white washed jeans

Personal Trainer  Jungkook

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Warning: Cursing, Smut, Slight Angst?

Excerpt: He had never seen you this exposed since middle school at pool parties, your body was a shock to him. The way the leggings hugged every curve and made your ass looked perked up not leaving much for the imagination. As well as your sports bra which left your mid-drift completely exposed and your breasts slightly shoved up. “Um hi uh yeah let’s not waste time, get down and give me thirty push up and then a thirty second plank.” “Wow Jungkokie is bossy when he’s at work.”

Word Count: 2,887

Note: I was actually working out (shocking) when I thought of this bc holy shit imagine Jungkook big ass arms picking you up like a fucking rag doll and his veins just omg yes please bias wrecker!   

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Lately you’ve been in a rut, you weren’t happy with how things have been going since you’ve started university. Being so caught up in school work and actual work at the coffee shop you started to notice yourself drifting away from your friends. Those friends being the seven hyungs you’ve known since middle school. Picking your phone up from the picnic table you were studying at for the moment, desperately trying to get out of this rut you decided to reach out to them in the group chat to meet and catch up on life. 

To Hyungies: “I miss you fuckers, lets chill at the campus fire pit around 8?”

Jiminnie: “Awe guys she misses us, how sweet.”

Me: “I miss you the least Jiminnie.”

Jiminnie: “The lies you tell Y/N ;)”

TaeTae: “I’m down”


Me: “So I guess I’ll go ahead and reserve it so it can just be us.”

Kookie: “I might be there a bit late but for sure, and Hobi don’t bring that wine cooler shit.”

As the rest of the texts came spilling in you couldn’t help but get excited, you haven’t seen the little shits in almost three weeks and last you checked that’s the longest you’ve gone without seeing them yet. 

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Metanoia [Jimin]

{{ noun // the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life }}

Things get interesting when the good girl falls for the bad boy.

Slight Angst, Mostly Fluff. Hogwarts AU. 5,268 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

There is a boy with casually tousled orange hair, glittering dark brown eyes that hold untold secrets, and plump, rosy lips that are more often than not curved into a smirk. He wears the standard Hogwarts uniform, but somehow he makes it look like it came straight off the runway with the loosened scarlet and gold striped silk tie, white untucked collared shirt with the top few buttons undone, and fitted black pants that do plenty of justice for his legs.

Park Jimin is, without a doubt, a living paradox; after all, how can someone so angelic looking be so sinful?

He’s a natural born heartbreaker with girls falling undeniably in love with him, even after they swore they never would. He’s a walking cliché: the bad boy who has countless rumors of how he beat up so and so last week or three days ago, who has a different girl for every day of the year, who every girl wants to be the one to change him– the one who would be his last. But, it’s simply all a game to him and any girl falling victim to his ways is just another pawn piece that’s so easily replaceable. And if you aren’t careful enough, you might be thrown onto his chessboard.

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PS ~ A Peter Parker Story that Begins with Notes (Part Two)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

Summary: Peter misses class, and a classmate offers to share notes. They start passing notes back and forth and develop friendship. In this installment: The date! That’s all you get I refuse to spoil xoxo

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, and nervous Peter

Word Count: 2385

A/N: This is more than likely gonna be the final unless Ava manages to convince me otherwise. Hope you enjoy it!

New to PS? Find the first part here!

“What the fuck do I wear?” Peter started hyperventilating to Ned the moment his nervousness became greater than his excitement.

“Dude, I dunno. Where are you planning on taking her?”

Peter mulled over the question. “I have no idea… Maybe someplace with a lot of variety, since I have no idea what she likes… So like O’Charley’s or something?”

“That place has the best rolls.”

Peter nodded in agreement, saying, “O’Charley’s it is.” A short pause. “Okay but what the fuck do I wear?”

Cue two boys who have no idea how to impress girls comparing outfits in similar fashion to a Hollywood movie, with lots of yelling from Peter. He was…very stressed.

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What the signs remind me of 💭👑

Aries: racing your friends on bikes//summer// long talks with your best friend// eating ice cream on a hot day// getting a sweet text message

Taurus: long car rides//big trees// giving someone a box of chocolate// fancy pens// dancing

Gemini: cats// driving aimlessly// laughing// making stupid videos with your friends// silly smiles

Cancer: getting a tight hug// having fun with your mom// lollipops//holding hands with your friends// junk food

Leo: happy screaming// fashions// a bright light that emits heat// white washed Jeans// lipstick

Virgo: smudged glasses// rolling your eyes at a stupid joke// oversized sweaters// hot chocolate// sharpies

Libra: ballerinas// long necks// laying alone under a tree// soft breezes// laughing so hard you can’t breath// lemons

Scorpio: memes// the relief of spotting your friends in a big crowd// black hoodies// furrowed brows // twirling around for no reason

Sagittarius: asking a lot of questions in class// nerdy glasses// converse// pranks //passports// freshly cut grass

Capricorn: serious looks,then bursting out laughing// getting a good grade// playing tag when it’s dark and cold out// spinning around in a office chair// sticky notes

Aquarius: planners// Hanging out with squad// wandering alone// skateboarding// freckles// waking up early and having a lot of energy

Pisces: happy crying// a beautiful sunrise// ring pops// pinching someone// seas shells

Morgan Rielly- Lock Screen

Request: Could you please write a Morgan Rielly imagine?? Something super fluffy. Maybe meeting the team and the WAGS for the first time and the boys kinda embarrass him a bit? Thank you!

Authors note: of course! Sorry for the wait!

“Come on, please! I already promised them you would go!” My boyfriend of ten months Morgan says, well pleads. As he leans against the kitchen island.

“No. No way. Not gonna happen. I’m not ready to meet your team! Let alone your team and there wives and girlfriends!” I exclaim, pushing my self off the counter walking out of the kitchen.

“Pleeeeeaaasssseeeee.” Morgan drags out. Grabbing my waist.

“Noooooooo” I say back tapping him on the nose. Then starting to walk away.

My effort ended up only being in vain though because Morgan decided to pick me up and carry me to the living room.

As he lays me on the couch he gently sits on my waist. He gives me a wicked grin before tickling me.

“Mo-morg-Morgan! S-St-op” I yell. Thrashing and laughing.

“Not till you promise to come to the dinner with me.” He says moving his fingers quicker on my now exposed skin.

“F-ine.” I give in laughing.

Little did Morgan know or remember. I like to get him back for that.

“Thank you!” He exclaims. Grabbing my face and kissing me deeply.

“Mo.” I say pushing him up.

“Yeah babe?” Morgan asks looking somewhat hurt but also as if he just got challenged.

“No.” I say, wiggling out from under him.

“Why?” He asks pulling me on his lap. His arms wrapping around my waist.

“I need to get ready. Is it dressy or casual?” I ask rubbing his cheek with my thumb.

“Bon fire Casual.” He says, starting to lean in.

“Okay, see you soon.” I reply abruptly getting up.

“Not funny!” Morgan shouts as I run up the stairs.

When I get to the room I quickly show and find casual clothes.

I settle for a nice yet casual red and black plaid button up, with a white v-neck t-shirt underneath. I also wore a pair of dark wash blue jeans. I paired that with my maroon vans.

Then I styled my hair, so it looked casual but not messy by any means.

“Babe, are you-” Morgan said coming up the stairs.

“Im not changing clothes.” We both say at the same time.

We had both dressed in red and black button up with a white shirt and dark wash jeans along with maroon shoes.

“We are gonna be late lets just go.”

“Mo’s whipped!” One of the guys yelled as we walk onto the backyard of one of the guys houses. There a giant fire pit in the middle. All of the guys and some of the girls to crowd around us when the notice of Mo being relationship ‘whipped’ was announced.

“Am not. Right babe?” Morgan says like a child.

“Well….” I drag out teasingly making Morgan roll his eyes.

“I like her already.” Connor says with a laugh.

“Mine.” Morgan says hugging me close to him.

“Awwww…..look at little Morgan. He so whipped.” Another one of the guys teased.

“At least we now know the face to the name. Not that Mo doesn’t already have you as his lock screen and screen saver. But now we can physically put a face to the name.” Freddie says causing Mo to blush a deep shade of red.

“Alright guys. So, what’s for dinner?” Morgan asks trying to change the subject.

“Do you walk on water cause Mo seems to think you can.” Auston teases.

“No, against Mo’s belief I do not walk on water.” I reply with a giggle.

“Really guys.” Morgan groans his blush reappearing in his face and ears. It’s also slowly showing on his neck.

“I can’t wait for you guys to be out of the honey moon stage. All we hear is “she did this” and “she did that” and “she’s so great at this.” I feel likeI know you on a personal level with how much he drowns on about you.“ Jake says trying to imitate Morgans voice.

“So, did you guys get stuff to make s'mores?” Morgan asks again trying to change the subject.

“Oooh s'mores.” I say trying to help Morgan.

Through out the rest of the night we ate s'mores and got teased for the whole matching thing.

“So, I’m your screen saver and your lock screen?” I tease as Mo and I get into bed.

“Uggggh.” Morgan groans, shoving his face into his pillow.

“Am I?” I ask turning out the light.

“Yes.” Morgan says. His arms wrapping around my waist so we are spooning.

“That’s really sweet, Rielly. Your my lock screen too and my screen saver.”

“why thank you, future Mrs.Rielly” Morgan says snuggling closer to me.


“I said I love you.” Morgan covers.

“Oh, I love you too, mo.” I play along. Falling asleep with a smile on my face.

Sk8er Girl CH4 (Trixya)- Squeaky Pink
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Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

(AN: LAST chapter! We did the angst, hurt, comfort, and fluff. Now - smut! Hope y’all enjoyed the ride)

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Southern Girl - Ch. 9 {Roman Reigns x OFC}

Author’s Note: This chapter is long as fuck… There was so much I wanted to get in and I couldn’t find a suitable place to end it, so…  Also, I edited this super quick, so I apologize if there are any errors. 

Ivy finally gets to meet Joe’s family. Think Mama Reigns will like her?? Leave me comments pleeeeeease. Also, here’s the link to Joe’s Pensacola Gulf home. 

Warnings: Definitely smut. Daddy kink.

Word Count: 6,414

Chapter 8

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Chapter 9: Meet the Folks

Bright light shined down on Ivy as she lay on her belly in the center of the bed, her dark hair a halo around her. When he’d tried to leave the bed, she had mewled like a little kitten, pulling him closer and nuzzling against his chest. With a smile, Joe laid with her another thirty minutes of so, just enjoying her in his arms before reluctantly untangling his naked body from hers to order breakfast for them. From his position at the window, he snapped a photo of her laying there for him to look at during the times he was away and missing her like crazy. Ivy was the definition of black girl magic. Aside from her physical beauty, she had a brilliant mind and a heart he longed to possess completely. His little southern girl was the kind of once in a lifetime woman that men begged God for. And here she was… all his. The glint from her bracelet caught the light when she shifted, bringing another smile to his face.

Ivy rolled over in bed, clutching the sheet to her bare breasts as she sleepily sat up and pushed her hair out of her face. She smiled when she saw her lover standing there, his warrior’s body just barely covered in a pair of boxers.

“You know I could watch you all day. You look like such an angel.”

“That’s only not creepy because you’re my boyfriend and you’re hot,” she said, laughing softly. “Why are you all the way over there?”

“Ordered breakfast and got caught up in the view,” he said, nodding towards her as he walked towards the bed.

Ivy reached for him, smiling when he covered her mouth with his. Joe tasted like mint and desire and she groaned softly before playfully biting his bottom lip. He had the nicest fucking lips.

“Be careful, baby girl… You know how much I like that shit.”

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Her Wingman

completely inspired by @rikareena‘s post

this one’s for you, but also ALL OF US.

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“Hey… What do you think of this?”

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