white throw

me: i wanna colour things nicely and put more effort into my art!!!

me to me: just draw everything in black and white and throw a gradient overlay on it 

On Bitty and the Football Team:

Its his freshman year and Bitty is walking around campus on his Taddy Tour™ with John Johnson, Ollie, Wicks, and some other guys on the team that Bitty doesn’t know. They are coming to the end of the tour and are walking down the frat row where all the sports teams have their respective houses. They walk past the volleyball house and the soccer house with no problem, but things get louder once they reach the football house. 

There are a bunch of hulking men gathered on the front lawn tossing a ball back and fourth. One, with short black hair and a very broad chest catches the ball, turns to the group and shouts,

“Hey hockey jerkoffs! look out!” 

He throws the ball, and it cuts through the air with Wick’s head as its target. It would have hit him straight on the nose too, if Bitty hadn’t caught it, snatching it from air as easily as anything. 

“You better keep this! you clearly need the practice!” Bitty threw the ball back to him in a perfect spiral, and when the offending player caught it, he was knocked to the ground with the force of it. 

Everyone was gapping at the mountainous man on the ground. A different player with shaggy brown hair called out in disbelief, “You just took out the school’s tight end!”

Bitty shrugged, unbothered, “I hope he’s second string.” 

All of the guys on the Taddy Tour™ starting whooping at the chirp, and the group moved onward toward the Haus, leaving a pack of slack jawed football players in their wake. The shaggy haired one offered a hand to the man on the ground.

“You good Brandon?” He asked, hoisting the other player to his feet. 

“Yeah dude, nothing hurt but my pride.” Brandon rubbed at the back of his neck sheepishly, “Who was that guy?” 

Shaggy hair shrugged, “One of the new Hockey recruits I guess.” 

Brandon smirked, “Hot.”  

Don't throw people under the bus just to make yourself look good

I’ve seen this addressed only a handful of times on here, so I’m going to address it once more.

Witches, especially you baby witches, when confronted about your practice negatively do not, absolutely do not, use the typical line,

“well real witchcraft has nothing to do with devil worshipping”

“we don’t really worship Satan”

“real witch craft doesn’t curse/doesn’t practice black magic” (don’t even fucking get me started on the black/white magic bullshit).

Because ding dong, you’re fucking wrong.

There are people, real people with feelings and emotions, who’s witchcraft involves the worship of Satan or Lucifer. There’s witches who curse and do nasty magic. And you have absolutely no goddam right to throw them under the bus to make yourself look good and feel valid. They are just as valid as you are and you should treat them with the exact same respect as you would any other witch.


There are 4 types of ippon (one full point that gives you the win in a Judo match): by throw, by armlock, by choke and by pin.

If you achieve anyone of this ippons in a Judo match, you are the winner!

Checkout the video from IJF with the great Neil Adams explaining all you need to know about the ways to win a Judo match!


…look, Disney.

I’ve got nothing against Emilia Clarke.

Really, I don’t.

But while Daisy Ridley is fantastic and Felicity Jones looks fine…another British white girl as the lead? 

When Tessa Thompson and Zoe Kravitz were in the running?

…at least make her an evil Imperial or an alien or something, okay?


This dairy goat farm lets the public take tours during/a little after the kidding season during spring! I got chewed on and it was great.

In 2009, you went to the White House and you performed the first number (“Alexander Hamilton”). What was that like?

It was my first time performing the song in public. I had been working on the song for a year, and it just felt like–well, if the White House calls you to perform something, and you’ve got a good sixteen bars on Alexander Hamilton in your pocket, you’ve gotta do it. Like you’ve gotta step up and do it. …I was invited to perform something from In the Heights… and that would have gone very well. But I also felt like–this is going to be a show about America. When else am I gonna get a chance to do this? It just felt like a sign.

So when you did it, and when you look at the video now…?

I see a terrified, young Puerto Rican man. Terrified. Because there’s the leader of the free world–the newly elected leader of the free world–his entire family, there’s Biden.

That video is a microcosm of my entire Hamilton experience. I say, “hip-hop, Alexander Hamilton,” and everyone laughs. And by the end they’re not laughing. Because they’re in it. Because they’ve been sucked into the story just like I got sucked into the story.

–Lin-Manuel Miranda