white tigress

“It’s a mirror”

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while and I’m just now finding the inspiration to do it. I kind of wish a better writer had done it cause I like the idea but I just don’t think I can do it justice. But I gave it my best shot. Hope you guys like it. 

“Huh?” The tiger’s ear twitched as she glanced over her shoulder.”Master Po!” She gasped. She had been in the middle of changing when the panda so rudely invited himself it.

“Oh geez! I am so so sorry!” He immediately covered his eyes.

“It’s okay.” Her expression softened into a warm smile, slightly amused by his reaction. “Did you want something?” She often changed in front of team mates of missions so she thought nothing of it. Though Po quickly noticed the battle scars now far more apparent against the white fur of her stomach and chest.  

Despite having grown much closer in the months they’d known each other, Po never could never seem to get over that Tigress was in fact a warrior. Despite being one himself she was still as intimating at the day they met.

“I- I wanted to show you something.”

“What is it?”

“Hold out your paw.”

Tigress’s raised an eyebrow. “Okay.” A metal cylinder slid from Po’s hand to her own.

“I thought you should hang on to it.”

“Is this the Dragon Scroll? I can’t take this.” She shoved it back into the bear’s chest.

“Sure you can.”

“No I can’t Po… I’m not the Dragon Warrior.” A slight snarl escaped with the last two words.

“Just let me show you. If I can just …get this open.”


“Ha! I go- no I don’t!” The scroll tumbled to the ground and unraveled at the tiger’s feet.

“Huh?” She leaned down.” It’s still blank?”

“Yeah what did think happened to it?”

“I assumed you got to say something.” She twirled it upside down a couple times to be sure she wasn’t mistaken.

The Dragon Warrior let out a chuckle and hesitantly grasped her paws in his own. He positioned himself behind the cat and angled the scroll just right before taking a step back.

“You don’t see anything?”

“What are you expecting me to see?”

“I expect you to see, a warrior who is more than just not the Dragon Warrior.”

“I-It’s a mirror.” Blood rushed to the tigers cheeks. Thankfully hidden by her bright orange fur. As Po’s reflection appeared next to her own, she twisted her head around to tell him to back off but instead bumped her muzzle into his own.

Blood now rushed to the pandas cheeks. Unfortunately it was obvious against his white fur.