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Okay so hi, I was wondering why Robbie isn't in the show anymore? I joined the fandom last season so I don't have any idea what happened behind the scenes pre-Season 12.

Writers move on! 

Robbie left the show after season 11 - IN ONE OF THE MOST SAVAGE MOVES IN NETWORK TELEVISION HISTORY BY THE WAY, MORE ON THAT BELOW - to work on some of his other projects

It was a very sad day for me but that does unfortunately happen in show business! There was absolutely some tension between Robbie and TPTB at the time, AS EVIDENCED BY HIS SAVAGE FUCKING EXIT, but I can’t speak to whether that was really a contributing factor in his decision to leave. But I like to think that it was, for the #drama of it all.

Explanation on Robbie’s SPN career and final episode, plus why I’m willing to die for him, can be found below:

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In Dreams 20 and Epilogue

Well, here we are my darlings. I want to give a big roaring thank you to everyone hung in there with me on this one. This was my first stab at a BIG story and while I felt overwhelmed and terrified most of the time, y’all’s love and encouragement kept me going. Truly, thank you.

Chapter 1...Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9...Chapter10… Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Chapter 19

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5:30 PM

He pushes the door open with his hip as he rifles through the mail. He gives each letter a cursory inspection before dropping them all in the appointed wicker basket by the door.

“Hey Scully!” he calls as he closes the door behind him and begins to shrug out of his jacket. “You’re never going to guess what happened. Lydia Seel died this morning. COD is still undetermined but I’m going to push to have the body sent here so you can do the autopsy,” he says as he toes out of his shoes. He heads to the kitchen and opens the fridge, rummaging about for something that didn’t come from the ground. Her resistance to processed food is admirable, but he could really go for bologna sandwich on white bread, preferably with a square of rubbery yellow cheese and Miracle Whip. Of course, none of those things are in this particular refrigerator, so he settles for some pasta salad and a beer.

“Scully?” he calls as he digs in, loosening his tie and releasing his top button. “Did you hear me?”

His heart quickens when he is met with only silence. He abandons the food and begins moving cautiously from room to room. He suspects she could be buried deep in the blankets, snoozing off a long day at Quantico. Or she could be in the tub, her puffy ankles propped up on the edge. She might even be in the baby’s room putting together one of the still-boxed items of furniture. It takes him just a few moments to realize she is none of those places.

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Turkey and Havarti Panini with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli and crispy French’s Fried Onions. White bread (12 Pieces), Havarti cheese (8 oz.), American Cheese (8 oz.), French’s fried onions (1 cup), Turkey (1 lb), Butter (6 tbls.), Garlic (6 cloves), Sherry (1 tsp.), Dijon (1 tsp.), Mayonnaise (2 cups), Red Bell Pepper (2).

Make aioli: roast garlic in olive oil. Roast bell pepperm. When cool blend peppers andbgarlic with sherry, Dijon, Mayonnaise and bell pepper. Season with salt. Assemble sandwich: spread aioli on inside of sandwich, top with havarti, turkey, onions, then American cheese. Tip with bread. Butter outsidevof bread and grill.

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Out of curiosity what else was good in 2012 from your smut editing days?

Good as in actually good or good as in “it’s not a coincidence I quit drinking so much when that job ended”?

We worked on a lot of anthologies that year, vampires were extremely popular but so were other supernatural creatures. I remember editing something about a mermaid who fell in love with a shape shifting dolphin which never made the eventual cut for various reasons. (brought a whole new meaning to the term “blow hole” though, lemme tell you)

There was a demon story which I’ve mentioned before about the vagina dentata spirit whose job it was to punish evil men by…well I don’t have to go into details I think (please don’t make me go into details) and she was depressed because she thought she’d never get to enjoy sex until she met a mortal girl who explained that lesbians was a thing and they lived happily ever after…in between the demon popping off to emasculate a bro every now and then…that one also never made it to the final cut. It raised too many red flags. Not because of the lesbians, just the absolute unfettered rage and violence the author had going on which made us a little uncomfortable. (a lot it made us a lot uncomfortable)

Hmm. There was the zombie gore fest where parts of anatomy literally fell off mid coitus. That one was weird but not as weird as the skeleton one where one of the actual lines was ““Bone me,” she breathed huskily in anticipation” and I snorted scalding hot tea out my nose and had to be given a time out.

There was a lot of “This is totally not the characters from Supernatural, just two white guys with magic powers and demons and angels and sometimes allusions to incest” going on too, most of it unremarkable and bland. Like a mayo sandwich on white bread with the occasional over sized gherkin for texture. (mmm sour soggy wet bread- aaaand I made myself gag)

Lots of angry werewolf sex because you know alphas and betas and omegas oh my (god I hated that trope so much, why is it always so violent, why do people mistake domination kink for violence and rape. Give me werewolves that are big hulking muscle men if you must, but wolves are playful creatures too, gimme the playing and the happy and the love and the care and if you really want to, the carefully negotiated dom!shame!powerplay!humiliation that is obviously consenting and not just rape disguised as domination. Then everybody is happy! You, me, that poor omega werewolf…)

But if we want to talk actual good stuff, there was an excellent poly romance I edited which is still in print I believe, and also a full length novel about a country singer falling in love with his agent and getting her pregnant and how they dealt with drugs, fame and groupies. (rehab, church and marriage, was the answer apparently. It was eventually published as Christian Erotica which there was a lot of and I’m p certain rosary beads don’t double as anal beads but I am neither Catholic nor a gay man so what do I know about either the prostate or the will of the Lord…)

There was also this really good Persephone inspired fairy tail where this girl fell into a magic circle and woke up in the fae world which was basically an orgy and then she ended up having to stay there because although she technically never ate any food, fairies will always snag you on technicalities and semen is also known as ‘seed’ so moral of the story when in fairy land spit don’t swallow…it was actually a really fun story, the author was very talented and made it work in a “if this was fanfic it’d be the crackship post” sort of way. I went on to edit some more of her work for the halloween special anthology which was basically ghouls, goblins, and gimp suits (oh my!) and she wrote a story about a demon who became trapped in a human body and forgot she was a demon because amnesia until she met a professor of the occult at college (as you do) and he accidentally summoned her into his office by reading in incantation meant to summon sex demons and *poof* one minute you’re having a bath the next your sitting on your professors lap and growing horns. Literally as well as figuratively. It was basically what if Giles and Anya from Buffy hooked up but with more plot. I liked that one, it was a lot of fun.

Oh yea and there was the midget with the dildo helmet, but I only heard about that one through the grapevine. And by grapevine I mean telephone and my senior editor calling me up to gasp down the line for several minutes as she tried to get the words “midget with a dildo helmet” and “cave, not a metaphor” out in between wheezing her coffee up.

In hindsight 2012 was an interesting year.

May 10 2017

Strawberry sandwich.  Just strawberry, whipped cream and white sandwich bread.  Simple, but everything must be at its freshest.  One bite and you can’t go with life without one.

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Jfc Joe looks like her kid brother in the Prada shoot. I’m sorry but objectively speaking, in no planet would I think to describe him as gorgeous. I’m not saying he’s ugly but he just looks like a white bread teenager from the suburbs lol

I 100% agree with you, anon! My favorite comment from someone in the GP about his Prada shoot is that he looks like he eats mayo/white bread sandwiches before he puts on his human skin suit. LMAO!!

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...you know that our bread tastes delicious to us, right. Like honestly, white bread is trash, and sandwich bread isn't much better except made into toast (oh god the hell that is white sandwich bread) but like if you buy real loaves from the grocery store bakery, it's good? You're not gonna find german breads because nobody has any idea what spelt is and americans have bastardized pumpernickel but we think what we have is pretty darn good.

This is exactly why I’ve been asking - it doesn’t have to be german bread at all, but you do have something darker / more nutricious than white toast? Bc i haven’t seen it but i know america is huge lol


Duel Cafe, Shinjuku Wald 9, May 11th

Not the YuGiOh Cafe, but the Duel Cafe~!  The Shinjuku Wald 9 theater, located on the middle floors of a skyscraper, had decorated their inner cafe for the DSoD movie and hosted the gorgeous Deep-Eyes White Dragon statue by Kazuhiko Yaku.  The tables and banners had character and monster art, and a TV on the wall played the trailer on repeat.

It turned out I missed the life-size, BEWD statue that was in the theater’s main lobby by just a couple days (they really do believe in limited-time things in Japan) but!!! it was perfect timing to see Kisara since she was removed later that week.

I was however, able to partake in the Blue Cheese White Bread Sandwich!  (Yes, it was really called that, according to @tachishini​)  Despite its name, it was very pleasant.  The cheese was a lot lighter and less pungent than you’d expect a “blue cheese” sandwich to be.  It was mostly a creamy white cheese base, with small bits of chicken, and fluffy lightly grilled white bread.  There was only the faintest hint of that distinct blue cheese taste, like the faintest.  I’ve been told this was probably because dairy is generally expensive in Japan.

Tachi had taken much better photos than I of the place, go check them out: dragon | cafe

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"#if you wanna drag a romantic poet#DRAG WORDSWORTH" WORD IT UP.

Wordsworth can get REKT ok he is the inferior specimen of all Romantic poetry??? Coleridge’s poetry is on so many drugs it’s just delightful, Keats’s is horribly tragic and emotional and sensual and gorgeous, Mary Shelley writes some DARK HARDCORE STUFF and her hubby Percy was kind of a sweetheart in comparison but he still wrote awesome poems about MOUNTAINS and also POSSIBLY THE BEST SONNET OF ALL TIME (Ozymandias), and there’s also a lady poet named Charlotte Smith that nobody has ever heard of who wrote poems about DINOSAUR FOSSILS, and my one true love Lord Byron is just a fucking rascal and his poems are hilarious and so alive and excited and adventurous and electric!!!!

and Wordsworth is just over here nipping phrases from his sister Dorothy’s journals and writing about how pretty the daisies are?? While all the rest of the Romantics are getting high or fighting in revolutions or having sex in graveyards or writing angry articles or swimming across the sea or protesting awful political things or owning weird-ass pets or being amateur scientists or traveling all over Europe and all the while writing about these insanely interesting things??? Keats managed to live about a third of Wordsworth’s lifespan, spending a large amount of that very very ill or caring for other people who were very very ill, and still write insanely interesting things???

And ol Will there is just living in a cottage somewhere and getting complacent and boring and uuuuUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHH he is literally too boring for me to even insult????? He is the mayonnaise white bread sandwich of Romantic poetry and im falling asle e ep   j u s t   typ i ng  abou t       h i m…

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