white wedding suit


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


viktor suddenly waking at 2am the night of the engagement and looking at his ring and thinking holy shit holy shit we’re actually engaged, not realising that he’s said it aloud until yuuri groans and frowns at him. he repeats we’re engaged, yuuri and yuuri gives him this little smile because the same thing has been running through his own head for the past few hours and he’s been having dreams of viktor in a white wedding suit and walking down the aisle together and promising their lives to each other.

all he says is yes, we are and suddenly viktor has launched himself into yuuri’s arms and is lying on top of him but still staring at the ring.

he repeats we’re engaged in russian, and yuuri replies we’re engaged in japanese and viktor decides that he’ll forever introduce himself as husband of yuuri katsuki, viktor katsuki. 


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics

Seven Hearts Foxy :P

psst he’s still in the middle of the apocalypse when he’s in suit for an event (try to guess bruh) and he’s keeping a gun under his suit in case the zombie attacks(???) /shrugs i made this to make him more aggressive xD

i used the rose petals instead of hearts…well hearts are kinda too mainstream xD and for the number seven, well yeah that’s my fav number :P

reblogs are appreciated and hope you like it <3 xd

ducksareawesome  asked:

So..... Did that dress and suit just appear out of thin air? Or....

Certainly not.  There are places to acquire formal wear in Storybrooke,  even if their selection is a bit limited. 

You’d have to ask Emma about her dress but the white suit was a selection courtesy of @ask-snow-white‘s binder.  But I feared @ask-emma-the-swan might not recognize me in white so…