white tie with bc


FITBIT! - $149.97 (hell motherfucking yes.) y'all know I went yesterday and they were locked up so my depressed ass was like shit /: but today I was in the electronics for a charger and I walk to the fitbits to just show my friend what I meant by locked up. And from the corner of my eye I see one sitting there spider wrapped??? I snatched the bitch TF up. The best part is the spiderwrap was hella loose it took me one slide to get it off lmao!! I was so happy y'all so fucking happy)
5 10 foot long chargers 10.97 each (some not pictured because friends took them bc I’m not that greedy damn😂)
Twin pack of 6 foot chargers $9.97
Belkin car charger accessory - 39.97
3 phone cases $9.97 each (two not pictures because again…wanted matching cases with my friends.)
Like 12 cans of silly spray lmfao - $1.97 each
Wet n wild contour - $5.79
Setting spray - $7.99
Two winged eyeliner by maybeline ..? - $7 each (not pictured bc for friend)
Two headphones - $4.88 each
Two crest 3D whitening - $55.97 each
2 packs of Pencils - 4.47 each
Lead - 2.96
3 hard lemonades - 2.74 each (we drank them not pictured obvi)

hobby lobby
3 Medium white tees (wanted to make matching tie dye bc were cringe ok…?) $15
Two puff balls - $2.99 each
Tie die kit $9.97
2 Wallets (again not pictured) - $9.99

Converse - $60
Vans - $55 (not pictured bc ya boy was wearing them😂)
Nike shirt - $35
Adidas pants (don’t i always get these and not pictured bc I’m wearing these as well LOL) $39.99
Nike Tights for friend - $35
North face shirt for friend - $28

American eagle
Two pairs of jeans - $49.99 each
One shirt (I’m wearing basically everything ok..) $19.99

Nirvana sweatshirt $44 (my friend was so happy when I got her his yall.)
Nike sports bra - $30

GRAND TOTAL: $1004.27 (shit…… money would go so fast.)

“Starting-summer vibes” haul

Aka I went to j0ann3’s and impulse grabbed a white tshirt and some tie-dye bc the weather was reminding me of those days at the end of the year in elementary school when classes would get to go outside and have field day and dye tshirts… Is this just me, or did anyone else get to do this? lmao

Fuckin big time haul y'all!!!!!!!!1!! Like $11 😝