white wash wood

Honestly like I HATE how underrated Peter Pan (2003) is because:

The mermaids were Asian

Tiger Lily was ACTUALLY Native American and even spoke the native  language 

These cuties turn into


And don’t even get me started on the music score

Honestly this new Pan aint got nothing on the old one, sorry ‘bout it

Kentucky: Historic Houses and Horse Farms

The pairs of ionic columns flanking the entrance are brick overlaid with stucco and topped by white-washed carved wood capitals.

Cherish the Peanut: Day 1 - Milestones

I’m really, really late to this party but here’s something for the first theme of this week!

Murmured words and hiccups are all that he can hear through the white-washed wood of the bathroom door, Regina’s honeyed tones weaving gently through the softest sobs that were barely audible. His daughter cries like her mother he’d discovered some time ago – almost silently and with her whole soul, in the same way that she laughed, that she loved and that she lived. There was no halfway in anything when it came to the Mills women, that much Robin knew at the very least.

Henry and Roland had been in the kitchen when he’d arrived home assembling their sister’s favourite treat with bowls, tubs and spoons all ready to be prepped on the middle island. The older boy had spotted him first, turning his long body (both Emma and Regina were still astounded as to where his height had come from considering his biological father hadn’t been exactly tall and nor is Rumple. He was even starting to edge a little higher than David these days.) to smile sadly at Robin and, in turn, catching Roland’s attention.

His boy was just on the brink of his own growth spurt, not far from hitting the awkward gangly stage that Robin had hated as a boy, all limbs and no idea of what to do with them. His curls were a little shorter and neater than usual and it had him frowning for a moment before he’d remembered Regina mentioning back-to-school haircuts the previous afternoon. Had he really not noticed since then?

“That bad?” he’d asked when they’d turned back around to begin spooning great scoops of vanilla ice cream into bowls, chopping strawberries and shaking the chocolate sauce bottle to ensure a steady flow. They’d merely nodded solemnly at him before Henry had directed his attention to the downstairs bathroom.

Today had marked Rae’s first day of school and even though both Regina and himself had been terrified (as she had been when Henry had first attended and they both had been when Roland had first gone), their daughter had been almost vibrating with excitement when her own time had come. She’d bounded through the front door and leapt straight onto his lap the day Regina had taken her to choose some ‘big girl’ clothes to wear for her first week, regaling him with tales of all of the new things she was going to wear and just how she was going to style her hair to complement each outfit. “Just like her mother,” Robin had smirked at Regina, recalling some of her more daring outfits in the Enchanted Forest. She’d scoffed at him and squeaked when he’d patted affectionately at her rear as she’d passed him.

Then there had been the afternoon Henry had returned home from his own first day, the oldest year group having gone back in a day early to get back into the flow of things before the corridors were hoarded with those transitioning from middle school to high school and over-excited teens returning for another year. He’d smirked at his youngest sibling and crooked a finger at her, telling her to follow him to the coffee table in the middle of the living room and, of course, she had. She’d perched herself on the floor, kneeling with elbows supporting her on the glass surface and waited with baited breath. He’d unzipped his rucksack and tipped it upside down to release a waterfall of pens, pencils and crayons. A rainbow of stationary that Rae had squealed with joy over before picking through the pile.

She’d spent last night packing everything neatly into her new bag. It was tiny and it was adorable – styled to look like a butterfly though it’s wings were a vibrant pink, a gift from her Auntie Mal who’d stopped by to wish her goddaughter luck for the coming day.

That same bag now lay propped up against the wall beside the door, barely recognisable for the amount of paint splattered upon it and, with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, Robin realised just what had happened.

Regina hadn’t told him much on the phone, just that there had been an ‘accident’ (he hadn’t missed the suspicion in his wife’s tone, found her quite easy to read even when he couldn’t actually see her) and that Rae needed him, needed them all. Emma had waved him off when he’d asked if she’d be okay on her own for a little while or if she wanted him to wait until Ruby had arrived to take over. “Go take care of peanut,” she’d insisted, “and give her extra cuddles from me, okay?”

He knocked gently at the door and waited until he heard Regina’s gentle “come in” before turning the handle and pushing it open slowly. He didn’t look up properly until he’d slid inside and pressed back into the door to close it but when he did look up and take in the scene before him, his heart ached.

Rae’s face was splotchy and red, tears still glistening on her little cheeks whilst her bottom lip trembled something terrible. Her round blue eyes were glistening, crystalline in the light of the bathroom and made all the more vibrant with her anguish. It looked as though Regina had managed to clean her skin of the paint (new clothes left in a stained pile on top of the laundry hamper) but it was her hair that seemed to be suffering the worst.

Regina was sat in the bathtub behind their daughter, still wearing her clothes (it was moments like these in which his love for the brunette burned through his every cell because there was absolutely nothing she wouldn’t do for their children) and running gentle fingers through matted blue, green and yellow painted strands. She smiled sadly at Robin, fingers still moving as she whispered tender words of comfort to their whimpering child.

He moved to kneel at the side of the tub, closest to Rae’s face and she watched his every movement, his presence seeming to bring even more tears from her though he supposed it was the effect of having someone new see what had happened. He placed a hand on the ceramic bathtub for support before moving his other hand to stroke his palm along warm, slippery skin, cupping the redhead’s cheek and asking “extra cuddles tonight?”

Her little face crumpled then as she nodded vigorously, closed her eyes and moved enough to wrap her arms around her daddy’s neck with her mother now stroking at her back.


They emerged from the bathroom when the water began to cool, Robin kissing his two girls (Rae on both cheeks and Regina on the lips twice) before watching them make their way up the stairs to change into the PJs. Rae was so tiny in his wife’s arms, so very small and vulnerable – children were unbearably cruel sometimes.


All three boys were sitting ready for the movie Roland had picked out when both mother and daughter padded their way into the living room, Rae instantly making her way to where Henry sat with legs curled upon an armchair. He smiled when she approached and held out his hands ready to pull her up and onto his lap where she settled herself rather comfortably.

Robin smiled as he watched Roland pick up both his siblings’ bowls from the coffee table and handed them over for them to begin eating whilst Regina nestled herself into his side with a bowl for them both. His youngest boy then made his way over to nestle into Regina’s side with his own dessert and signalled for Henry to start the movie.

It was nothing out of the ordinary, their ragtag little family all snuggled together on the sofa, happy to fall asleep in the positions they were in now but on days like today, when things had been a little harder (as they always would with townsfolk unable to get over the past, unable to see Regina for the woman she was now instead of the woman she had been and those still judging both of them for raising the Wicked Witch’s daughter – though she was nothing of the sort), he would remind himself to take in everything he could about the moment, memories to keep and to visit when their children were grown and having kids of their own.

He smiled at the knowledge that, though Rae’s first day at school hadn’t been what she’d expected (what any of them had expected for that matter), at least their daughter would always know that, no matter what happened and no matter what anyone else said or thought, she had a family that absolutely adored her and would do anything for her and, in all honesty, Robin couldn’t ask for anything more than that.