul searching about public safety and regulatory failures.

Salvage workers started to bring up the vessel, which had been lying on its side at a depth of 44 metres (144 feet), late on Wednesday (22 April), rolling up 66 cables connected to a frame of metal beams divers had spent months putting beneath the ferry. At around 4am, the blue-and-white right side of ferry, rusty, scratched and coated in mud and sediment, emerged for the first time in more than 1,000 days.

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By about 7am the ferry had been raised enough for workers to climb on it and further fasten it to the barges. Once Sewol is raised to the desired point, salvage crews will then load the ferry onto a semi-submersible, heavy-lift vessel that will carry it to a mainland port. The loading process, including emptying the ferry of water and fuel, is expected to take days.

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The bodies of 295 passengers were recovered after the vessel sank, but nine are still missing. Relatives, some of whom who are watching from two fishing boats just outside the operation area, are hoping that those remains will be found inside the ferry.

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zodiac aesthetics

{{you can also use your rising sign!}}

aries: red lips, lava, bicycling, jean jackets, combat boots, sunglasses, fireworks, concerts

taurus: oversized knitted sweaters, tiny houseplants, cafes, forests, candles, cozy homes, tea and dessert

gemini: writing notes on your arm, tattoos, chokers, colored hair, crop tops, pins on your backpack, piercings, polariods

cancer: lockets, the moon, the ocean, rainy windshields, glitter, flower crowns, ferris wheels, white fences, swirled ice cream

leo: red hair and freckles, fire, bloody knuckles, denim shorts, fireflies, oversized sweaters, lattes, aviators, leather jackets

virgo: collared dresses, coffee and books, vinyl records, typewriters, umbrellas, silk sheets, dandelions, rolled up pants

libra: blowing bubbles, bubblegum, cotton candy, roller coasters, snapbacks, flannel, dresses with cardigans, frappucinnos

scorpio: bloodshot eyes, cigarette smoke, lace tights, black coffee, winged eyeliner, veins, rainy parking lots, bruises

sagittarius: money jars, rope bridges, macaroons, lightning, pizza, carnivals, maps with desired destinations circled

capricorn: leather, antiques, coffee, the woods, dark lipstick, apartments, spices, brown eyes, picture frames

aquarius: the galaxy, aliens, balloons, mermaids, graphic t-shirts, gas stations, jellyfish, feathers, sunrise

pisces: fairy lights, gardens, watercolors, cloudy mornings, mascara, curtains, fishtanks, creamer

Disneyland Date (Hoseok x Reader)

Pairing: Hoseok/J-Hope x Reader
Rating: T
Genre: Fluff

Words: 1,140

Summary: You and Hoseok go on a date in Disneyland! :D

A/N: Hopefully this along the lines of what your were thinking, anon! If not, my bad ;p Also, omg I’ve never been to Disneyland so I don’t know the layout of the park so I had to fucking do research xD Anyway, enjoy! Reblogs/Comments/Favs always appreciated!

The warm wind pushes against you as Hoseok drags you into the ticket line, ecstatic smile lighting up his entire face. He’d woken you up this morning with a kiss and a quiet request to come along with him to Disneyland today, and how we’re you supposed deny a request like that?

“Y/N!” he calls, jumping on his feet and turning back to wait for you as you are held up in the entrance, a security guard thoroughly looking through the bag you’d brought along. “C’mon, I want ice cream!”

“Alright Hobi, hold on!” you say, quickly picking your bag up and jogging up to him. When you reach his side he laughs and throws an arm around your shoulder, holding you close as you both walk into the theme park.

Hand-in-hand you travel through the park, Hoseok darting away from you the minute he see’s ice cream. You just giggle and wait in the shade nearby as he orders, returning to your side a minute later with the biggest ice cream cone you’ve ever seen held in his grasp.

“C’mon, share it with me!” he says after taking a few licks, holding it out to you, and you grab the cone with a roll of your eyes.

“Hobi, we’re never gonna be able to finish this! It’s too big and I don’t need to eat anything this fattening!”

“Hush,” he responds, leaning down and pressing a quick kiss to the tip of your nose. You blink, caught off guard, and he smiles loving at you.

“You’re prefect, Y/N, so eat the ice cream. I know this is your favorite flavor!”

Blushing, you glace away from Hoseok, pouting slightly, but nonetheless continue devouring the ice cream cone. Hoseok just laughs, eyes crinkling cutely as he watches you.

When the ice cream is finally gone, you both agree to stop in Tomorrowland first and head on your way. The lines are long, to be expected, but in each other’s company it’s not too bad. As you weave through the maze of a waiting area, Hobi constantly pulls you in close, tucking you into him and humming into your ear. You smile, recognizing the song as something he’d come up with the other day as an idea for his mixtape.

“You should really record that soon,” you tell him quietly. “It sounds amazing.”

“Yeah?” he mumbles into your ear, chin resting leisurely on you shoulder. “I need to get someone to do the vocals though…”

“Oh c’mon,” you scoff, wriggling in his hold until you’re free. You turn to face him, hand smacking against his chest lightly. He blinks.

“Just do what Namjoon did! He used his own vocals in his tracks! He’s not a bad singer and neither are you!”

“I know, but…”

“No buts!” you say, turning your back to him and crossing your arms defiantly. “I believe in you Jung Hoseok and you can do it!”

He rolls his eyes, but smiles nonetheless.

“Aish, you’re always so supportive,” he whispers, leaning in to press a kiss to your shoulder, and you blush.

The entire day consists of stopping for food, avoiding large roller-coasters, and messing around with each other. You run off the rides before Hoseok can catch you and hide somewhere, watching giddily as he frowns and searches for you with determination etched into his features. When he finally finds you you squeal and he grabs you around your middle, pulling you back into a crushing hug. You usually part with a kiss, tugging at each other’s hands and skipping off to the next attraction.  

Everything goes by too fast, a whirl of smiles and laughter that will stick with you for as long as you live. Hoseok is always so busy with planning choreography, making Hope-on-the-street videos, writing new lyrics, and any other schedule that BTS has that you’re never able to spend quality time with him too often.

That’s why today is so special. Hoseok is so happy, and he deserves all the happiness in the world. You only wish you had the power to give it all to him.

“Hey,” Hoseok says, waving a hand in front of your face. You’d been zoning out for the last few minutes now, staring into the water below as the white ferry made its way around the tiny bay. “You alright?”

“I—,” you start, startling out of your thoughts. He sends you a concerned look, bottom lips stuck out in a slight pout, and you giggle. “I’m fine. Just thinking, is all.”

“Yeah?” he questions, lazily leaning back against the railing. “About what?”

“Hmmm…I’m just glad you’re so happy today,” you say, embarrassment causing you to wring your hands in the front of your shirt. “I feel lucky to be able to be a part of your day.”


At hearing Hoseok’s serious tone you blink in surprise, turning to face him. Mouth turned down into a frown, he takes a step forward and cups your face with one of his hands, the other reaching down to stop your nervous wringing.

“You do realize—,” he begins, lips quirking and eyes becoming soft as he gazes at you. “—that the reason I’m happy is because of you—not just because I’m here, right?”

“I-I mean,” you stutter, face heating up when Hoseok subtly threads his fingers through yours, his thumb rubbing soothingly against the skin of your cheek. “I was hoping so, but…”

“Aish, I can’t believe you sometimes,” he says, shaking his head in disbelief, and then before you know it he has closed the distance between you. Feeling emotion flutter in your chest, you sneak your arms around his neck and pull him in closer. He just laughs into your mouth, moving his hands to wrap around your waist. When you finally pull back you’re both laughing, pleasant smiles stretching across your lips.

“I really love you, you know that?” Hoseok says sincerely. “I’m so glad you’ve stuck by me.”

“I love you too,” you wink, leaning up to press your lips to his again. “And I’ll stick by you so long as you’ll let me.”

“Of course,” he responds, pulling you close, and you laugh into the fabric of his shirt as he holds you close.

“So…,” you eventually break the silence. “Space Mountain?”


“If you do it I’ll give you a present~”

At that, Hoseok raises his eyebrows curiously.

“What kind…?”

“Any kind you want!” you promise, folding your arms behind your back as you rock on your heels playfully. Your boyfriend’s eyes spark with interest, and before you know it he’s dragging you towards the ride.


(In the end Hoseok goes on the ride but ends up screaming so much that he loses his voice and Y/N has to apologize to the other BTS members).

When Their Shifts End, Uber Drivers Set Up Camp in Parking Lots Across the U.S.
When it’s too pricey and tiring to go home, some drivers find alternative spots to sleep.

In the 1970s, the Safeway grocery store in San Francisco’s gleaming Marina neighborhood, known as the Social Safeway, was a cornerstone of the pre-Tinder dating scene. Armistead Maupin made it famous in his 1978 book, Tales of the City, calling it “the hottest spot in town” to meet people. For years afterward, locals called it the “Singles Safeway” or the “Dateway.”

Forty years later, German Tugas, a 42-year-old Uber driver, got to know it for another reason: Its parking lot was a safe spot to sleep in his car. Most weeknights, Tugas drives over 70 hours a week in San Francisco, where the work is steadier and fares are higher than in his hometown, Sacramento. So every Monday morning, Tugas leaves at 4 a.m., says goodbye to his wife and four daughters, drives 90 miles to the city, and lugs around passengers until he earns $300 or gets too tired to keep going. (Most days he nets $230 after expenses like gas.) Then, he and at least a half dozen other Uber drivers gathered in the Social Safeway parking lot to sleep in their cars before another long day of driving.  

“That’s the sacrifice,” he said in May, smoking a cigarette beside his Toyota Prius parked at the Safeway at 1 a.m., the boats in the bay bobbing gently in the background. “My goal is to get a house somewhere closer, so that I don’t have to do this every day.”

The vast majority of Uber’s full-time drivers return home to their beds at the end of a day’s work. But all over the country, there are many who don’t. These drivers live near, but not in, expensive cities where they can tap higher fares, ferrying wealthier, white-collar workers to their jobs and out to dinner—but where they can’t make enough money to get by, even with longer hours. To maximize their time, drivers find supermarket parking lots, airports and hostels where they catch several hours of sleep after taking riders home from bars and before starting the morning commute.

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