white word

excuse me while i go on a bit of a rant-

as a young, white girl who grew up in a fairly rich area, i was always taught about martin luther king jr as if the civil rights movement happened SO long ago. i was taught that we, as a society, were SO much better than the people in the 50s and 60s who supported segregation and Jim Crowe laws. of course i know that our society has clearly not learned and we are not better, but i had no idea that mlk jr’s children were even still living.

to know that these young, black children grew up in a time when the civil rights movement seemed absurd and then, to realize that his children are only a few years younger than my mother simply astounds me.

the education system, parents, and adults around the country NEED to educate children, especially white children in richer areas, that the civil righst movement wasn’t a long, long time ago. it was only 50 or so years ago. we need to be taught that racism didn’t end suddenly when mlk jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech was presented to the USA. we need to learn his other speeches, how many white people called him a terrorist, and how people thought his ideas were horrible.

i think that white people, including myself, need to recognize that we are not in a place where we can be oppressed because of our race. we are not in a world where white people were seen as 3/5ths of a person when the USA was formed. white people need to know that mlk jr would have stood with the black lives matter movement PROUDLY.

my main point is that on Martin Luther King Jr. day, white people should take some time to reflect on what our relatives have done to people of color. to say a much lesser known quote by the amazing MLK jr: “the great stumbling block in black people’s strive toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Council/er or the KKK, but the white moderate who is more devoted to ‘order’ than justice.”

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day💛

Scribbles, Spies, and Little White Lies

Author: @aspiringtoeloquence

Rating: T

Status: Completed in November 2010

Word Count: 13,409

Summary: Blaine and Kurt have been friends for months, and it’s about time they were more than that - this is what Wes and David have decided, and, luckily for Blaine and Kurt, they have formulated the perfect plan to make sure it happens…

Tropes/Genre: canon!Klaine, highschool!Klaine, humor, friends!Klaine, romance

Lynne’s review: Hilarious early Klaine fic with some determined Dalton boys trying to speed up the Klaine train!

Read at: FF.net