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Seven Hearts Foxy :P

psst he’s still in the middle of the apocalypse when he’s in suit for an event (try to guess bruh) and he’s keeping a gun under his suit in case the zombie attacks(???) /shrugs i made this to make him more aggressive xD

i used the rose petals instead of hearts…well hearts are kinda too mainstream xD and for the number seven, well yeah that’s my fav number :P

reblogs are appreciated and hope you like it <3 xd

@ondowntheroad here’s the marriage license I was talking about. Apparently Annica and Izzy got married in Lafayette in 1995, I found that interesting cause I kept on reading they married in 1991.

Eisuke Ichinomiya Wedding Aesthetic 💍👰💑💏💒

Just finished reading Eisuke and Soryu’s proposal stories again and while wishing their wedding stories will come out this just came to mind. It’s a good thing the guys in KBTBB are loaded with 💰 (so their brides wouldn’t have to worry about a budget, especially for Eisuke *Imagines myself as the MC* ). 😂 😂 😂  

@officialvoltageotome​, here’s what I imagined for Eisuke’s wedding.


For the invitations, something unique, elegant, simple and eye-catching would do. A customized acrylic glass box and embossed with calligraphy will do the trick. Inside are the invitations with either a small bottle of champagne or a Swarovski crystal figure with Eisuke and MC’s initials as the logo and a satin bow wrapped around the invitation.

Wedding Venue 💒

For the wedding venue, I definitely imagine them having a church wedding. 

The Interiors of the church would be decorated with flowers and lined with trees. For Eisuke and MC, I feel that they will have an enchanted white forest theme for their wedding, so that it will stand out and be memorable.

Engagement and Wedding Rings💍

Engagement Ring💕

MC’s engagement ring will definitely be unique but classic and timeless, this is Eisuke Ichinomiya we’re talking about. I imagine MC’s ring to be a classic Harry Winston emerald cut 3-stone diamond ring with tapered baguette cut diamonds at the sides; the emerald cut center stone diamond is definitely colorless, flawless and high in clarity. And in true Eisuke fashion, the ring will be no less than 7 carats.💎

*In Eisuke’s Season 3 top secret document, it was mentioned that the diamond ring is 24 carats, but I feel like that is too big for MC to wear every day as she goes through life, so I toned it down.

Wedding Rings ❤️

For the wedding rings I went with a round brilliant single diamond platinum wedding band. The MC will definitely want to have matching wedding rings with Eisuke.😁

*I inserted lyrics from the song “Forevermore” sung by the Filipino pop band Side A and covered by David Archuleta on American Idol in the picture as I feel that it perfectly describes Eisuke and MC’s relationship and their love for each other. I also think it’s perfect as her entrance music.

Wedding Reception

The entrance to the wedding reception will be immaculate and breathtaking. A surefire way to bewilder the guests, an impeccably idyllic entryway. Filled with luscious trees and a pristine installed bridge as guests enter the ballroom, transported to a dreamy, ethereal, garden-like wonderland.✨

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Crochet dress handmade by me! Photographer Shayne Mcmillin 2017
More of these shots to come. The dress will be shown in gallery upcoming November along with some painting work! Yay! ArtGirlDavis.com art girl davis on Facebook. More to come😊

anonymous asked:

Among the 1A girls + Bakugou, Todoroki, and Iida, who would like a white wedding and who would like a themed wedding?

White Wedding: Iida Tenya, Todoroki Shouto, Uraraka Ochako, Yaoyorozu Momo

Themed Wedding: Ashido Mina,  Hagakure Tooru, Jirou Kyouka

Doesn’t care either way: Asui Tsuyu, Bakugou Katsuki

Motionless In White Preference: Wedding Theme