white tunnels

Finishing all the shows I am watching since I got home bound. 

Dear White People: I thought it  would be great, but it is so full of lesbian hatred that I will not ever recommend it. Black women’s sexuality is treated like something they own to black males, the main character (an intelligent articulated women) is guilty tripped by a a male friend to the point of having sex rape with him as a way to “help” him get over a racist attack he suffered. There are at least 3 jokes on lesbians, despite the show having ZERO actual lesbians. There is a supposed one, a Professor that betrays her female partner with an underage male student.. yeah, talk about portraying lesbianism as a deviant dirty little lie. 

The Handmaid’s Tale: I enjoyed it, but again, the heterosexual love plot (June and Nick) makes me feel sick. I also do not understand how in this dystopian society racism is not an issue anymore. I also think Moira and  Ofglen (i don’t remember her real name) really deserved more time and more flashbacks. Why the lesbian characters can’t be in the spotlight of the show?

3%: Finally a brazilian show! yeah! The production was very low budget what explains some of the weird plastic made scenarios. I also hate the heterosexual love plot. But I absolutely love the finale where Joana (my favorite character) just delivers some truths and blows everything up. Her soundtrack was superb with Elza Soares music.  

The Expanse: I LOVE space sci-fi, but to be honest I started watching The Expanse because the actress on the promotional covers looks like one of the girls of Warpaint (my favorite band), not a very noble reason, but I ended up loving the series. The story is well developed, lots of strong female characters, and I can’t wait for season two. 

The Tunnel: I saw some reviews and decided to watch it, I saw the two seasons in two days, so yeah, it was good. It is a British-French production starred by the same actress who plays Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter. SHE IS THE BEST. I LOVED HER so freaking much I couldn’t stop watching. And in season 2, as I suspected, she turns out to be a lesbian. The show is about terrorist crimes, and does not fall into muslin hatred, which is good. 

Call the Midwife: IT IS GREAT. It has feminist nuns, lesbians, a lot of female acts of bravery. So we can ignore the whole british blablabla stuff. I highly recommend. Did I say I loved the nuns?  Sister Monica Joan is my spiritual self.