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FIC: Betrothed (2/?) (EruRen)

Fic: Betrothed 

Dedicated to: rovescio (i.e. the baller in charge of Eruren)

Rating: Mature-Explicit? I dunno. Smutty.

Genre: Arranged Marriage | Alpha/Beta/Omegaverse | Canon divergence

Summary: Erwin Smith, the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps and textbook definition of Alpha, arrives in Shiganshina to make good on an arranged marriage contract with one Eren Jaeger, the most anti-Omega that ever did walk the earth.

Author Notes: More half-assed attempt at plot with some smut thrown in for good measure. I tried. Ish.

EDITED: Now on Archive of Our Own

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anonymous asked:

i bet you 800000000000000000000 dollars your weddings gonna be frozen themed huh

You better believe it. Gingler’s going in a dress inspired by Olaf and I’m wearing a Sven disneybound.

(Actually, I don’t know if my actual wedding would be themed. But I know I want to get married in a white Sherwani with a tulle cape for a train because I saw Elsa and knew I needed a cape)