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Catch of the Day (Part 3)

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Lance heaved his body forward, gaining as much momentum as possible. Once he had enough leverage he flopped over the edge of the tank and landed with a loud thump. Lance paused for a second, hoping he hadn’t awaken Shiro or Keith.

He didn’t want to wake up the pair as they hardly got much sleep. They deserved a rest.

Lance slipped into the water with ease and sighed as the kinks he had gained from the tank slowly eased out, Lance stretched out and dipped down beneath the waves.

He smiled as he spotted a school of unfamiliar fish swim by, he sped down to them and glided through the school. They parted for him and Lance laughed when they began nudging him questioningly.

He swam with them, laughing in joy as they circled before leaving to the bottom, where the corals were. He examined the reef excitedly, looking at the species that were never in his area. He played with the tiny fish, crustaceans and other things living among the reef. 

Lance giggled as some of them nibbled on his fingers, but, as he played, a dark shadow was cast over him. He looked up quickly and the sight that greeted him was a manta ray, willowing along gracefully, a few meters back was two more manta rays. Lance squealed in excitement, although they were common in his area Lance always loved them so much. They were so cute.

Lance swam up to greet them. “Oh aren’t you guys just the cutest?” Lance squealed as one of them flopped on top of him excitedly. Lance rubbed it’s belly, they swam circles around Lance before leaving on their way.

The moonlight filtered through the rippling water, illuminating Lance and his surroundings. He knew he should be heading back soon, but Lance was having fun. 

So he stayed just a bit longer.

“Shiro!” Keith yelled and listened as Shiro awoke with a loud thump and curse. He came around the corner groggily and looked at Keith. Keith aimed his own stare at the tank Lance had been living in and Shiro followed his gaze.

“Where’s Lance?” Shiro questioned, he didn’t sound too alarmed. 

“I don’t know,” Keith shrugged at Shiro before looking out to the ocean. “Probably went for a swim?”

“Maybe…” Shiro said and sighed, “Guess we’ll just have to stick around until he gets back.”

“Whatever,” Keith muttered but gave no complaint as he went back to the task he had been doing previously. 

“So…. Have you and Lance talked any?” Shiro asked, trying to sound casual but failing miserably.

“A bit, but not much,” Keith murmured and looked up at Shiro, “Why?”

“Oh, no no. Just wondering,” Shiro brushed off and look at Keith inconspicuously. “What have you guys talked about?”

“I don’t know, Shiro,” Keith gritted out and glared, “What answer are you looking for?” 

“Calm down, I wasn-”

“GUYS!” Lance submerged from the sea next to the boat, the two jumped meters into the air in fright before looking at Lance in shock.

“Don’t do that!” Keith yelled as he tried to calm his heart rate.

“No time! There’s a whale!” Lance squealed, Keith and Shiro ran to the side of the boat and looked down. Sure enough, the two witnessed as a large dark figure swam under the boat. It swam a few meters away before coming up for air. 

They watched as it left before Keith looked down at Lance. “Don’t you live in the sea? Why did you get so excited?”

“Just because I live in the sea doesn’t mean I don’t get excited when I see these things,” Lance said and shrugged, “I’ll come back soon, I saw something that looked interesting as I was coming up….”

Lance dived down once again, heading for what he had seen. His eyes had caught what looked to be a compass, the same compass he had taken with him when he had been knocked unconscious. He searched before his eyes once again spotted the gleaming gold perched upon a rock. He picked it up and examined it. 

It was his. Lance’s grandmother’s name was neatly displayed across the back with the chain that would wrap around his neck. It was just dumb luck that he’d found it. Or fate.

Lance examined the current and noted the direction it was going in, northeast. He put the compass around his neck before he swam back up and emerged. He immediately held his arms up to the pair waiting for him, they hauled him up and into the boat before placing him in the tank once more.

“Guys, I think I have an idea of the direction I came from.” Lance smiled and held up the compass, “This was on me the day I got lost, the current that took me must’ve come through here. That current came from northeast!”

“So… we go northeast?” Shiro questioned before he got an idea. “I’ll be right back.”

A few moments later Shiro came back with a large map in his arms. “This is the map of the area we’re in right now, the current patterns are also on here.”

Shiro laid the map on the floor, being careful not to dirty it before he pointed to a spot on the map. “We’re here,” The followed one of the many lines on the map, “This is the current you’re saying you most likely came from,”

“So we can just follow the current, you can get out and look every now and then until you get to familiar grounds.” Keith clicked and explained. He understood now.

“It’s a loose plan but a plan nonetheless!” Lance exclaimed and smiled at the pair. He might actually be able to get back home.

They had started following the current, every two days Lance would get out and check the surroundings, every time Lance would come back disappointed. He’d think he’d see a familiar reef or rock formation but when he’d examine closer they were just random rock and reefs. 

“Ugh, it’s hopeless,” Lance whined as he leant over the side of the boat, “It’s been forever!”

“it’s literally been a week, stop being dramatic,” Keith rolled his eyes as he reeled in a fishing rod to redo the bait. 

“A WEEK!?” Lance shouted in surprise, “It feels like a month!”

“Yes, a week” Keith sighed, swearing he’d had this conversation before.

“How do you live like this?” Lance said as though he was pitying him, “It’s so boring.”

“I just do?” Keith said and turned to Lance who was staring at him.

“What was life like on land?” Lance asked, he had never actually asked.

“I haven’t lived on earth in years and when I did it was in the middle of nowhere.” Keith explained and Lance snorted.

“No wonder!” Lance chortled, he wasn’t being mean or anything. 

“What?” Keith said, confused. Lance only laughed harder. 

“Sorry, sorry it really isn’t that funn-” Lance stopped suddenly and started to cough loudly. He coughed and a large fly was spat out, Lance shivered in disgust and Keith bent over in laughter.

“Ha ha,” Lance said sarcastically, “You know, I could have died.”

The two started to bicker jokingly. Shiro listened from them from the control room with a faint smile on his face. 

This was good for Keith. He needed it.

Lance began feeling…. odd. Something felt different all of a sudden. He sniffed the air and looked around, feeling the sudden need to get out of the boat. He flopped out of the tank quickly and over the side, into the cool water.

Lance swam down to the reef and looked around, trying to spot anything familiar, he didn’t spot anything that was particularly the same but the species were all very…. similar to home. He was starting to get excited, they were close, he could tell. 

He swam up to tell the two of his suspicion when a large shadow was cast upon him. Suddenly he wasn’t feeling too good. He looked up, knowing what he’d be faced with already. A great white shark swam above him and he almost squeaked in fear before he sped down to hide behind a rock. He knew he wouldn’t be hidden for long so he had to get away quickly. 

“1….2….3…” Lance counted in his head before he sped upwards as fast as he could. Not all sharks would attack and most attacks were them being curious but Lance didn’t want to risk it. The shark turned around just as Lance passed it and was immediately on his tail.

Lance swam faster, and cringed away when it brushed his tail. He swam up, going for a leap out of the water so he could get out. Lance broke the surface and leapt up, the shark nipped his tail slightly and blood dripped down into the water, not enough to cause too much pain. 

“Lance!” Shiro gasped in surprise as Lance landed aboard with a loud thump. 

“I can smell Lance….”

“Get the sharks immediately!”

“Right away, ma’am,”

Dunno where this came from, but here, have a scene from a fic I will never write:

“Rex! Rex, I’m here! I heard you were in this system, so I thought I’d drop by, and––”

Fives’ voice caught, and he slowed his upbeat jog across the hangar deck. Rex had emerged from the gunship, looking exhausted. But as he stepped aside, another figure was revealed. A clone, he had to be a clone. But his armor was different; just a padded suit and some chest plastoid. And his face was pale and sickly, the skin stretched tight over sharp bones and sunken deep into the hollow spots. And on his head, a series of large round dots––were they plugs of some kind? And his right arm…gone. Just gone. A long durasteel shaft in its place, that looked suspiciously like a dataport access connection. He barely looked human, and certainly looked like hell.

But when the trooper saw Fives, his steps faltered. A look came over his face, a hundred different emotions compressed into a few quirks of the eyebrows and quivers of the mouth. His eyes darted over Fives’ body, returning again and again to the tattoo at Fives’ temple.

Fives approached more slowly.  “Rex,” he said again, but there was more caution in his voice. “Some of the boys contacted me, said you were passing through. They snuck me on board. It’s good to see you, sir.” He extended his hand.

Rex gave a tired smile and clasped Fives’ forearm in greeting. “You too. How’s life in hiding?”

“Eh, it’s all right. Could be more interesting.” Fives shrugged.

“More interesting than the Chancellor’s goons out trying to track you down and kill you.” Rex’s tone was serious, but a twinkle in his eye betrayed the humor.

Fives shrugged again and smirked. “Haven’t caught me yet.”


The voice came from the other trooper unexpectedly, and Fives snapped his head around to look at him. But the tone hadn’t been one of surprise or recognition. It had sounded like concern or worry, with a slight accusatory edge. It seemed to say What happened? and What did you do? all at the same time. A nagging feeling in the back of Fives’ mind told him he should know that voice from somewhere.

“Yeah, that’s what they call me,” Fives said instead, extending his right hand to the trooper. Reflexively, the other trooper tried to return the gesture. Both of them paused only a whisper away from touching. Durasteel shaft. That’s right. Fives cleared his throat and awkwardly retracted his hand.

The other trooper let his eyes linger on the five tattoo at Fives’ temple again. “That’s what you call you,” he said, after a time.

Fives’ eyebrows knit together. “I’m sorry, have we met before?” There was that nagging feeling again, in the back of his mind. “I’ve seen a lot of brothers, but you didn’t look like…this…last time I saw you. Sorry.”

Something that looked a lot like pain crossed the trooper’s face. But it was quickly replaced by a small, gentle, almost bittersweet smile. And there was that feeling again, and Fives was starting to wonder if he really wanted to know why it was there, because no, that wasn’t possible, and he should just shove that thought right down before it tore his chest apart.

The trooper must have seen something in Fives’ face, because he took a step forward and placed his left hand on Fives’ shoulder. “I know you don’t recognize me,” he said softly, “but I’m here. I’m alive. I’m not a ghost.”

Fives found it difficult to breathe all of a sudden. He stood, tense, as the trooper slid his hand down from Fives’ shoulder to rest, fingers splayed, on Fives’ chest. The trooper’s eyes drifted down to his hand, then back up, almost hesitantly, to meet Fives’ gaze.

“I’m not an…echo.”

Fives felt his heart explode. A flash of tingling cold swept across his skin. His breath caught in his throat and his head swam in white haze. A whimpering noise reached his ears, a quavering “Echo?” Somewhere in the haze he realized it had come from himself. And suddenly the room was spinning and trembling, and the only thing keeping him grounded was the searing heat of the hand on his chest.

As Fives fell into the spinning white haze, he heard a voice, all too familiar now, and so achingly sweeter than any other sound in the galaxy:

“It’s good to see you again, brother.”

BTS Scenario: Finals Week

Hi cutie! Since being in love plays an aspect in this, I decided I wanted it to be a fluffy kind of smut where he’s more like making love to you than just having sex with you, I hope this is what you were looking for!

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 1.5 K

Summary: It wasn’t that you were terrible in school, it was that you just needed a little help, and for the longest time you refused to ask for it. That was until your math teacher introduced you to Kim Seokjin. Not only was he intelligent, he was breathtakingly beautiful. Now, an entire quarter of the school year has passed and you’re preparing for finals with him. Internal frustration is at an all time high. He knows you so well, can see the defeat in your eyes. It makes his heart ache. So he decides to take your mind off of it for a little while.

He was glowing in the early afternoon sunlight filtering in from the school’s windows and glinting his glasses. You knew that the stack of study guides scattered across the table in front of you should’ve been your first and only priority, but gazing fondly at Seokjin seemed to take precedence naturally. As if sensing the weight of your gaze on his shoulders, Jin cleared his throat, eyes still trained dutifully on his own papers. “It’s not polite to stare.”

Sitting up a little straighter in your seat, your grip tightened on your pen and a fire started burning in the apples of your cheeks. He lifted his head, eyes now settling on you as a serene smile nestled on his face. His light brown hair turned golden in the glimmering sun rays, crowning him holy. You were flabbergasted. “You’re very distracted today. Only twenty minutes ago you were telling me about how stressed you are for finals, and now you won’t even finish the practice problem I gave you.” The fondness that had painted his features was still evident though the corners of his lips turned down into a frown, concern etching wrinkles between his brows. “Is everything okay?”

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Five


Word Count: 1700

Warnings: A lot of cursing. Angry Kappy. 

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

The following week had been uneventful. Work and errands seeming to take over all the days passing. You’ve noticed that recently you’ve been feeling motivated though. That you’re genuinely happy. Not a day goes by where you worry. You were enjoying life. You even got the chance to finally rearrange your living room to fit your personality better.

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Skin Deep [M]

Taehyung x Reader
Fluff/SMUT/Slight Angst
Word Count: 5,800 
{Request Filled}


Blank whiteness glared up at me through the blank page of unanswered math equations that reflected my empty mind with each second. Math never failed to show me just how stupid I thought I was. The numbers just wouldn’t come easily, scrambling together and switching places as I tried over and over to understand them. Thankfully I had a distraction.

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K lotto drama CD translation: Snow White and Beauty-Obsessed Queen


Animate lotto drama CD - Snow White and Beauty Obsessed Queen translation by Keik. 

Characters: Isana Yashiro/Yatogami Kuroh/Mishakuji Yukari/Hisui Nagare/Gojou Sukuna/Fushimi Saruhiko/Yata Misaki/Munakata Reisi

Parody plot of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. So much fun to listen omg! And by the way who is the real Snow White and where is the prince XD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA



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$1 stories - A is for abuse - N is for non-con



Rape, abuse, drugs.


Don’t read this, it’s mean.


[ when it’s cold I’d like to die - moby ]


@rengenano ❤️


‘What are you doing here?’

‘I just thought I’d come to say hello.’

‘Go fuck yourself.’

With that, he stood, weaving through the crowd and pushed through the doors of the smoky bar.

His hands shook.

His eyes burned with tears.

He needed to get as far away from this as possible.

He was fumbling with his phone, trying to unlock it while simultaneously attempting to remove his keys from his pocket.

He was two buttons away from making the call when the man caught up with him.

He grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

He stumbled but was caught by the wrist.

The man pulled the phone from his hand, looking at the screen.

‘Seriously? The cops?

He Tian tried to pull his arm back.

‘What’s your fucking problem?’ The older man demanded.

‘YOU! You are my fucking problem!’

‘You’re being dramatic.’

‘I have a RESTRAINING order against you.’

‘Yeah, that’s not a magic spell. It only works in the company of certain people.’

He lunged for his phone.

He’d never been fast enough.

The man pulled back, laughing.

‘Good try.’

‘What are you doing here, man? Seriously.’

‘Just checking in. You’ve made this much more difficult that it needed to be.’

‘Ok. You’ve checked in. Are we done here?’

The man studied him.

‘You’ve changed.’

He Tian shook his head slowly.

‘Really, you have. Look at all this new found confidence. You’re standing up for yourself.’

‘No, I-’

‘I don’t like it.’


‘Please just let me go home. I won’t call the cops, I won’t do anything.’

‘I’ll come with you.’


‘You sure about that?’

He Tian knew he was making a mistake.

He could just take him home and when it was over he could just shower and go to bed.

He couldn’t do it.

He needed that safe space.

Unsoiled by all this.

He nodded.

He felt himself begin to regress.

The man shrugged.

‘Suit yourself.’

He scanned the area for a moment before pulling him into a dark alleyway.

He Tian breathed deeply.

He wasn’t fast or strong enough to escape.
He never had been.

So he willed himself to relax.

If the doesn’t fight back, it’ll be over faster.

The man shoved him against the wall, kissing him deeply.

He felt the same.

Smelled the same.

Tasted the same.

He thought he might vomit as he parted his lips for his tongue.

A rough hand slid under his shirt, pinching his nipple.

The other expertly opened his jeans and reached inside.

‘Aw, what’s with this lack of enthusiasm?’

He Tian squeezed his eyes shut, pushing the tears down his cheeks when the man fondled his flaccid cock.

‘Why are you crying?’

If he didn’t know better, that gentle voice would have sounded sincere.


‘Use your words.’

‘I d-don’t want to do this.’

The man removed his hand from his shirt and wiped the tears from his cheek.

‘I know, sweetheart.’

He looked up at him, knowing nothing he could say would make a difference.

He felt like a child again.

‘Please don’t. Please just let me go home.’

He pulled He Tian into a gentle hug, kissing him on the side of his head.

‘It’ll be over soon, baby.’

He Tian nodded, feeling like the last three years had been nothing but a pleasant dream.

The man reached into his pocket, pulling out a small metal box and a pocket knife.

He pried the lid off, opening the knife and using the tip to scoop out a small amount of white powder.

The image swam in his tears as he leaned forward, holding a nostril closed and inhaling the bitter powder.

‘One more?’

He Tian nodded.

The scoop was larger this time.

He was feeling generous tonight.

Nostalgia, maybe.

When he pocketed the paraphernalia again, He Tian let his head fall back against the grimy brick wall.

He’d been sober for nearly three years.

He hadn’t needed it.

He’d forgotten how good it felt.

The man ran his fingers through He Tian’s hair, just the way he liked it, until he was sure it had kicked in.

He Tian felt very little while the man gently pulled his jeans down his thighs and lifted him up to wrap his legs around his waist.

He felt nothing but a dull discomfort when he shoved himself inside.

He didn’t feel the sticky warmth of the blood between his legs.

Or feel his skin break under sharp fingernails.

He couldn’t feel the pressure of the sharp, brutal thrusts.

He didn’t want to hurt him.

He wasn’t trying to make a point.

He wasn’t trying to scare him.

He was doing this because he could.

That was the satisfaction he wanted.

He Tian couldn’t feel the fingers in his hair.

Or the lips on his.

He simply stared into the dark, empty, eyes of a shark.

It didn’t hurt.

Not yet.


When it was over.

The man dressed him.

Offered him another bump.

And drove him home.

He carried him up the stairs.

Made sure he had his things.

And deposited him at his doorstep.

He rang the doorbell.

Kissed him sweetly.

And walked away

Always Read the Margins

Chapter 6 here, all parts here

Genre: Chaptered. University AU, fluff, eventual relationship that can be taken as either platonic or romantic

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

Warnings: Hangover. Slight angst/self-hatred (very slight), a bit of swearing

Word Count: Around 3-4000 per chapter

A/N: More hints of angst but honestly I’m incapable of making anything not fluff oops xD

Chapter 7

Dan awoke the next morning to a head that felt stuffed with candyfloss and a throat as dry as a packet of crisps. A low groan escaped his lips. His head was pounding behind his closed eyelids, as if a giant foot was pressing down into his skull, forcing his brain to burst at the temples. He groaned again, hating how pathetic the sound was. He was a student - wasn’t he supposed to be able to deal with a hangover by now?

Apparently not, if the way his stomach was churning was anything to go by.

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Here u go anon! (idk if this is what u wanted but this is what happened ?)

Summary: Famous!Dan is stressed and Phil comforts him.

Word Count: 1k 

I am so in love with blue neighbourhood


He knew what Phil would say if he were here, he’d crack the jokes hiding the concern behind his raised eyes. He’d weave his hands through his (once curly) brown hair and say it’s alright. And it would be. Because Phil Lester was made of starlight. 

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A Gamble With Love, Part 3: Undeniable Attraction

Did i not say that I had a lot of ideas for this one. Luckily i also had the entire weekend off from work so I was able to write down a lot of my ideas, so here’s part 3. enjoy, sweaties.

Summary: Going on a Hike with Minseok isn’t you ideal date, but everything that comes with the date is the undeniably perfect.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,676

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Minseok, Luna

“I thought you said this was going to be a hike?” You asked him as you walked over to the entrance of a beautiful, green walkway. The walkway was a wooden bridge built over shallow green pools and small flows of water, tiny orange and white fish swam in the pools, and dragonflies hovered close over the water.

“It’s less of a hike and more of a relaxing walk.” he responded, reaching his arms around your waist, and guiding you forward onto the bridge.

“I prepared myself all week for a hike. I hate hikes. I got ready for nothing.”

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Ice on the water


A late night, a bright full moon, and the crystal clear water beneath his boat. All the factors were there and Note couldn’t resist anymore.

Stripping off his clothes he dove head first into the water. His form shifting and expanding in the water as he took on his draconic form. Leaving his boat he began to swim, skirting the shores to try and avoid being seen as a loch Ness type creature.

Until he saw a wolf on the shore, a large white wolf. Curious he swam closer to the shore to see the creature better.

AKASHI - December-Themed Drabble

I’m so sorry it’s late! My dad keeps shutting off the internet like wtf

The sun was beginning to set, a simple and painted reminder in the sky that Christmas day had already flown by with shocking speed. You really did not expect the day to go by that fast.

It was simple- you planned on celebrating Christmas with Akashi for the first time, but things did not turn out as they were supposed to. You were so sure that Akashi of all people would be ready before anyone else, but somehow, he had been far behind on preparations for Christmas.

You arrived to a nearly empty mansion. The number of staff was always fairly low and Akashi’s father seemed to be on a business trip each time you visited. All was the same. However, the house was so utterly plain for the special holiday, it made you feel a bit sullen.

“Where are the tree’s decorations? The lights outside?” You immediately questioned your boyfriend in a hurry, simply confused with why nothing had been set up.

It was when you noticed Akashi’s hidden expression. The whole thing must have been personal. You then remembered that a lot of special occasions had been forgotten and left in the dust with such an empty home. The whole thing seemed heart-wrenching in your eyes and you found the desperate urge to change something about it. After-all, you desired a memorable first Christmas with your boyfriend for the both of you to enjoy.

The atmosphere carried a snug, warm feeling, as if the air in the room had been wrapping the two of you in a soft blanket. Music filled the room and entered your ears; the sound of festive, slow Christmas music had really set the mood. Akashi rummaged through bins full of ornaments. Bright reds, greens, whites swam around in the box just waiting to be placed on the tree that stood in the living room. You decided to start Christmas by decorating Akashi’s Christmas tree, which had been completely bare aside from its beautiful evergreen color.

You finished stringing the twinkling, frosty lights on the tree and stepped back to admire your work. Feeling satisfied, you smiled with glee and joined Akashi at the bin to search for ornaments and other trinkets.

The song had changed to one of your favorites. You felt yourself swaying slightly along with the music as you began tugging the decorations onto the tree’s arms. Akashi gazed at you with interest, a small grin resting on his face.

“You fancy this song?” He questioned your dancing with a playful expression. You turn your head back to meet his eyes and nodded shyly.

“It’s a good song,” You mused as you shifted your focus back to the tree, humming softly to the wonderful tune. Akashi made a sound of approval before dropping the items he held back into the bin.

Your hand was suddenly grasped with carefulness and you felt yourself being dragged away from the Christmas tree.

“What? Sei-“ Your voice cut short as you were pressed against Akashi’s chest, your eyes traveling up curiously to meet his piercing gaze. His hand covered yours in an embrace and his other arm had snaked across your back to drape comfortably at your hip. You were surprised and a bit thrown off with what his intentions were, until Akashi began swaying slowly around the room.

He kept his eyes on you as he guided your body with his around the room in a graceful motion. You wanted to stare back at him, but you became too embarrassed to look at your boyfriend in the eye as he held you so close to him. Your eyes met the floor and you observed the two pairs of feet moving around.

“___, look at me,” Akashi spoke up with a soft tone. His voice was quiet, but the two of you were so close together you heard him perfectly. As if his words captured you entirely, you hesitantly tore away from studying the floor and focused your stare on Akashi’s eyes.

Being swept around the room leisurely in his arms left you speechless. You were enjoying the slow dance so much, you didn’t notice Akashi’s face nearing yours before he swiftly kissed your lips. The music sounded faint as you heard your blood pushing through veins. You felt incredibly nervous, but at the same time, so secure with his touch. You wanted to stay in the moment for as long as possible.

Akashi’s lips curled upwards into a gentle smile as he absorbed your flushed face and hesitant actions. He loved making you flustered.

Even as the music changed, the two of you continued your dance with hushed words. You felt so foolish for dancing around in small circles, but it was such a nice, tender moment for you both. The sun’s last, bright rays were seen sinking into the horizon as Akashi kept you in his arms, the music surrounding you two as a makeshift barrier from all interruptions.