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”I can’t think of a single thing I can teach this guy. I feel bad, like I’m scamming him or something!”


Oh, look!!! It’s an old meme that I made a long time ago and then forgot about it!!! I found it today while I was backing up some old files on my computer and decided it was time to post it. ~~~~Enjoy~~~~

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Wow wonho flirting with changkyun in their recent vlive is just-

Wonho: Oh handsome!

Changkyun: The chopstick?

Wonho: No, Changkyunie~



(I really hope someone gifs this moment, it’s so cute!)

I wonder what it feels like to know what the f**k is going on

if someone asks how to describe tré cool, just show them this:
  • Billie Joe: If I'm going to be on stage for the next two hours, I want to treat it like it's the last time I ever perform.
  • Mike Dirnt: Never try to be somebody that you aren't.
  • Tré Cool: No man can eat 50 eggs.
Busy Nights

Characters: Sehun x You
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Family, Drabble
Optional Music: `*•.♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♥ .¸.•*

Tonight, earthly pavements cool, dismissing the last of the dwelling summer in Seoul. Curtains drift airily like ocean waves, breathing in life back to the exhausted souls of a busy city. Yet, an element as invisible and shapeless as the wind, still fail to permeate the glass windows of the 22nd floor of Oh Enterprises, where the newly acquainted director diligently types away at his keyboard.

Stacks of files pile upon pile on his desk. A gentle knock echoes from his doorway.

“Come in,” he says without taking his eyes off the daunting black and white text on his computer screen.

Soft and dulcet, a twitch of a smile tickles your lips, though you try your best to suppress it. Cautiously, you step into the large office. Your heart pounds with trepidation, yet it’s soft and joyous, relieved and light. You stop in front of his desk and gently place the coffee mug down. From the close distance, the wrinkles along his forehead and tension along his glabella retracts your blissful expression to a worrisome one.

“Thanks, Cindy,” Sehun dismisses, without looking up.

The corner of your lip twitches, your arms cross your chest. Wordlessly, you stay standing there, awaiting his acknowledgement. Yes, your visit is meant to be a surprise, but you honestly thought you’d be caught by now. As the door swings close, it summons a calming breeze into the room. And finally, the young Director Oh tilts his head up. Lips mimic each other into an upward curve as eyes sparkle with recognition.

“Honey,” he gasps. The papers, he so studiously worked on for the passed week, falls freely from his palms as he pops up from his seat and dashes around the desk to greet you. Naturally, his hands take possession of yours. He brings them up to his lips and gives them a longing kiss. “Why are you here?” Sehun may be strict and merciless during work meetings but his tone is so soft and soothing with you. Before you can respond, he purses his lips and plants big kisses on your forehead, nose, and lips, causing you to lose your placid composure to a fit of giggles.

“Well,” you pretend to pout, “My husband left one side of the bed cold for the last three days…”

Sehun’s shoulders stoop and he lets out a sigh. Peering up, your small hands cup his beautiful face; you observe his disheveled form. Dark circles line under his eyes.

“Did you not get any rest at all?” you frown. Like a puppy, Sehun molds his larger palms over yours that caressed his face and snuggles in.

“Has my Little Princess been good?” his breathing is even and tranquil. In your presence, suddenly all the tension of his muscles seem to relax; an insomniac, like him, is seconds from falling asleep standing upright.

“She really misses her Appa,” you reply, running your fingers through Sehun’s hair.

The corners of his lips flip upside-down. “I miss my Baby Girl too…”

“But she’s been really good!” you try to lighten up, “Just misses Appa’s bedtime stories.”

Beautiful lashes part, his eyes twinkle like twilight gemstones as they admire your angelic features. Under the moonlight, your lips seem sweeter, the tip of your nose, pink and cherubic, your eyes, more alluring…He thinks he’s fallen in love all over again. Cupping your face, Sehun tilts your head and plants another loving kiss on your forehead.

“Heh…” you susurrate.

Naturally, his palm molds around your slightly protruding belly. “What about this one? Has he been good?” your husband muses. As you bring your palm over his, he realizes, all the work stresses from this passed week are actually so minuscule compared to the blessings the Heavens has granted him. His eyes grow a little glossy when he feels a kick against his hand.

Smiling into your words, you update, “Good. He’s been very good these last three days. The journey to the office though…”

“Hm?” Sehun blinks.

“I thought I was carrying a little ninja,” you joke and observe, “I think he’s excited to finally be with Appa.”

Lovingly, your husband supports your aching back and guides you to sit down on the office couch. Sehun kneels down on the floor in front of you and presses his ear against your stomach.

“Appa is here,” he whispers to his unborn son before gifting him a soft kiss, “Now be good and don’t give Omma too much grief.“

Hearts melt into a mush. The affectionate father gazes up to you with that irresistible eye smile of his and just like Sehun, you believe you’re falling head over heels all over again. Cheeks dusts in cherry red.

You tug him to take the seat beside you and he obediently settles down. Automatically, Sehun throws an arm around your shoulder and pulls you in to rest against his chest. His breathing is calm and collected, but pulse is rapturous and quick.

“I miss you, Honey,” he admits. It’s not like Sehun’s never been away for work. In fact, during the early stages of your relationship, he sometimes had to travel abroad for a whole month. It’s just that now, with a growing family, the two of you cherished time together more than ever.

“Me too,” you answer and lean in for a quick peck on his cheek. His toothy grin and broadened shoulders betray his satisfaction.

Just then, your phone rings. The image on the screen only widens the smiles on both your faces.

“APPA!!!!” the toddler cheers into the video call.

“Hey!” Sehun takes the phone from your hands and smiles delightfully while the little troublemaker screeches in excitement. You fail to muffle back your laughter. “How’s my Baby Girl?”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she continues to shriek, jumping up and down so much that her grandmother can barely keep up with her.

Joyous chuckles evoke from Sehun’s lips. You can feel the vibrations from his abdomen.

“Be careful, Sweet Heart. Listen to Halmeoni!” he instructs. From the corner of your eyes, you catch Sehun stroking the screen with much longing. “She grew so much,” he says so seriously that it takes you a few moments to process the information before you burst into laughter. Sehun eyes you, almost offended by your reaction.

“Hubby, you’re exaggerating. It’s only been three days,” you giggle.

A deep sigh escapes his chest. With a frown he argues, “She grew.” Pointing at a lamp beside the little girl, he reasons, “She used to reach only up to there, now her little hair hits there!”

Slapping a hand against your forehead, you shake your head and chuckle. To the people of the office, Sehun may be a brave and ruthless boss, but to you, he is still a child at heart.

“My Little Baaaaa-buuu,” he coos, blowing his daughter several kisses through the screen.

“Appuupaa, when come home?” the young beauty asks, finally calm and in her grandmother’s lap. She sucks on her pacifier and innocently gazes into the screen awaiting her father’s answer.

It makes Sehun’s heart grow heavy. He turns to the pile of documents on his desk and sighs. Flattening your lips, you ease the phone from Sehun’s palm. “Appa works hard so he can buy you and your baby brother milk to drink and lots of toys to play with,” you coo.

Your daughter pouts and rejects the bottle of milk when her grandmother tries to feed her. “Appa,” she warbles.

“You want Appa?” you can hear your mother-in-law sweetly question as she tries to coax the toddler. “Appa will be home soon. But the Little Princess has to be good or Appa won’t bring her, her pretty glass slippers home…” The baby girl burst into tears.

From your peripheral vision, you catch Sehun’s eyes grow glossy. He sniffs back tears before you could mumble a regard.

“Drink your milkie and go to sleep, Sweet Heart,” you soothe. Turning to Sehun, you instruct, “You too, Director Oh. Get some sleep. Those dark circles are darker than a panda’s!”

With that, you start to get up to leave but your husband holds onto your hand.

“I can take the taxi home. Just make sure you get some rest, okay?” you reassure.

Still, he clings onto your hand. You raise your brow.

“Let’s go home together,” he makes the decision after pondering for a moment.

You gasps. The workaholic Oh Sehun is actually proposing to going home to rest when there are deadlines piled up like a mountain on his desk??? Your shocked expression must have betrayed your bewilderment. Sehun pinches your nose and chuckles. He tugs you over to his coat rack.

By the time the two of you arrive home, the little girl is already asleep in his grandmother’s arms.

“Se—” the older female happily greets but the loving father places a finger to his lip. Carefully, he eases the toddler from his mother’s lap into his arm. Just like that, with his little princess quietly snoring against his chest, he feels the heaviness in his chest vanish. Rocking back and forth, he hums sweet lullabies, kissing her chubby baby cheeks every so often. He feels so light, airy, and safe, like the gentle breeze of the last summer night.

With the baby securely in one arm, he extends his other arm out to you. Giggling, you skip over and weave your fingers through his. “Good night, Omma,” the two of you mouth to the beaming elderly woman. She nods and retreats into her room.

Nightly creatures ease the sleepy father from his duties with their own version of a serene hymn. Sehun places the baby onto the center of the bed, tucking her in with the stroke of her head and a kiss on the forehead. The two of you slip in under the covers, one on either side of the sleeping angel. Automatically, Sehun and your hands meet at the center, your arms building a barrier protectively around your daughter. Lashes begin to sway to the whistle of the wind outside. Guided by the rhythmic breeze, the curtains flow, creating breathtaking shadows into the bedroom.

“Goodnight, My Love,” your husband lightly squeezes your hand.

“Goodnight,” you slur as the warmth of your family’s company eases both of you to a sweet slumber.

A/N: Hi!! A quick one-shot I just wrote because I wanted to clear my mind. Hope you guys like it :) Check out more of my work on my tumblr!

Story Master Archive

Cool but Mello talking to somebody about how hardcore he is and saying “Yeah, man, I pour vodka straight into my coffee,” and Matt just sits in the other room drinking vodka and redbull, screaming “You drank ONE white russian ONE TIME then puked and cried into my shoulder.”

Who Wins

Kuro fluff or Kuro angst

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The Piano by the Doorway

“What is the point, I’m not good enough.”

Yoongi w/ Jungkook and Hoseok

Ex-Musician AU 


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Passing the winding roads and quiet cafes, Yoongi’s footsteps made their way hastily past the small alleyways to the right; crossing roads without the guide of traffic lights, and over to a small corner shop. A sign hung on a pair of rusty chains, squeaking with each whiff of the wind whilst a pair of bolts loosely held onto a faded brick wall. The windowsill had collected fragments of debris as stickers, both old and new, had been stuck on by passer-byes. Glancing through the window revealed dusty shelves and a library of music where a young employee in his early twenties flicked purposefully through a box of vinyls, fingers soon falling upon the customer’s request.

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