white swam


Here u go anon! (idk if this is what u wanted but this is what happened ?)

Summary: Famous!Dan is stressed and Phil comforts him.

Word Count: 1k 

I am so in love with blue neighbourhood


He knew what Phil would say if he were here, he’d crack the jokes hiding the concern behind his raised eyes. He’d weave his hands through his (once curly) brown hair and say it’s alright. And it would be. Because Phil Lester was made of starlight. 

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Deep Sea RP

It was early in the morning,the sun was just about to rise. The weather was colder than usual,it was the typical after war silence. Everyone tried to recover from the attack. Of course the ones who attacked were pretty proud of what they got from it.

The white shark swam in the depths,searching for something. It was rare to see someone alone at such an area.