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“I just need to figure this out and everything will be fine.”

“But Ces —”

“If you want me to keep your secret,” Cecily hissed viciously as she tilted her head toward him, “then you’re going to keep mine.”

He jerked back like she’d hit him, his lips pursing together so tightly that they formed a thin white line in his pale face. It was clear Harry was shocked that she would throw what she’d seen between him and Zayn back at him.

She regretted the words the second they were out of her mouth. She wasn’t that person, someone who would use something so personal as a weapon to get what she wanted. It made her feel sick all over again.

Harry didn’t get mad or storm out, both things he was entitled to do after what she’d said. He simply crossed his arms and leaned against the sink beside him, shaking his head in disappointment.

“Really, Cecily? You’d blackmail me like that?”

It was like a punch to the stomach. Her face crumpled and she sniffled as she tried to keep from crying. “Harry, I’m desperate,” she whispered, all the power lost from her voice as she pleaded with him. “Please don’t tell him.”

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SPLITSVILLA 8! RANNVIJAY’S LOOKBOOK – Formal wear to beach wear.

I was going to start apologising to all the women as again I’m back to a menswear post then realised you may not mind so much! Who would not want to see this man? So here you go Splitsvilla and Mtv fans!

In this post I have put together seven looks of Rannvijay Singh Singha, where you can get it and styling tips. If you have liked our last post on mens fashion , you will love this one too!

Rannvijay is not a fussy dresser, but he pretty much manages to work everything which is really useful.

One of his favourite shirts

Hat – Rannvijays own, sunglass and shirt -from Koovs, neck piece – Street Soul, watch – Gshock, shorts – Crash Boom Bang, Bandra, white loafers – Andheri Lokhandwala.

Unfortunately, there are a few rules to casual fashion also. Lets start with the basics.

  • If you are wearing a printed shirt please avoid printed lowers. Stick to solid colours. This goes both ways. Lets avoid looking like a puzzle which doesn’t fit together.

Watch – Gshock, hand accessory – Koovs

Hat – Streeet Soul, shirt and boots – Koovs, scarf – Crash Boom Bang, Sunglass – MacV, linen trousers – Zara.

My main concern about bright colours is that make sure you are not too bright.

  • Always tone down very bright colours with a more subdued colour like grey, cream, beige etc.

Sunglass – Rayban, tee – tailored, jeans – Diesel, boots – Zara, watch – Gshock, wrist accessory – Street Soul.

Hat – Street Soul, shirt – Tommy Hilfiger, watch – Gshock, trousers – Zara, tan slip on shoes – Andheri Lokhandwala, Hand accessory and sunglass – Koovs

Shirt, sunglass and shoes – Koovs, Shorts – Celio, Watch – Gshock.

  • Clothes are not the only important factor here. An outfit is made up of shoes and accessory also. The right finishing to an outfit goes a long way.

Watch – Gshock, wrist accessory – Gentleman’s Community.

Sunglass and pocket square – Koovs, blazer – Zara, shirt – Celio.

When trying to make a blazer look more casual, the best way is to roll up the sleeves. I find rolled sleeve on men super hot, may it be a blazer or a suit or even a kurta ;)

Cap – Vans, hooded tee – Forever21, track pants – Koovs, shoes – Fubu.

Sunglass – Koovs, watch – Gshock.

So here we are in Goa and in his beach wear. Age no bar guys.

  • The beach and summer is for colours and prints. Colours look amazing in the summer sun and after the winters there’s no better time than now to wear your brightest tees.

As you will notice lots of his outfits have a hat. Shooting all day under the sun is next to impossible and I know no better person who can carry off this look more than him.

A big hug and thank you to Sagar Kumar Munjwani for the lovely pictures!

– Bidisha.

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from SPLITSVILLA 8! RANNVIJAY’S LOOKBOOK – Formal wear to beach wear.