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Put a spell on you *Spencer Reid*

A/n: so, uhm i'l just leave this here. WARNING- mature content-

I can’t shake it off. The feeling that’s been haunting me for more than a month now. Why does Hotch has to pair me at every single case with the one guy that my mind seems to be haunted by.
Right now, we’re undercover as Emily is meeting our UnSub in a restaurant. I had to put on the best dress I had as our UnSub has very expensive tastes. Of course Hotchner found it most appropriate for me and Reid to pose as a couple having dinner. I climb off the cab and step towards the restaurant. I take a deep breath and for a split second i even forget that I’m undercover. I look at Spencer waiting fore at a table with a red rose. I smile as I reach the table.
“Hi, sorry for running late, but the trafic was terrible.” I see Reid standing up softly kissing my hand. I furrow my brows slowly and just go with it.
“Are you sure it wasn’t your trying to overshadow every woman in this place?” He smiles and i chuckle.
“This is for you.” He says adjusting the rose near the glass of wine.
“Oh red rose. Nice touch Dr. Reid. And btw I never have to try to do that.” I joke about his earlier statement and i see his lips forming a smile.
“That’s true.” He nods and I feel a little tension in my head created by all my imagination.
“So how’s Emily doing?” I ask him and he fills me in.
I look over and see Rossi sipping on his scotch across Emily’s table. We’re all her backup and listen carefully to Hotch’s order.

Every now and then i catch him biting his lip and it just drives me crazy to have to stay here and have everyone listen to our conversation. I would probably slip some inappropriate words, but i still have to keep my head in the game as Prentiss’ lofe is on the line.

At the end of the evening Emily gets the confession we need and we arrest the serial killer we’ve been onto for more than a week now.

“So Y/L/N, are you heading home?” Reid asks me as we both step outside from the restaurant looking at Morgan driving the Unsub to the station.
“Yeah, this whole case got me so tired.” I sigh searching for my phone to order a taxi.
“Yeah, it got us all tired. Good thing we’re done with it.”
“Well i just want to get into my bed before Garcia calls us in for the next one.” I smile sighing and he nods.
“I can give you a ride, if you want.” He suggests pointing at his pearl white Volvo Amazon P130. I look back and forth between my phone and his car and i nod to his suggestion.
“That would be amazing.” I follow his moves and step towards his car.
“Why thank you.” I chuckle at his gesture of opening the door for me.
“You’re quite the gentleman, aren’t you?” I smile and he smirks as he closes his door.

“Well i figured since you were my date tonight.” His eyes study my face and i just chuckle a little.
He starts the engine and neither of us is saying a word, not that i mind the silence, but i can’t let my imagination run too wild so i turn on the radio.
“Can I?” I ask him before pressing the button. He seems a little startled as i moved my hand towards him.
“Oh, sure, yeah” He tinkers his voice a little traveling one of his hands through his hair.

I hear Nina Simone’s voice fill the car and I just look on the window focusing my attention from the red rose to the stars om the sky.
Suddenly I hear him smile and i flinch my head to him to see what’s so amusing.
I raise my brows waiting for the explanation but he just smiles now looking at him.

“Since when do you sing?” He asks and my eyes widen as i realized i just did that thing when i don’t realize but i sing along with the song that’s playing.
“I uhm, shit. It’s - i don’t sing.” I ramble and he giggles.
“Wow, that bad?” He asks smiling looking at the road ahead.
“What do you mean?”
“Well I’m the one usually rambling. So you’re embarrassed that bad to have someone listen to you?” He asks and i shake my head laughing.
“No. It’s just i didn’t realize..” i sigh “ok yeah. You’re right again Dr Reid.”
“What happened though?” He asks smiling and i can tell he’s enjoying this. He stops the car as he arrives in front of my place.
“Nothing?” I smile and he looks at me.
“Well whatever it is you shouldn’t be embarrassed cause i liked it.” I catch his softly biting his lip again.
“The song?” I ask studying his beautiful features.

“The song. The lyrics. You singing it.” He catches my attention as he says that. I feel my heart slowly raise its beat.
“Yeah. It’s a good song.”
“It is.” His eyes are locked on mine amd i can feel tension building up. I gulp slowly nodding.

“Well thanks for the ride.” My voice breaks anything created before and i see his eyes move from me to the door.
“Your welcome. Here, wait.” He seems so clumsy in this moment as he gets out of the car moving to my door opening it.
I giggle seeing him like this.
“My lady.” He jokes offering his hand to help me get out.
“Gentleman til the end, I’ve gotta admit i envy the women you date.” I chuckle and he licks his lips smiling.

“Thanks again for the ride, Reid.” I say as we step on my porch. “Do you want to come in?” I ask and he looks bacl at his car.
“I think I’ll head home too.” He says looking back at me and i nod trying not to laugh at the way his eyes keep resting on my cleavage.
“Ok then. Good night.” I open my arms to hug him and he wraps his arms around my waist.
“Goodnight.” He whispers in my ear tightening his hug.

I lean out, but we’re still close and i can feel his breath on my face. His eyes move from mine to my lips and i can see him gulping as i move slowly back and forth an inch. Ughh, this can’t happen, we’re colleagues, and we have strict rules about not dating each other at the BAU. But my mimd needs this little gesture of reward for all those nights it made me feel so good providing me with images of Reid filling me up.

I feel his hands grip tight my waist and he leans in crushing his lips on mine. ok i had had it. I part my lips and snake my hands around his neck allowing my fingers to touch those brown curls. Our tongues meet each and softly brush against one another making me want more of Reid. I know this is wrong, oh, but it really feels good.

He stops the kiss breathing slowly on my face.
“Y/n.” He whispers and I know he’s probably gonna tell me how this is inappropriate and all the things i already know.
“Is the invitation still available?” he asks not moving an inch. My brows raise involuntarily followed quickly by a smile and i can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful night.
“Yeah.” I nod feeling his lips get closer to mine. We kiss again, neither of us mentioning our work rules.

I unlock the door and as we’re inside i feel Reid’s hands in my hair pinning me against the door. His plump pink lips crush on mine letting his tongue invade my mouth and explore every inch of it. My breathing increases as i didn’t expect him to ever do that.

He kisses down my jaw until we reaches the neck. He takes his time to find the most sensitive spot, trailing his soflty wet lips on my skin causing my goosebumps to raise. I let a moan escape when he finds the spot that’s most sensitive on my neck and i can feel his smirk. He let’s his teeth slowly nibble on the spot making me already go insane.
“Oh, Dr. Reid, that feels so good.” I moan as he comes up in kisses to my lips.
He stops and looks at me, pure lust remarkable in his dark eyes.
“I love hearing you call me that.” He tells me still having me pinned to the door.

I pull on his collar and attach my lips to his slowly going to his ear.
“Then how about making me scream your name?” I whisper seductively feeling him growing harder and harder as my hand moves to his crotch area.
“That’s exactly what I’m planning to do.” He smirks putting his hand over mine to stop my actions.

He cups my head and makes my tongue tango with his. Feeling his hands move down my sides make me lose control of my voice and i feel moans from my throat as his hands rest on my butt. He caresses it lightly squeezing it through the black dress I’m wearing.
I start unbuttoning his shirt after i take off his jacket and he stops my movements turning me around. I feel his long fingers trace circles on back while his lips come in contact with the skin of my neck. He grips the zipper and slowly pulls it down trailing kisses on my bare back.
He lets the dress fall down and turns me back facing him.
He grips my hips and lifts me up causing my legs to wrap around his torso. His lips are leveled with my chest and me not wearing any bra tonight makes his job a lot more easy.
I feel his lips sending pleasure from my chest to my mind making me wanting to get closer to him when he sucks my sensitive nipples.
I snake my arms around his neck and kiss those pink lips of his like is the last thing i get to do in this lifetime.
“Bedroom?” I hear him asking.
“First right.” I breath and feel him carry me as we’re still kissing.

I open the door and he steps towards the bed slowly laying me in it. He takes off his waistcoat and quickly gets rid of his shoes. He climbs into the bed kissing me, but i manage to get on top of him. I straddle his lap unbuttoning his shirt while i let my tongue play with his and i hear light moans from his as i let my body grind on his hardening bulge. His hands rest on my bottom, caressing it.

I hear a loud groan from him and suddenly i feel my back laying on the bed.
“I want to taste you.” He tells me as he kisses my lower stomach. His thumbs go under my panties and i arch my back to help him pull them down.
I look between my legs and see his head slowly kissing my clit.

I moan as his tongue starts doing circles around my sensitive spot. I travel my hands down and into his hair to live the imagine I’ve always had. His eyes stare back into mine while his tongue is sending me immense pleasure. I feel his long finger play around my folds slowly entering me, shortly adding a second finger.
“Oh damn you Dr.” I moan feeling him go on a painfully slow motion teasing me all the way.
“You know I can’t stand it” i moan starting to sing the lyrics of the song in the car.
“You’re runnin’ around, you know better daddy. I can’t stand it cause you put me down” as the lyrics leave my mouth i feel him smirking on my skin speeding up the process so good.
He licks in circles making sure to put just the right amount of pleasure. He’s paying so much attention to the details my body language is giving that he feels just what i do and i love it.

“Wait.” I moan feeling my orgasm building up. “I wanna come while you’re inside me.” I add but he doesn’t seem to mind me continuing flickering his tongue between my legs.
“Don’t worry, I’m not done with you.” He groans on my sensitive skin.

His fingers pump in and out and just as he curls up his index, i feel the tale teller flicker in my lower stomach making my juices spill all over Reid’s fingers.
“F.uck.” I breath seeing him smirk.
He licks his lips whiping his chin up with the back of his hand. Reid undoes his belt and puls down his trousers.
He leans to my lips and i kiss him hungrily feeling my taste on his tongue. His hands move up and down my chest feeling me close.
I travel my hands to his white boxers and rub through the the elastic material.
“Turn around.” He tells me and i furrow my brows.
“Just. Turn around.” I give in and lay on my stomach. His hands press on my back and i feel a relaxing chill taking over my body. He moves his hands lower onto my bottom and squeezes softly my cheeks making me go insane. A moan yet escapes my mouth as my butt is lifting itself as my hands push my body closely to him
I feel his hands spreading the wetness around my folds and i know he will enter me soon.

My legs start to shake in anticipation and i can’t take it anymore.
“Please.” I say as his hands massage my body so good.
“What do you want Y/n?” He asks soflty into my ear.
“You.” I moan and his grip tightens on my cheeks.
“Me?” He plays so innocent now.
“Yes Spencer, you.” As i say his name i can hear him grunting slowly and i hear him unwrapping a condom.

“You like this? Me calling you Spencer? Dr Spencer Reid, come on now. Let me feel-” i can’t even finish my sentence as i feel him enter me and my words are replaced by moans. He gives me 3 seconds to adjust to his unfamiliar size and then i feel him penetrating my walls so deep. His hand rest on my hips holding me still as he fucks the shit out of me.

“You have any fucking clue how many times I’ve wanted to do this to you? You’re just as tight as i assumed you’d be.” He groans moving fast turning me on even more as i hear him cussing.
My hands grip the mattress as i was already so sensitive and now he makes my second orgasm building up inside of me.
He stops his movements feeling me almost reaching the climax and turn me around again and I’m so happy because now i see him. He grabs my legs and pulls me closer to him.
“And that dress you wore tonight. You should be banned to wear it at work cause all i wanted to do was take you on that table in the restaurant.” He positions his length at my entrance and without a warning he pumps into me.

God damn, hearing him say all this to me makes me lose my mind.
I lift my body to reach his lips as i got the desperate need to kiss him.
“F.uck Spence.” I moan as we kiss so sloppily both coming so close.
“It drives me crazy to hear you say my name.” He breaths out starting to move even faster.

My body completely loses control as we both ride out our high. I feel little convulsions in my lower abdomen as he keeps on moving slowly.
“Damn.” I start laughing and it’s so hard to catch my breath. I see him collapse near me and i can see a genuine smile.
“Well it’s nice to know you didn’t fake the orgasm as i can clearly see the effects of the dopamine and oxyt-”
“You can’t help it even in bed?” I smile asking as he starts rambling. He shakes his head feeling a little embarrassed.
“It’s okay, you talking facts so fast is a thing i like about you” I smile and i can see him smiling back to me
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