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I forgot about these! I started them with the intention of giving them to each respective person back in December at the Yulemas special in Bakersfield, but I just didn’t finish them in time and then forgot about them til now. They’re still not finished, but close… Though I ended up finishing the Hatchworth one after I found out he was leaving. Maybe I’ll sketch one up for Zero so he can be included! :) 

Code: Realize: Future Blessings 

She’s by far my favorite otome heroine. This Girl is Gold. Cardia Beckford has had a long road towards discovering her origins and past. Despite the countless of times she was called a “monster”, this young woman wanted only one thing “to love”. Originally this illustration was first used at “Otomate Party 2015” to announce both the Code:Realize anime (due out October 2017) and the respective fan disc “Future Blessings”.

It was also used on the fan disc itself during the opening movie as well as the cover for the game’s soundtrack. It’s quite the lovely image with a calming aura to it. What can I say? The roses on this one are beautiful as well, although I’ve yet to quite figure the meaning behind them, but I believe it’s along the lines of “eternal purity” (which I think is the name of one of the tracks from the soundtrack). No matter what happens, sooner or later, Future Blessings will come.

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32 Reasons Why I Will Never Have a Perfect Boyfriend

1) Jace Wayland.

2) Will Herondale.

3) Jem Carstairs

4). Jebediah Holt.

5) Cole Holland.

6) Frosty (Aston Martin).

7) Bronx.

8) Justin Silverstone.

9) Gavin.

10) River Marks.

11) Chance.

12) Griffin King.

13) Samuel Morgan.

14) Jasper Renn.

15) Jack Dandy.

16) Prince Kai.

17) Ze'ev Kesley.

18) Carswell Thorne.

19) Jacin Clay.

20) Marcus Valerius Lux (Ignifex).

21) Armand Vareilles.

22) Fitzwilliam Darcy.

23) Jon Snow.

24) Robb Stark.

25) Gendry Waters.

26) Tobias Eaton.

27) Percy Jackson.

28) Ethan Wate.

29) Maxon Shreave.

30) Aspen Leger.

31) Carter Woodwork.

32) Kile Woodwork.

For auction, my World of Darkness original art published in the 1996 Mage the Ascension book Technocracy: VOID ENGINEERS.  Probably my single favorite piece I drew for White Wolf Game Studio back in the day.  It’s 12x16 inches, ink on Bristol paper.

More pics on the auction page.