white woman privilege


White women need to deal with the fact that most of you voted for Trump. It’s the not the job of black women or any marginalised and oppressed person to take responsibility for the actions of their oppressor or to educate their oppressor.


If you want to watch Sense8 go ahead but you DO NOT get to use intersectionality as a white/non black person to shame black people for not watching it because of Lana Wachowski racism, misogynoir & trans-misogynoir, & anti-black transphobia. The fact that you care so much about your representation to not care that this racist piece of shit profits from it, further oppressing black people, is in itself anti-intersectionality. Intersectionality was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw. A black woman and don’t fucking forget it. Stop using her term to hide your anti-blackness.

Okay it’s really fucking annoying though that we aren’t allowed to be excited about Black Panther without some white girl being like “BuT ThERes a MaLE LeAD”.

so we’re just going to ignore all the amazing black women in the movie as well just because they’re not the “lead”??????? Having an all black cast is really fucking important so it’d be cool if people didn’t dismiss that just because the lead is a male.

White Women are not “Women”

There is no default “Woman.” There is no default female experience. Our experiences are shaped by many different factors: race, class, age, sexuality, religion, disability status, being cis or being trans, etc. 

Making the privileged group the default ignores the ways in which different groups of women can be affected by a singular issue. Framing issues around the privileged group oversimplifies complex problems and erases the experiences of the non-privileged, who are often more adversely affected. Intersectionality is the key to including all women in the fight for gender equality.

So don’t write “women” if you’re only going to mention how white women are affected. White women are just one group of women, not the default.

Rape Culture?

How could you say this is rape culture when if a guy is found guilty they are put in jail, have their reputation trashed, and ruin their careers and hobbies? Feminist these days are fucking idiots.

If something doesn’t apply to you, then you have no right to speak on behalf of a whole group that is affected by it. When women, the LGBTQ+ community, the mentally/physically disabled, Muslims, immigrants, POCs, etc. say that they are offended or that they are hurt or being disrespected or being oppressed or that they are fearing for their lives, fucking LISTEN TO THEM. Believe me, they know a hell of a lot more about their oppressions than you do.

So stop telling minorities that there’s nothing to fear or that if we just do everything the “right” way we’ll be fine. Not everything is so black and white and to act like it is is just showing that you are coming from a position of privilege that, unfortunately, not everybody has.

Stop telling minorities how to feel about what is going on around them and what is happening to them. They shouldn’t have to feel these horrible things- nobody should- but they are. The least you can do is realize that their feelings are valid and try to help them.

Stop telling minorities, “Oh, well, I’m an [insert minority group here] and [blah blah blah] doesn’t hurt/offend/scare me.” Because yeah, it’s great that you are in a position of privilege/power where you aren’t being affected by these things, but use that position to help others and just acknowledge the fact that not everybody has the same luxuries that you do.

Just because you can’t see or understand the magnitude of what is going on, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. It just means that it isn’t happening to you. (at least not to the same extent as other people are)

Instead of telling minorities how to feel, listen to us. Open up your eyes. Don’t stay ignorant. Try to understand the viewpoint of different minorities and realize that although you will never truly be able to, you will have at least a tiny bit more of an understanding- you will gain some sort of compassion by doing so. Then find a way (or ways) to join in the fight for justice and equality.

That’s it I’m done playing nice. You bitches want war you can have it!

Stop whining about Mon-El and Karamel, because guess what? IT’S PART OF KARA’S STORY ARC IN THE COMICS!!! YOU CAME INTO THIS FANDOM KNOWING THE SHOW WOULD FOLLOW THE COMICS TO AT LEAST MOST EXTENT. So you DON’T get to complain. And like many others have pointed out, if it wasn’t Mon-El it would have been Brainiac she’d be with! That’s CANON! Kara is not going to be with Lena, it’s not gonna happen, Lena is a villain in the comics! Get over it, that’s CANON! Kara is not going to be with James, he is not with him in the comics! Get over it, that’s CANON! (And yes i agree the writers shouldn’t have started something between those two if they weren’t intending to follow up but that’s not an excuse to hate on Mon-El or Karamel, but the writers)

I’m done people being entitled little bitches and having the AUDACITY to DEMAND we change a whole comic universe to cater the show to suit your fanfiction! I’m NOT having that again! YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS FANDOM! I’ve had that happen to so many other shows that I loved, where a part of the fandom destroyed the show for the rest of us because they were entitled!

You bitches moan about Mon-El being a white frat boy but he’s been nothing but sweet and NOT abusive like some of you claim (like where did that even come from? And as someone who’s been through shit like that YOU DON’T TAKE TERMS LIKE THIS LIGHTLY!) You’re just salty he’s in the way of your non-existent, NON-CANON ships! You call us homophobic and racist because we ship a ship that is CANON in the comics and don’t ship your little fanfics! You do realize the show is called Supergirl and it’s about a high middle class white girl that looks like barbie and is by no means a saint right? I could sit here and call Superc*rp racist because you’d rather see Kara with a rich privileged white woman (who by the way believes humans ‘have a right to know if their neighbor is an alien’) instead of a black man. Or i could say that Kar*lsen is homophobic because they don’t want to see Kara with a woman. 

But nooooo it’s just us for shipping the canon ship. Like you do realize a big part of the Karamel fandom also ships Sanvers or Winn x James and is LGBT+ & non-white right? So stop ASSUMING we’re all straight white people not wanting to see progressive material on screen. We ship chemistry nothing else! I’ve honestly never encountered a fandom this disgusting and abusive, you guys make me sick! You are making it so hard for us to enjoy the show and many of us have said it’s too much negativity and that it’s no longer fun to watch or be a part of the fandom or that it’s weighing us down emotionally. You people are bullies and nothing else, because the moment you start abusing someone else because they enjoy something you don’t then you’ve become monsters! You can choke!

Also, stop pretending like Supergirl is some super progressive piece of entertainment or that Kara is somehow a super progressive feminist icon, because at the end of the day she’s still a privileged white girl and by no means representing the diversity of women AND YOU WALKED INTO THE SHOW KNOWING THAT! Shows like Orange is the New Black, Eyewitness, Shadowhunters etc. are way more progressive than your precious Supergirl will ever be. Yes, Supergirl will not follow everything from the comics since they’re like a dozen AU’s but you CANNOT DEMAND they change whole story arcs to suit you, specifically wipe out a PRIMARY character like Mon-El/Superboy out of existence just because! Mon-El wasn’t kidding or exaggerating when he said he’s ‘The Other Superman’, in the comics Superman is his mentor and Clark uses him as a substitute when he’s not around to save the city! Yes i know some of you will say ‘but there are lots of AU’s’ and yes Kara is not with him in all AU’s, but guess what? Your fanfics DON’T EXIST IN ANY AU! Kara is not only with Mon-El because she loves him (yes that’s also canon, you mad?) but because their stories are linked due to the history Daxam and Krypton have. Again you would know that if you were following the story. So Karamel SERVES as a key plot point and not just a ship. 

You say Mon-El destroyed everything but guess what? Some us actually came into this God-forsaken fandom because of Mon-El/Chris Wood. And the ratings have been fairly steady to say the least, so no you cannot say he’s ruining the show.

Also the very fact that you assholes are sending Chris hate is absolutely despicable and disgusting. You can hate on Mon-El all you want (like I said in your own fucking tags!) but YOU DO NOT SEND CHRIS HATE! Chris is nothing but a sweetheart, he’s an activist, and outspoken about issues that matter like women’s rights, and BLM, even having started his own organisation for mental health issues and you would know that if you weren’t so far up your asses! But even if he wasn’t all those things YOU DO NOT SEND THE ACTORS HATE. Like,  am I supposed to send hate to Iwan Rheon or Jack Gleeson from GOT for playing homicidal, psychopaths that rape women? NO! Because unlike you some of us are not bratty little children and can tell the difference between TV and real life.


Okay so I’m getting in on the discourse for a change rather than just reblogging stuff.
I’m seeing a lot of “Cinder isn’t Asian” stuff and (quite rightly) a lot of backlash to it.

If you change a POC character’s race to white/Caucasian, that is a form of racism. You might not think it is, as it’s not such an obvious form of racism as you might be used to seeing, but it is.

By changing a POC character’s race, you’re basically erasing that race from the piece of media. As a white woman, I was privileged to grow up reading books that had girls that looked like me, so it was easy for me to escape into their worlds and see myself as the protagonist or one of their friends. I can’t imagine what it must be like to grow up and not see characters who look like you and your family/friends.

POC characters are largely invisible in mainstream literature and when they are visible, they’re often the subject of harmful tropes. The Lunar Chronicles is a wonderful exception. It is so important for people of all ages that we’re given diverse and real characters in literature. It’s important for young people to grow up seeing themselves in the pages of their books because it teaches them so much.

Celebrate the POC characters that we’re given. Write POC characters. Read POC characters. Whitewashing is not okay. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Can you imagine a LGBT+ person saying:  I can’t stand watching heterosexual couples kiss.

Can you imagine a black person saying: white people aren’t competent for this job because of their skincolor.

Can you imagine a woman saying: men shouldn’t dress like that, it’s asking for trouble. 


Feel uncomfortable? 

When you’re privileged, equality feels like oppression. 

Racist Reactions To My Language On Twitter (And What It Really Means...)
  • Me: *speaks Jamaican Patwah/Patois*
  • Racist: "This is America, speak English! No other languages are ever spoken here, and this country founded on genocide/settler colonialism and anti-Blackness/slavery should only involve the languages that I choose to hear, though I encroached your personal space and interrupted your conversation in a dialect that you were not speaking to me in."
  • Me: *speaks African American Vernacular English*
  • Racist: "This is America and I don't care if AAVE is actually a language with a structure, discussed by linguists everywhere, and if it is one we will later be appropriative for marketing purposes while continuing to profit from economic violence on Black people. I don't like how AAVE sounds right now and I don't want to hear it, even though I encroached your personal space and interrupted your conversation in a language that you were not speaking to me in."
  • Me: *speaks Standard American English*
  • Racist: "What, so you think you're smarter than me, why are you trying to be White? Gonna take my job? Well, you misspelled a word on Twitter, so I am still smarter. Why did you use some big words? They're stupid. I am going to ignore the context and topic of your conversation and mask my insecurity--over never realizing that the lies I was fed about my automatic intellectual superiority are in fact lies--by making jokes about word length versus leaving you alone/not invading your space or actually addressing the topic the words were about."
  • Me: *uses terms attributable to womanist/Black feminist scholarship, critical race theory or other anti-oppression theories/praxes*
  • Racist: "I haven't approved use of these words, so I will call them stupid. It...well...doesn't matter to me that a key facet of White supremacy--with a very long history and reality no less--is degrading the intelligence of a Black woman, or committing epistemic violence, by purposely altering/attacking the language used to describe oppression in order to engage in an ahistorical analysis that supports oppression. I don't like that you can describe my violence with acute accuracy, so I will use violence to critique that perspective. You're a pseudo-intellectual if I don't understand what you are saying, don't want my privilege or violence critiqued with an accuracy that Black thinkers have had for centuries nor want to acknowledge that I am purposely kept ignorant of Black radical scholarship because of White supremacy."
No, you can not say “nigga” if you’re not black.

“Nigger” is a term that was used when slave masters poked and prodded us while we were being live auctioned away from our family members on the streets, while white people determined our worth as workers with work so strenuous it could kill any person soon before their time.

“Nigger” is a term that was used against us as blisters formed on our fingers from the constant picking of cotton and other various forms of agricultural work.

“Nigger” was the term used when black woman gave birth to black babies that if they weren’t soon to become slaves for the rest of their miserable lives themselves then they were snuffed by their fearful mothers or fed to alligators alive as bait by our white captors instead.

“Nigger” was the term used when our white captors used hounds and shot guns to chase down runaway slaves hopeful for a glimpse of freedom forever denied by the white man who ran him down.

“Nigger” was the term used when the whip broke skin in such ways welts lasted for a lifetime serving as a reminder anytime we dared to challenge the system.

“Nigger” was the term used when the white man raped a black woman and she bore his child that would be striped from her to live in the plantation house, treated a little better but never ever as equal as his white children and forever still a “nigger” after all.

“Nigger” was the term used when we fought in white mans wars but still faced heavy discrimination in the north and even as free men.

“Nigger” was the term used when feminists couldn’t even fathom the thought that black men could vote before them because black men were far inferior to them.

“Nigger” is the term used when white women praise early white feminists as their heroes but to black people we see them as the racists that white womans privilege can afford to ignore.

“Nigger” was the term used when young boys and girls, men and women, elderly and pregnant women were lynched by the thousands throughout history.

“Nigger” was the term used when prominent civil rights leaders were murdered one after the other for daring to share churches, schools, and neighborhoods with white civilization.

“Nigger” was the term used when redlining and gentrification comes and forces black people to live generations upon generations in poverty.

“Nigger” was the term used when the fight for interracial marriage was seen as destroying traditional marriage because marrying a “nigger” was impure to the white race.

“Nigger” was the term used when black children were chased all the way home by angry white mobs, some unfortunate enough to get caught and lynched.

“Nigger” was the term used when black homes daring enough to stand in white neighborhoods were set on fire by angry white arsonists.

“Nigger” was the term used when the KKK resurrected and had such a strong political force that no one, not even police, touched them. Many political figures themselves were even a part of this group and the group is still alive today.

“Nigger” is the term used when the mis-education the the Black Panther Party is taught.

“Nigger” was the term used when our community is still targeted til this day by law enforcement through biased drug laws or something as simple as existing.

“Nigger” was the term used when white people came out in droves to defend the slaughter of a teenage boy who done nothing wrong, or the dozens and dozens of innocent black people slaughtered since.

“Nigger” is the term used everyday as strong reminders that white people still hate us in large numbers.

“Nigga” is the term used by black people to take the power that white people gave to “nigger” and reclaim it as a symbol of pride and reclaim as a means to dismantle your whiteness and privilege over us.

No you can not use that term if you’re not black because your history and story can never ever back up your need or desire to use that word.

You want to say “cracker” is the same.

what antis say: “why do larries hate women so much”

what i read: “I spend my entire time on tumblr attacking girls and women in order to defend a cis white male’s heterosexuality, shaming young girls for what they blog about, shaming older women for being interested in a boyband, questionning the validity of women’s professions because I disagree with them, calling women crazy, diagnosing women with various mental disorders, using girls’ chronic illnesses against them, disregarding queer women’s feelings and opinions, but dont you dare say anything bad about the behaviour of a cishet white privileged woman that i only know in relation to other cishet white privileged males because youre just misogynistic”

my hc is that “the pepsi max gang” was called that as a nod to the whole pepsi ad mess thing that happened and i am running with that because of how they said they didn’t need to sell themselves as cool, typical, norwegian party girls, because they already know they are those things, and were shading sana, telling her she isn’t one of them bc she’s a muslim woc, therefore she won’t get the bus and can’t have that privilege. 

just like how a certain kendall jenner, a white woman with privilege who knows she has this privilege, tried to show that handing pepsi over to the popo will bring world peace (lmao yikes), but if a poc was to do that, welp, we wouldn’t have that privilege, would we?  

DNA vs. Appearance - What determines your race in society?

What do you do and where are you accepted when you come out looking different than what your DNA suggests? Does DNA and family become irrelevant based on ones skin color or social experiences?

To get started, let’s take someone like alternative/pop artist Halsey for example. I’ve noticed she’s becoming a popular thing, so why not. This is Halsey:

Her mother is white. Her father is black. This is what she came out looking like. I’m gonna touch on a lot different things in this post. Get a bowl of popcorn ready. Let’s get into it.

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