white wonderland 2013

Cyrus did not just have black women gyrating behind her. She had particularly rotund black women. She gleefully slaps the ass of one dancer like she intends to eat it on a cracker. She is playing a type of black female body as a joke to challenge her audience’s perceptions of herself while leaving their perceptions of black women’s bodies firmly intact. It’s a dance between performing sexual freedom and maintaining a hierarchy of female bodies from which white women benefit materially.
—  Tressie McMillan Cottom, When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland

APOLLO - Hardwell

W E  A R E  T H E  L U C K Y  O N E S

“Just one day in the life 
So I can understand 
Fighting just to survive 
But you taught me I can 
We are the lucky ones 
We are, we are 
Oh we are the lucky ones 
We are, we are”

so damn. in love. with this. track. 
what an amazing way to ring in the new year. 

happy 2013

From Pasquale Rotella: A big thank you to Dash Berlin for showing so much love and embracing the Insomniac spirit. Putting the time and effort into having custom visuals created that spoke out to “Headliners” was truly special. My 75-year young mom, Mama Irene, is still over the moon about you pulling her up to stand on the turntables and blow kisses to the crowd while dancing with her! Definitely one of the highlights of NYE for me! This all while playing an amazing set and staying after the lights came on to meet and greet your fans! You are a unique and kind soul. You are a headliner!