2013 Orin Swift Cellars “Mannequin” California White

Trying to blend in…Lovely nose of lemon, chalk, creme fraiche, gooseberries, honey, and mango. Really well balanced on the palate with lemon, hint of coconut creme, mango, honey, and green herbs. Fresh acidity keeps the big alcohol in check. Nicely balanced. Solid California Chard blend.

4/5 bones


Chardonnay, Viognier, Semillon, Muscat, Marsanne

15.5% abv

California, USA

Photo by Cassie Rogala

Zodiac as Drinks

Aries: Whiskey

Taurus: Coca-cola

Gemini: White Wine

Cancer: Hot Cocoa

Leo: Vodka

Virgo: Sprite/7-up

Libra: Lemonade

Scorpio: Red Wine

Sagittarius: Water with Lemon

Capricorn: Rum and other hard liquors

Aquarius: Green Tea

Pisces: Milkshakes

2007 Domaine Huet Vouvray Demi-Sec Le Haut-Lieu

What a nose! Gruyère cheese rind. Pear skin and lemon. Tarte tatin. White pepper. White stone. Lemongrass, leek, parsley. Apple and pear dessert on the palate. Mineral mid-palate and on the finish. Long, beautiful finish - fresh acidity really carries the wine and keeps it from being sticky. Beautiful!

5/5 bones


Chenin Blanc

13% abv

Loire (Vouvray), FRANCE