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Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he's with her



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He knew it wasn’t the best idea to invite his friends to a dinner with you, but you really wanted to meet his friends. Most of them are famous film actors and some of them are musicians. He was very close with them but you weren’t. When they came in you heard loud greetings and laughing. They were really happy to see each other again. You entered the room and introduced yourself. You recognized most of them from the movies. It made you nervous knowing you were among so many famous people. But dinner was just starting and you were chatting with everyone and got close with a lot of them. At the end of the day, you were all really good friends. You wanted to tell T.O.P something but Yoo Haejin, his friend from movie Tazza: The Hidden Card started teasing him about your relationship.T.O.P gave him a scary look with his eyebrows up and his brown eyes staring at him. You laughed at his comment but you wondered what will T.O.P do. He looked at him for a minute or so and made a threat against him then… laughed. He laughed.
“What did she tell you? You’re gonna have a private dinner later?”
*stares at him for a minute* 

“You…. You…. I’m not gonna forgive you…. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH got you there hyung!”

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You were at home when Jiyong came and brought a few friends with him. You came to ask him why did he bring friends but when you saw Seungri and Taeyang you didn’t even bother. They were here a lot so you got used to it. They decided to watch a football match together here. You made popcorn and snacks and joined them. They were just chatting for a while but when Seungri noticed you were laying on Jiyong’s shoulder he started complaining. Jiyong is used to his complaints so he just ignored him as long as he could so he didn’t do anything. He just took a deep breath and prepared for all the words he’s about to hear.
*stares at him for a while* “Shut up.”

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You were in a car with Taeyang driving to one of his friend’s party. You loved going to parties with him because you met a lot of new people. Today you went to a theme party and the theme was black-white. You loved themed parties. You both wore matching clothes and to make everything interesting you both wore the same shoes, but yours were black and his white. You arrived at the party and people greeted you. His friend came and started teasing him about your relationship and he just laughed. He didn’t like to take jokes serious because jokes aren’t serious. That’s why they are called jokes. You were a little bothered about listening to jokes the whole party so when you came home you just wanted some silence.
“Just don’t kiss too much at my party, okay? Because I will stop you… From being cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
“ㅋㅋㅋ You will?”

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Daesung was in Japan and you didn’t have work this weekend so you decided to visit him. When you arrived you called him where he was, because he didn’t answer you called his manager and asked him for the key of his hotel room. You waited for him in a hotel room and he came with a friend. He was also a singer and famous for his amazing guitar skills. He was very happy to meet you and Daesung was surprised by your sudden visit, but he was happy though. When he started teasing him how cute you are together and what couple things you should buy, Daesung was a little embarrassed but happy because he was his really good friend. You both promised him you will buy those things.
“You must go and see the cherry blossom trees and buy matching phone cases…”
“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…okay, we will hyung…”

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He decided to take you with him to one of his friend’s club in Denmark. You were really excited to go to a club in Europe. When you arrived at the airport, his friend was already waiting for you. He greeted you with a joke about your relationship which you found really weird because this was your first meeting. Later at his club, he was still talking about your relationship. Seungri was of course bragging how awesome girlfriend you are and where have you been until now. He loved to joke and so did his friend. So when he teased him how to watch over you, so no one will try to flirt with you, he just laughed and promised he won’t take his eyes of you as always.
“You should watch her over, because there are so many blond handsome men over here, you know, hyung…”
“What? I was blond too and she likes me if I’m blond or not, right jagiya?”*looks at you with his puppy face waiting for an answer*

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On 'Dear White People' & the horror of 'African-American themed parties'

Several years ago a friend posted an invite to a “hip-hop” themed party on MySpace. I was fresh out of college and still learning how to articulate, “This is racist,” articulately, still struggling with how to express this to my white friends without them immediately going on the defensive, not yet knowing that it so often doesn’t matter how you say it, the response will be the same. At the time I was still a little afraid to make noise – to take up space and to unapologetically announce my presence. This fear applied to most things, race discourse was no exception, but I was learning to dip my toes in. I was a girl who was trying out being someone who spoke up even when it wasn’t popular to do so, feeling some sort of empowerment from a sociology professor who dared me to be a loud black voice in a white space, when I told my friend that her party was racist. I was being bolder than I had ever been when I sent her a handful of links to news stories expressing outrage at similar parties held at college campuses all over the country. I was embarking on new territory when I told her that her already racist party was made even more racist by hosting it in February.

In Dear White People there’s a very distinct tension both between the black and white students and among the black students at Winchester U and there isn’t a moment when you don’t feel this wafting on screen. There’s an air of superiority with the white students, an ownership to their supremacy, an aggressive assumption that their spot is rightfully theirs that has a way of making the microaggressions feel less like thinly veiled racism and more like the previews before a lynch mob. The white students feel interchangeable. It’s them. And they are not like us. This makes the nuance of the very distinct black protagonists more noticeable, and perhaps this is the point. There’s a subtlety to the dynamic of the different ways in which one is supposed to be and in the end there’s a concern about who got it right that makes you question your own identity and your place in a world where you are not welcome and your own way of claiming that space.

DWP sets us up to know from the very beginning that there’s going to be an “African-American themed party” that leads to a riot and Justin Simien does a great job at crafting these characters in ways that make it easy to see how this happens. But it was this disparity between the portrayals of the black and white students that made me so surprised at how angry I was when we finally get there. Of course these white students were capable of something like this! We’ve spent this entire movie seeing how these terrible pieces of human garbage become the catalyst for a riot on campus. Yet watching it as if I was invited to this party and privy to the goings on in each and every corner of this unnecessarily immaculate house on campus filled with a combination of completely clueless and completely psychopathic white college students was something I wasn’t prepared for.

It was the quick flash of a light followed by the chopped and screwed swaying of bouncy blonde locks attached to a girl in foundation seven shades too dark. It was the wide mouths, the toothy smiles, emerging from faces covered in shoe polish. The blurring of a set of blue eyes behind a mask with the sparkle of a grill reflected off of the faux diamonds on a pimp cup purchased in bulk at a Spencer’s. This party scene was so brilliantly shot that all of the energy, as complex and particular it seemed to be all at once, emoted to the viewer – to me. I was angry.

Throughout the movie it seemed simple to ask myself how I would handle it if my life mirrored that of life at Winchester. It felt easy to distance myself from what I saw on the screen. The truth is that the world created by Simien is fictional – these people aren’t real, someone made up these words – but we all live there. I did go to a college where the sororities had “ghetto” themed parties. I did get a MySpace invite to a party just like that. And I did feel like I made a mistake when I told my friend that her party was fucking racist even though it was the truth and it was real and it was happening to me. I wasn’t nearly as angry then as I was when I was watching this work of fiction in a theater packed with strangers. It was being forced to watch it play out in front of me while internalizing that this is the perception so many people have of me and people who look like me that made it so difficult to watch. And so as the real-life photos of the real-life parties attended by real-ass people flashed across the screen as the credits rolled I thought about my friend’s party and about my reaction and how despite the fact that at the time I thought that I was being loud and taking up too much space, it was so, so meek and shrinking compared to what my reaction maybe should have been. I should have spoken up. I should have done so without reservation. I should have taken up as much space as I needed.

I should have burned that motherfucker down.   

- Ramou

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