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Hi friends!
If you’re ftm or nb, but have rather large pectorals you’d like to hide, and sports bras aren’t doing it for you? Especially under t-shirts or other clingy shirts? And you can’t get a binder due to home and/or medical reasons? /have I got a thing for you/.

/dance tops/. I was in ballet and jazz and tap for a while, as was my mom, and those things are designed to keep you flat and still. Things sports bras are not designed for. Sports bras are designed to support /up/ and keep pain from movement to a minimum. Meaning that most sports bras actually push in and up instead of in and out. A dance top, however, is designed to squish in, like a binder except not as strong and stiff. It’s basically a perfect blend between a sports bra and a binder, and because it was designed for dancers (not an easy sport, I tell you), it’s super easy to breathe in and you can exercise in it. It’s easier to breathe for all you asthmatics out there, and it’s super comfy and easy to move in.

They look like the pics above (I’m a 34 C and I included what size I have and what brand), and I suggest a higher neckline (a lower neckline might show through your shirt, while a higher one hugs up against your collarbone). I also suggest a light color like grey so it can go under white shirts (I wore this under a white t-shirt and it didn’t show at all).

Hope I was a help to all my brothers!

Me: Hey Shuichi, what’s your type?

Shuichi: Someone with purple eyes, wears clothes with long white sleeves, and their first name starts with the letter ‘K’

Me: That’s… specific

Kaede, Kokichi and Kaito: No, no it isn’t.

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While reading your Gaston headcanons and just imagined where he picks you up to carry you across a large puddle, only for him to trip on a loose stone. Oops, both of you are covered in mud now. Fluff ensures...?

I said no but i couldn’t stop mySELF.

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Title: Muddy.
Pairing: Gaston x Female!Reader.
Words: 3,104.
Rating: T.

It had just rained not ten minutes ago, and vendors were already back on the street. Some didn’t even bother protecting their produce and products and let the rain do what it wanted. It wasn’t the typical gentle sort of rain either, it was a consistent downpour that wasn’t expected by anyone in the village. You had sought shelter under a small patio of a neighbor as it happened on your way to get some eggs. As a result of the heavy rain, the Earth now smelt clean and fresh. It was a soothing scent, one that made you forget your worries, if only for a few minutes. Giving your kind neighbor a smile for letting you stand under their roof, you waved at them, saying, “I’ll see you later,” before stepping out. A few drops of water hit the top of your head as they dripped from the roofs edge.

Drawing a deep breath in, you began walking. Tightening your shawl around your shoulders, you were appreciative of the sun now peeking through the clouds above. It would warm up soon, drying everything in the process. Mindful of your steps now as most of the ground was either emerged with water or was a seeping puddle of mud, you ran into the sights of a friend.

Friend wasn’t the right word, you thought and looked at Gaston with curious eyes. He was currently checking himself out in the window of the bakery, smiling on and off. Probably checking the wrinkles around his mouth, you laughed to yourself, remembering how he told you that women found them to be rather attractive. ‘It gives me a sort of… Older appearance.’ He told you once with a wide smirk. He was right, they did make him look different than other men you knew, but not for the reason he gave you.

The lines around his mouth gave his smirk, his smiles and his grins even more prominence and seemed to captivate those around him. As if his eyes weren’t enough to get the job just right. In fact, most of his attributes were enough to get anyone he set his eyes on, really. He was the definition of tall, dark and handsome. There were the occasional few that saw passed this facade, and you just happened to be one of them. Not that it came in much luck because Gaston had a keen sense on picking out women and men who he didn’t quite captivate. You supposed this came into play with his need for a chase. Whether it be chasing his next prey while hunting or chasing the next woman in his life, he enjoyed it regardless.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement as Gaston shot his reflection a wink and a kiss. You took this as an opportunity to walk past him quickly, in slight hopes that perhaps he wouldn’t notice you so you could get what you wanted and not linger around to talk.

He was more of an acquaintance, you decided tip toeing your way behind him, not a friend. You both knew each other, acknowledged each other’s existence, spoken here and there, flirted a bit but ultimately kept your distance. It wasn’t as if you hated him, in fact, you didn’t. You just found him to a be a bit… overpowering sometimes and it only elevated when you figured out that he was entirely interested in you. Of course, the smiles he sent your way, the tone of voice he used with you, his gestures and body language were all alarms going off telling you that Gaston thought he was a bit more than acquaintances with you, but it only hit you full on when he finally got around to asking you to have dinner with him.

It’s not like you weren’t interested him and hadn’t thought of being together with him. You figured most everyone in the village had, even the men. Gaston was certainly appealing and was very careful on making himself seem as attractive as he possibly could. But, giving a man his way when he thinks he’s entitled to it is something you didn’t want to feed into. An egotistical man is something you didn’t want to feed attention to. You owed him nothing. You were your own person and he’d have to realize that if he was really interested.

“(Name)!” Your face balled up in defeat. Stopping your movements, you turned on your heel and faced Gaston. In the time that it took you to do that, you relaxed your expression into the most neutral face you could muster. You watched rather intently as he pulled on the bottom of his tan overcoat to straighten it, clearing his throat while doing that.

You swallowed softly and smiled politely at him. “Good morning, Gaston.”

He didn’t miss a beat, grasping your hand and kissing your knuckles gently. He smiled against them, looking down at you through slightly half-lidded eyes. Your heart churned at the meager gaze that held a bit more than invested attention. He let go of your hand, almost hesitating doing so. Your hand was left to drift in the air before making its way back to your side.  “Good morning.” He finally said, his tone dipping into his chest voice. “Any plans for this evening?”

“What’s today? Wednesday?” You thought and looked around, eager to avoid his eyes. Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you thought of an excuse. It didn’t need to be a good one, just a logical one. You spilled out the first thing you thought of, “I’ve got to do laundry.” It was unintentional for your statement to come out as a question, but unfortunately, it came out that way. You just hoped that Gaston bought it as an obtainable excuse.

Slipping his hands onto his hips, you found yourself rather fixated on the shape of his torso. His fingers expanded there, cupping and holding himself as if he didn’t get enough from the women who’ve touched that very spot. He didn’t cock his waist to the side perse, and much rather, straightened his back to make himself appear even larger. The light brown pants were tailored to fit his body specifically, and if he moved just right, it left little to the imagination. His feet were a part giving the absolute definition of confidence and self-awareness though Gaston on more than one occasion, was completely clueless. At this moment in time, he wasn’t. He was thinking about your words. There was really no sense in doing laundry in the evening because if you left it out to dry overnight, the frost would most definitely freeze most of your clothes.

“In the… Evening?” Gaston inquired, his right eyebrow arching upwards in curiousity. The white ruffled shirt under the vibrant red vest lined with gold clung to his torso and defined his shape. Under the tan overcoat, you could see that Gaston was just as gentle on the eyes. Many didn’t see this for many only say the broad shouldered war hero. For a brief moment, you wanted nothing than to reach out and graze your hands up and down his sides. They appeared smooth.

“Uhm, yes.” You tore your eyes away, deciding that walking away was probably the best way to avoid any sort of eye contact. If he’s walking beside you, preferably a foot behind you actually,  it’d be hard for you to maintain gazes. Gaston followed you rather diligently, letting his eyes fall to the back of your head as you began speaking again, “It’s a lot easier to get it done in the evening when no one else is there.” That made complete sense, you reassured yourself.

“Then, can I join you?” You knew that was coming. Laughing quietly, you stopped in front of a rather large puddle that almost looked more like a pond because of its size. “I’ve never done it myself, but I’m sure you can help me.” Gaston informed you, studying the small body of water in front of you and your mild hesitation on how you wanted to get around it.

Without any chance to ask what he was doing, Gaston bent down, grasping your hips and picking you up seamlessly. It was sudden action and with your feet leaving the ground so quickly made your head reel. For a second, you were almost sure he was going to hike you over his shoulder and carry you like a sack of potatoes, but his arm remained around your waist and within moments, he was holding you rather securely while your feet dangled helplessly in the air.

Unable to protest now, he started walking forward through the puddle you were debating on how to get around. You sighed in defeat. He was nice enough to help you so there was no point in arguing now that he was halfway across. “Or better yet, you can do it for me. You see, I usually get women to do it for me, it’s amazing how they throw themselves on their knees for the opportunity really.” Gaston smirked at the thought, readjusting his grip on you.

Shutting your eyelids to reserve yourself from snapping at him, you wrapped your arms around his neck to feel a bit more stable. You could feel his muscles shift under his clothing and found it difficult to ignore the musky smell that seemed to linger with him. He smelt like the woods mixed with the smallest amount of gunpowder. You knew this wasn’t a scent you should grow attached to, but you still found yourself taking deep breaths in just to enjoy. Fluttering your eyes back open you looked at him. Your gaze was a threat in itself, telling him that he’d pay for it if he dropped you. Then, you began speaking, “I won’t do it for you, but I can show you how to do it.”

Gaston laughed quietly. He figured you’d say something of that nature and merely nodded in agreement. He shuffled slightly, feeling something under his feet slip and slide, and before he could really process what it was, the two of you were tumbling down. A few seconds later, you were sitting in a rather large puddle, covered with water and mud. Sitting up, you blinked back the mud near your eyes. You swallowed thickly and looked down at Gaston as he actually managed to catch you and soften your landing. You couldn’t say the same for him for you had actually landed on top of him.

Resting on his back, he groaned quietly and opened his eyes. Gaston looked blankly at the sky for a few seconds before rocking back into reality. Realizing you were on top of him, a small smirk crept its way onto his cheeks. You could feel the eyes of a few villagers digging into you as they watched the entire thing play out, and some villagers who just got there and were met with a rather compromising scene as you were straddling him.

Staring down at him, you came to one conclusion rather quickly. “You did that on purpose.”

“What reason would I have for doing it on purpose? I slipped on a loose stone. It does happen, I’ll have you know. I’m sorry.” He groaned while sitting up, reaching back and holding you close to him. It was unintentional and more of a habit, but you could feel the heat dancing from the tips of your ears to your face at the action. Your eyebrows rose in slow amazement.  He wasn’t usually one for apologizing for anything, even it was his fault. Gaston had a knack of making it seem like things weren’t truly his fault, so why did he take responsibility this time? You were still perched in his lap as he slicked back some of his now drenched hair, a bit offended that you assumed that he did it intentionally.

Your laughter started, soft at first before getting louder and louder. Gaston was shocked, his face twisting into an expression of confusion. “What could possibly be so funny?” He moved his head back a bit so he could see you more clearly and something inside of him slammed against his heart like a giant wave.

“You’re a mess.” You tossed your head back in absolute pleasure. You’d never seen Gaston like this before. Physically dirty and unappealing to most because of the mud, but also a bit more human for having apologize for making a mistake, for having a flaw. Grasping your sides from laughing too hard, you heard Gaston’s laugh mix with yours. Unsurely at first, before he started literally cackling. It was something that you never actually heard prior, because he had many sorts of laughs.

The cocky laughs, the fake laughs, and the hateful or scornful laughs. Those were the ones he used more often than not so to hear his actual, human, genuine laugh made yours die down so you could admire it a bit more. There were wrinkles around his eyes, as they were shut, his mouth forming what you would describe as being one of the most beautiful smiles you’d ever seen. The sound itself was a bit different as well and instead of resonating in his chest like you thought, it was a lighter, more flowful sound. Grasping a leaf that had made it’s way into his hair, you tugged it out gently and tossed it to the side. “I’ve known you for years but I’ve never heard you laugh like that.” You stated and wiped some mud off his forehead. In the process though, you had only managed to smear it with the water on your fingers.

“You best bask in it then. Not many people have heard it.” He whispered a bit too quietly and looked away. Surely, it was a subject you could press and see why he implied that it was rare for him to laugh like that, but you were in no true position to do so. You were acquaintances. If more, then perhaps you could seep into his childhood, the days before you even knew Gaston.

Leaning towards him ever so slightly, you stared into his eyes as if you were reading what emotions were swirling in them. Remarkably, as many people have told you, his eyes weren’t a complete and solid brown. You supposed that you had never paid attention to the flickers of green that were washed around the darkness of his pupil. The sunlight seemed to elevate the appearance of his eyes, giving them a much softer glow than darker light would give. Resting your hands on his chest, you swallowed back any intentions of going any further than this mishap and tried to convince yourself that standing up would be your safest way out.

You tried, but your legs weren’t moving. A refusal would be the best way to put it. Your mind was refusing to move your body, to flee from the scene. Why?

Silence ensued between the two of you as he stared back at you. From the vague expression on his face, you thought that he was going to lean forward and plant a smooth kiss onto your lips. You were positive that was what he would do had any other girl fallen with him. Why else would he need the excuse to get so close to you? His movement seemed almost hesitant and as he rested back on one arm, he reached the other up and wiped some mud off your cheek with the wet sleeve of his tan coat. You didn’t want to tilt your head towards his graze, but that’s exactly what you did. Your action led to Gaston cupping the side of your face, his fingertips damp against your soft skin. You were almost positive he could feel your heart beating against his touch.

It would be so easy to kiss you right now, he thought to himself and let his eyes drop to your mouth before seeking your gaze once again. One swift motion towards you and he’d have his lips on yours, something that he had thought about since the first day he met you. That was years ago. To pine after someone for so long was typically not his style but here he found himself wanting nothing more than to embrace you and to let you have him. Gaston swallowed, the muscles in his neck contracting as he did. He wouldn’t say that he was nervous because he wasn’t. He just found himself… Unsure of what to do now. He could kiss you and change things between the two of you forever or he could stand up, help you up and go on with life the way things were.

He had chased you long enough.

Now was the time to take some action.

You laughed quietly, pulling away from his touch, “We should probably start laundry earlier-” The sentence came to an abrupt stop as Gaston craned his head forward and captured your lips. Your eyes were wide with surprise, though deep down, you knew he was going to kiss you. And, despite that deep down feeling, you did nothing to stop him. The second he started kissing you, you had stopped lying to yourself. You wanted to kiss him just as much. You wanted to hold him closer and never let go.

It wasn’t quite a kiss, as half of his mouth actually landed on the space next to your mouth. He didn’t move for what seemed like eternity, constantly reassuring himself that he had done the right thing. And when he did move, it was to readjust his mouth so he could kiss you fully. Lifting both hands, he cupped your face tenderly while the hands that were resting on his chest rose up to hold onto his shoulders. 

You wondered what it must look like, the two of you kissing in the middle of the village, in the middle of a puddle, both soaked to the bone and covered in mud. You didn’t care about that for very long though as your eyes fell shut. Gaston didn’t completely devour and allowed you dominate slightly. Kissing him back, you squeezed his shoulders and laughed slightly when the small amount of facial hair tickled your face. He laughed as well, pulling his mouth from yours. They remained puckered, almost asking for another kiss, his eyes still blissfully shut.

You didn’t allow him the pleasure, at least, not yet as you finished your sentence from before, “because we need to get the mud out of these clothes.”

Holy crap that ended up way longer than I had anticipated. Reblogs and likes are appreciated guys, thanks for reading!

Just Married

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Summary: Wedding Smut w. you and Luke on your Honeymoon to Bora Bora

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Boyfriend. BTS suga edition

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FIRST OFF, he may come across heartless and like he doesn’t care about you, but if you even just whispered ouch, he would run to you and probably call an ambulance cos he doesnt want anything or anyone to hurt his little girl

-You will have random outbursts of him rapping romantic things to you, you make it out that you’re annoyyed, but low key it turns you on

-In front of everyone he acts like this guy who doesn’t care about anyones feelings, even yours. But when he gets home, YOU ARE DONE. I REPEAT. YOU ARE ABSOLOUTLEY WRECKED AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WALK IN THE MORNING

- YOU two will always have rap battles, and they will end with suga giving you a sexy lap dance and repeating your favourite lines from his songs or just freestyling (cos he knows what gets your motor running)

- The first person he would introduce you to, would most likely to be J hope and he would convince j hope to become a fan of yours, just like Suga is your biggest fan

-LOts and LOTs of sweg

- You two would be the power couple no matter who the other guys are going out with

-You two will always be wearing your black and white clothes

-You’ll prank him by replacing all his dark coloured clothing with pink, yellow and bright green clothes. He would get his own back by putting shaving cream inside all your black boots and trainers

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-When he comes back from rehearsals, you will have a watergun ready and you forget that under his WHITE ASS SHIRT HE IS NOT WEARING A VEST. AND YOU SEE HIS BEAUTIFULLY SCULPTURED ABS AND CANNOT RESIST TO JUMP ON HIM AND TAKE HIM TO YOUR BEEEEED (sorry got a bit carried away)

- he will always be asking for kisses and on days that he takes you to rehearsals with him, he makes sexy faces at you but then breaks out of character and does stupid cute dances

- He loves dancing in front of you, but can’t concentrate cos you’re always teasing him so both of you make dance choreography together and make the rest jealous

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-you and him love making memes and funny photos of each other and he practically has your photo EVERYWHERE

- Your sexy time includes SHIT loads oF FOREPLAY LIKE HE LOVES TO PLAY AROUND AND CANNOT KEEP HIS HANDS OFF OF YOU!!! BE ready gurl, cos you WILL be working up a sweat


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-You two will have a lot of rolepay, and you will have suga dressing up loads and he will keep asking you what you want him as next. Sometimes he dresses up as a sexy maid when you come home. But then a rare Jungkook pops out of no where

-He loves his thighs=you love his thighs. Those thigHs ARE HEAVEN AND YOU WILL MAKE THEM YOUR THRONE BITCH. Overall, i think that min yoongi will warm up to you quickly and although there is a lot of foreplay and that might seeem like the best part, your sexy time will be FIIIIIIRRRREEEEEEEE. He will miss anything and everything for you, cos you are his one and only. You two are the cute fuluffy couple, who wears shit tons of black and white, love to prank each other and dancing on each others laps and are really hot in the bedroom Hope yall enjoyed this boyfriends edition.

~~ Love Admin M xx

Windows {PJM} (M)

Description: Your boyfriend Jimin is really stressed so you let him take it out on you. CEO!Jimin AU

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,511

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader (지패리를 위해서 ^^)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ (an EXO version w/ Sehun will be posted after!)

Originally posted by sugutie

As soon as your boyfriend Jimin told you how stressed out he was, you went straight to his office. He was practically running the business on his own while Namjoon was away. You couldn’t even attempt to put yourself in his situation, you’d never been in a situation like his.

When you walked into the building, you were confronted by Jungkook. The two of you greeted each other with smiles before you went to walk passed him. He grabbed your arm and you looked at him.

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Quickly : Jack Maynard Smut

(y/n is really close with conor but one night when he’s asleep she goes into the bathroom to find his horny brother)

You and Conor first met on a tinder date. At first you really fancied him, and over the last few months you have both taken it slow but have gotten really close. You have both discussed your commitment issues and Conor totally agrees. You would love to be a in a relationship with Conor, you really would, but you love the freedom of being single. You were a very sexual person and so you have many one night stands. The first time you and Conor had sex was after a night out together – it was such an amazing feeling to finally relieve all of the sexual tension that had been building up between the two of you. Lets just say you honestly struggled to walk the next day.

To be honest, yours and Conor’s relationship was a bit complicated. You were basically together, but sometimes you did get with other people. It did annoy you when Conor had sex with other girls because you did really like him – the jealousy would always bubble through your body yet you couldn’t do anything about it as you also slept with other people.

You both agreed not to kiss anyone in front of each other to rub it in your/his face. Conor always got jealous, too. One time when he caught you kissing a guy at Joe’s party it totally went off – the guy left with a nose bleed.

However, one thing that you really struggled with was Jack fucking Maynard. Conor’s little brother was the most irritating shit you had ever met. He always knew how to get under your skin and how to piss you off. You have no idea why he decided to be a dick to you the moment he met you, but he always has and you’re sure he always will.

It started off with little digs and rude comments that did actually offend you, but as you spent more time with Conor you realised what his brother was actually like. His comments did not offend you nowadays and you would normally tend to say something back – leading to an argument.

Conor normally laughed at your little arguments with Jack, but sometimes when they got too personal he’d have to stop them. Jack knew exactly how to wind you up and you hated it.

You were sat in your London apartment watching some TV when your phone buzzed. It was Conor.

‘What you doing tonight? Xx’

‘I have nothing planned, why? Xx’

‘Wanna come out? Me and the boys xx’

‘Sure xx’

‘Good, get ready and meet us at ours in an hour? Xx’

‘An hour? I cant get ready in an hour!! X’

‘Well hurry then babe ;) xx’

You sighed and put your phone on the side. Walking to your wardrobe, you thought about what you were going to wear tonight. You didn’t even know where you were going – most probably a club.

1 hour and 23 minutes later, you were in an uber on the way to Conor’s. You had chosen to wear a simple black dress. But you were starting to doubt it as it was really tight and showed your chest off a lot. You had to keep pulling it up at the top.

You thanked your driver and stepped out of the car, buzzing the apartment you needed and making your way up. It was quite hard to walk in the shoes you were wearing as they were so high. When you walked in, all the boys were there.

“Hey Y/N!” Joe greeted you as he was the first one to see you.

“Hi!” You replied just as Conor spotted you. The music was up quite loud so it was no surprise that the others didn’t hear you come in.

“About time.” Conor laughed when he reached you, pressing a quick kiss to your lips and wrapping his arms around your waist. His hair was in it’s usual style and Conor was wearing a white t shirt under a black leather jacket along with some black ripped skinny jeans.

“I’m only like 20 minutes too late!” You defended yourself, snaking your arms up around Conor’s neck.

“Mmh whatever.” He hummed and kissed you again. He lightly pushed you up against the front door as the kiss got more intense and that’s when you had to pull away, shooting him a warning look to say not in front of his friends.

“Can we go now? Oh hi Y/N!” Caspar said, sending a small wave to you.

“Hi Casp.” You smiled.

“Right, lets go then.” Conor said quickly before grabbing your hand and opening the door.

“What is up with you?” You asked Conor as you were walking back down the steps of his apartment block.

“Nothing. You just look really good tonight.” He grinned, tightening his grip on your hand.


When you all finally got to the club, Jack insisted that everyone does shots. You all sat in the corner around a large table, of course you were next to Conor. Jack arrived to the table with a tray full of shots as everyone cheered and took one.

Throwing your head back, you downed the shot quickly. The alcohol burned your throat and you pulled a disgusted face. Everyone sat at the table for a while, enjoying their drinks.

“I wanna look for some girls.” Jack told everyone as he slammed his empty cup down on the table.

“Of course you do.” You snorted, not thinking he would hear. But when you saw his eyes connect with yours as he pulled an evil look, you knew he had heard you.

“Excuse me?” Jack asked.

“Nothing.” You smiled sarcastically at him. You felt Conor’s hand go to your thigh.

“Didn’t think so, slag.” Jack replied.

“What the fuck did you call me?” You felt yourself getting more and more angry at him as he sat there with a smug look plastered across his face.

“Oh, you didn’t hear me? I called you a slag.”

“Says you?! Jack you have slept with way more people than I have so I don’t really think you’re in a position to call me a slag.” You argued back, taking a sip of your wine.

“All I’m saying is I know a slag when I see one.” He put his hands up, trying to look innocent.

“And all I’m saying is you’re a dick head. Go find a girl then, like you wanted.” You said to him, wanting nothing more than for him to go away.

“I’d rather stay here and piss you off.” He grinned. For a second, you almost smiled back. You hated yourself for it – but you secretly found Jack very attractive, and when he grins at you like this it makes your heart melt a little.

“Right, well you two can stay here and argue but I’m going to have a good time.” Conor announced as he finished his drink.

You hadn’t even noticed, but everyone else had gone to dance. Conor got up, pressed a kiss to your cheek and went to join the others on the dance floor. For some reason, Jack scooted closer to you on the seat.

“Notice how he didn’t even defend you? Because he knows you’re a slag.” Ouch. Jack’s words hurt you a lot, but you wouldn’t let him know that.

“Shut up.” You mumbled, feeling yourself becoming weaker in this argument.

“You know I’m right. It’s why he doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend,” Jack came even closer. “He just wants you to stick around so he can have sex on tap.”

“Fuck off, Jack, seriously.” You sighed.

“I’m his brother, so I would know.” He added, placing a hand on your thigh which suddenly made your breathing increase.

“You’re just trying to wind me up. Stop.” You replied, pushing his hand off and turning to try and locate Conor. Your heart dropped when you spotted him, dancing very intimately with a brunette. You quickly looked away, knowing that they’ll be kissing any time soon and you didn’t want to put yourself through that.

“See? He doesn’t fucking want you.” Jack growled, his lips so close to your ear. You felt so fucking hurt, the alcohol and Jack’s words were really getting to you and you hated it.

Suddenly, you felt Jack’s lips against your neck. This is the last thing that you had expected to happen. As he kissed and nipped at your skin with his soft lips, your eyes fluttered closed and you felt yourself biting down onto your bottom lip. This was Conor’s younger brother doing this – and you suddenly felt super guilty when you felt your underwear getting damp.

“Jack,” You breathed. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Jack pulled away from you and you almost whined at the loss of contact. He stared at you for a few seconds with no expression, just blinking. You didn’t know what the hell he was thinking but you weren’t sure if you wanted to know.

“I just came over to say that if I were you two, I wouldn’t be doing that. Conor is just over there.” You looked up to see Joe, drink in his hand and a concerned look on his face.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, mate.” Jack replied as he stood to his feet.

“Just saying.” Joe replied, holding his hands up as though he was defending himself.


The night was coming to an end and you all made your way out the uber. After your little incident with Jack, you decided to spend the night with Josh and Joe, downing lots more shots and dancing like idiots. They both made you laugh a lot, helping the fact that Conor was in the corner busy with another girl. Thankfully, Conor climbed into the uber by himself.

“Hey babe.” He slurred, pressing a sloppy kiss to your cheek.

You almost wanted to push him away. But you remembered the rules, Conor wasn’t doing anything wrong and you weren’t in a relationship. Jack’s words came back to you, stinging a little. As the uber had to fit all of you in, it was kind of like a mini bus and so you had to sit opposite someone. Unlucky for you, you were sat opposite Jack.

“Had a good night?” Conor asked you, rubbing your thigh.

“Yeah it was alright. You?” You replied, sending him a small smile.

“Really?” Jack snorted, interrupting your conversation with Conor. “Of course he did, did you see him with that girl? Mate, she was a solid nine out of ten!”

As Conor laughed at his brothers words, you felt yourself doubting your relationship with Conor more and more – but that was the thing, you Conor weren’t in a relationship. Maybe it was just Jack messing with you tonight or it was your true feelings coming out because you were drunk. You’ll just have to see how you feel about the situation in the morning.

“Stay over?” Conor asked you as the uber was nearing his, Jack and Josh’s apartment block. “Please?”

“OK.” You agreed.

Even though your head was a mess right now, the chance to have sex with Conor was something you’d never turn down. That boy was amazing in bed, you could not get enough. He laced your fingers together and smiled at you when you agreed.

It was a nice feeling to finally get home (to Conor’s) after the club. You had no idea what the time was and you were still feeling a bit drunk. When you all got inside, you immediately went to Conor’s room and got out of your clothes, throwing on a t shirt of his and leaving your legs bare – his t shirt came down to your mid thighs anyway.

You went and joined the three boys in the living room where they were eating a cold pizza from dinner. Josh and Jack were sat on the sofa and Conor was laying down on the rug, next to the coffee table as he was munching on a slice of pizza.

“Is Conor alright?” You laughed, noticing how drunk he actually was.

“Think he’s had a few too many shots tonight.” Josh replied as you took a slice of pizza.

You looked over at Jack – instantly regretting it. Even though he had his phone up in front of him, as though he was on it, his eyes were on you. He looked up and down your body before his tongue poked out, swiping across his bottom lip.

Not only did this make your cheeks go bright red, but it also sent wondrous feelings straight to your core. You tried to ignore Jack as you all finished up the pizza, just scrolling through your phone and watching the TV.

The time was 2:34 when Conor picked himself up off the floor and announced he was going to bed. You almost sighed at the fact that Conor was clearly too drunk to have sex tonight. You probably should have just gone home instead of agreeing to stay round.

“I’m also going to head. Night you guys.” Josh spoke up and you Jack both replied saying good night to him.

About ten minutes had passed and you had had enough of the tension within the room. You wanted to ask Jack why he kissed your neck earlier, but you had a strong feeling he was just trying to mess with you. With a sigh, you got up and headed off to the bathroom to brush your teeth, leaving Jack alone.

You shut the door of the bathroom, not bothering to lock it as you never did. You decided to quickly style your hair into a single French plait before bed, helping yourself for tomorrow. You wiped all your make up off of your face and quickly cleansed it, using a face scrub that was there.

When you started to brush your teeth, the door flew open, revealing Jack in nothing but his boxers.

“What are you doing? I’m using the bathroom.” You told him, having to take the tooth brush out of your mouth.

“Well, you’re taking too long and I need to brush my teeth too.” He replied.

“You’re so annoying.” You rolled your eyes at him, carrying on brushing your teeth.

However, when Jack leaned over to grab his toothbrush, you felt something hard poke into your ass. Your eyes widened when you came to realisation that Jack had a hard on.

“Jack!” You squealed.

“What? It’s not my fault.” He shrugged.

“Well, it is your fault.” You replied.

“No it’s not.”

He leaned into your again, his hard member poking into your ass once again. It was kind of turning you on a little bit – OK, a lot.

“Stop pressing it into me, seriously.” You warned him.

“You’re the one taking up all the room, I can’t get to the sink.” He pointed out, gesturing to the fact that you were in front of him.

“I was here first!” You defended yourself.  You felt Jack’s hand go to the bottom of the shirt you were wearing, pulling it up a little so that your ass was now on show. “What the fuck?”

“I didn’t mean to do that.” He lied, grinning a little bit as he leaned into you more.

He knew exactly what he was doing. He was teasing you – and it was working.

“Jack, what are you doing?” You turned round so that you were fully facing him now, he looked good. His hair was now messy, his bare chest and stomach was exposed which was possibly the hottest thing you had ever seen and his length was so visible as it was straining against his boxers.

“Nothing, why?” He replied, ignoring the fact that his hard cock was against your ass.

“Can you please get rid of that, or do something!” You groaned.

“How am I supposed to get rid of it? It’s not like I can do anything with you in the room.” He defended.

“At least stop pressing it into me.”

When you turned around, trying to carry on with your teeth, you felt Jack’s hands on your hips.

“Unless you wanna help me out a bit.” He mumbled into your ear.

“Are you serious? You’re Conor’s little brother and he’s literally in the room over there. Don’t be ridiculous.” You replied quickly, even though a huge part of you wanted to say yes – you were aching for him at this point, literally soaked.

“Shame. Would have loved to take you right here against the kitchen sink. So fucking hard for you right now, Y/N…” Jack groaned out, pressing his hard on into you once again.

This was when you almost lost it. His words went straight to your core, and you pressed back into him, hoping to get some friction between your legs. Fucking the little brother of the guy you were seeing was such a hot concept to you, and you were so fucking horny right now.

“Fine!” You gave in, dropping your toothbrush in the sink.

“Fine?” Jack repeated, sending you a questioning look in the mirror.

“You can fuck me quickly.” You clarified, grabbing the sides of your underwear and pulling them down your legs before pulling your – Conor’s – t shirt up.

You put one leg up onto the counter, allowing Jack to have a better access to your soaked pussy. You felt his fingers go your exposed slit, collecting your wetness.

“Fucking hell, see how wet you are for me. You’ve always wanted me to fuck me, haven’t you? You’re so dirty.”

You ignored his words as he pulled his length out of his boxers, pumping himself a little before pushing himself into you. His actions made you hiss at the feeling, trying to get used to his size. Both of his hands went to your bare ass, one of them slapping down onto the exposed skin.

As Jack slammed in and out of you, you couldn’t help but watch the scene unfold in the mirror in front of you. Jack’s eyes were screwed shut and he was biting down onto his bottom lip. What a sight.

The fact that you were in the bathroom, being fucked by his little brother than actually laying in bed with Conor right now made you feel a bit guilty. But the pleasure was too good for you to care right now.

Going on birth control was one of the best things that you had decided to do as the feeling of Jack’s bare cock against your skin was amazing. He started to hit your g-spot with every thrust and you had to refrain from moaning out. His grip on your ass was getting tighter and tighter but it felt good.

You gripped onto the sides of the sink as Jack roughly thrusted in and out of your soaked pussy. You copied Jack, biting down onto your lip to try and stop yourself from moaning. When the pleasure got too intense, you felt yourself draw blood from your own lip.

“Y/N, babyyyyy…” Jack moaned, keeping a good rhythm with his hips as he fucked you from behind.

“Oh my god.” You breathed out, trying your absolute hardest to stay quiet.

You felt one of Jack’s hands creep up your t shirt and take one of your breasts in his hand, squeezing before roughly massaging. This only added to the pleasure and you loved the feeling of Jack touching your body. He knew exactly how to handle a woman and it only excited you more. For a second you found yourself wishing that it was Jack you went on that first tinder date with a not Conor.

You didn’t think the sex could feel any better until Jack’s hand left your chest and went to your clit, rubbing his fingers over the skin at an impressive pace. This was when you really struggled to stay quiet.

“Fuck, Jack, oh…” You moaned quietly, even though you really wanted to scream out his name so everyone could hear.

“Conor could never fuck you as good as this, could he?” Jack asked. When you didn’t reply, his hand slapped your ass again before repeating himself, “Could he?”

“N-no.” You stuttered out, your whole body moving with Jack’s as he picked up the pace.

“Baby I’m-.”

Jack calling you baby honestly made your heart melt. You knew exactly what he was going to say as you felt his thrusts getting sloppy before you felt a warm liquid running down the back of your leg. He continued to move in and out of you a few more times, patiently waiting for you to finish.

As Jack continued to work faster on your clit, you felt yourself high your high as your orgasm washed over you. Keeping your mouth shut, you let out a small cry as it was the most intense orgasm a man has ever given you.

“Oh my god, Jack.” You breathed out when he pulled out of you.

You turned around so you were now facing him again. His eyes looked tired and his cheeks were flushed red.

“Thank you.” He said to you as he tried to catch his breath.

You smiled before stepping towards him and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. Jack’s eyes fluttered closed and savoured this moment with you. You felt your stomach do flips as Jack wrapped his arms around your waist, deepening the kiss. And that’s when you knew which Maynard you really wanted to be with.

Louis selfie just showed up on my dash again and I was taking a closer look at it. I realized Louis is showing off a white shirt under his white jumper with his 28 tattoo. He’s standing in front of an oven so he’s obviously in the kitchen. And the lighting is much more prominent on half of his face. So.

Same red lips ✔️
Same eyes blue ✔️
Same white shirt ✔️
Couple more tattoos ✔️

Could the lighting be “The fridge light washes this room white, Moon dances over your good side”???

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for the paladins reactions when their S/o gets hit with some kind of magic and they suddenly become 6?

this is long but you guys deserve it because I’ve been very inactive and busy, but I actually really liked writing this so thank you for the request!!

•ok so it was basically a surprise attack???
•like you all landed on a new planet (Osnora) to go speak with civilians and ask if the Galra had arrived
•the species that resided there were known as Zoagantu! a strangely tall species with large glowing eyes. Which, predominantly, look human like. The only skin color that was strange was the dark blue of the leader.
•and you, Shiro and Hunk were to check out the North part of the village
•you all scared the absolute crap out of their leader, Mayama
•who was some abnormally tall man who in fear, landed to his knees and slammed his hands into the ground, blue wispy magic exploded into a huge wave and just crashed into all of you
•turns out, the leader wasn’t even scared at all. apparently a long time ago his village was given a fortune, that if a visitor were hit with magic, they’d turn into a child, thus being the rightful ruler of that village in the future
•the man stood, pumped his fists and cheered
•shiro “UHM???? NO ? NOT GOOD?”
•you stared at your hands in literal disgust because,,,why?
•you all went back to the castle, along with the leader who spoke with Allura and Coran while staring you down from afar, “wth”
•you were literally grumpy the entire time, but you kind of liked the affection you were getting
•even keith audibly ‘aw’d at you
•GIGGLING from both you and Shiro
•Shiro literally had you on a leash because despite having the same brain/thoughts, you had the equivalent impulse control as a 6 year old
•the leader eventually explained that it should wear off soon, and also, the only way you could’ve turned into a child is if you were of the Zoagantu descent. (Oooo)
•you weren’t fully though, only half, but Humans have more Dominant genes than those on Osnora
•you literally only ate goo the whole time and Hunk hand fed you, you even had to shout at him that you were 6, not 2
•"is this why you said that dumb thread the needle joke" “pidge, shhhhshshh”
•eventually you turned back and about a week later, shiro left that Garrison phone of pidges on the table and you looked at it
•the photos man,,,,the ffffffphotos
•fun fact: he was barely around you when you had become 6,, because every time he saw you it made him think about having a kid with you some day and he’ll get blushy and nervous
•you eventually bring it up, like ‘hey why were you ignoring me at the time’ and he blurts it out
•you cry tears of joy tho

•you and Lance were inside of a Galra Ship
•he went ahead to see if the area was clear
•someone, unknown, had grabbed you by the back of the neck and you knocked out immediately
•he came back and there you were
•a ffffujckn 6 year old child
•he had to wrap you up in the fabric of your suit (similar to alluras)
•he ran back straight away, shouting at them that something happened but not really saying what it was
•every body was panicking
•allura “Keith, go wait at the entrance and back then up just incase”
•gets down there and wow, lance, holding a CHILD in his arms
•keith just ??????????? hahuh?
•turns out it would take a really long time
•but you still needed to do missions, you NEEDED to or you’d throw tantrums
•you got to climb through small spaces to get info or let the team in a locked room
•you did so once, didn’t realize a soldier was there
•the last thing they saw? You in the form of 6 year old child scream before you knocked them out
•Lance would literally come in right after and treat you like you were his child, like omg r u alright?
•pidge would high5 you just saying….
•eventually they landed on a planet filled with people who actually KNOW altean magic
•while allura is admiring one when fixing you, you eventually turn back to your normal age…..eventually…in time
•everyday you aged a year, so you had to wait awhile until you were back to normal and let’s just say it was basically like Coran going back in time in age
•Lance was so glad to have you back but would force you to take pictures every day until you were back to normal
•every other day since you grew, they’d have to get new clothing.
•you and lance would go to a space mall or two and get clothing
•you actually skipped getting clothes half the time and would go do some dumb things, arcades, Space Comics

•Allura decided it would be a good idea to test something out of hers
•did not explain what it did, as it was a surprise
•you volunteered to help as well, knowing very well that it would be used on you
•it was actually supposed to make you younger
•coran shut the lights, and everyone stood still
•a big FLASH of pink light came up, and it showed Allura pointing a cube toward you
•Hunk GASPED and yelled like literally wth just happened
•lights, camera, toddler
•there you were, little tiny you just chilling on the floor
•you weren’t necessarily six years old, although the haircut you had and the outfit you were was one you wore at the age of 6
•you were only 3
•you had on blue overalls, and a yellow+white striped shirt under it
•Shiro started crying
•Hunk ran to you and picked you up and was honestly speechless
•asked Allura if they could keep you like that for a while, but sadly it could only be 2 hours
•within the two hours everyone was playing with you
•you liked Keith way more than anyone else and
hunk was so upset I’m chrhdnn
•by the time you were changed back (it’s automatic), Lance had found a way to print the photos they took of you. Hunk and Allura were making clothes, Keith had you on his shoulders, Pidge was inventing toys for you. Coran was making “#1 Uncle” coffee mugs
•Shiro was just beyond happy
•Lance still put up the photos, Coran still gave you the mugs, Pidge saved the toys for another day
•Keith almost died, was not expecting you to turn back and his knees gave out and yeah
•Shiro actually lol’d
•Hunk and Allura groaned and threw everything, all that hard work, what were they even thinking
•he was glad to have you back tho and hugged you, asked why you liked Keith better and you giggled
•he eventually asked Lance if he had any copies of those photos, took them as his own and hid them in his pockets

•basically Keith has no impulse control whatsoever
•kinda dumb, but he ran into an army, scoped out the area and such, and saw Haggar who ALSO saw him, and immediately said no.
•didn’t realize Haggar was trying to hit him when he was running out but you did
•you basically get smacked all the way into Keith, who immediately grabs you and drags you away and to safety
•you don’t turn right away, but you fall into a 2 day coma
•the night before you woke up, Keith had gone to check on you (twas late) and basically fainted because
•"uh? why is there a child"
•at first he wasn’t really sure what was going on so he slowly went closer and realized, based off old photos he saw in your house once, that this was you
•immediately ran off and got allura + coran
•Keith, Pidge, and Coran would stay inside until you awoke while the other searched far and wide for anything to cure you
•when you woke up you fell right onto Pidge who SCREAMED and almost threw you
•you screamed as well, and Keith “Motherly Instincts” Kogane, picked you up and held you on his hip the whole time until the others came back
•eventually they explained that they’d need to kidnap someone
•Pidge had no problem because it could help you and they could ask the Galran if they know anything about her bro/dad
•keith was ecstatic because I doubt you’d want to stay 6 years old
•was the one to threaten the Galran enough to scare the absolute crap out of them
•luckily, although the Galran didn’t know much magic, they knew of someone who did. they searched and eventually found them
•basically an old commander of druids who turned against the galra. Half Altean and once worked beside Haggar
•they turned you back and Keith actually CRIED
•teases you whenever he can tho bcos you are probably the most adorable child ever

•Pidge was inventing something….to say the least
•you weren’t the only one affected though
•basically Pidge said they’d be right back, and to both you AND hunk, to NOT TOUCH ANYTHING
•you did
•it did not end well
•hunk reached over and while the two of you chuckled, he poked it and you guys knocked out
•Shiro had, walked in right as it happened, was affected as well
•a large burst of magic sent you all flying
•Hunk was a 1 year old, you were 6, and Shiro was 16 years old
•Shiro immediately woke up and grabbed the both of you, running off
•the age change you all went through had changed your appearances. Hunk had short curly black hair, your hair was…whatever haircut you had at the time
•you had fjjfkfkdk CHALK DYE in your hair
•Shiro had like, 4 piercings on each ear
•Lance was terrified
•Shiro burst into the kitchen where everyone was catching up and didn’t even have to say anything
•just stood there with you on his hip and Hunk held against chest like “what happened”
•pidge came in “WHA THE FJUCKDK”
•turns out, whatever that new ore Pidge had found was NOT meant to be doused with Quintessence
•laughed at Hunk and Shiro but cried when they saw you
•held you the whole time and actually sobbed because,,, oh my gosh bb.,,,why
•you were the last one to turn back, and Pidge was glad because now they could slap Hunk
•once you turned back Pidge hugged your knees the entire time
•"forgive me please I’ll literally do anything I’ll eat fire please I love you"
•you remembered everything, unlike Hunk who had shart himself a couple times
•made fun of Shiro strange 16 year old phase and laughed so hard your stomach hurt, Pidge joined in
•promised to you they would never use anything new+unknown unless they know EVERYTHING about it /it’s history
•that promise was broken when it happened again
•that time you turned 29

Sugar Sweet | 2 | (M)

word count: 5.3k

genre: smut + a little fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

a/n: there’s very very verrrry slight dubcon, but in the end it’s consenting by both parties. just in case that isn’t your cup of tea, but i promise it’s as minimal as possible. trust me.

part 1 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7


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mirrored idiot ❖ baekhyun

anon requested: Hiiiii can I request a fluffy smutty angsty baekhyun CEO fanfic hehehe tq 

(gif not mine. cr to the owner)

2201 words | smut, dry humping, angst | velvet

✎ Baekhyun thinks that having sex after a fight is the only way to make up, but you know better.

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A day on set

KJ Apa x reader

Summary; You’re a fan touring the set of Riverdale and meet KJ in an unexpected, sticky way, leading to unexpected, sticky things

Warnings; smut, a little cursing

A/N; Enjoyyyyy!

You were afraid that your neck might snap as you kept turning your head wildly around, seeing glimpses of different cast members and the familiar set of your favorite show.

You were beyond excited to be actually seeing and experiencing the ‘town’ of Riverdale. You had entered a contest to win a day of touring the set with Madelaine Petsch and when you got an email saying that you won, you couldn’t believe it. So here you were on a sunny saturday morning, walking around the set with a person from the crew, guiding you to Madelaine’s trailer.

You almost squeaked when the door opened the reveal the beautiful redheaded girl with a big smile on her face.

“Hi! You must be Y/N?”, she said as she descended the few stairs.

“Yeah, I’m so happy to meet you!”, you beamed, extending your arm to shake hands with her.

“And I’m so happy to meet you and I’m so excited for today!”, she said as she ignored your hand and went for a hug. You didn’t expect it but instantly hugged her back.

“So I thought we’d start the day with the tour of the set and then see what we come up with, that sound good to you?”, she asked.

“Hell yes!”, you laughed.

You walked around set for a few hours and talked about everything and it felt like you were actually friends, and now you had arrived at the famous Pop’s diner.

“That’s all of it and this is the last place. Would you like to get a milkshake inside?”, Madelaine asked with a smile.

“They really do milkshakes there?”, you questioned as you looked at the diner in awe.

“Not really, we have them ready in there so we could go get ones now”, she explained.

“I’d love to!”, you beamed and started to walk in.

You got your milkshake and looked around the ‘fake’ diner and couldn’t believe you were actually standing in it. Madelaine suggested that you could go sit down.

“Actually, would it be okay if I went out for a second to get a picture?”, you asked, sipping your milkshake.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll wait here so come back when you’re ready but I might photobomb your photo”, she laughed and went to sit by the window.

You laughed as well and went for the door.

Standing outside the diner, you tried to balance the large glass of milkshake pressed against your chest by holding it between your boobs and arm as you tried to use both hands to take the photo. You placed your phone sideways to get the whole building in the picture. It was a perfect angle but the high neon sign didn’t fit in it so you started to back up to get the most important part into the pic. As you had taken a few steps back and it was almost time to press the capture button, you took one more step and bumped into someone, making you almost drop your phone and the glass full of the sweet, sticky liquid slipped from you hold and made it splash all over your chest, making its way inside your top, dripping between your boobs and down to your stomach. You let out a small scream at the coldness of the milkshake and then turned to yell at the person who had caused this disaster.

“That’s fucking awesome, look what you made me do, you asshol…”, you growled, your anger getting the best of you but completely froze when you saw who the person was. Of course this was just your luck. It’s was KJ fucking Apa and you had just called him an asshole, well almost but still. The boy with the ginger hair was staring at you with wide eyes but a hint of a smile on his lips.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you!”, he apologized and turned around to grab some tissues from a near by table.

“I, uh, I didn’t mean to, um”, you stuttered but froze again when you felt his hands over your boobs, dabbing away most of the melting drink.

“At least buy me dinner first”, you joked and now it was his time to freeze as he hadn’t probably realized that he was almost groping your boobs.

“Shit, sorry”, he awkwardly said and handed you the paper to wipe it yourself.

“I should be the one apologizing, I kinda called you an asshole”, you laughed.

“That’s true but it’s okay, uh, are you new? I don’t think I’ve seen you around?”, he asked you, switching subjects in a second and you blushed a little about his interest towards you.

“Actually, I won the contest to tour the set with Madelaine and she’s in the diner waiting for me”, you explained as you tried to dab away the milkshake but it had already turned into a thick, sticky layer over your skin.

“Ah okay, so you’re a fan?”, he asked with a small smirk.

“Guilty”, you chuckled, trying to hide your blush.

“Well, I probably didn’t give you the best first impression so would you be okay with me joining you?”, KJ asked with a smile.

“I guess that’s okay”, you playfully told him, trying to keep your cool and not show the excitement that’s was bubbling inside you.

As you walked back into Pop’s with KJ, Madelaine audibly gasped as she saw your mess of a shirt.

“Oh my god, Y/N what happened?”, she asked as she stood up.

“Well, KJ here, decided to make me a little wet”, you laughed as you looked down at your ruined shirt but your head snapped back up as soon as you realized what you just said and you saw Madelaine burst into laughter. You didn’t wanna see KJ’s face but heard him trying to suppress his laugh and you felt your cheeks getting hot.

“Well what can I say, I do that to girls”, he said and started to laugh as he couldn’t hold it in anymore and you did the same. As he laughed, he scratched his stomach under his white shirt and you saw a glimpse of his abs and you almost drooled. Now your cheeks were burning.

You all laughed for a moment when you heard the door open behind you and then saw a member of the crew.

“Madelaine, you’re needed on set”, he said.

“But I thought I didn’t have a scene before 8pm and I’m supposed to be her guide”, she told the guy.

“I got it Mads, I don’t have anything for a few hours so I’ll stay with her and I think I own it to her too”, KJ smiled.

“Is it okay with you Y/N?”, Madelaine asked.

“Yes, of course, you gotta work and I’m not gonna get in the way of that”, you answered her with a smile.

“Okay, great, I hope you’re still here when I’m ready but if not, it was a pleasure to meet you”, she hugged you, not caring about your sticky shirt.

As she left with a wave, you sat down with KJ after he got you a new milkshake.

“I never got your name?”, he asked.

“Y/N”, you told him.

“Nice to meet you Y/N. Do you happen to like dogs?”, he questioned and you furrowed your brows as you felt a little confused about his question.

“Uhh, yeah, why?”, you asked.

“I just thought I’d ask because I see your into this collar wearing thing too”, he said, referring to the black choker around your neck.

“It’s not a collar, it’s a black belt at giving blowjobs”, you simply said as you sipped your milkshake but almost choked when you realized what you had just let out of your mouth. Today was going well for you…

You looked at KJ face with a little horror, waiting for him to look at you like you were crazy but he just smirked. And that’s when you felt a shiver. This boy was more gorgeous than you had thought and it was now that you actually realized the fact that you were sitting with KJ Apa at the Riverdale set, and on top of that, he had touched your boobs. Another shiver went through you as dirty thoughts about the ginger boy started to flow through your mind.

“I didn’t mean to say that”, you finally got some words out after clearing your mind.

“That’s alright. If you’re finished with the milkshake and don’t want me spill it on you again, we could go into my trailer so you could take a shower and I’ll give you a clean shirt”, he said.

“I think I’ve had enough sticky substances on me today so let’s go”, you said and wanted to facepalm so hard as you clearly weren’t controlling your mouth today. KJ only laughed at this as you started to follow him.

The walk to his trailer wasn’t long and you mostly kept behind him as you felt a little embarrassed about your words. He opened the door and went in and you came behind him and closed the door. You looked around the trailer and saw that on the right was a living room area and on the left, a bedroom with a door, probably leading to the bathroom.

“So the shower’s there and you can undress in my bedroom and I’ll get you that shirt”, KJ smiled as he pointed towards his bedroom.

“Okay, thanks”, you said and went to the room and closed the door. You had to take a moment before taking your clothes off and you hoped that KJ didn’t think that you were an idiot due to all the things you had said today. After a while, you took off your shirt and were about to remove your bra when the door opened and KJ stood there with a towel in his hands.

“Oh fuck, sorry, I should’ve knocked, uh, here’s a towel”, he said but didn’t look away from your half naked body.

“At this rate, you’re gonna own me a dinner and a movie”, you laughed, trying to hide your blush from him.

“It’s a date”, KJ said quickly as he threw you the towel and left the room after closing the door.

You weren’t sure if he knew what he had just said but you tried to ignore it as you took off the rest of your clothes and went in the shower. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for you to finish and you dryed yourself, wrapped the towel around you and stepped back into the bedroom. Looking around for the shirt that KJ had promised, you didn’t see anywhere.

“Uh, KJ? Where’d you put the shirt?”, you yelled.

“Can I come in?”, he asked from behind the door.

“Yeah”, you simply said and made sure the towel was wrapped tightly around you body.

“Here, I forgot to bring it, I got caught up with reading the script”, he said and handed you a black t-shirt.

“No problem, thanks”, you said and waited for him to leave, but he didn’t.

“Can I ask you something?”, he said after a moment and you nodded.

“Did you mean what you said about your necklace thing?”, he asked and shifted uncomfortably, which made you smirk as you knew what was going on. You weren’t one to sleep around but knowing that you had made your favorite actor horny, you couldn’t resist to tease him a little.

“I did. Do you want me to prove it to you?”, you asked with a seductive voice and a smirk on your face.

You waited for his answer with anticipation but it never came. Instead, you felt him grab your hips and place his lips against yours. You didn’t know if you had zoned out for a second or if he was inhumanly fast but you had completely missed the moment when he had approached you from the door and was now running his hands all over you as you kissed him back.

You felt the hunger in his kisses and his right hand slipped under your towel to brush his fingers over your wet slit. You bucked you hips against him as his fingers weren’t enough to give you the satisfaction you needed. He noticed your urgency and in a second, he had ripped your towel off and pushed you down onto his bed.

“Your body is amazing, Y/N”, he told you as he lowered himself between your legs. You didn’t say anything as you were still trying believe that this was actually happening.

You lifted your legs on his shoulders as he placed his head right over your pussy and you could feel his breathing. He licked a long stripe from your entrance to your clit before parting your lips with two fingers. You moaned from the touch and it was a signal for him to continue as he started to flick and suck your clit. You gripped onto his hair and it made him look you into your eyes and seeing KJ Apa between your legs was something you never thought would happen. You were used to not cumming in sex but the eye contact was enough for you to get the release you wanted as you moaned loudly.

After your amazing orgasm, you tried to gather yourself as you knew the situation wasn’t over and KJ’s belt jiggling confirmed it. You saw him take his pants off and pulling his white shirt off. Your mouth dropped a little when you saw his ripped abs fully. He noticed your reaction and smirked, removing his underwear while looking you into your eyes, or he was, you couldn’t as you stared at his length with wide eyes.

“You ready for this?”, he questioned with a smirk as he stroked himself a few times and then climbed on the bed next to you.

“Do you even need to ask that?”, you smirked back and rolled on top of him to kiss him.

“I need you”, he whispered between kisses and you didn’t waste any time placing his cock against your entrance but didn’t put it in. You wanted to tease him.

“Beg for it”, you said and silently wondered where your dominant side was coming from as you usually liked to be the submissive.

“I don’t beg, baby girl”, he said in a low voice.

“Then you’re not gonna feel my tight pussy squeezing your big cock”, you teased and saw his eyes go wide.

“Fuck it. Please, sit on my cock, I want you to ride me, baby, please, don’t tease”, he pleaded and it made you smirk in satisfaction and you lowered yourself on him.

“Fuck”, you both moaned at the same time.

You placed your hands against his chest for support and started to move up and down. You watched KJ close his eyes in pleasure as he started to pant and gripped your hips. You started at a slow pace but speeded it up as you needed more. You kept doing the movement for a good five minutes or so before KJ pushed you off of him and stood up. You didn’t hesitate to get on all fours in front of him at the beds edge and wiggled your ass at his crotch. He only smirked at your eagerness and slammed right into you. You lowered your chest on the bed and kept your ass up, resulting him to give you a slap on it. He started to fuck you with incredible speed and you knew when his pounding started to get a little sloppy after a while, that he was close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum!”, he yelled, confirming your thoughts. You didn’t think that he would suddenly pull out but when he did, he forced you onto your knees to the floor and shoved his cock into your mouth.

“Make me cum with your mouth”, he demanded and you obeyed and started to work. You took him into your mouth as deep as you could and the part that couldn’t fit, you gripped with your hand. You needed to prove him that your words were true about being a 'black belt’ at blowjobs. You deepthroated him until your eyes were teary and then he took a fistful of your hair and released himself inside your throat, making you instantly swallow it but when he pulled out, he was still cumming a little and it dropped down onto your chest.

“Guess you didn’t have enough sticky substances on you today”, KJ smirked at you. You only laughed at this and climbed back on the bed to lay down. He did the same and cuddled you.

“I gotta ask, did you mean what you said about the date?”, you blurted out as it had been bothering you and you needed to know.

“I did, I just didn’t mean to ask it like that”, he said, sounding a little embarrassed.

“Doesn’t matter, my answer is yes anyway”, you smiled and shared a kiss with him.

Pay Up (Pt 1)

Summary: Your parents only wanted what was best for you, so when they set you up with billionaire playboy Park Jimin, they thought you were set for life. Little did they know how he got his fortune, and how he keeps it..

Jimin x Reader, some fluff, smut, action, gang-stuff, illegal business-y stuff, the whole nine yards

for part one, expect smut, and fluff


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I'd love to make a request if they're open. So Lay (exo) was wearing a nice red suit earlier this week and I had the idea of what If the reader sent him a red panty pic while he was at a movie premier telling him to hurry up and get home~ a sexy, body worship, smut please ^_^


Sighing softly, you picked up your phone clicking the middle button so that your lock screen would light up. Smiling at the image of your boyfriend Yixing on the cover you felt your insides churn. He was everything you could have wanted and possibly more at this point. The unicorn that was a big dimpled cutie or so sexy that your knees were weak either way. Pressing the palm of your hand against your heated cheeks you tried to calm yourself down fanning yourself as you felt your nipples getting hard under your red lace baby doll dress. Yixing was at a movie premiere tonight, and you were a bit upset that you couldn’t go with him. It wasn’t anything against you he was just trying to keep you safe because of his crazy fans so you had to opt out and stay at home. And you felt a little bad on your part because you feared his fans and you couldn’t be there to support him but you were trying to protect him. So, once you found out that he was wearing red you went to a lingerie shop that you loved buying a red lace get up for him. And now your mind was dancing with thoughts of how to tease him. Opening your phone, you took a multitude of photos posing in different ways and playing with the self-timer. You even pushed the red thong between your pussy lips taking a photo of them as well and spreading your pussy lips wide you snapped a picture of your most insides feeling unashamed about it. Once you were done with it all you sent the photos to him, shutting your phone and getting up from the bed going to the mirror to check your light makeup and red lipstick. Hearing the vibrations of your phone rattle against your sheets you counted to ten slowly taking deep breaths with your eyes closed before you opened them and went to your phone to read the messages. You expected Yixing to be flustered or nervous but instead what you got was a great surprise.

{Text: From Baobei}

Baby.. I’m so needy and I want to make love to you when I get home. Make sure to keep that on.

After seeing that message you were a pit of feels writhing on your bed with want and need. You didn’t touch yourself because you didn’t want to ruin it for him and you didn’t drink because you knew one would lead to two and before you knew it you would be drunk off your ass and not remembering anything and Yixing probably wouldn’t have wanted to touch you. It was hard waiting and wondering because seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. It was torture but finally after some time you could hear the door knob twisting slowly in the silent house. Your breath hitched and toes curled voluntarily at the sheer thoughts of what he would do to you. After a few more moments your bedroom door was being pushed open and in walked Yixing. Hair jelled back, red suit on his body with a white under shirt. He looked incredible. Your breath caught in your throat just watching him, and the smirk he sent your way as he shut the door had you clenching the sheets for dear life. Yixing sat down some items on the bed walking towards you he started to massage your feet sitting on the bed beside you. Sighing softly, you felt the built-up tension escape from your body, his sweet cologne hitting your nose with just the right amount of a distinction. He looked up at you leaning down to kiss against your ankles.  He bit the skin softly smiling a dimpled smile at you he kissed up your legs slowly until he was pressing wet kisses against your thighs shifting against the bed. He moved to pull back taking off his jacket he crawled over you spreading your legs wide as he pressed his forehead against yours kissing your lips softly.

“I missed you.” He mused out letting his fingertips draw imaginary circles on your parted thighs. You mewled softly at his touch your eyelids fluttering as you pressed your forehead back against his.

“I missed you. So much baobei.” Yixing smiled wider loving when you used that endearment for him. He reached his hands up to untie the bow in front of the baby doll dress that kept it together exposing more of your smooth skin and your red bra.

“Let me make it up to you.” He leaned down kissing at your stomach.

“Are we not going to talk about your event?” You asked squirming softly pressing your hands onto his shoulders.

“I will, after I make your pussy talk.” Yixing was cute for fans and sometimes sexy but behind closed doors he was a beast with a kinky side and you loved hearing him talk to you like that. Groaning you nodded your head sitting up to press your lips against his. He moaned into your mouth letting you lead the kiss but he kissed you back sucking on your bottom lip. Your hands moved to undo his shirt buttons slowly. Revealing his toned muscles, and abs. Once you had the shirt undone you pushed it over his shoulders and it fell down his body. He let your eyes roam over it, your hands started to feel at his skin because you could never get enough of it. Yixing pushed you back after some time, his hands pulled off your baby doll dress and the bra unsnapping it and throwing it on the floor creating a pile of your clothes. He pressed his bulge against your clothed pussy gently grinding his hips down against yours as his lips cascaded around your neck. He sought out every spot making dark hickeys on your skin. His hands felt over every curve and dip of your body leaving nothing untouched by his warm hands. He let out tiny groans from how your hips bucked back against his, the thong not leaving much to the imagination. He groped your breast, flicking his fingers over the nipples and pinching them pulling them and watching them pucker up under his ministrations. He let his tongue lick and flick across your collarbones sucking more hickeys onto your skin before he moved his lips down farther to lick against her nipples. He flattened his tongue to lap at your flesh, your back arching off the mattress as you pulled at his silky locks crying out his name. He took his time sucking on your supple breast, cupping them like they were delicate in your hands he worshiped your breast licking around your nipple and sucking hickeys onto your skin.

Once Yixing felt it was enough he moved his tongue down father dipping it into your belly button to lick against that spot of your skin before he pressed your legs open against the bed. He looked down at your glistening center before he looked up at you. Thumb pressing against your wet clit he rubbed the pad of it against you watching as you moaned and squirmed for him. “My baobei. Here waiting for me, all alone and needy. You’re such a good girl for not touching yourself. I want to make you feel good. Do you want that? Can Yixing make it better?” He asked teasing you and your hips rolled as you nodded your head. Taking that as a yes, he leaned his head forward flicking his tongue gently against your slit making it drip more. He pulled his thumb back to press at your entrance his tongue dancing around your clit pressing it roughly against your bud. He moaned tasting you how your wetness fell against his tongue. He softly nibbled on your clit as his thumb playfully pushed in and out of the entrance before he pushed it back to insert his tongue instead. He was thrusting his tongue in and out slowly, flicking and twisting his tongue just the way you liked it. He let his hands keep your thighs pressed down and spread against the sheets. Curving his tongue, he sought out your spot he fucked it letting his tongue pick up the pace with your increase in volume. Your legs tightened up and your hands gripped harder at his locks and you held onto him for dear life feeling your stomach tighten up. Your orgasm was quickly approaching and with needy whines you warned him, eyes glazed with lust and need. Yixing only held your gaze, reaching his hands up to grab at your breast he fondled them as he dug his tongue deeper giving you a silent okay to cum. He continued to eat you out until you were bucking your hips and squeezing your pussy around his tongue cumming on the thick pink muscle. He moaned sucking on your essence cleaning you out and trying to suck you dry he pulled back licking over his lips smiling down at you sweetly and you hated these moments because he was pure seduction and a tease all at once.

Yixing took his pants off stepping out of them before he stepped out of his boxers moving to crawl back on the bed and against the headboard scooping you up in his arms. You got the hint when he made you straddle him and you smiled softly grabbing at his dick. You rubbed the tip of his dick against your dripping folds up and down your slit to tease him and get him wet. He groaned laying his head back against the headboard, full of need but he let you take your time with him. You were soon pressing his tip against your entrance and with his help you were sliding down onto his shaft taking him inch by inch both of you releasing a sound of approval. Your hands wrapped around his neck playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck. Yixing kissed up from your breast to your neck and under your jaw sucking onto the skin once again. Not wanting to waste time you started to slowly ride him, lifting and dropping yourself on his dick your hips wound against his every now and then. Yixing met your thrusts wanting to help as much as he could, his legs spread and bent keeping him upright. Your lips met again, his tongue asking for permission inside of your mouth which you gave him. Slowly your tongues ground and slid against each other and he sucked on your muscle deepening the kiss. His tongue flicked against your cheeks, the ridges of the top of your mouth and over your teeth. It was a deep heavy kiss that left you breathless and had you moving a little bit faster. Of course, you both didn’t want to go too fast taking your time to enjoy each other finding where one ended and the other began. Each snap of your hips caused a new fire to burn inside of you. Sweat dripping from your bodies, your skin glistening as the light danced onto your bodies above you. Your bodies slid against each other, your breast against his chest as the kiss was finally broke, a thin line of saliva connecting the two of you. His face was red with pleasure, his eyes meeting yours before he leaned forward to lick up and down against the valley of your breast. His hands moved up to dance up your back and grip at your shoulders. He pushed harder into you pounding upwards as he kept the same slow heavy pace dragging his hardened dick in and out of your soaked pussy that sucked him in deeper. Your hands gripped at his hair, your hips pushing down against his both of your voices increasing in volume. Your stomach clenched again signaling that you were about to meet your end and you were dragging your lover with you. Yixing groaned against your skin starting to snap his hips a little faster getting impatient as his own orgasm threatened to erupt at any time his dick throbbing with need inside of you.

“Yixing!” You released a loud wanton moan of his name, before a louder one sounded of. Your voice full of pleasure lips quivering and hips erratically bouncing you came on his dick your essence releasing all over him and your wetness trickling down to his balls. Yixing groaned feeling you clamp around him, his head rolling back as his lips parted and his eyes shifted shut.

“Fuck Y/N..” He called out your name slamming himself up with a few more thrusts before he buried his load inside of you. He held you down onto him with his hands on your shoulders, his arms locking you against your body. You took deep breaths to calm yourself down. You kissed against his lips softly laying your head on his shoulder his hands slowly trailing up and down your body as his cum trickled down your pussy. Your skin was buzzing and you felt like you were radiating as the peaceful bliss carried on between you two in the room.

The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 2115 words
Summary: This a series based on all of your first times with Jungkook from your childhood till when you both reach adult hood.


Part 2


The first time with Jungkook?

You’ve done many first times with Jungkook and this is not a taboo topic at all. You’ve been with each other from the start and he was a witness to all of your first times whether it was embarrassing or exciting. He saw everything before his eyes. Yeah, you’re probably thinking that we’re talking about the first time you got laid, but before thinking about the first time in a naughty way, let’s talk about all the first times you and him have been sharing with each other. The first times that were a start to build up your relationship with Jeon Jungkook. This one guy that was bond to be by your side for the longest time in your life.

The first time you met him in kindergarten

It was sunny and beautiful outside. It was also your first day at this new kindergarten since you just moved from your city to this new place. You made sure to put on your favorite blue overall dress with that cute little white dress shirt under it. Your mom helped you put on these white ballerina shoes that you loved so much. You also styled your hair into pigtails and made sure to grab that pink hair clip you were obsessed with. You were meeting your new friends today and you wanted to look your best for this day in particular.  

You didn’t go unnoticed at all. You could say that at one point there was some kids who were getting jealous over all the attention you were getting. You were still very sensitive over how you just left your old city with all your friends from daycare to come here. You were also very shy and you had trouble approaching other kids to play with them, which resulted with you crying over how much you missed your old place.

You were sitting on that bench with your face buried in your tiny hands while you could almost taste the saltiness of your tears. You needed some comfort and reassurance. You were so tiny with so many things pilling up inside. It wasn’t long before he noticed you.

Jungkook was running and playing fight with his best friend Taehyung. They were both on the ground laughing like idiots and giggling with no tomorrow. Jungkook was always careful to not stain his clothes though. The boy may have been into extreme games, but he always made sure he wouldn’t get dirty like his friend Taehyung did. Meanwhile mud was all over Taehyung’s pants, Jungkook’s timberlands still looked like they were brand new.

He was also very stylish and his mom made sure to dress him up to his best every day. Today, he was wearing his white shirt with his green baseball jacket and his black pants. His black bangs were slightly hiding his vision and it has been utterly annoying him, but he still chose to not throw a tantrum, because he was not childish like the other kids.

As he was having the time of his life with Taehyung he suddenly heard these little sobs coming from somewhere.

“Shhhh” he put his little index on his pink lips as he stared at taehyung “Tae tae, did you hear that?” jungkook would tilt his head

“Hear what? “taehyung would furrow his brows

“Don’t you hear someone crying?” Jungkook pushes his hair away from his face

They could hear it more clearly this time

“I-I-Is it a-a-a g-g-ghost??!” taehyung would hide behind jungkook

“Ghosts don’t exist tae tae” Jungkook would reassure his friend

They got closer and Jungkook’s facial expression softened when he saw that it was a little girl.

“IT’S A GHOST FOR REALLLLLL!!!” taehyung shout out

“Stop shouting!! My ears hurt!” jungkook would complain “No it’s not a ghost! It’s just our new classmate”

“B-But SHE’S WEARING WHITE SHOES A-AND A WHITE SHIRT” taehyung shivered in fear

“It’s not a ghost, it’s…it’s a girl” Jungkook gulped his saliva

Jungkook always stayed away from girls for some foreign reason. Some people presume it’s because of his popularity with moms and some others say that he’s just rebelling. Jungkook was just a child and he was quite affected by how his aunts and cousins would pinch his cheeks everytime they’re invited over. He was reluctant over approaching girls in general because he was afraid to bear with such an experience once again. What if he said yes to play with girls and they’d start pinching his poor cheeks again? There was no way he would let that happen again, but this time it was different.

“A-Are you going to talk to her?” Taehyung took a step back in fear

“I don’t know…” Jungkook puffed his cheeks “Should I?”

“What if you die??! Maybe she really is a ghost!” taehyung mouth forms a slight ‘o ‘ motion

“I won’t die and I’m not scared of ghosts!!” Jungkook argue back before staring at your crying figure “She’s crying and I don’t like it…” Jungkook would pout

He felt something weird in the pit of his heart. It didn’t feel right in his perspective to let you cry like this. You could say that both of you were only 5 years old, yet Jeon Jungkook was the kind of little boy that was taught by his mom that he should never let a girl cry. He may have been reluctant to even approach you in the first place because you’re a girl and he was afraid of girls, but he still decided to take his courage and go comfort you. It may have been your first meeting but it was also his first time to voluntarily talk to a girl of his age.

Jungkook took a step forward and decided to walk to the where you happened to be. He suddenly poked gently your shoulder with his tiny index while blinking at you a few times. He knew something was wrong.

“H-Hey, a-are you okay?” he’d ask with curious eyes through his black silky bangs

You were there bawling and crying your eyes out. Your hair sticking to the tears on your cheeks that were red as hell. You looked very upset in Jungkook’s perspective and he felt annoyed about the fact that there is a girl crying. Even as a little boy he was concerned about this.

“Don’t cry” he’d pull out that cute handkerchief from his lunch box to dab it on your cheeks while you looked like a mess “My mommy always told me that girls are the prettiest when they smile.”

You stared back at him while his face was so close to yours. Jungkook was stylish even as a child and as a little girl you knew to differentiate a classmate from a prince charming, yet Jungkook seemed like a prince charming at that moment. You were five, yet he made you feel some sort of strange way. A first little feeling shot through your heart.

“W-Who a-are you?” your sobbing quiet down

“Me? I’m Jungkook” he’d shot you that dazzling bunny smile

“Jungkook?” you sniffed and tried holding back your tears

Jungkook sat beside you as he used his tiny little fingers to push away your hair that was sticking on your cheeks. He would pull his handkerchief again and dab it on your face once again.

“Why were you crying?” he’d pout while staring you “Did something bad happen at home?”

“N-No…I’m new here and no one wants to be my friend” you stare at your tiny hands

Jungkook furrowed his brows. He didn’t like this situation at all. He wanted to bring back a smile on your face for some weird reason. Why would no one want to be friend with you? You seemed like cool kid too.

“It’s okay, I’ll be your friend” he put his tiny hands over yours

“Really? You’ll be my friend?” you blink at him in hope

Jungkook felt taken aback by how happy you looked. He never saw a girl so upclose. Maybe Girls weren’t that scary, or maybe it was a misconception he had all this time? Maybe you were the only exception to that rule? He didn’t knew which reason it was, but he was curious now.

“I’m Jeon Jungkook, your new friend” he’d smile at you

“I’m Y/N” you smile back

Jungkook dusted the seat beside you before sitting closer to your side. You stared at him in fascination as he blew air on his black bangs that were getting too long and hiding slightly his eye vision.

“Can I share one of my worries with you?” he’d sigh

“You can tell me”

“You pinky promise you won’t tell anyone?” he’d hold out his pinky

“I promise “you hold his pinky

There was a slight silence before he finally confessed what was going on.

“I was very mad this morning “he’d suddenly pout

“Why?” you turn to look at him

“Mommy forgot to cut my hair” he’d sigh “Mommy is busy so she always forgets”

He then turned to smile at you. Something about this boy is always so positive that you feel like smiling back at him forever.

“But I didn’t cry and smiled at her.”

“Whoa…” your mouth forms an ‘o’ shape “You’re so amazing!!” you clap your tiny hands

“But then, I can’t even see anything with my hair like this.” he sighs

“It’s okay Jungkook.” You smile at him “I’ll help you”

Your tiny hand reached your little pigtail as you were about to take off your hair clip. You had a brilliant idea to help your new friend out. After all, Jungkook was sweet enough to help you calm down and even offered you his handkerchief. You furrowed your brows cutely as you focused on taking off the hair clip. Your cute short hair was flying through the wind.

You reached out your little hands to his bangs and he slowly backed off. He was afraid. What if you wanted to pinch his cheeks like all of his crazy aunts used to? He wasn’t going to let you believe you had the right to treat him like this.

“W-W-What are you doing?” he blinked while puffing his cheeks as a habit

“I’m helping you” you smile at him

“You won’t hurt my face, right?” he’d give you a stare

“No, I promise” you reply

“Can I trust you?” he blinked

“Yes you can trust me! “You huffed “I thought we were friends. Friends trust each other” you pout as your tears were threatening to come back

“Okay okay!!! Sorry, don’t cry, please don’t cry!!” he held on your hands

You smiled at him as you grabbed a section from his black bangs to pin it with your hair clip.It was difficult a first because jungkook’s hair is so thick and silky yet your hands are so tiny to pull all of it together. You struggled to get your work of art done and you were so satisfied once it was done.

Jungkook was blushing and he looked adorable with that pink hair clip that pulled his bangs into apple hair. His doe eyes were now apparent and he felt weird because his forehead was exposed. He looks cute and innocent unlike his usual charming side.

“You look pretty” you tilted your head to the side and the boy blushed in response

“I look like a girl” he pouted

“No you don’t!!! You’re the most handsome!” you argued

“You’re just saying this to comfort me” he sighs

“You look like a prince “you grabbed his arm

“Can I remove it now–”he was about to say but you cut him off

“That hairclip is my favorite but I’m giving it to you because I love you” you suddenly grab his hand in yours

Jungkook’s cheeks turned red and he was starting to feel very shy right now.His little world was slowly spinning. Even if he was a child, he still was aware of the importance of these words. Love is not something that should be taken lightly and his dad always taught him so. Loving someone is a big responsibility and jungkook wasn’t ready at all for this.

“Y-You l-l-love me??!” he blinked at you “But we just met?!”

“You’re my friend and I love you” you simply replied

There was probably no logic, but then again you guys were kids and you didn’t need logic. Jungkook just went with the flow and pulled you in his tiny chest where he surrounded his little arms around you and you hugged him back with no hesitation.

“I don’t know about love, but I’ll make sure  nothing ever makes you cry again Y/N”


I hope you liked the fluff in this chapter !!I’ll be making the next one depending on how much you want it <3