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Happy Birthday Nozomi!

Title: How to Get a Nico
By: Athyra
Length: 3,358
Featured Characters: T. Nozomi, Y. Nico
Summary: Set after “Prayers and Sins”, Nozomi goes to enjoy her promised day off by matchmaking her friend, and harassing a certain feisty florist. 
Pairing: NozoNico, some EliUmi (if you squint)

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riversongs-hubby said to the-binding:Hallo! So I was wondering if you could write something with Dip crossdressing? :P Like, he was messing around with Mabel’s things, something he does on a regular basis, and Bill pops in unannounced. Then there’s all cutesy stuff and Dip completely horrified, but Bill being like ‘YAS. Can I help?’ or somethin’? :3

Oh one of my great weaknesses- boys in dresses

It was nice to have the Shack to himself for once.  To have the freedom to do things he normally didn’t get the chance to. Like sneak into Mabel’s room and try on some things… This was something he didn’t make a habit of- they did it all the time when they were younger.  Sometimes though… sometimes it was nice to 'play dress-up’.  He would never tell anyone though- not even Mabel. His little secret. He slipped on one of her frillier skirts, puffy and white lace trimmed in a light blue flowing fabric.  He dug around for a little while to find a white fitted top- ruffles around the collar to pair it with.  It was a bit sheer- he could see his chest through it. He smiled at his reflection- it quickly fell.  "B-B- Bill….“ The demon was smiling as he studied his Pine Tree in his cute little outfit.   "You are precious.” The teen’s face went bright red and he wrapped his arms around himself in an attempt to hide.  "But that outfit… while its cute its not quiet right…“ He moved closer and pulled Pine Tree’s arms away.  He studied him another moment.  "We can do better than this.” He took one of Pine Tree’s hands and twirled him.  When Dipper looked back at his reflection he was in a completely different dress.  It had a white silky halter top that ruffled high along his neck with a black silk bow.  The skirt was high waisted and flared in gold with four little black buttons on the front and a long tailed black bow on his lower back.  It only reached mid thigh.  Bill had even put him in thigh high black stockings with lace trim and a black silk bow in his hair. “Now THAT is perfect!”  Bill cheered at his own handy work.  Dipper flushed brightly.  "We’re keeping it!“