white v neck tee


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Riley had never been shy of a little rain. As a kid she embraced the rainy days, she would always slip on her rubber boots and raincoat and out she’d go; splashing, jumping, twirling around in the downpour with her mouth wide open. It was almost too perfect that the boy she ended up falling in love with, loved getting caught in the rain just as much as she did.

So when the wind picked up on their afternoon walk through the park after school, she glanced up at the black cloud that consumed the sky above and felt a rush of excitement.  They were only a few blocks from Lucas’ apartment complex but there was no way they’d make it there before the storm started.  

Lucas furrowed his eyebrows as he looked to the now dark sky, clutching Riley’s hand in his as if he was preparing to run. “Is this why you wanted to walk to mine?” His mouth curled into a small smirk as he gazed knowingly at the brunette before him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She smiled, resting her head on his shoulder as they continued their trek to his house.

The scent of rain is heavy and a stillness falls over the street, and in the silence comes a low crackle of thunder. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of lightning splits the sky, and the downpour begins.

“Run!” Riley shrieked, as they ran across the slippery sidewalk, weakened by the weight of their now soaked clothes. Neither of them could stop the smiles from forming on their faces as they leaped across puddles while Lucas hovered his jacket over their heads to shield their eyes from the rainfall.  

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Surprise Bitch.

(Happy X OC) Based on a single called Sirens. For CJTM told you I’d do it haha!! 😘😘

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Flying around the corner of a back road he almost missed her. She was wearing tight, dark ripped up jeans a plain white v-neck tee and a black leather jacket with black boots laced up to her mid calves. She had a black pack slung over her shoulder and her dark chestnut hair waved around the length of her arm as she held it out with her thumb in the air.

Slowing down he stopped just a head of the direction her thumb had pointed. As she jogged up to him he pulled a spare helmet from the compartment below his seat. “Thanks.” She said reaching him and accepting the helmet. She clipped it on as he re-mounted his bike and started it back up.

“Where to?” He yelled over the engine as she straddled the bike behind him. She pulled herself in close her thighs squeezing his hips and one arm wrapped low on his waist.

“Just drive really fast baby.” She purred on the shell of his ear. That’s when he felt it the barrel of a hand gun pressed into his side along his ribs.

Happy smirked and revved the throttle taking off.

Slowing around a corner he was met with a road block. Cops were everywhere. Feeling her grip him impossibly tighter Happy revved up and pulled down on the throttle. She held her grip on him as he weaved through the barricade and off down the highway.

Once they were free and clear he drove them long into the night. Pulling up to an abandoned motel he drove around back and hid his bike under an awning. He said nothing as he walked to the nearest room and broke into the door.

She watched with suspension, gun still firm in her grasp. She eyed him as he held the door open for her. “Get in.” He growled she kept her eyes on him and gun pointed as she stepped forward and backed into the room.

He turned and locked the door then moved to close the blinds. Turning around she still held the gun on him.

The moon was full and bright bleeding through the slats of the broken window coverings. “Put it down little girl.”

She watched as he removed his kutte and set it on the back of a chair near by. Noticing his guns in his holster she decided to maintain her hold on the weapon in her hand.

“I ain’t gonna hurt you.” He grumbled removing the weapons and placing them on the side table as a show of no ill will.

Tilting her chin to seem taller she asked “Who are you?”

“Does it matter?” He stared into her crystal blue eyes. As he stepped forward and placed his hand over her gun.

She searched his dark eyes for what she wasn’t sure. “I guess not.” She conceded finally lowering her weapon and allowing him to take it.

He tossed it to the side. Moving closer to her than before.

No words were exchanged. They didn’t need to be. He wrapped his hand in her windblown locks and pulled her in kissing her with a brusing force.

Moaning she parted her lips and bit harshly on on his lower one. He growled ripping the jacket from her shoulders and ducking to wrap his large hands around the back of her thighs and lift her to his level.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed the empty holster off his shoulders before pulling at his shirt. Feeling her trying to rip the shirt off he tossed her onto the old motel bed. He reached behind his head with one hand and pulled it off in one smooth motion.

He watched as her eyes went wide. Crawling on her knees to the edge where he stood. Slowly she reached out an adrenalin shook hand and ran it up his cut torso admiring the colorfully sculpted display before her. When her hand reached his chest he grabbed it causing her to look up into his eyes. Using the hold on her wrist he pulled her closer his other hand wrapping around her throat pulling her in for another crushing heated kiss. Lifting her chin with the thumb of the hand on her neck he trailed his mouth down her neck biting and sucking on his way. Reaching the top of her v-neck tee he pulled his hands away and took a firm grasp on the collar of her shirt and tugged effectively ripping the thin shirt in half.

With his mouth now on her chest she reached forward tugging at his belt and pushing down his pants. Moving his mouth back to hers he reached around to unclasp her bra. Pulling it away he layed her down and reached between them to pull off her jeans.

Sitting up he slid his fingers under her waistband and pulled them down her thighs with her underwear. Tossing them behind his head he looked down and saw something he just had to try. Once again taking a firm hold of her legs he lifted them over his shoulders as he ducked his head and took a long stroke up her folds with his toung. “FUCK” she screamed above him.

Bringing one hand around the underside of her ass he reached up and slipped two fingers in and curled them as he lapped harder at her clit. It wasn’t long before she was trapping his head between her thighs and screaming out. She tried to push him away but he kept on relentless watching her writhe under his touch. Finally he lifted his head and watched her try and catch her breath. Looking up she saw him watching and climbed up to her knees to meet him in the middle of the bed.

Reaching down between the she slipped her hand inside of his boxers and took hold of him. She stroked up and down with a twist in her wrist as she trailed kisses down his chest. When she took a harsh bite to his peck he growled and grabbed her upper arms with a bruising force. Turning her around he pushed her down and fisted her hair pulling her back up to arch her back. Using the other hand he pulled down the boxers then smacked her hard on the ass for the bite.

Taking a hold of himself he ran his tip over her folds before slamming hard into her. He started up a brusing pace with his hand tangled in her hair he smacked her ass once more the twice more before reaching around and drawing circles on her clit. He moans became more and more high pitched as she came closer and closer to the edge.

With a few more hard thrust Happy felt her clench around him. And rode her through her orgasm before quickly pulling out and releasing his own all over her lower back and ass. “FUCK, shit” He growled as his body began to go numb.

Watching her fall to the bed he shakily grabbed her tattered shirt and wiped off her back and threw in on the floor before collapsing next to her.


The next morning they were back on the read when he came around another corner and blue lights awaited them. Turning the throttle she gripped him tight.


Shots rang out and fire ripped through his chest, Happy lost control. Sliding along side her and his bike he looked at her blue eyes cold next to him before his world too went black.


Waking with a start he looked around the mess that was the motel room. Turning she was still there wrapped into his side sound asleep and still breathing.

She was defiantly his match. But she’d be the death of him.


She woke up to the sound of a bike and reached out. Feeling cold sheets she realised the bike must have been his.

Sitting up opening her eyes she noticed a piece of paper folded on the nightstand. Opening it she read

‘Until next time Baby.’

It was simply signed with a happy face like the ones she had seen on his stomach lastnight.

She closed the note with a smirk. Some how it seemed like they both just knew….

They’d be seeing eachother again. 🙃
“Did you leave it on the mantle again?”

Word count: 972 words

Ship: James Potter x reader, feat baby Harry

A/N: i just got inspiration all of a sudden and i couldn’t not do it. Especially when it was featuring baby harry <3

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What the Heck I Gotta Do

* Anthony x Reader

* Request: Can you do something with Anthony maybe like you are in the cast too idk

* Modern rpf

A/N: So uh…I suck at real person fiction so please keep that in mind while reading this. I hope I kept people’s personalities as believable as possible. And a crappy ending because I couldn’t think of a good one…

Word Count: 2,013


You scrambled through your house when a knock sounded. You flung the door open. Anthony Ramos stood there and raised an eyebrow at your appearance. You were donned in sweatpants and a tee shirt. Not to mention a little breathless from scrambling to the door.

“You ok?” He asked. You took in his appearance. He had taken an effort to put on jeans and a white v-neck tee shirt. His curls hung limply around his freckled face. He had a backpack hanging off of one shoulder.

“Define ok.” You huffed and stepped aside to let Anthony in. He was holding two to-go cups if coffee, one of which was yours. You headed back to your room and emerged with a duffle bag. “Ready?” You asked with a nervous grin.

“If you are.” He responded with a much more relaxed smile. He handed you your coffee and the two of you left together. Opening night. At the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway. You and Anthony rode in a cab and you nervously tapped your foot.

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Inhumans Part Two

Originally posted by laygion

Parts: One, TwoThree, Four, Five

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 4K

Summary: Inhumans are people born with powers, feared by most all over the world. Inhumans are often killed before the age of three or kept locked up and tested on. EXO is a rogue group of Inhumans who broke free and are now looking to free fellow Inhumans as well as get justice for their kind. However, with their powers come limitations. With these limitations, they sometimes need a helping hand.

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Six of Crows Modern AU Fashion

Kaz: He always wears dark colors. Black, gray, sometimes white. Inej calls him “Mr. Monochromatic”. Somehow makes ripped jeans with a button-up look good. Seems to have an endless supply of scarves but wears only one coat whenever it’s remotely chilly. Doc Martens or manly black boots with little silver tips on the laces. Classiness meets goth. Rocks the closely-cropped-hair-on-the-sides look and always has some sort of vintage watch on his wrist. He likes to do this thing where he’ll be wearing all black and then a pop of white somewhere, like a single stripe across his shirt or an ivory scarf.

Inej: Queen of layering things, no matter the weather. In the cold it’s fawn colored leg warmers pulled over sheer black stockings, blouse collars peeking out over sweaters, thin hoodies underneath denim jackets. In the warmer months it’s loose, fluttery, cardigans over shapeless dresses or tasteful crop tops worn on top of spaghetti-strap tank tops. Kaz thinks her hair is the most beautiful thing in the world and it is, she always braids it prettily or leaves it down in waves. A fan of gold ear cuffs and ballerina flats. Can somehow mix badass with chic.

Jesper: Total skater boy. Unbuttoned flannels, graphic t-shirts, worn jeans, Timberlands. Also keeps his afro shaved on the sides but likes more volume on top. Leather bracelets with snap fastenings and hoodie-leather jacket hybrids. Wears those loose tank tops with the long arm holes. Owns at least ten “Very Gay” t-shirts, destroys gender stereotypes on a daily basis by wearing neon floral patterns and dress-like tops. Makes snapbacks and fedoras very, very, hot. Likes to balance sunglasses on the brim of his hats or always drape his headphones on himself, whether it’s his neck or his shoulder it looks like a cool accessory.

Wylan: Cutest person ever (and I don’t mean in a teddy bear way). He has that attractively nerdy aura going on, has a crap ton of galaxy-patterned and pride-flag bow ties. Sometimes allows Jesper to buy them matching t-shirts. Carries a leather satchel with loads of pins and iron-on badges of TV shows he likes. Wears Brogues that he found in a used shoe store or a pair of million year old Vans. Always has his sleeves rolled up, even when it’s freezing outside. Wears chunky hipster glasses that he’s always pushing farther up his nose. Beautifully tousled red-gold curls. Owns many wacky socks, his favorite pair is covered in algebraic equations. Paints his nails sometimes (usually green) and it’s always ridiculously neat.

Nina: Actually real-life supermodel 24/7. Looks good in anything and everything. Owns her curves and will wear any shade of red. Lipstick is always crimson, eyeliner is always on fleek. Her makeup in general is just flawless, and her brows are the definition of perfection. Can do anything with her hair, whether it’s two messy space buns or straightened. Wears a lot of 50′s cut dresses with brightly colored belts. Always tucking her shirt into her skirt. Will use her pretty acrylic nails to scratch you up if you mess with her group. Lace-up boots with a little or a lot of heel. Fitted pea coats that flare out at the waist and tie in a bow at the back. Can be intimidatingly gorgeous one day and doll-like the next.

Matthias: Probably the one who cares least about his appearance. The type of person who reaches into his closet and pulls out whatever. Nina drags him on shopping trips and makes sure he always walks out of the mall with some stuff of his own. Sweatshirts and varsity jackets. High-tops and never anything else. Somehow makes a man bun not nasty. Has one of those rope/survival bracelets with a tiny compass that he never takes off. Makes henley shirts hot and owns way too many white v-neck tees that frankly, all look exactly the same. Beanies are the only hat he’ll ever wear. Wears blue on days that he actually cares so that his eyes stand out. Jogger pants, the black ones with two white stripes down the sides.

Two wrongs make a right

Pairing: Jikook

Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: CRACK, fluff

Description: Of course Jungkook always says the wrong thing, but that’s never gotten him this embarrassed before. Or a date either. Oh and he’s never trying on jeans again.

Warnings: language, /slight/ mature subjects, lots of second-hand embarrassment???

A/N: Do I have a thing for writing embarrassed!Jeon… @jikook-love thanks for the critique bae I HOPE YOU LIKE MY NEW ADDITIONS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(I will work on the requests soon!! But here’s a filler)

“Hi, how are you today?” The boy at the counter greets, reaching out to take the clothes from Jungkook’s hands. He has a soft and smooth voice, and Jungkook barely hears what he says at all.

“Uh, three,” Jungkook responds on instinct, handing over the three items he’s holding on to. Then he stops. What did fitting-room-boy just ask?

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Boy Toy Auctions. It was basically objectifying men at it’s finest. And yet, it was Philippe’s favourite. There was something about being liked and fawned at that he genuinely, and oddly, enjoyed. It played extremely well to his vain exterior, one that he was most proud of

He was at the backstage, biding his time before it was his turn to head up the stage and command the crowd. Changing into a white V-neck tee for extra oomph, the man had just taken off his navy blue button down, when he felt a pair of eyes on him. For a few seconds, he let the observer’s gaze linger, before he finally turned to meet their attention.

“Yes? May I help you?” 

The Upstairs Neighbor (Rucas OneShot)

Prompt: Rucas OneShot where Lucas can’t fall asleep at night because his neighbors makes way too much noise. So what happens when he goes upstairs to confront them?
Word Count: 3,016

♡ ♡ ♡

“Dude, you look like shit.” Zay laughs, forcing his way through the door entry.

He wasn’t lying. Lucas just moved in to this apartment a few weeks ago and at the time he was super excited. Finding a reasonably priced apartment in New York was hard enough but this one was actually in his budget and in pretty good condition. It was small and only had one bedroom but he was single and still in vet school so it wasn’t like he needed anything bigger.

What he didn’t know when he signed the lease was that the walls were apparently paper thin. He could hear everything. His next-door neighbors having sex, his downstairs neighbors playing loud music but the one that annoyed him the most was his upstairs neighbor.

Whoever lived in the apartment above him seemed to never sleep. Because he’s finishing up school and working in a clinic, it took him awhile to notice. On his days off when he wasn’t in class there was nothing but silence, but every day around 6 pm they’d start making noise. The floor between them muffled it enough so he couldn’t actually hear what they were doing but whatever it was, was loud.

So loud that he hasn’t gotten sleep in 2 days because of it.

So when Zay kindly mentions how terrible Lucas looks, he doesn’t even bother firing back, or looking in the mirror, he knows he looks just like he feels.

“My upstairs neighbors never sleep.” He yawns, grabbing a red bull from the fridge. “They are constantly walking back and forth, and I swear to god they’re wearing shoes made of cylinder blocks because it’s so freaking loud.”

“I don’t hear anything.” Zay shrugs, staring up at the ceiling.

“That’s because its still daylight. Once the sun goes down…you’ll see.”

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Drawing the Line

Petopher AU

Rated: PG13 (death, murder, language)

Author’s Note: When Chris Argent saves the Hale pack from a house fire, he inadvertently changes all of their destinies.  


When Alpha Talia Hale sent a personal invitation to attend a pack meeting, one did not refuse, especially if one was a “retired” werewolf hunter living on the Alpha’s territory.


The Argents were long time residents of Beacon Hills and up until a few years ago, the family of hunters had co-existed with the family of werewolves for two generations. They were not allies, but respected each other to give one another a wide berth. Chris’s father, Gerard, was the principal of BeaconHillsHigh School at the time, happily enjoying his new life as an educator and protector of young adults. When he was diagnosed with an untreatable cancer, Gerard had petitioned to Alpha Hale for the bite in the hopes to cure his disease – but she had politely refused, as was her right.

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anonymous asked:


ok ok OK WOW OK

  • so meliorn suddenly appears at the institute all of the sudden at 9 am
  • and unfortunately jace woke up just at that time and he goes downstairs to get breakfast and he sees meliorn and alec talking
  • meliorns in a white semi transparent tshirt and dark navy jeans. he has a bunch of wooden and leather bracelets on, hes wearing dark brown boots just under his knee and his hair is in a messy ponytail and he looks really domestic, like he just got out of the house with whatever he had on
  • jace is SHOOK and stares at meliorn like a cow watching a train but then he realizes that hes legit in his navy sweatpants and white v neck tee he wore to bed and his hair ,s messy af and he decides itd be best if he ran back to his room to not look like a caveman
  • but then they lock eyes with meliorn from across the room and meliorn beams up so hes like fuck it he already saw me. he tries to do his best at taming his hair and walks up next to them
  • apparently theyre discussing something about seelie diplomants coming to the institute next week (or something like that he doesnt actually listen to alecs answer hes just to busy checking meliorn out bc he looks adorable)
  • alec looks in between them and says “looks like you two match…” while pointing at their outfits bc theyre wearing the same colors “… me and magnus should do this too, don’t you think so brother?”
  • jace cant help it and blurts out “y- your look hot nice with your hair up”
  • just as jace turns around to leave meliorn grabs him by his ankle and says “you havent had breakfast yet, right?”
  • jace goes “????????????” inside and outside 
  • then meliorn lets go of his arm and says “well I neither have I. and I know the best breakfast place in all brooklyn.” 

  • after a good 7 seconds of pure silence he continues with saying “thats queue for you to understand that im asking you out on breakfast, shadowhunter..”
  • jace is stunned so meliorn just gives up and says “isabelle really is the smart one isnt she” as he hooks his arm around jaces and leads them to the exit 
  • and when jace tells him that hes still in his pajamas, all he answers with is that the best breakfast place in Brooklyn is his place.

anonymous asked:

can you suggest plus size nymphet tops? i looked through the tag, but a lot of them are discontinued or out of stock now

I do need to update my plus size section but here are some tops for now…

Dolly Halter Top in Red

Hankie Hem Tee by Taillissime


Inspire Red Elasticated Bandeau Top

Inspire Black Floral Print Gypsy Top

Pink Fine Knit Top With Silver Sequin Butterfly Design

Black And Cream Polka Dot Print Jersey Longline Top






Sweet Heart Crop Top


Good Girl

Naughty List 

Sequin Trapeze Tank Top

Bow Peplum Top

Ruffle Crop Top

Surplice Front Crop Top

Sequined Cold Shoulder Sweater

Dear Santa Cold Shoulder Top

Sequined Marilyn Sweater

Plaid Peplum Top

Striped Tee

Adorable top





Rose Ready Ruffle top or in white

Pink Trendy Top

Embroidered Smocked Babydoll Cami

Plus Size Eye Magnet Black Crop Top

Ruffled Top

Knit Barbie Tee

MLP Tee Heather Grey

Office to the Races Top in Plus Size

Seemingly Sew Top in Red

glam top

Mandarin Collar Ruffle Top

Dolls Graphic Tee

Kiss Print Sweater

Hello Kitty Raglan Tee

Hello Kitty V-Neck Tee

Hello Kitty White Red Graphic T-Shirt 

Crisscross Back Shirred Babydoll Top

Disney Minnie Mouse Collection Halter Peplum 

Heart Print V-Neck Top

Cable Knit Tunic

Polka Dot Blues Peplum Top

Daisy Duke Corset

Lace Sweetheart Top

Polka Dotted Babydoll Cami

Sequin Cami

Beyond White Top

Strappy Ruffle Top

Ivory Paradise Peasant top

Disney Winnie the Pooh Sweeter Than Honey

T-shirt, print Perfect, with long sleeves, Henley neck

White Lace Peasant Top

Fight Like a Girl “Fetsu Design Custom Tailor

Dreamy Sweet Sailor Top

Pastel Cute Baby Pink Sailor 

Sailor Moon Chibi Moon Pink Bow Cotton T-shirt 

Plus Size Chibi Moon Jumper

White Dots Chiffon Blouse 

Candy Color Micky Mouse T-Shirt

Zooey Top in White & in Pink

Peasant Top in White


CURVE Sweetheart Crop Top In Scuba

Lace T-Shirt In Floral Print

T-Shirt With Rainbow Cloud Print

Tunic With My Little Pony Print

Inspire Bardot Top

Off Shoulder Gypsy Long Tops

Arcadian Dreams Top

Lattice-Patterned Velveteen Top

Sheer Floral Crochet Top

Lace Chiffon Paneled Top

Cutout-Back Crop Top

:) <3