white whine

When people speak against sexism, racism, fat phobia, rape culture etc.. and you feel the need to take that personally and say shit like “apparently being straight and white makes me a bad person.” You are LITERALLY proving that you are a fucking bad person.  Not everything is about you, people do not have to give a fuck about your straight white privileged ass when they are speaking about their own experiences and oppression.  The god damn white whining I see on this website (and the rest of the world really) by straight white men only furthers my belief that they are babies incapable of analytical thought or empathy. Grow the fuck up. 

If you are a white person and you come on my blog and tell me that racism towards white people is a real thing i will block you and report you for harassment

As long as you still benefit from the colour of your skin, you can’t really tell me that you’ve felt the effects of racism

*side point, i am speaking from a mostly north american point of view; if you are from outside of north america, i know it’s different, especially because of sub-classes and such… But thats less racism and more classism

If you are a north american and you use points from europe to defend yourself, I’m just gonna roll my eyes… The experiences are different, and one does not justify you having your fee fees hurt because a person of colour made a handful of valid points and statements as to why you are wrong…

I’m not here to educate you.

I’m not here to coddle you.

Unless you’re paying my debt down, I’m not going to take your whining too seriously.



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