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10 facts you didn’t know about BTS

Hello everyone! Admin M and I have both been having very hectic work weeks which have left us a little behind on ship! We are so sorry!! We are close to getting caught up but until then please enjoy this shitpost while you wait!

10 Facts you did’t know about BTS

  1. When Kim Seokjin was born it is rumored that the doctors and nurses cried over his beauty
  2. One time Jungkook saw Namjoon wearing a white T-Shirt and Timberlands so he went and bought white T-shirts and Timberlands
  3. Park Jimin is a literal angel sent from heaven to deliver charming vocals and killer dance moves unto us
  4. When God made Min Yoongi he realized he was too perfect so decided to make him a bit shorter for the safety of humanity
  5. Kim Taehyung still hasn’t realized he’s in a boy band. He thinks he’s just hanging out with his buddies doing normal buddy things
  6. Kim Namjoon has broken 37 phones over his lifetime, including a Nokia
  7. Once a NASA scientist saw Hobi in person and was confused and horrified of how the sun could be so close to us without killing us all (the answer is he simply chooses not to)
  8. Everytime Jungkook looks Jungshook he’s remembering the dark memory of the first time he was called “Oppa~”
  9. V can divide by zero
  10. Jimin was born in Busan first

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20 Ways to annoy Jeon Jungkook

1. If you’re a girl, sit really close next to him and put your feet on his lap. 

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2. Give him “the talk” in graphic detail whilst he’s trying to eat lunch.

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3. When he gets up and moves away from you after muttering he knows about it all, yell that it’s important to be safe, that you’re glad he wanted advice and that his urges are natural (making sure everyone else hears). 

4. Stare him out early in the morning by his bedside until he peeks his eyes open. 

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5. Whilst he’s trying to do a cover of a song, imitate his voice in a girly shrill. 

6. Get a 40 year old to call him Oppa. 

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7. When he gets annoyed, say fine and start calling him ajusshi. 

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8. When he gets dressed for the day, nod approvingly and tell him how he channels “fuck boy chic” well.

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9. Eat more food from his plate. 

10. Follow him around, blowing rasberries like a minion in his face. 

11. Hide all his white shirts and timberlands. 

12. Fill his Timberlands with glitter. 

13. Play with the music stereo whilst he’s trying to practice.

14. Take over his phone, send embarrassing memes of him to the girl he secretly likes. 

15. Jump on his bed whilst he’s trying to sleep. 

16. Call his mother and tell her you’re pregnant with his child.

17. Call Tae’s father on Jungkook’s behalf seeking permission for a surrogate baby through you. 

18. Trip him up. 

19. Say ‘ha, good at everything my ass. Kookie can’t even walk in a straight line’.

20. Sprinkle him with glitter every where he goes chanting “ALL HAIL OUR GOLDEN MAKNAE.”

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AN: Whilst I was writing this, kookie’s face was priceless in my head. I think he’d be difficult to annoy in general and less reactionary, his face would give it all away though. 

I was going to release this later, but Not Today dropped and all the feels hit me. 

jungkook: anime, ballads, roller coasters, ear piercings, timberlands, baggy white shirts, comic books, lifting weights, toothy grins, body heat, adrenaline rushes, race car driving, chocolate glazed doughnuts, fresh sheets, lamb skewers, puma sweatpants, memes, seagulls

taehyung: hide and seek, tickling, wide-legged pants, elephants, cute nicknames, art museums, alien conspiracy theories, record stores, ice hockey, sketchbooks, flower bouquets, strawberry farms, resting his head in your lap, cheeky smiles, billiards, fallen angels

jimin: cuddling, laughing at everything, plump lips, piggy-back rides, cotton candy, eye smiles, kittens, holding hands for the first time, volleyball, cloud-watching, falling asleep to his singing, apple picking, orange hair, carnivals, teddy bears, sun sets, blowing candles on birthday cakes

hoseok: street dancing, coffee shop dates, early morning sun rays, trying a new sport, smiling at strangers, flying kites, tennis, going to disneyland, beach days, horses running on a field, claw machines in arcades, bandanas, canonballs in swimming pools

namjoon: literature, dimples, gushing about a crush, foreign languages, philosophy, discovering new kinks, forehead kisses, grand libraries, black and white movies, re-watching your favourite shows, long hours spent commuting, red converse shoes

yoongi: afternoon naps, late night songwriting sessions, piano melodies, basketball games, photography, recording studios, underground rapping, heated kisses, music festivals, sleeping in, freshly brewed coffee, first snowflakes, cursing, leather jackets

seokjin: mukbangs, the colour pink, lame dad jokes, mario figurines, traffic dance, windscreen laughter, polaroid cameras, suits and ties, crocs, home-cooked meals, snowboarding, clicking with someone you meet for the first time, blowing air kisses, shoulders

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