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Humanity - Chapter One - Carl Grimes/Reader

“Dad… what are you doing now…” You groaned out quietly as Negan, your father called you out of the RV and waved his bat around. You grabbed your daggers and kept them on your beltloop. You opened the door and swung yourself out of the van, a big grin of your face matching your fathers. A group tied up and kneeling down looked at you, and how you were for sure Negan’s daughter.

You wore some skinny jeans that were ripped, so you wore a pair of leggings underneath, some Timberlands, a white tight fit tank top with a black sleeveless zip up, the hood had a nice fur outline that stuck out of your leather jacket. Your hair was in a messy bun and the number of daggers and guns that outlined your waist seemed to fit like a belt. A smile on your face that matched Negan’s that not can only comfort people but, can terrify at the same time.

“Yeeeees, Daddy?” You dragged out your word, confidently walking over to his right side, looking down at the terrified group.

“Give them a quick… pep talk while I grab my fucking old lady.” Negan stated, walking over to the RV.

“Okay!” You yelled, looking over back at the group. Grinning sickly.

“NOW! I HEARD! That you were the motherfuckers who killed our men? Hmm? Yes? Good!” You giggled lightly as a kid with a cowboy hat and one eye glared at you straight in the eye. You snickered before walking over to him.

“Now! I would just like you to know, my dear old daddy is being very, very merciful. Considering he only wants one of you dead and not all… is a fucking mystery to me! The boy glared at you even more, irritating you a bit, walking over to him and your temper overtook you, you grabbed his hair and looked him in the… eye.

“NOW! Since I got my little prologue outta the way. I gotta ask you. WHAT THE FUCK makes YOU think you can stare at me like that? AND START TO MOTHERFUCCKING THINK you won’t go without a scratch. Didn’t ya mama tell you it’s rude to stare?” You grabbed a fist full of his hair and brought him close to you as you examined him, ignoring is cry of pain and getting a close look. I mean, he’s pretty cute but, you think he’s kinda unstable. Oh well! You threw him back down and chuckled.

“NOW! Let me formally introduce myself! I’m (Y/N)! Negan’s daughter and second in command over… well everything.” You chuckled darkly before continuing.

“I just gotta ask, why’d did you do it? I bet you regret it now, huh? Whelp, now you’re all here, with one of you on death row and, well, my dearest daddy is the executioner! I know! I know! You’re all a little anxious but, don’t worry! As long as you all stay in place! You only see one of your friends die! Don’t make this even more of a bloodbath than it needs to be!” You laughed, looking up at the sky then back down to the group, who all looked at you in horror.

“You… are sick! You laugh at stuff like this?!” The kid yelled at you. You scowled before turning back to him, kicking him in the stomach at least three times, he coughed up blood as you looked down at him, your voice tern and cold.

“You have no motherfucking right to speak to me in that way. You are so lucky my father choses who dies because if it was up to me right now… I would have bashed your fucking head in with my goddamn foot you piece of shit.” You said calmly, an underlying tone of rage played as well.

“Understand?” You asked. He didn’t move or speak.

So, you kicked him again.

“I SAID, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! MOTHERFUCKER!” You yelled at him as he nodded quickly coughing up some blood as he spoke.

“Y-yes…ma’am….” He spoke, then groaning in pain.

“Good boy…” You chuckled darkly as your father came out, holding Luci. He walked to the center as you did the same, he eyed the boy and gave you a look that said “What did you do? Did you have fun?” You only shrugged and went to the RV, leaning on it as your father gave his speech to the people. After a while, your father picked some guy in a crew cut whose last words were “Suck my balls”. As your father kept swinging you flinched a bit every time. Yea, you do this to walkers no problem but, humans? Sure, you rough ‘em up and act like a bitch but, you have never taken a human life during this whole thing.

“Daddy… I think that’s enough…” You said coughing into your hand a bit as all your father was hitting was his neck and a giant puddle of human matter.

He lifted his head and smiled, and you looked down at the ground next to you and everything on the ground, except the mess of what used to be a living human just a few moments ago. How your father kills and takes joy, you’ll never know. All you know is that you felt eyes on you. You looked around and your (E/C) orbs meet and icy blue one. He had tears forming in his eye as you looked at him.

Carl, was wondering how you were taking some joy in his pain and how you wouldn’t even look at the remains of his friend. Shouldn’t you be felling happy at this? Why did you laugh at hurting him but when it came to killing a person you just looked away? He had met you only minutes ago and his thoughts of you went from; Cocky, she’s crazy, she’s a bitch, mega bitch and I hate her guts already, and then confusion on how you are acting. Maybe you were a bitch but, maybe you also had a little bit of humanity in you. Just a little. And boy, will the days that follow change his judgement on you. Forever.

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