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Working slowly but surely on the RD Family update. It’s been such a long time that I decided to also advance the time for them too. Basically around 2 years have passed and the kids where indeed growing up. So I made a first sketch to get the basic idea of how they looks now (no big changes, just some mane growing a bit). I’m at 50% of the update and hopefully I will be done soon…

“My Diamond…we have secured a prisoner Pearl from earth,” An Agate, a crimson red variant bowed before her master.

“A Pearl? From earth?” White had not turned around yet, but that visibly had caught her attention.

“Yes, and we believe it’s a rogue, a Crystal Gem. It even has the star insignia on its shirt.”

At that White Diamond whirled right around in her chair, shocked eyes staring down as Pearl was thrown at her feet.


Be humble.
Only fools take pride in their station here, trapped in
a cage of dust, moisture, heat and air.

No need to complain of calamities,
this illusion of a life lasts but a moment.

Abu Saeed Abil Kheir   ( Persian  - 967-1049)

Image:  Reaching The Divine by PortraitOfaLife (via: canonturk.com)

From Wiki:  “Abusa'id Abolkhayr or Abū-Sa'īd Abul-Khayr (Persian: ابوسعید ابوالخیر‎‎) (December 7, 967 - January 12, 1049), also known as Sheikh Abusaeid or Abu Sa'eed, was a famous Persian Sufi and poet who contributed extensively to the evolution of Sufi tradition.

The majority of what is known from his life comes from the book Asrar al-Tawhid (اسرارالتوحید, or “The Mysteries of Unification”) written by Mohammad Ibn Monavvar, one of his grandsons, 130 years after his death.

The book, which is an important early Sufi writing in Persian, presents a record of his life in the form of anecdotes from a variety of sources and contains a collection of his words.

During his life his fame spread throughout the Islamic world, even to Spain. He was the first Sufi writer to widely use ordinary love poems as way to express and illuminate mysticism, and as such he played a major role in foundation of Persian Sufi poetry. He spent most of his life in Nishapur”

this was supposed to be a two-part ask to capralepus

There’s like this trans art/headcanon party over at @capralepus ’s blog and this is my contribution. Context? Uh, Weiss walked in on Ruby changing or something, idk. Basically it’s just Trans Ruby feat. Awkward White Rose, Angst, and Fluff.

“Ruby Rose!”
The huntress in question flinched visibly, curling in on herself even tighter. Weiss paced in front of her.
“Ruby-” she started again.
“Weiss please,” Blake interrupted from her seat on the bed “let’s just-”
“Blake be quiet-”
The white haired huntress whirled to see who had yelled her name like that, and was startled to see Yang standing behind her with blood red eyes, flames dancing in her hair. The message was unspoken, but simple. Break my sister, and I break you.
Weiss took a breath and looked down at the girl? boy? at this point she wasn’t sure, but they were braced against the wall and shaking on the floor below her, and the sight made her sick to her stomach.
She tried again, kneeling in front of the little reaper.
“Ruby, I…”
She swallowed nervously and looked up to see that both Blake and Yang were watching her every move.
“Ruby… Remember when we found out that Blake was a faunus and used to be in the White Fang?”
Ruby nodded, her eyes still fixed on the floor of their dorm.
“So uh, do you remember why I was so mad about it?”
They all sat motionless for several seconds, until Ruby’s small voice broke the silence.
“You were mad because she thought she couldn’t trust us.”
The redhead cleared her throat, willing her voice to rise above a hoarse mumble.
“You uh,” she glanced up at Weiss for a split second before returning her gaze to the carpet. “You made her promise that if there was something big going on, she would tell us.”
Weiss nodded and sat back on her heels, taking a shaky breath. She looked back to see that Blake was offering a rare smile, and Yang’s eyes had bled back to a pale lilac. She turned back to Ruby.
“I guess what I’m trying to say is that, well…”
Ruby raised silver eyes shining with tears to meet hers, and Weiss swallowed again.
“… What you are, or uh, what’s in between your legs,” she picked at the carpet awkwardly “or whatever, doesn’t change your place on this team. Or as our friend. Family.” she added.
“So you’re a complete moron if you think anything else… and I’m sorry for yelling at you because of that.” she finished, staring directly at Ruby, and Yang couldn’t help but chuckle quietly.
Blake got up and moved to sit to the right of Weiss and Ruby, and Yang followed suit on the left side.
“I think Weiss speaks for all of us with that.” Blake ventured, and Yang nodded. Ruby looked around at her teammates, all smiling at her, and she felt a choked sob rise from her chest. She leaned forwards and wrapped Weiss in a careful hug, tears streaming down her face.
“A-a-are you ok?!” Weiss sputtered in a very un-heiress-like manner, her hands hovering a few inches above Ruby’s back.
“Ok? Yes I’m ok, I’m more than ok, more than ok….” she mumbled into Weiss’ shoulder, and the white haired huntress’s hands settled on her back. “More than ok, way more than ok….” she repeated, smiling, as Blake leaned against her and Yang pulled them all into a massive bear hug.

Pastry Posse

Reader is Jacob’s first employee at his new bakery. She meets Newt when he comes back to NY to visit his friends and then… FLUFF ENSUES!

Word Count: 1642

Warnings: None

You clapped your hands together, flour bursting into the air in a whirl of white. The bakery had been quite busy this afternoon, resulting in you having to whip up another batch of everything.

“How’re things coming (y/n)?” Jacob yelled from out front.

“Should be done in 5 minutes Mr. Kowalski.” You replied. You took in the sweet scent of the baking pastries and the sugary icing that you had just prepared, smiling at your work. You had never imagined working at a bakery, let alone with food. You were one of the top students at Ilvermorny, and many had suspected you’d go far in the wizarding world. But when you graduated, you felt lost. All your friends had decided what professions they wanted, but you had never really found anything that interested you. Magical creatures did peak your curiosity, but just about everything to do with them was illegal in America. That’s when you had stumbled on Jacob’s new bakery. You were astounded that it was even legal, and even more surprised when you found out the owner was a no-maj. He had sat you down, explaining everything, as well as listening to you talk about your jobless circumstance. That’s when he had offered for you to work with him, as he needed an assistant since the popularity of the store was growing, and you needed somewhere to spend time and earn money while you were figuring things out.

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Chimera Ant Arc

Killua: “Been a while since I turned my switch on”

Killua: *becomes a whirling fluffy white porcupine of murder*

Killua: *completely destroys chimera ant soldier by flipping its head around nbd*

Me: Ok Killua but remember when you said you’d give up being an assassin to marry Gon?

It is said in the Ruba'iyat:

           Oh daylight, rise! atoms are dancing

           The souls, lost in ecstasy, are dancing

           To your ear, I will tell you where the dance will take you.

           All the atoms in the air and in the desert,

           Let it be known, are like madmen.

           Each atom, happy or miserable,

           Is in love with the Sun of which we can say nothing. 

Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch

From Wiki:  “Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch  (5 November 1909 -24 July 1999 ) Was a doctor of Islamic studies, researcher at CNRS she headed the department of humanities, translator and writer, and published a total of forty books and many articles.“

Image:  Sukri Celil Advan  “Whirling dervishes in Ankara”