white saviour bullshit

Can we pleeeeeease not make pisspig the face of the ypg? He’s not kurdish, I don’t mind him but guys how hard is it to just like look up kurdish ypg commanders or something? Can we let Kurds be the heroes of kurdistan and not some white saviour bullshit?


Elaine, 19, Tagalog, born and raised in Bataan, moved to Canada when I was 12, currently living in Vancouver and majoring in Engineering

For PFAD, I decided to show my accomplishments: two of my Engineering projects from last semester, one was a group project and the other, I had to do it by myself. 

It’s really exhausting to see that the most representation you get in the media are documentaries about your people’s suffering. No, I’m not trying to disregard them, I know all our problems and I know there are things we should change.

But when that’s the only thing you see in the media in a country where a large population of Pilipinx live (fastest growing minority in Canada, second largest population of Asian Americans), it gets pretty tiring. That’s why I cannot reblog some of the posts about the Philippines, because all they seem to me are white saviour bullshit. Yes, even if the post sends a good message and a message that I agree with. It’s exhausting and I’m done with it.

I want more happy Pilipinxs in the media! I want more of our accomplishments showcased in the media! Because coming from a third-world/developing country doesn’t mean we’re sad 24/7, because we’re not always helpless and we definitely do not need your white saviour bullshit to uplift us.

We can accomplish just as much, without being the object of your saviour fantasies. 

Edit: thisisnotpilipinx just in case you guys might have missed it :)