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Gajevy Week: Prompt: Longing Missed Glances


Smidgen Gruvia

JuviaxLevy BrOTP


Prompt: Longing


Missed Glances

Post Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

Levy goes to Juvia for some advice, it turns out, while she may be smart, she missed a lot more than she ever did.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Juvia glanced at her bedroom door, it had been a couple days since she and everyone else returned from the Spirit World. Outside of everyone who went, no one had memories of what had transpired.

It left a lot of people in a weary state, especially those that had been transformed into constellations.

“Juvia, can I talk to you?” Levy’s voice came through the door, and Juvia tilted her head. While she and Levy were friends, they didn’t hang out too much.

It was disappointing when she thought about it. But, she noticed Levy was a very quiet girl when it came to things like that. Outside her small social ring or Jet, Droy, Lily, Gajeel, Cana, Wendy, and Lisanna. Even then, she spent most of her time with the first four, and that was mainly because them men all hovered around her.

Juvia had taken a bit to realize, Levy was extremely friendly, but also extremely introverted. While Lucy could be seen as the blunette’s best friend, the two rarely hung out outside of the Guild, and here at Fairy Hills, the smaller blunette hung out with Wendy because the youngest female spent a lot of time with Levy, reading and learning about different types of magic.

Outside of a more familial bond with Wendy, Jet, and Droy and outside the affectionate and friendship type relations she had with Gajeel and Lily, respectively, she didn’t open up very much.  

“Of course, Levy. Juvia is always willing to talk.” Juvia replied as she opened the door. She wasn’t greeted by the usual warm smile that screamed Levy. She was met with a nervous look that made Juvia want to hug the girl and never let go.

“I-I know you and I don’t talk much. And I know that’s mainly my fault. I… I’m sorry. But… can I ask for your advice?”

Her slow stutters made Juvia worry.

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My Little Gift

 “Let’s just say this is an early Christmas gift from your amazing boyfriend,” Ashton announces with cheer in his voice. I bite down on my lower lip as I try to eliminate the beaming smile that is ready to set on my lips.

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Words: 2000+

Rating: R

Request: No

A blizzard of snow danced across the window as the moon nearly peaked through the powdered coloured clouds that skidded across the dark night sky. The blazing fire sent warmth through out the living room as I lay along the ginger coloured couch, the flat screen TV above the fire place playing endless episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ on a regular lifeless Saturday night.

The throbbing sound of the doorbell ringing made my lips let out a sigh of annoyance. I let my feet hit the warm ivory coloured carpet, before letting my feet maneuver their way to the front door. I reach my hand up and grasp the burnished door knob in my hand and twist it gently while retrieving the door open.

“Hey baby,” Ashton voice utters as the door opens to reveal his large frame in the doorway. I let my lips crack into a smile as I meet Ashton’s russet coloured eyes. I retrieved the door open wider for Ashton huge frame to stride into the warm house that we both share together.

“Did you leave your keys here or something?” I question as I watch Ashton peel off his Timberlands, snow falling onto the plastic black matt that we just bought a week ago when we noticed the snow falling heavily.

“No, I was just to cold to dig through my pockets to find them, and I was also excited to give you this.” Ashton states while holding a CHANEL gift bag in front of my face. My eyes beam with excitement as I see the gift in his hands.

“Is that my Christmas gift or something?” I speak as I continue to rake my eyes over the black and white bag that has my body shaking with excitement. Ashton lets a hearty chuckle leave his mouth before staring down at me. And I admire that he hasn’t shaven ever since the snow began to fall on the ground, he just looks extremely sexier when he doesn’t shave.

“Let’s just say this is an early Christmas gift from your amazing boyfriend,” Ashton announces with cheer in his voice. I bite down on my lower lip as I try to eliminate the beaming smile that is ready to set on my lips.

“Now, run upstairs and put this on and then meet me back downstairs with the bag and everything, and please, make it fast.” Ashton states while placing the CHANEL bag in my hands and wandering his way into the living room. I let my mouth tumble open with shock before knocking sense into myself and grasping the bag tighter into my hands and rustling up the cream coloured stairs to slip on whatever Ashton has bought me.

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Look on the Bright side w/ Luke Kuechly For @meganbrookebolt20 *Explicit*

Luke Kuechly:

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“And that’s the game, folks. In Carolina’s heartbreaking loss to NFC’s top team San Fransisco 49er’s. Carolina lose 14-9 with a battle of defense. Luke Kuechly may have been phenomenal but it is not just him and he should have pulled everyone close to get there heads in the game. Next on-…” You cut the TV off when you hear Luke’s truck pull in and the door slam hard. You run to the garage to see Luke with his head down and him clutching the door handle hard. Normally after a loss, he is angry for a couple hours and then you cuddle on the couch, watching other games while you talk about everything that happened that day.

This looks completely different, the Panthers are going to the Playoffs since they have the 2nd best record in the NFC and 3-1 in Divisional games. You walk to him slowly and you lay your small hand on his shoulder lightly, he doesn’t move. You wrap your fairly small arms around his large, shaking frame, you feel him turn towards you and you pull away quickly, afraid he will lash out. He has never laid a hand on you nor disrespect you but he yells at you and you yell right back and you end up just apologizing afterwards. He is still staring at you with his beautiful sapphire eyes and his 6’3 frame over your 5’4 stature.

You look down at your dress and sneakers and you are about to speak, you look at him when you feel soft lips on yours. You go to wrap your arms around his neck when he pushes them above your head and holds them with his large hand, his other hand goes under your floral dress. You moan softly against his mouth and you feel his lips curl up. He bites your lip hard causing you to bleed and you gasp, allowing him to explore your mouth, you push with all your might and run into the house and to your bedroom, to hide the embarrassment.

You feel Luke haul you up bridal style and throws you on the bed. His shirt is already off and his pants are to his knees, you quickly remove your spandex and he yanks off your dress and strapless white bra with force, it hurt for a second but you are long from the thought when 2 fingers are inside you, deep. You moan loudly and you feel something building up inside of you, the second you are about to explode, the fingers disappear and you whimper. You look at Luke to see him taking off his boxers and him pouncing on your small frame, you look to see how serious he looks and you shiver in delight.

“Tell me Megan, were you going to come a moment ago?” You shake your head and he slaps your ass…hard. He looks at you with fire in his eyes and you stare back with desperation.

“Don’t lie to me, I will be nice and not punish you. Now answer this again, were you coming a moment ago?…” You lower your eyes and nod your head, looking at him for a brief moment. All of a sudden you feel him thrust into harshly and you almost immediately release, he is violently thrusting into you harder and faster and you can’t help the pleasure flowing through you. You hold your release for him and you feel it coming very soon, his thrust become sloppy and you throw your head back and scream.

“LUKE!” You scratch his back while he grunts and you feel him release his load inside you, followed by smaller thrust. His face is red and he has a huge smile on his face. You are so confused by how he went from being so quiet and sweet in public to being this dominate sex god in bed, in the 3 years you have dated and loved one another, he is some secret sex god. Don’t get it twisted, he is amazing in bed but this was so refreshing and so amazing words couldn’t describe every moment. He is cuddled to your naked body under the covers and you watch reruns of Weeds, your favorite show.

“I love you Megan… I’m sorry for being ruff, I was just angry and mad and I didn’t want to hurt you…”

“I love you too, Luke… and even though I want you to succeed in life, you should lose more often because that was amazing…” You smile and you hear a deep chuckle come from his chest. You lay there with the man of your dreams…

On the Line- Part 6

It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly.

But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Part 1  , Part 2, Part 3Part 4, and Part 5.

Summary of Part 6: You make plans to open your own bakery, and take Sam to Donna’s wedding.

Warning: Smutty smut

Word Count: 2350ish

Sam was wrapped around you like vines, his long limbs twisted over and through yours, keeping you toasty warm even though the covers had ended up in a mess at the foot of the bed. His skin felt like silk against yours, despite the hardness of his body. Stretching as much as you could in your current position, you opened your eyes and watched as he woke up, too.

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Soldatin Pt. 8

Summary: A late night, post mission encounter with Bucky leaves you hoping for more at Tony’s upcoming birthday gala.

Word Count: 1373

Warnings: Fluff, bit of angst, flirtation

A/N: I hope you guys are enjoying this series as much as I’m enjoying writing it! Notes/feedback welcome!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7

Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13    Part 14   Part 15

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“So everyone is coming on Saturday, right?” Tony inquires via his comms while taking out two Hydra agents on a watchtower.

“Is now really the time?” Cap asks from inside the Hydra base as he throws his shield, taking out three incoming agents while he backflips off of another agent’s face and catches his rebounding shield.

“Coming to what?” You ask while stepping a foot into Bucky’s hands, he throws you up two levels and you land gracefully on the catwalk.

“Tony’s birthday party,” Nat grunts, kicking an agent toward you. You throw him over the bannister, “Incoming, Buck!” Bucky sidesteps just in time as the agent thuds to the ground, kicking up a small mushroom cloud of dust and debris.

“It’s not a party, more of a gala,” Tony states, offended as he flies in through the fresh hole in the wall.

“If we’re all alive on Saturday we’ll go, can we concentrate on the task at hand?” Cap suggests. “Nat and Y/N, see if you can figure out where that signal is coming from…”

You return to the Avengers Compound late that night with the intel you needed. It was another successful mission. After an ice bath and a change into your pajamas, you dress a few minor wounds in the lounge. Super Soldier or not, you learned that you’ll heal even faster if you take care of yourself. It’s a new but welcome habit.

Bucky emerges from the dark hallway in nothing but his black boxer briefs, unaware that anyone else is still awake. He opens the refrigerator door, stares for a moment and grabs a tupperware labeled with your name on it. His attention shifts to the lounge as he hears the click of your first aid kit close.

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Wedding night (Harry Styles) (requested) (smut)

A/N: requested by hopelesslyinloveornot  hope you like it <3 xx

I giggled warmly, as Harry hooked his arms under my thighs and effortlessly picked me up, stepping over the doorstep to our hotel suite. “Gotta keep the tradition alive” he chuckled, before setting me down and running a hand through my now loosely wavy hair, my fancy up do discarded during the after party. 

“Of course, of course” I smirked, wrapping my arms around his neck whilst stepping out of my heels. “Mm that´s better” I hummed, playing with some strands of his hair. “Not that any of the fancy details really matter, but today was perfect” Harry softly murmured, rubbing my dress covered back.

“Agreed, sorry I was so nervous at first though” I replied with a slightly deeper exhale, still feeling his soft curls between my fingertips. “You were perfect Y/N, just perfect” he breathed, his green eyes burning deep into mine. “I love you so much” I let out, feeling tears of happiness threatening to spill again. “I love you too, gorgeous” Harry beamed, before leaning in and closing the space between our lips. 

My eyes fluttered shut the second his pink lips crashed onto mine, the perfect synced pace of kisses quickly making me want more. I gently pushed his suit off of his shoulders, his hands finding the silky bands keeping my wedding dress tight to my body. “How does this even work?” Harry chuckled in confusion, seeming to tangle himself into the bands, more than tangling me out of them.

“Just pull it, carefully though!” I instructed, giggling at my husbands confusion. “Oh okay, like that” he murmured with furrowed eyebrows. I shot him another wide smile as he finally removed me from the dress, leaving me in my pearly white strapless bra, thong, and drawstrings.

Harry shook his head whilst biting his lip, as he eyed me from top to bottom. “I´m so lucky” he let out under his breath, before wrapping his arms around my waist again. I smiled into the kiss whilst trailing my hands down his body, unbuckling his pants and sliding them down his legs.

I went to unbutton his shirt, as Harry pulled me closer, his evident erection pressing against my hip. I felt his hands on my back, running over my shoulder blades before finally stopping at my bra clasp. He lent down and pecked his way over my entire chest, before sliding the material off of me and tossing it to the side.

He placed his hands on my backside, picking me up as he walked us to the bed. He gently placed me down on it, making sure I was in a comfortable position before starting to trail kisses down my body. I let my fingers tangle into his hair again, letting out heavy breaths as he pressed a line of kisses over my hipbones. 

Harry looked up with a gentle glance, before hooking his fingers under the lace and sliding it down my legs. “You alright?” he asked, as I pressed my toes into the crispy white sheets. “I couldn´t be better” I replied, reaching for his hand and carefully intertwining it with mine. He shot me a loving smile, before leaning down and attaching his lips to my most sensitive bundle of nerves, wrapping them around it in a sucking motion. I arched my back slightly, allowing the familiar feeling of pleasure, to spread through my body.

Harry slipped one of his fingers into my entrance, making sure I was wet enough before softly starting to brush it over my g-spot. “Aah, Harry I just need you in me” I breathlessly let out, squeezing his hand. He slowly withdrew his mouth and finger from me, before standing up and removing his boxers which I had gotten him, specifically with this event in mind. 

Harry smiled at how intently I was admiring his body, as he lent back down and interlaced our fingers, placing one of my arms above my head and holding the other between our bodies. I sighed in content, my bottom lip making it´s way between my teeth as he slipped inside of me. I moaned lowly as he started rolling his hips into mine, the beautiful feeling of our bodies connecting never ceasing to overwhelm me, in the best ways possible. 

I placed my hand on the back of his neck as he kissed me again, removing one of my senses as I closed my eyes, not letting myself do anything but feel, touch, and breathe. 

“Good?” Harry asked sweetly, making the dimple on my left cheek show as I nodded in a lust filled smile. I threw my head back as he brought his hand to my clit, his soft fingertips moving against the sensitive skin. I winced as I felt myself nearing the edge, releasing his hand and gripping the sheets. 

“I´m gonna come” I stated, burying my face in Harry´s chest as he picked up his pace slightly. “I`m right behind you, you can let it go I´ve got you” he let out, tightening his grip on my hand. I pressed my head into the pillow behind me, moaning out Harry´s name as I detonated around him. Apparently the feeling of my tight walls clenching around his shaft, was enough to finally send him over the edge. He buried his face in my neck as he came, shooting his load inside me. 

“Come here” Harry murmured once he´d pulled out, me rolling over placing my head on his chest. He started peppering my hair and forehead with kisses, making me giggle as I hugged him closer. “I love you” he breathed, squeezing me against his bare body. “That´s my favorite thing in the world to hear” I cooed, pressing a lingering kiss to his chest, my heart swelling with the realization that this man was going to be mine, forever and beyond.