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Running Lines (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I don’t know what this was, but you can thank the other Scruffy Hoes for filling my mind with Dylan Porn all day. I gave more stuff coming, you’ve been warned. Also, I only proof read half of it, so.

WARNING: Smut, smut, also smut.

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Inspired by all the adorable and gorgeous seasonal confectionaries hitting the shelves right now, here’s our home-made, low-carb, sugar-free version.


All it takes is a silicone candy mold (we got ours on Amazon – this one and this one), a couple of little brushes and some sugar-free white and dark chocolate (we especially love the delicious Cavalier and Guylian brands, but I’m sure any would do.)


You just melt a square or two of white chocolate in a microwave, paint it in to the mold, wipe the necessary exposed bits clean with the corner of a piece of kitchen towel, set for a few minutes in the freezer, then top off with melted dark chocolate. Back in the freezer (or fridge), and when that’s set too, you slip the mold free. Voila: pretty Halloween treats have happened.