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Quack Goes The Duck (John Wick X Reader)

Summary: John and You have a date night out at a Carnival fair. It all fun and games. While passing by a stall one of the grand prizes catches your eye. You play the game and the owner cheats you out of the prize. Upset and angry John steps in to help…

Author’s Note: Hi~ It was just supposed to be fluff. I hope I delivered :D

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           @galaxycat1903 this wasn’t the fluff i had in the works for you. Your fluff                  fic will be done but i know you wanted John fluff and this kindda, sortta                qualifies :D

Quack Goes the Duck

I could barely contain my excitement as I exited the car. I clutched my arms to my chest and stared in wide eyed wonder at the brightly lit, neon lights of the Carnival fair. John stepped beside me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder; I looked to him and grinned ear to ear.

“Where do you want to go first?” he asked, eyes alit with happiness.

“Roller Coaster, duh!” I stated matter of fact.

He nodded and we made our way to the attraction. After various rides we ducked in and out of stalls, picking and choosing and sometimes even fighting over what games to play.

I pulled a thick wad of pink cotton candy and felt it melt into sugary goodness in my mouth.

I stopped mid stride, whispering to myself “, oh my god, that’s so cute!”

John had walked off without me. He glanced to his side and whipped around when he didn’t see me.

I felt the pressure of his arm on my shoulder “, see something?”

I nodded absently soaking up the warmth of his body. I pointed to the object that captured my attention. His eyes followed my outstretched finger and landed on the pudgy, white, pink tailed, rainbow mane unicorn with a bell dangling from its horn, hanging from the window red and white striped stall. He huffed a laugh. I grabbed his wrist and dragged him across the busy walkway, dodging around people until I reached the item.

Quickly I examined the stall - shoot the duck, read the sign. Simple enough I thought. Several people were lined up with air guns, shooting at the slowly moving tin, yellow ducks. I spied the owner of the stall standing gin a corner observing the patrons.

“Excuse me!” I called, his head turned to me.

“Hi,” I waved him over “, how do I win the unicorn?” I pointed upwards to where the plush was strung.

“Oh, that’s top prize – shoot all the duck and you get it,” the man drawled “, five gives you twenty shots, shoot all and you get the unicorn.”

I was virtually bouncing on my feet with glee as I slid him the money. John stood behind me watching quietly like my shadow. The stall owner smirked at me.

The people before us collected their prize and left only us. I looked to John and beamed at him; he smiled back and rubbed a small circle on my shoulder.

“Go on,” he motioned as the owner finished righting the ducks that had been shot and took the almost finished cotton candy from me.

The owner handed me the air gun. I stood and braced myself, settling my aim and fixing my stance the way John taught me. The man flipped the remote switch and the game began. The yellow ducks bobbing up and down while rolling across the area.

I took aim, exhaled slowly through my mouth and shot. The first yellow duck fell, the corners of my mouth tugged upwards. I aimed and fired again, two ducks fell. Two became three, then four and so on, until I had one more. It had taken me no more than twenty seconds.  

I glanced at John who stood behind me with a smile of approval on his face. I turned back to the game, and tracked the duck through the scope, lining up the shot.

Suddenly the game powered down. I looked up wide eyed. What was going on?

The game owner snatched the gun out of my grip “, thirty seconds are up! You lose.”

I stared at him open mouthed.

“You didn’t say that there was a time limit,” I breathed incredulously, hands splayed out at my sides.

The man raised a brow and gave me a sour expression “, I did. Listen better.”

I ground my teeth.

“You didn’t say that – the other people before me didn’t have a time limit you cheat!” I shouted shaking a clenched fist at him, a few people turned to stare at us.

“Hey miss, it’s not my fault you can’t hear well,” retorted the owner.

“Why you -,” John’s hand gripped my arm and I looked at him eyes ablaze.

He stepped in front of me, hand down in his pocket “, five dollars, twenty shot right?”

A group of teenagers came up to the booth, chattering happily amongst themselves.

The owner looked a bit weary “, you don’t qualify.”

John cocked his head to the right, his calm demeanour oozing something otherworldly.

“Hey, dude, hurry up and let the guy play cause we’re waitingggg,” said a dark haired boy.

“You heard them,” said John drawing the money out from his wallet and handing it to the man.

The man glanced at John, the money, the kids, then back to John and the money.

“Dude!” shouted one of the teenagers annoyed. The others backed him up.

He took it with a smirk and reset the game machine. He handed John the gun and started the game. I gasped, the ducks were moving across the screen at twice the original speed. The teenagers also commented on the speed and started making bets on how much ducks John would be able to knock over. This man was despicable.

Thirty seconds were all he had. John aimed and fired. Silence.

“Which was the one you wanted again?” asked John turning to me as he rested the gun on the table.

“Unicorn,” I said with a triumphant smile as I took in the open mouthed gazes of the group and the stall owner.

Grudgingly he climbed up and unhooked the animal before thrusting it into my open arms. I hugged it tightly to my chest and buried my face into the white fur.

“Thank you,” I mumbled to John and linked our fingers. He raised our joined hands and kissed the back of my hand.

I turned to the group of teenagers “, you guys should find another stall to play at, this guy cheats,” and walked off with my prize and man.

“That thing is so ugly,” laughed John.

I cut him a glare “, no it’s not.”

I looked down at the rainbow coloured mane “, it’s so fluffly!” and squeezed it again, the bell jingling with the motion.

“It may be even cuter than you,” I said slyly and ran cackling through the crowd leaving John to chase after me.

He caught me quickly, laughing and red faced.

I stood on my toes and pecked him on the lips “, let’s go home.”

His hands found my waist “, had enough fun?”

I wrapped a free arm around his neck pressing my body firmly to his “, I can think of more fun things to do.”

He grinned, his eyes slid from my face to the unicorn “,I don’t want that thing in the bedroom watching us.”

I frowned “, it’s just a stuffed animal.”


I flicked the bell “, what, think he’s going to rate your performance?”

“y/n,” he said again a bit exasperated.

“Fine I’ll leave him in the living room.”

As we walked off a thought struck me “, where’s my cotton candy?”

no-spoons-given  asked:

can you do a size reference photo for the new chewys?

Yes, here they are

Photo description: Credit card sized Smartrip card next to a white chewable silicone unicorn with blue, yellow and pink mane and tail. Unicorn is about a half inch taller than the height of the long side of the card. 

Photo description: Credit card sized Smartrip card next to sideways turned grey and white chewable U shaped tube on a black necklace cord. Width of the U is about the same as  the height of the long side of the card.