white tipped tail

New Toy II pt. 3

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, like 100 words of angst, sub!jungkook

word count: 14.1k

Jungkook spread across his own bed, a blindfold covering his dark eyes was all you wished for, but a nagging thought wouldn’t let the boy go while you played with him.

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Hello! Do you know if Wolves can have a white tail tip? Just like foxes do. In Norway there was a wolf caught with that and ive never seen it before. Or could it be a wolfdogmix? :)

Hi! Whereas wolves have less pronounces and black/dark coloured tail tips, the white tail tip is a trait typical for domestic canines. The most likely explanation for this Norwegian wolf’s white tail tip would be that it’s caused by dog (or some other canid) genes, so like you said a wolf dog cross. 

A less likely explanation would be some kind of genetic defect. 

I read a Tumblr post talking about this yesterday, it might interest you: [x] 

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Hi! Is there a post you made about everyone's daemon description? I'd really like to know O: Also i'm bad at searching on people's blog, I apologize if it was obvious... Thank you!


  • kevin’s ONYX (osprey): about as friendly as kevin - their eyes are the same, intense and often unfriendly. she is very beautiful and quite quiet, fidgets with her wings when kevin is anxious. she perches on kevin’s forearm or shoulder, and preens his hair when he’s upset.
  • nicky’s ESME (common marmoset): very talkative and friendly, quite playful and tactile. esme likes to ride around on nicky’s shoulder and use his hair as handholds, and also likes to climb all over him.
  • allison’s ZYDEN (northern goshawk): another bird of prey - he is more fierce than onyx, and his looks meant he was often a subject of photos alongside allison herself. her parents thought her daemon should have been something softer and sweeter, but zyden is very much like allison: beautiful and dangerous
  • dan’s LORIMER (ocelot): a cat amongst the birds of the other girls, lorimer started plenty of fights with zyden and tau before they (and their humans) decided to band together. lorimer is bossy and brave and warm-hearted, with very sharp claws when tested
  • matt’s PIPER (boxer dog): piper is sweet-natured and enthusiastic, and very loyal. only rarely backs down from a fight though. she and sin are as close as neil and matt - complete opposites, but they somehow fit anyway.
  • renee’s TAU (mute swan): exceptionally beautiful, madly protective. tau isn’t talkative, and leaves the sweetness for renee to deal with. attacks with his wings if provoked, and they can break bone. sin doesn’t trust tau at all because he’s so watchful, and doesn’t behave like renee does - he hasn’t changed much from renee’s days as natalie, and sin recognises that.
  • andrew’s AMARANTH (spotted hyena): a huge female hyena from a species known for their matriarchal pack structure. she is affected by andrew’s medication, and doesn’t talk while andrew is high. the animal noises she makes instead are half the reason why people are afraid of andrew. after andrew sobers up she does talk, though it remains rare. her name means ‘the flower that never fades’ and has connotations of fidelity, loyalty and enduring love :)
  • aaron’s CELESTE (spotted hyena): quiet and rarely ventures out of arm’s reach of aaron. she doesn’t have amaranth’s scary rep but is probably worse tempered. she and amaranth are called ‘the twins’ by the other daemons - they’re pack animals, for better or for worse, just like the minyards themselves.
  • nathaniel/neil’s JACINTH/SIN (melanistic fox): black-coated with silver speckling and a white-tipped tail. sin is very strongly opinionated, notable for speaking to other humans - even ones she doesn’t know well - which is unusual amongst daemons. she has even less self-control than neil, reckless and mouthy, and it does get them both in trouble.


Cute alert! A baby mule deer tries catching a snowflake on its tongue at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado. Mule deer are named for their oversized ears that resemble a mule’s ears. Compared to its cousin, the white-tailed deer, mule deer are larger in size, and have a black-tipped white tail and white patch on the rump. Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

You may thank @cat-zy and the Discord crew for this garbage. Steve is a Galapagos Tortoise, Bucky is an elk, Natasha is a fox, and Tony is a potoo. I hate everything.

Steve sighed. Loudly.

“Oh my God what do you want,” Bucky snapped. “That’s the fifth time you’ve sighed in ten minutes. What? What is it? I’m trying to get my velvet off you asshole.”

“Sorry,” Steve mumbled, not sorry at all, as he ate some berries.

“No you’re not,” Bucky scolded, turning from trying to rub his velvet off on a tree. “What are you sighing about?” Then he saw something shoot past a tree in the distance. “Oh my God is this about Tony again?”

Steve clenched his jaw mulishly. “No.”

“If I have to listen to you gush about his big yellow eyes one more time I’m gonna flip you over and let Natasha eat your guts,” Bucky hissed. “Just go tell ‘im you think he’s pretty.”

Steve swung his head around to glare at him. “I can’t do that! He’ll think I’m joking!”

“Who will think you’re joking about what,” Natasha asked, leaping up onto Bucky’s back and reaching up to bat at the velvet hanging from his antlers. “Are you talking about Tony?”

“No,” Steve said, at the same time Bucky rolled his eyes and said, “Yes.

Natasha tilted her head. “…You know,” she said after a moment. “It’s a shame Tony made me promise not to tell you things.” She stared at Steve for a long moment before turning back to Bucky. “But he didn’t make me promise not to tell you. Did you know that Tony thinks Steve is really handsome?”

“What,” Steve said.

“I did not know,” Bucky replied. “Please tell me more.”

“He likes Steve’s shell, thinks it’s just the perfect amount of shiny. He likes the way it’s shaped like a star in the middle.”

Steve craned his neck even though he knew he couldn’t see the top of his shell. Everyone had told him about the star though. Not everyone could be lying to him.

“He just worries because he’s heard tortoises aren’t monogamous and he is,” Natasha continued.

Steve shuffled around to face her hurriedly. “I can be monogamous!”

Natasha gave him a searching look.

Bucky sighed loudly and stamped a hoof. “Honestly? He probably could be. One of the girls was flirting with him and he didn’t even notice because Tony went swooping by.”

“I hate that you’re like this,” Natasha admitted. “Steve, have you ever heard of catching a clue? You’re so stupid, he’s been flirting with you forever.”

Steve blinked at her. “What?”

“He brings you the berries that are too high up for you to reach,” she said, rolling her eyes.


“He brings you cacti when he thinks you haven’t drunk enough in a while.”


“And he offered to eat the bugs off you, Steve.” Natasha gave him a long, disappointed stare. “He’s a potoo. His bill is flat. He has to try extra hard to get into all your crevices but he doesn’t stop until he’s sure all the parasites are gone.”

Steve gaped up at her.

“You’re so stupid,” Natasha repeated, just a little bit of the frustration seeping into her voice. “He could have chosen literally anyone else and his stupid monogamous ass chose your stupid face as the one he wanted to rub against.”

“Hey,” Bucky said reproachfully. “Tony could have come right out and said something!”

“He’s nocturnal, you idiots!” Natasha burst out, then leapt from Bucky’s back and fled into the bushes, white-tipped tail twitching with irritation.

Bucky watched her go, agape, tail flown up with surprise. “…Well,” he managed after a moment. “It is kind of telling that a nocturnal bird would change his sleeping schedule just to hang out with your stupid face.”

“My face is so stupid,” Steve lamented. “And so is the rest of me.”

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How about cat boy Shiro & shance?

It got away from me….
Lance yawned as he opened to door to his house, tired after a full day of work. Allura was a slave driver, having him work the clearance floor of the fashion building. There had been a huge sale today, customers having flooded the shop and nearly cleaning it out, and not all of them were nice to him.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes, shutting the door behind him. After getting changed into some sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he flopped on the couch, shutting his eyes. He got about what felt like ten minutes of blessed sleep before a crash and a yowl of pain woke him up, the lanky 25 year old man bolting upright in surprise. He got up and looked at the clock. What the fuck? Who was even awake at 4am?

With a groan, he got up and decided to investigate the sound. He shrugged on a light jacket and stepped out onto the porch, bare feet cold against the concrete. He glanced around and walked over to where a soft whimpering was coming from, the alleyway with all the trash cans.

“Hello?” He called, padding inside the alleyway, hand against the wall of his house. His eyes caught a hunched shape next to the dumpster, something big with a twitching tail and curled in on itself. Oh.

Now that he was closer, he could see it was a Hybrid, creatures that were a common pet in this city. This one was a Cat Hybrid, with long, messy and dirty black hair and ears and a white forelock and a white tipped black tail. It was making soft, pained sounds, gripping at its right arm.

“Here kitty kitty, what’s wrong?” Lance crooned, attempting to appear as non-threatening as possible. Which wasn’t hard, he could see the muscles through the tattered shirt on the Cat Hybrid’s body, even though it looked very malnourished. He walked a little closer, trying to recall everything Hunk had told him about Cat Hybrids since the big guy worked at a shelter for all kinds of Hybrids, like Keith, a mixed breed of a Cat and a Wolf Hybrid.

The Hybrid’s head shot up, staring at him with wide, panicked silver eyes that were admittedly quite pretty. Now that he could see its face, Lance could tell the Cat Hybrid was male, and hurt too by the bloody cut across his nose. The Hybrid growled warningly, ears flattened back and tail puffed up in fear.

Lance held up his hands, palms outwards, staying calm like Hunk had taught him when handling scared Hybrids. “Woah there, Kitty, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m just trying to help. Can you let me do that?” He soothed, focus entirely on the terrified Hybrid.

The growling paused for a moment, wavering, and an almost curious look flashed through those gray eyes before being replaced with more caution. Lance took a small step forward, encouraged.

“You don’t look too good there, Kitty. Want me to get you some food and a bandage for that cut on your pretty face?” He cooed, shuffling a little closer and crouching low to appear smaller, less dangerous. The Hybrid’s ears flicked, indecision flickering across his face. Lance was now close enough to reach forward with one hand, carefully.

The Hybrid leaned forward, uncurling a little to sniff at Lance’s fingers, before cautiously turning his cheek against the Cuban man’s palm before pulling back a little with a soft whine. Lance smiled gently, keeping his teeth hidden, and ran his hand over the Hybrid’s hair and ears, a small purr startling both males.

Lance spoke up again. “Hey, let’s get you into my place so we can fix you up, okay?” The Hybrid blinked, confused, but allowed Lance to pull him up and suddenly Lance had to reevaluate this because the Cat Hybrid was taller than him by a head and a lot wider than skinny little Twig Lance. Not to mention heavy! For someone so emaciated, he sure packed a lot of weight!

Lance carefully led the Cat Hybrid out of the alleyway and into his house, shutting the door quietly and tugging him into the bathroom. “Okay, I know cats hate water, but we need to get you washed and cleaned before we bandage you up.” Lance explained to the startled Cat, who was staring at his reflection in the mirror with something akin to horror.

Lance filled the bathtub with hot but not scalding soapy water, and guided the Hybrid in. The water seemed to relax the dirty kitty, and Lance easily pulled off the ragged and soon to be burned old shirt and boxers the Hybrid had been wearing, finally able to assess the damages.

The Cat was covered in old scars and new injuries, like he’d been in a fighting ring. His right arm was missing, obviously recently because the stump hadn’t healed completely and was an angry reddish purple, blotchy and clearly infected. The poor Cat was going to need a Vet, and Lance hoped Hunk would cover this. But first he had to do what he could to help, since he’d never been one to turn down a creature in need.

He set to work, using safe shampoos and soaps to clean the dirt and blood away, having to drain and refill the tub several times until the water stayed mostly clear and bubbly. The Cat Hybrid flinched with every wound wiped down, but seemed to recognize that Lance was helping him and didn’t fight back. Lance hummed to fill the silence, a soothing Spanish lullaby his Mama loved singing.

Once he finished, he rinsed the Cat one last time before leaving to grab some overly large clothes that would probably fit the huge Hybrid, which he was guessing was of the Maine Coon variety. He came back and drained the tub, tugging the relaxed kitty out and drying him off, bandaging every wound with a bandaid or gauze before helping him into soft, clean clothes that actually fit the Cat just right, if not only slightly tight.

“Okay, just a haircut and then some food, sound good?” Lance soothed, sitting the other male on the closed toilet and holding up a pair of scissors and a hair razor. The Cat eyed the items warily, but merely made a soft noise of agreement before letting his eyes fall shut.

Lance pulled a towel over the Cat’s neck and shoulders, before setting to work snipping the long, tangled black locks of hair. He shaved away the worst of it, giving the Hybrid an undercut and leaving the top alone, trimming around the ears to a short, fluffy length and even grooming the ears and tail to get rid of the matting. The white forelock was left a little longer than the rest, since Lance found it kind of cute.

He cleared away the mess and once again tugged the Cat Hybrid by the wrist along with him to the kitchen, the poor kitty making a soft mew, a wordless question. “Food then! You look pretty hungry, kitty, and I think I still have a package of turkey somewhere.” Lance clarified, gesturing for the Hybrid to sit on the couch while he entered the kitchen to rummage around his fridge.

He came back to see the Cat Hybrid looking around curiously, tail flicking and ears up, which was definitely a good sign if he was showing interest in his surroundings. Lance gave himself a mental high five and cleared his throat lightly, gathering the kitty cat’s attention. He held up the package of turkey and had to stop himself from giggling at the way the Hybrid’s eyes lit up and ears perked, staring at the wrapped meat hungrily. His stomach let out a demanding growl too, and Lance definitely laughed then.

“Haha, okay, here you go then.” Lance chuckled, opening the plastic package and unwrapping the seal around the meat, plopping it back into the container and handing it to the Cat Hybrid.

While the cat scarfed down the meat, Lance dug his phone out of his jacket.

He had a few calls to make.
This….. got waaaaaaaayyy out of control…… it was supposed to be a small fluffy fic and I turned it into some angst? And yes, Shiro is the nameless Hybrid. I don’t suppose you’d want more, maybe? I mean I wouldn’t mind making more? Gah- I need to stop making all these AU’S, my brain is out of control ;0;
Hope you enjoyed!

(edit- here’s chapter 2- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/161255787588/companions-au-chapter-2 )


Oh yeah, remember my last post about getting a kitten? Well PSYCH we got two, so here are some pics and stuff for anyone who cares

Meet Mocha and Cino

They’re brothers from the same litter of ragdoll cats, and when we visited them a month ago (pics here), both my gf and I immediately fell in love with them both, and we simply could not bear to choose between them.

Mocha is the one with the dark face and sock-like feet (the so-called mitted pattern), whereas Cino has a bicolour pattern (and a cute little white tip on his tail!).

We’ve had them for a week now, and they both seem like they’re getting used to us and their new home. Cino accepted us from day one, coming over to be petted and sleep near us, while Mocha was a bit more reserved to begin with (but he’s starting to come over too).

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life than I am right now ❤

Anti’s New Buddy

                  Jack jumped as he heard a loud thud come from outside the house, his knee banging into his desk. “Ow, fuck!” He rubbed his sore knee, pausing the game he was playing. “Hey Anti? Mind going outside and seeing what just made that noise? I’m kinda in the middle of recording right now,” Jack called from his recording room. “Fine! But if it’s some nutjob and they try ta kill me I’m holding you responsible!” He heard Anti shout back. Jack chuckled before replying, “You’ll be fine ya big baby! Besides, if it is some random lunatic you can just pull the spooky demon routine and scare them off.” “Touche!" 

                  Anti got up off the couch he had been sitting on in Jack’s cinema room, brushing off some lint that had gotten onto his shirt. Today he had felt like wearing the outfit that the fans had come to associate him with since he had started showing up in Jack’s videos, aka the tight black shirt and torn black skinny jeans. Though instead of the black and white sneakers he was wearing his green and white ones and he was wearing his choker rather than leaving the scar on his neck exposed. He was also wearing a black and green bracelet on his right wrist. He ran a hand through his spiked up dark green hair, brushing aside a strand that had fallen onto his face. He left the room and headed outside, going around the house towards where the sound had come from. He paused when he saw the wheely bins had been knocked over. That must be what made the noise. But who or what knocked them over? 

                      He was about to set the bins upright again when a noise reached his ears. It sounded like, mewling? He picked up the lid to the one trash bin and his eyes widened when he saw a kitten. It couldn’t have been more than 2 months old. It was black with white front paws, ginger on it’s hind paws and a little bit of its hind legs, it had a white tail tip, a patch of white on it’s chest, and a tiny spot of white on it’s forehead that kinda looked like a four pointed star. It was it’s eyes that really got his attention though. The left eye was green and the right was blue, just like his eyes, though the kitten’s were a paler shade. The kitten looked up at him, wide-eyed. He stooped down and picked it up carefully, mindful of it’s claws. He was surprised when it started purring, snuggling up against him. To say his heart melted would be an understatement. He hurried back inside, eager to show the adorable little thing to Jack.

                         Jack was startled when Anti suddenly burst into his recording room, holding out a ball of fluff and saying, "Can I keep it?!” Jack frowned when he realized the ball of fluff was in fact a kitten. “Anti, you know I’m allergic to cats. I’m sorry, but no.” “Aww come on! Mark let’s Dark have Jasmine! I want a little buddy! And besides, your allergies aren’t that bad, nothing clariten d or whatever couldn’t fix. Please? Just look at his cute little face! I promise I’ll take good care of him!” Anti begged, bringing the kitten closer to Jack’s face so he could take in the adorableness better. Jack glanced between the big mismatched eyes of the kitten and the pleading ones of Anti. He heaved a sigh. “Fine. But you better take really good care of him and brush him regularly so his fur doesn’t get all over the house. Or we will find him another home, got it?” “Got it! Come on Shadow, let’s show you the rest of the house!” Anti promptly left the room with the kitten in tow, presumably to give him a tour of the house. Jack shook his head in amazement. Who would have thought that the guy who tried to cut his throat last year would be parading a fuzzy kitten around a house they now shared. The world works in mysterious ways.

(( @magic-marvin-protection-patrol @chase-brody-protection-squad @save-antisepticeye-squad @the-safety-circle @anti-protection-squad @schneeplestein-support-squad @robthezombie-support-squad thought you guys might be interested in seeing this ))

Free Day, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 8

June 11th: Extra Day: Free Day

………there’s no good explanation for this one, actually.

Shiro watched the moving vans next door, white tipped tail twitching curiously as the black and white feline stared at the humans moving boxes inside the once-empty house.

“Hey buddy, what’re you looking at?” Shiro tilted his head to look at his owner, a human male named Keith. He flicked his ears and turned back to the window with a purr, patting at the glass to indicate the new humans.

“Huh. New neighbors. Cool.” Keith muttered, peeking through the curtains above Shiro’s ears. Shiro merely watched with interest as a large, dark skinned human carried a cat crate inside, carefully watching his step as he headed into the white and blue house.

Shiro could have sworn he saw a glimpse of brown fur inside that carrier.

It wasn’t until the next day that Shiro got to meet the new neighbors. He’d been relaxing on the couch, curled up behind Keith’s knees while he sharpened his newest knife, when the doorbell rang.

Intrigued, Shiro followed his human to the door, nose twitching as an unfamiliar smell wafted from the other side of the painted wood. Keith unlocked the door and pulled it open to the sight of that big man from yesterday, holding a wrapped paper plate full of cookies and a brown tabby cat sitting on his shoulder, the human’s face alight with a big smile.

“Hi! I’m Hunk Garrett, I just moved in next door? I figured I’d introduce myself! Oh yeah, this is my cat, Lance. I brought cookies as a peace offering!” The human said cheerfully, Shiro noting the slight red flush on his own human’s neck.

“Oh. Uh, hi. I’m Keith Kogane, this is Shiro. Do… you want to come in? I think I have some tea if you want to split those cookies?” A smile and a nod from the bigger man, and Shiro was left by the now closed door to follow behind, curiosity bubbling up as he sniffed at the newcomers scents, sunflowers and warmth and flour.

As the humans chatted in the kitchen, the black and white cat was shooed away by his owner. Shiro huffed at the lack of attention and hopped up on the couch, curling into the now cold cushions. His tail swished over his nose and he attempted to take a short nap, only for the couch to dip as a new weight joined him.

“Hiya! The name’s Lance!” The new cat chirped, Shiro lifting his head to study the other feline. Big blue eyes, uncommon for older cats, examined him back. Lance’s fur was a deep brown mixed with a lighter bronze, all swirled together and giving him dark brown socks and ears. All in all, not too unattractive in Shiro’s opinion.

“Hi. I’m called Shiro.” He mewed in return, shuffling to create space next to him. Lance seemed like a friendly enough guy, trustworthy and safe. “Wanna join me for a nap? I don’t think our humans will stop meowing for a while yet.”

The short haired tabby practically lit up with joy at the suggestion. “Really? Can I?” He asked, tilting his head a little but scooting closer anyways.

Shiro purred in amusement, the large Maine Coon stretching out and allowing the slightly smaller cat curl into his side. “Yeah. It’s fine, the more the merrier. Me, Matt and Pidge, the cats across the street who live with the Holts, do this kind of stuff a lot. I’ll introduce you sometime.” He yawned, curving his body around Lance and smiling sleepily as the smaller feline shyly twined his tail around Shiro’s own super fluffy one.

Lance purred and butted his head into Shiro’s shoulder. “Yeah, I’ll have to count on you to show me around then.” He mumbled, resting his head on his paws.

A nice ray of sunlight poked through the window, warming the two cats as they napped together on the couch. Shiro rumbled contentedly, moving his head to rest over Lance’s neck.

Shiro fell asleep to the sound of both his and Lance’s purring, warmed and feeling safe as the two slept their cares away.
Fluff=cats to me for some reason???? Anyway, hope you enjoyed this!!! I had fun making these for Shance Fluff Week and I hope you had fun reading them! :3


It takes more than just color to make a wolfdog. Black animals, in particular, can be difficult to phenotype, and for many people, identifying wolf content (or the lack thereof), can be rather complicated when black coat pigment comes into play.

Above are examples of animals that all have similar build and coloration; but only some have legitimate content. 

1) Side-by-side comparison of a low/low-mid content next to an upper-mid/high-content wolfdog. Note the larger, more-rounded eyes, boxier muzzle, broader forehead, larger ears, and more heavily-pronounced stop of the lower-content animal to the left compared to the higher-content animal on the right. Despite similar appearances and nearly identical coat color, the two animals are clearly quite different in once individual traits are closely examined. 

2) Image two shows a unique coloration manifesting in a purebred German shepherd. To the untrained eye, this dog may appear quite wolfy in appearance due to the silver undertones in the black coat. But, as mentioned, it takes more than just color for a canine to be considered a wolfdog; and this particular animal, while off-standard for the German shepherd breed, is nevertheless 100% domestic dog. 

3) Another beautiful canine, also with a black-and-silver coat, who does indeed have wolf heritage. This is a mid-content wolfdog, mixed with some German shepherd, as made evident by the large and sparsely-furred ears. Unlike the pure German shepherd, though, this pup’s ears are notably more rounded at the tips, and are positioned in a less erect position atop its head. The stop is much smoother on the wolfdog, and the eyes are smaller and more angular, as well. It also has a fuller, more bottle-brushed tail, and appears to display stronger variation in the coat length (whereas a German shepherd’s fur is typically much more uniform). 

4) Four is a perfect example of a purebred Siberian husky who is, according to its owner, often mistaken for a wolf or wolfdog. The confusion, the owner says, likely stems from the beautiful black coloration; however, it’s clear to see the doggy features in this animal: White markings, compact catlike paws, blue eyes, broad cheek bones, uniform coat length, pointed ears, and a curly white-tipped tail. 

5) Five is a pure wild wolf from Alaska. You can clearly see the differences between him and the husky to the left. Not his prominent cheek ruffs, long pointed muzzle, rounded fully-furred ears, small angular eyes, downward-pointed bottle brush tail, large prominent toes, and varied coat length. He has a narrow chest, long nimble legs, and holds a low-to-the-ground posture. 

6) Yet another fantastic comparison of a pure dog to a wolfdog with verified content. Both appear to have German shepherd influence, especially in the ears, yet the wolfdog is clearly much different, particularly in the structure of its skull. Note how narrow the muzzle is, and how the cheekbones are not as prominent on him as they are on the domestic dog.

Understandably, the black coloration of a canine can throw people for a loop when it comes to identifying wolf content. Which is exactly why it’s important to look beyond the color and focus on the detail hidden beneath it. Breaking down the traits of an animal, as seen above, aids in making a proper assessment and can help one differentiate between a domestic dog and an animal with true wolf heritage. 

“There’s a perfectly good reason for all these kittens,” said Finn as Poe walked through their front door.

Poe’s eyes grew wide as he counted them. Five. There were five kittens. He looked at them, chasing each other and wrestling on their kitchen floor. He looked back at Finn. “I’m waiting. What’s the reason?”

“Well, my boss’s cat -” Finn started.

Poe threw up his arms in exasperation. “Your fucking boss again? Jesus Christ, Finn, that man is a tyrant. And you,” he pointed at Finn accusingly. “You just let him walk all over you.”

“Poe, you didn’t even let me finish!” Finn shot back. “He was going to offer them for free online, so I said I’d find homes for them. It was the right thing to do.” He hated arguing with Poe, so he was very glad when the door flew open again, and Rey burst in.

“Kittens!” She practically screeched as Poe put his head in his palms. She didn’t spare either Finn or Poe a glance. Instead, she was on the floor in an instant, crawling around and trying to play with the kittens.

“Oooh, I want them all,” Rey whined. She was clutching two kittens to her chest, one black with white paws and one orange with stripes. “Actually…” For the first time, she clearly directed her words toward Finn and Poe. “Have you picked which one you want to keep?”

Poe cleared his throat loudly while Finn stammered out a ‘no’.

“Okay, I’ll make it easy for you,” said Rey, grabbing the cardboard box by the cabinets. “I want these two.” She put the two kittens she was holding into the box. “This one would be perfect for my aunt Leia.” She picked up the runt, a scraggly brown thing with a white-tipped tail.

“And I figure my dad could use one too, so he’s not just staring out the window all day or whatever he does now that I’ve moved out.” She placed a blue-grey kitten into the box with the others.

“So the calico is yours,” Rey declared, hefting the cardboard box into her arms and heading for the door. “You’re welcome!”

Then it was just the three of them, Finn, Poe, and the tiny calico kitten. Finn’s eyes met Poe’s and they both started giggling. Before long, they were on the floor, howling with laughter as the kitten scrambled around them.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe she just -” Poe managed to choke out before dissolving into laughter again.

Finn caught his breath. “Yeah, Rey. She’s the best.”

They were lying on their backs now, the little kitten perched on Poe’s chest as it peered at them curiously.

“You should name it,” said Finn. “You’re better at naming things. If you let me name it, I’m just gonna call it Kitty.”

Poe looked around for inspiration. At this angle, the microwave clock read '88:8’. “How about BB-8?”


kitsune!Dazai and hunter!Chuuya AU 

because of certain ppl on twitter :’D. this is for you guys 

“Is it really a sin to be different?”

A masculine voice greeted his ears.

“Are we really all that bad?”

Chuuya stared in disbelief.

The silver toned fox that had suddenly shown up in his life without warning and caused him mischief, brought joy into his dull life, kept him company during his hardships, and stayed by his side regardless.

He’d grown so fond of the playful fox despite all the trouble it had caused him.

To think that the small creature was a nine-tailed fox spirit…

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Before the setting sun stood a man with wavy brown hair and amber irises. He wore a dark turquoise kimono that reached down to his feet with nine white tails tipped with blue at the ends flurried out behind him.

“You’re one of them,” the hunter muttered in a low voice.

One of Dazai’s tails twitched in response.

“And if I am? Does that change anything?”

Chuuya grit his teeth and tightened his grip around the milky white pearl held in his palm.

The small fox had dropped it one day, and the redhead had picked up up out of curiosity without really questioning where it had come from nor the significance of it appearing from out of the silver creature’s tail.

Dazai slightly winced as if in pain.

“It changes everything,” Chuuya voiced in response.

The brunet flicked his ears and shot the other an irritating smile.

“Does it really?”

The slight tremor in the kitsune’s voice didn’t go unnoticed.

Chuuya loosened his grip.

He unfurled his hand, revealing the white pearl. Sapphire eyes stared at the sparkling orb as he rolled it around in the center of his palm.

“This is a part of you isn’t it.”

His companion simply nodded.

“It is.”

The hunter shoved the fox’s hoshi no tama against Dazai’s chest.

“Take it back. I don’t want it,” Chuuya muttered while staring at the ground instead of meeting Dazai’s eyes.

Slightly smiling, Dazai took the small orb and reached back for the other’s hand, replacing the glittering pearl back in Chuuya’s palm.

Closing the hunter’s slender fingers around the delicate sphere, he brought Chuuya’s hands up to his face and peered deep into those pale blue eyes he had fallen in love with.

“Keep it,” Dazai whispered before reverting back into a fox.

“My life rests in your hands.”

Bad picture is bad but MY F.OX CAME IN FOUR DAYS EARLY!!
Shes smaller than I thought she was but oh god I’m in love!!
I’m gonna be able to start on her mounting Tuesday, so until then, it looks like I’ll just be staring at her patterns 😍

Smol ficlet based off of @crsinclair ’s Voltron Animal Hybrid AU! I wanna write a lot more, this is only the beginning! :3 (I love wolf Shiro, he is too cute~🖤)
“Shiro, stop. No.” Lance deadpanned, flattening his ears back as Shiro gave him the biggest pouty puppy dog eyes he’d ever seen. “But Laaaaaannce! Those are my favorite!” The wolfman whined, surprisingly petty for such a serious and commanding leader. Lance clutched the box of biscuits close to his chest, tail lashing in a mixture of agitation and contemplation. “Ask Hunk to make you more then! These are mine!” Lance hissed, only for Shiro’s ears to drop and oh fuck were those actual tears in his eyes???

Pidge snickered from her spot at the table, working on her laptop but watching the entertaining duo. Her own reddish brown and white tipped tail swayed in amusement, ears swiveling to catch the sound of the door opening for Keith. At this point Lance had climbed onto the counter and was holding Shiro back with one arm, the other holding the biscuit box high in the air as the wolfman flailed, trying to reach it.

“They’ve been like this for the past ten minutes.” She informed her half-Galra half-cat/bat teammate. Keith took one look at the squabbling canine and feline and leaned over into the young vixen’s space. “I’m upping my bet to $20 on the in-a-week confession.” He informed her, before walking away from the table and past the wrestling Blue and Black Paladins to grab some space turkey to make a sandwich.

Pidge just kept laughing.
Yes, there’s a betting pool. Shiro got about two biscuits from Lance before the catboy ate the rest of them. Pidge got several photos for blackmail. Hunk did end up baking an entire thing of biscuits just for Shiro. Keith had a sandwich. Allura and Coran are somewhere lol :3 hope you enjoyed!

A Deadly Threat.

Sherlock lied down in complete and utter stillness. Not one little movement could you spy from a distance. He could have been mistaken for part of the furniture had anyone not paid attention.

His head rested on a soft black cushion at one end of the couch and his purple shirt sleeves were folded up to his elbows, long legs crossed at the ankles. He had not been able to move for hours. You see, one of his hands was trapped under a rather large fluffy beast that had stretched out and claimed a seat upon his chest. It scraped its deathly sharp claws on the base of his neck every now and then, never drawing blood, but just enough to remind him that if it so wishes, it could rip his throat out with one clean swipe. Murderous creature.

The only movement he dared make was to drag his fingers back and forth whilst deeply embedded in the fur on its back.

It seemed to please it.

For now.

Sherlock’s eyes bored into its relaxed face as it placed its little chin on a massive white paw, its yellow eyes never bothering to open more than a slit at any given time. They both knew who was the dominant party here. The threat was tangible in the air, it settled over them like a mist of doom.

His captured hand had started to overheat a while ago, yet he knew that a twitch of a finger would result in chaos of the highest order. Escape was futile.

A pointy ear tipped in long strands of fur twitched suddenly, if you blinked you would have missed it. A tail started to thump sporadically against his thigh.

“Sherlock,” you called from the bathroom, “have you seen Peter?”

He daren’t shout back, lest the noise disturb  Peter.

He heard your heels click down the hallway and into the kitchen. “Sherlock?” You appeared in the doorway and walked to the center of the front room before you spotted them. Sporting a glittering violet evening gown with magenta lipstick to match and strappy silver heels, you slid a dazzling string of diamonds into your earlobe to match the other one.

His eyes snapped to you, hand still scratching.

Get me out of this.” he quietly shrieked through gritted teeth with a fierce look on his face, his eyes pleading but they promised death if refused.

A wicked smile crept across your face. “Awh, Sherlock! But he loooves you!” Sauntering over to him, you dropped down onto his thighs making him emit an involuntary ‘oomph!’, and pressed your cheek into Peter’s midnight fur, carding your fingers down his sides, your hair sliding about and tickling Sherlock’s arm. His white tipped tail batted your elbow and he softly squeaked at you for disturbing him.

You twisted your head to rest your chin on Peter. “Your trousers are going to be covered in fluff. Lucky you’re not wearing your coat, although I think your shirt is beyond saving.” You plucked a few bits of fur off of his chest.

“Maybe if you hadn’t taken hours to get ready, you could have entertained the beast and I wouldn’t have been trapped here.” He spat, seething.

You rolled your eyes. “Poor consulting detective, after years of being the smartest man alive, he tragically met his death on his very own couch, bested by a fluffy cat.” Your sarcastic tone prodded at Sherlock’s sensitive ego and he gave you a sour look.

You paid no mind to his melodramatic behaviour. You were used to Sherlock’s 0-100 way of living and you knew he wasn’t going to change any time soon. Not that you wanted him to anyway. Sherlock wouldn’t be Sherlock without a bit of madness thrown in.

“In any case, perfection takes time, sweet.” You stated simply. Standing up, you brushed your hands down your form, trying to remove any fur that might of transferred. Sherlock’s eyes followed your hands as they shimmied down your waist, your hips, and then back up to your chest.

“Plus John wanted fancy for his birthday this year, so I will give him fancy! It’s not often I get to pull out this dress. Considering it cost me a pretty penny, it hasn’t seen enough of the spotlight.” You struck an ‘avant garde’ pose, your right arm sticking up like a bendy straw, the back of your wrist on your other arm was placed on your hip, your curled hair settled around your shoulders as you tried to pull a blissful model-like face like you had seen in the adverts.

“You look like a broken teapot.”

You laughed as you dropped your arms to your sides. “Come on then, Peter pan. Get off the bad man so he can go and use that sticky thing.”

You gently picked up the cat and clutched him close, his paws resting on your chest, your arm tucked underneath him.

Sherlock mumbled something about a ‘ridiculous name for a cat’ as he stormed off to find the sticky roller to de-fur himself.

Swaying from side to side, you muttered sweet things to Peter and scratched him behind an ear. His face was pure bliss as he purred away in your arms.

“If you would prefer, you could always take the beast to this miserable affair instead of me. Obviously he’s an adequate dance partner.” You turned to see him stood next to the island in the kitchen, peering down at his shirt as he rolled the contraption up and down.

“As tempting as that offer is, we’re going to a posh restaurant, sweet. No cats allowed. Plus I’ve danced with you before, and I know better.” You let Peter jump out of your arms and race back to the couch, looking to soak up any residual heat left behind by Sherlock.

Walking up to him, you brushed a hand down his shirt, tutting at the mess.

“I’ll get another.” Sherlock sighed.

“Nope. I’ve changed my mind. I like this shirt, it goes with these trousers, I bought a whole dress to match this shirt so you’re going to wear it.” you took the roller off him, dropped down to your knees and started to attack his trousers with vigour.

“Darling, if you wanted to fondle me, you could have just asked.” You froze. Slowly tilting your head up, you gave him a flat, unamused look. You could see the smirk he tried to hide.

If he wanted to play games…

You dropped the roller to the floor and placed both hands on his upper thighs, giving him a sultry look. Rubbing your thumbs in circles you inched them dangerously close to a particularly sensitive area.

“I don’t need to ask when it comes to you, darling.” As you spoke you slid your hands higher and higher, and you could see the strain in his face as he tried to keep it neutral, refusing to let you see how much you affected him. “The good thing about living with a consulting detective is you start to pick up things, little hints and tips, learn to read people. Like right now, your pupils are dilated, your thighs tense every time my hands move,” to demonstrate you dragged your painted fingernails down a few inches knowing that his muscles would react. They did.

He swallowed thickly, his eyes never leaving yours.

“and your mouth is suddenly very dry. I wonder what it is you’re thinking of with my face so close to your crotch, sweet? Nothing PG I hope.” you cocked an eyebrow.

He cleared his throat. “Considering we’ve been in a similar positions before, I’m only using my past experiences to deduce my present ones.” he let a smirk paint his face, trying to make it seem like he was in complete control, cocky even. But you could see the effect you had in his eyes, they were broiling with hidden lust. You grinned back at him and said nothing, he knew that you knew, but you both loved the game. You continued your ministrations on his thighs and were mere millimeters away from touching where he secretly wanted you to most, and then -

“Are you ready to go, dears? The taxi is waiting outside!”  You both heard Mrs. Hudson’s voice call from the bottom of the stairs.

You sighed, dropping your head in defeat. Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Yes, Hudson! We’ll be there in a minute!” he snapped.

“Alright! No need to shout, dear! I’m old, but I’m not deaf!” she shouted back before you heard the front door slam shut.

“Looks like the fun will have to wait until after this shindig, my sweet.” you squeezed his taut muscles one more time before you held both hands out, asking him to help you up. Getting down on your knees in a tight gown and heels probably wasn’t the best idea. Sherlock took you by the waist instead and lifted you to your feet. Your hands went to his arms and his stayed put as he held you a little closer. “Or we could skip the whole thing.” he smiled, his eyes trying to convince you. “Or, you could be a good man and go to your best friends birthday party. We’ll wine and dine and dance and smile for pictures, and then we’ll come back and have dessert. Deal?” you held out your little finger.

“I wouldn’t say a good man,” he linked his finger with yours. “brilliant? Maybe.” his other hand crept down and gripped your rump. “Patient? Never.” then he leaned in to slam a searing kiss to your lips and you melted against him, both your still linked fingers now down at your side. Your hand ran up his arm and slid around his neck, pulling him closer as his actions left you with thoughts of abandoning this party after all. He squeezed your backside and pressed himself against you making you moan against his lips.

“Still want to go?” he said between kisses. “Maybe we could be a little late.” you breathily replied. Sherlock felt something brush up against his leg. He pulled back a little and you traced your lips along his jaw whilst he looked down into two yellow eyes that pierced his very soul.


“What?” your voice vibrated against his throat making his hand grip you a little tighter.

“The beast is watching.” he said eerily.

You leaned back to look down at Peter as he sat quite comfortably between your shoes and stared up at you. Oblivious to how awkward he was making the situation, he simply meowed up at you, demanding attention now your eyes were on him. You cooed as you stepped back and bent down to pick him up, effectively ending your heated moment.

Sherlocks phone started to ring in the pocket of his jacket that hung on the door. He glared at the cat as he made his way over to answer it. “What?” he said shortly down the phone.

“Uh, where are you three? Everyone’s already at the restaurant, we’re waiting on you lot to order drinks.” John, used to Sherlock answering the phone that way, completely ignored Sherlock’s tone.

Sherlock sighed and rubbed a hand over his face, trying to dispel any lingering animosity in his voice. “We’re on our way, John. 10 minutes.” he hung up without saying goodbye and put on his jacket. “Leave the beast here, Y/N. We’re late.” a loud beep from the taxi outside proved his point.

You pouted at Peter and rubbed your cheek against his before putting him down on the desk behind you. “Bye-bye, my love.” You blew a kiss at him as you walked backwards towards Sherlock waiting by the open door. When you turned around to link your arm through his, you could see his jaw clench and unclench as you walked down the stairs. You knew that no matter how much he claimed to despise Peter that it was just a facade. More than once you found him sitting in his chair in the morning with Peter on his lap as he drank his morning cup of tea. Or asleep in bed with Peter snuggled up against his back, as he snored and Peter purred.

You had pictures on your phone to prove it. Not that you would ever show him. They were yours to treasure. And maybe use as leverage one day.


A/N: Guys, I’ve been so busy recently with work stuff, but I HAVE still been writing, even if its little by little. I also have to wait for my friend to read it/edit before I post - as I have been caught out a few times with grammatical and spelling errors that drive me insane! 

I have another Supernatural and Daredevil fics in the works! One of which casts the reader in an evil light as opposed to good. Who doesn’t love a villain?

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A Helping Hand pt 1

part of Cloud’s Birthday Week 2k17. 
Summary:  A bizarre cat wearing a cape and a crown comes to Infantryman Cloud Strife for help. Through the occasional favor Cloud starts to learn more about ShinRa, get closer to his crushes, Zack and Sephiroth, and figure out what (or who?) is really behind Cait Sith’s actions.
Pairings: Reeve/Cloud, Cait Sith/Cloud (???), Zack/Cloud and brief Seph/Cloud
rating: Explicit (though not this chapter)

guys I’m SO. EXCITED. to post part one of this. I’ve had so much fun writing this.  If you’re balking at the pairing, my suggestion is to go for it – this fic kind of isn’t what it appears to be, and, well, I worked hard on it. Go forth ya’ll. 

“See ya,” he said, holding up an arm. Zack bumped their forearms together and saw him off with another wink and a two-fingered salute.

“Later, Spike.”

Cloud pushed his way out of the bar, gulping down fresh air once he was out. He hadn’t realized how hot it was in there. Most of the sun lamps were off now, simulating ‘night time’ – but there were still enough to make your way around. It took Cloud a moment to realize which way the businesses were that Cait Sith wanted to visit, and then he headed that way.

“There’s no one around,” Cloud said, “You can speak up. I can tell you want to.”

The backpack wiggled. He heard Cait Sith sigh. “…I suppose I can’t complain when I’m hitching a free ride on your back, can I?”

“No,” Cloud answered, “You can’t.”

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