white weirdness

i got this fanfic idea that i keep coming back to whenever i listen to cowboy music (which is, as it happens, a daily occurrence for me)

see, i was reading jack london’s white fang - which if you don’t know is, like, the grizzled grampa of modern animal fiction, it’s about a wolf with a long, meandering life full of pain, 11/10 would recommend great words - and after mostly being set in the canadian wilderness, the action moves back to civilization and it turns out it’s 1890. they’re in san francisco, and it’s old-timey, but they just invented trams

that got the ol noggin joggin. one thing i think i fail to do as a writer of zoop fanfic (a profession i take v seriously) is make full use of the city as its own character. what if i wrote a story set a century before judy hopps was even born? a western story, set in a time period where the ambitious climate walls of modern zootopia are only a distant dream

i have some plot ideas. the protagonist is jack whitefang, a strong and taciturn wolf who drifts into the city for water, intending to move on. (there’s very little white fang fanfiction and that saddens me.) he gets embroiled with tennessee kiiiiiid cooper, boisterous raccoon outlaw (also not enough fanfic of him in the world, i’ve personally written most of it) after getting hired by the appropriately mysterious and untrustworthy leocadius lionheart. leocadius is one of those guys you always see in westerns with roundy glasses and a bowler hat.

long story short i like my cowboy prequel but i don’t have enough actual plot for it, and considering i have a huge amount of other fanfic to write (and plenty of things to do that aren’t fanfic) this post may be all that’s gonna come of it

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idk if you’ve heard about this (or watched it) but after watching the first episode of the new netflix show ‘atypical’ i had a lot to say… autism and autism awareness is so important but how can we ever hope to break the stigma around it if the media keeps showing these stereotyped, one-dimensional, inaccurate versions of autistic people..?


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