white snake root

Some Basic Roots Herbs, Minerals, and other natural materials of protection:

Angelica Root (purifies home, protects babies, and mothers)
Anise (wards off evil eye)

Basil (family protection & happiness, drives away evil)

Bay Leaves (keeps away evil, jinxes, & enemies)

Betony (provides protection from disease, evil entities, and reverses hexes)

Black Cohosh/ aka Black Snake Root (strong all purpose protection against unwanted persons & snake bites)

Black Pepper (is used to harm others, or to provide protection against witches, or foot track tricking)

Blessed Thistle (protects the home from evil)

Boneset /aka White Snake Root (protects against unnatural illnesses & jinxes. & snakes of course)

Boldo (Household & personal Protection)

Calamus/ Sweet Flag (jinx breaking)

Chamomile (protects home, children & removes jinxes)

Citronella (spiritual cleanser, gets rid of evil)

Comfrey (for safety when traveling)

Devil’s Shoestrings (useful for clearing away evil, or reversing evil tricks)

Dragon’s Blood (very powerful for all purpose protection, wards off evil)

Eucalyptus (cleanses home of evil spirits & negativity, gets rid of enemies)

Five Finger Grass (wards off evil, provides luck & protection while traveling)

Garlic (hang in kitchen to keep away unwanted visitors. used in 4 thieves vinegar)

Graveyard Dirt (Real graveyard dirt- not an herbal replacement) (used to harm others, also for strong protection)

Hen’s eggs (preferably from a black hen, but in a pinch any egg will do) (used for uncrossing)

Horehound (protection from wild beasts)

Hyssop (cleanses home & clears away crossed conditions. A spiritual cleanser- see Bible Psalm 51)

Lavender (protects home, marriage)

Lemongrass (draws good luck while protecting from evil)

Lye (esp. a brand called Red Devil Lye. Bury outside in 4 corners of property in unopened with the devils facing outward. protects from enemies. Caution- highly corrosive & hazardous to handle. But very effective)

Motherwort (protection of family & home)

Mugwort (safe travel)

Peppermint (protects from enemies, jinxing, reverses curses, and if burned on cleanses home of unwanted spirits)
Red Brick Dust (protects home, and illegal businesses)

Rosemary (a strong home protection esp. for women)

Rue ( clears away or reverses jinxes, purifies spirit and home. use in bath to break spells. wards off evil eye)

Sage (the smoke, cleanses the home of negativity and lingering evil spirits. wards off evil eye)

Silver mercury dime (use to ward off tricks, goofering or any other evil doings)

Star Anise (protection from evil eye)

Sulfur (used to do evil work, but also to counteract evil work & for uncrossing. Protection against enemies)

Vervain/ Verbena (protection from evil, used for uncrossing, & protection of home & marriage)

Vinegar (4 thieves vinegar for protection against enemies)

Wormwood (safe travel, personal safety)