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Anon: So why doesn’t anyone mention the fact that Jimin and Hobi’s short films for Wings are connected? Like??


I took the morning off from grad school work to celebrate turning in the paper from hell last night, and went out to run errands and shop with my mama, aunt, and nana! My mom bought me gold boat shoes for summer school next week because she had a coupon that was expiring and she’s the best. Boat shoes+ iced coffee+ cutoff shorts= my most basic look.

This afternoon I decided that what I really want to do tomorrow is run a 5k in the morning, so I went and registered for that, and bought a new pair of blue shorts (because who runs a race on the 4th of July if they aren’t wearing red, white, and blue?). You know someone ( @littlebean-jellybean ) is a great friend when they *lovingly* tell you not to buy the white running shorts 😂 She’s the best.

Ch 2


As my hornyness reaches my new record I continue my gym routine Monday through Thursday with no contact from my key holder. I begin to wonder if I will ever see my keys again. On Friday I open my locker and find a note and a bag. The note reads as follows.

Dear frustrated submissive I have enjoyed watching you work out these last couple of weeks. I’m keeping my identity private for the time being. I believe it adds to your curiosity. I have not decided when your release date will be. For now I’m going to use you for my entertainment value and others. In the bag you will find my used jock strap a pair of shorts and shirt that will be your new work out wear until further notice. I have also noticed you have been very discreet in the locker room that STOPS today. Today when u change into your workout clothes u will start with your pants and underwear first then remove your shirt and socks in that order and redress in reverse order. When u shower u will leave your towel in your locked locker and shower with the curtain open. We will see how well you complete these tasks to earn your release.

P.S. As a bonus you will wear white briefs Monday through Thursday and free ball on Friday and remember there is always someone watching don’t disappoint me or I have my ways of punishing you don’t think I don’t know your name Mark Lane.

As I stood there with the note in my hand I look around the locker room. There was about seven of us men ages ranging from mid 20’s to mid 40’s. I wonder if it was one of them but none of them seem to be staring at me. I place the note back in my locker and open the bag containing the clothes the first item I pull out is an obnoxious orange jock strap that appeared used but freshly washed. The next thing I pull out is a pair of short white running shorts and I pull out a shirt that appeared to be a size smaller then I normally wear.

As I stand there looking in my locker still in my street clothes thinking of my current predicament knowing my release is in the hands of my key holder. In the meantime some of the men have left the locker room and new ones have entered adding to my guessing game. I start to undress in the order that the note requested with my pants and underwear. I take the time to fold them up and place them in my locker hoping to impress my key holder. I then remove my socks and shirt completely exposing my nude body and holy trainer chastity cage. I reach into my locker grabbing the shirt pulling it over my head with bottom of the tight speedo type shirt just covering my belly button I reach for the obnoxious orange jock strap pulling it up to my waist. My key holder must have studied my size because it fit me like a glove. I then put on the short white running shorts as I walk over to the mirror I see that the obnoxious orange jock strap is almost showing through the white running shorts.

I leave the locker room to do my gym routine normally a half hour on weights and an hour on the treadmill half way through my running on the treadmill I’m noticing a lot of eyes wondering my way. I look down and my now sweat soaked white running shorts are now almost transparent and my obnoxious orange jock strap is now very visible. I continue my running anyways not to disappoint my key holder that may be watching.

I finish my running and head to the locker room with about nine to ten men in there I undress as I was instructed by my key holder. I remove my shorts and jock strap followed by my shirt then my socks. I grab my body wash and close my locker and lock it.

 As I make my way across the locker room naked other than my chastity cage and bottle of body wash I think someone gave me a look but maybe I was just paranoid. I showered with the curtain open as requested by my kh I mostly faced the shower head so anyone looking in would have just seen my ass and the water pouring down from the shower head would have blurred my clear chastity cage. I took a few extra min in the shower and got extra soapy trying to put on a little bit of a show hoping for some extra points if you know what it mean.

I exit the shower and walk across the locker room dripping wet. This time someone definitely saw me because I saw them do a double take but they said nothing. I open my locker towel off and get dressed as he instructed socks first followed by shirt then underwear and pants.   I leave the gym frustrated again with no release or any hopes of release as I still don’t know who my kh is. I guess I will see what next week will bring unless he contacts me on craigslist over the weekend.

Dream Date No. 1 (Hoseok)

I always imagine dates with some of the members of BTS and Monsta X and I started writing them down. I decided to share it because it’s such a cute little thing to imagine.

Honestly, this first one was simply inspired by one of the videos in their old dorm (BTS 1st birthday). It was the vibe that I got off from what they were wearing at the end of the video. I was walking around with my family one day wearing just a plain white t-shirt, running shorts, and slides and I immediately thought of that video. My mind started wondering what would happen if you were with Hobi and both of you were dressed like that and I thought of this:

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  • he texted you last night that he would pick you up from your house around 8:30
  • he could barely sleep from the excitement of seeing you but eventually did
  • but woke up earlier than he was planning to because–again–he was too excited
  • he immediately sends a good-morning message to you
  • before he got to your house, this boy was a bundle of excitement in his car and already had the playlist you two made together playing so it was ready for when he picked you up
  • when you open the door to him in your sun pattern pajamas, he practically melts and grabs you into the biggest hug
  • “I like your pants. They’re me-patterned“ *grins*
  • when he finally manages to let go and stop kissing you all over your face, you go upstairs to shower and get ready after asking him what to wear
  • “like my clothes“
  • you come down the stairs 10 minutes later and he dies at how fast you get changed because he loves how simple you always are
  • also dies because you two are practically matching; he falls on the couch and hides himself in a pillow
  • hand in hand you guys leave your house and he walks you to your side of the car and opens the door for you because chivalry is not dead
  • once he gets in the car, he kisses your cheek because he can’t help it
  • you both sing along to the songs playing as you drive to all the destinations for the day
  • Hoseok does NOT lets go of your hand the whole ride because he always wants to be close to you
  • you arrive at your favorite boba place and you two share a large milk tea, ice cream, and some takoyaki
  • while you’re waiting for your order you take a picture of him and it looks so boyfriend material
  • when he asks you what you’re smiling about you show him your phone
  • “my boyfriend is so perfect“
  • when he looks at your phone he slings his arm around you, using the picture as an excuse just to put his arm there
  • you’re still looking at the pictures you took of him and he takes this chance just to admire you, wondering how he got so lucky to have you
  • the employee snaps him out of his thoughts when she calls out your order and he quickly places a kiss on your forehead before you two separate to get your food
  • you both don’t care that it’s 8 in the morning, you guys can eat ice cream if you want
  • you sit there for a good hour, eating, talking, laughing, and taking more pictures
  • h: puts food in mouth and sees you holding your phone at him 
  • “y/n stop taking pictures of me!“
  • “no!“
  • “why not?“
  • “b/c I love you and I can and you’re a beautiful boyfriend“
  • “yah, fine. you’re too sweet.“

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  • again, he does not let go of you unless he needs to
  • at some point, you guys head to the big grocery store you both love going to and buy a bunch of snacks for later
  • of course, the trip to the grocery is filled with you two goofing off and you almost knocking over a display stand
  • you two run out of the aisle and go pay before anything actually happens
  • as you two are in line to pay, he’s standing behind you with his arms resting on your shoulders and the shopping basket in his hands
  • you wrap your hands around his arms to return the hug and he gives you a kiss on your nose when you look at him
  • you smile at each other then break apart to put the food on the conveyor belt
  • when you guys get back to your house you turn the aircon on to beat the heat outside
  • and you two both flop down onto the couch to watch TV for the rest of the day
  • you lay in between his legs with your head against his chest and his hands on yours
  • at some point in the middle of an episode of The Best Hit, he kisses your cheek and says in a low voice “I love you, just thought I’d let you know”
  • and you reply with “I love you too” and you just place a kiss on his hand, making him soft and he just squeals but calms down again
  • the prescence of each other makes you forget about lunch so you end up eating some leftovers at 2
  • “hey, sunflower?“
  • you reply, “hmm?”
  • “are you hungry?“
  • “now I am.“
  • “me too.“
  • you bring the food from the kitchen into the living room where you two have been for the whole day
  • when you place the food down on the table and move to go sit down, Hoseok grabs you by the waist and pulls you onto his lap
  • “where are you going? you’re sitting with me.“
  • you watch a variety show while you eat, you sitting in between his legs cross legged, one of his legs straight on the couch, and the other on the floor
  • after you eat, you two start making dinner
  • you realize that you forgot a couple ingredients you two needed to make some dinner so you raid the fridge at Jin’s house
  • you return back home and start making dinner, blasting music and playing Uno, mancala, and checkers while you guys cook
  • you finish the games by the time you can eat so while you put away the games, Hoseok sets the table
  • when you come down the stairs, you can’t find the boy anywhere so you sit at the table patiently once you hear him in the bathroom
  • but ten seconds away from him was too long so you sit across the bathroom door to wait for him
  • he’s so shocked when he sees you on the floor just looking up at him but is soft in a second and simply squishes your face and helps you up
  • you and him walk back to the kitchen with his arms around you once again
  • you finish eating and find that there is a lot of leftovers so you wrap them up and bring it to the rest of the boys who are all at Namjoon’s house
  • Jungkook opens the door for you guys and announces you arrival to the rest while leading you to the living room 
  • “the smiley ones are here!“
  • while you’re peeing in the bathroom, the maknae line teases him about you even though you’ve been together for a year and they’re practically you’re brothers

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  • all eight of you sprawl out on the coach, chairs, and blankets on the floor as you all finish the rest of the food, snacks, and leftovers while you watch the Ocean’s Eleven series
  • even though it wasn’t planned, Taehyung proposes a sleepover since Yoongi’s already curled up in a ball on the floor and Jimin’s snoring slightly in the chair in the corner
  • you don’t mind since you’re already falling asleep in Hoseok’s arms
  • you two are the last ones to fall asleep
  • you are facing him, with his arm around his waist, and using his shoulder as a pillow, and he is laying on his back with his arms around you
  • he fell asleep running his hand through your hair
  • overall, simply just a really chill but amazing date


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  • Snow: You called me down?
  • Principal: Yes, have a seat. I just have a few concerns about your lesson plans...particularly about why all of them seem to involve birds.
  • Snow: Isn't it great? They're getting the best bird-based education in the country.
  • Principal: How could you possibly know that?
  • Snow: By the time they graduate, they'll be fluent in 12 dialects of sparrow.
  • Principal: How about a language actually in the curriculum like Spanish or French?
  • Snow: Sparrow is very useful!
  • Principal: If you're a princess turned bandit on the run from an evil queen. We're trying to prepare these kids for--
  • Snow: Were you about to say "the real world"?
  • Principal: I'll see myself out.
Having fun

“Push me higher!”

“Okay, if you say so!”

Cin smiled to herself as she heard her cousin Storm (age: nineteen) push his younger sister, Alice (age: three), on the swing set. The three of them were at a little playground to let Alice burn off some energy. Cin was sitting on top on the monkeybars with her legs stretched out, leaning against one of the tall poles, reading a book. She was wearing a pair of short shorts, a backless white shirt, her gold-leaf crown, and white running shoes. The shorts showed off the scars on her thighs, but, she thought nothing of it at the moment.

Cinnamon pulled her satchel onto her lap and turned to Storm. “Hey, how much longer before she tires herself out?”

“Give her about another hour. She’s a little ball of spit fire.”

Cin chuckled. “I bet.” She turned back to her book. “After all, she’s a Pineforest and we all come from a long line of Huntsmen and Huntresses.”

Storm was about to say something when Alice beat him to it. “Let’s play on the teeter-totter!” 

“Okay.” said Storm.

He stopped the swing and they both hopped on a teeter-totter. The young Faunus glanced at the two before returning to her book. After all, it wasn’t everyday she gets to enjoy spending time with her cousins.

Hayes Grier Imagine ♥

You jumped, and squirmed on his lap, as your really close friend Hayes continues to tickle your sides, as you sat on his lap. Which he knew was your ticklish spot. That he was the one out of like three people to know about, since you had known him since pre k, and have been close ever since.

“Ha-haaayess stooop!” you managed to get out as you belly laughed.

“No.” he shook his head, winking at you.

You fell out of your seat, still laughing. It felt like he had bruised your sides.

“WOULD Y'ALL STOP, AND ACTUALLY STUDY!?” shouted one of your best friends, Lucas. 

“Fi-fine.” you agreed, taking his hand to sit next to him. 

Opening your book to the page the group was on, “What number are we on?” you asked skimming through the section.

“Fourteen y/n/n.” Lucas said, pointing out the small print.

“Hate to bust the group, but we have to go.. My dad’s here early.” Marcus added to the conversation not looking up from his phone. 

Alycia, Daniel, and Nate got up to leave with him, since his dad was giving them rides.

“Alright.. So, I guess it’s just us three now.” Lucas sighed turning to number fifteen in the book looking at you, then at Hayes. 

You jumped up, “In a minute gotta use the bathroom.” gesturing upstairs. The two of them nodded.

You were going to go to the bathroom, but changed your mind, and went to change into a fresh set of clothes. 

You changed into black and white cheetah print Nike running shorts, a green soccer tee shirt, and some black and green Nike elites to match your shirt, with your hair in a long ponytail.

Literally a second after you were fully dressed, you jumped at what sounded like lightning coming from downstairs. 

Instantly running downstairs, you were shocked at what you saw.

The couch was knocked backwards. Small puddles of blood led out the front door, and a vase lie shattered on the ground. 

You got worried, and started calling Hayes and Lucas’s names, but got no reply after the seventh time. 

Beginning to walk around the house looking for them, you started to hear soft breaths for air coming from the kitchen.

And walked in, to find Hayes leaning over the sink, now moaning in pain.

You ran up behind him, “Hay-hayes.. what happen-” you didn’t bother to finish your sentence as he revealing his shaking hands to you

Then, a light bulb went off, “HAYES, WHERE IS LUCAS!?” you shouted taking steps away from him.

“I’m sorry y/n..” he sighed looking at his feet, tugging at his hair.

The tears started to well in your eyes, “You ass.. how could you..” you walked away from him in disgust.

Slipping on your white Nike running shoes to find Lucas outside, wherever he had gone. 

You ran to your backyard, in search of the blonde haired boy. 

“LUCAS!” you yelled repeatedly, now worried as to if he was truly okay.

As you were close to running down the street, you heard his voice talking from the house next doors front yard.

You started smiling as you got in front of him.

The first look he gave you was one hundred percent disgust, as he scooted backwards on his phone. 

“Go away.” he said blatantly, rolling his eyes at you. 

“Luca-” you tried to ask him something, but he cut you off immediately, “No, y/n. Stop. Go. We were never best friends, and we never will be. Now go back to your boy toy, and flaunt him to everyone like you always do to everyone else, while your at it as HIM what happened..” he didn’t even give you time to finish, as he got up to run down the street to a car which was probably his mom.

You slowly walked back inside feeling heart broken by what he said, and confused at most parts. 

You walked into the kitchen to find Hayes putting a wrap on his knuckles, but decided to turn back around, and stay outside.

You didn’t exactly want to talk to him face to face yet, so you called him instead.

It rang once, before his deep voice answered.

Hayes; Y/n i’m so sorry.. pl-

You; -Hayes what happened when I was upstairs, exactly?

Hayes; Okay.. Uhm, that jackass Lucas got a phone call, and they were talking about you, and Lucas was saying he was only pretending to be your best friend, so he could get really close to you until he finally got to sleep with you. And, it sent me off, I was pissed. He shouldn’t treat you like that at all. And a few things happened, and yeah.. were here now.

You; Why’d you care, so much?

Hayes; Huh?

You; I mean about what he said on the phone?

Hayes; I don’t know if I should tell you..

he took a deep sigh

You; Just do it. It can’t be that bad..

Hayes; We-well.. Uhmm.. So, y/n..? 

You; Yeah Grier?

Hayes; I’ve been hiding something from you for a while now..

You; And that would be?

Hayes; Okay.. Here goes nothing..

You got an idea and cut him off.

You; WAIT. Come outside and tell me..

And you hung up the phone, expecting him to follow what you’d said. 

He jumped down the three little stairs in front of your door, so he was a few feet away from you. 

But, before he could say anything asked him, “Wait.. why are you crying..?” you took your thumb to his face, brushing the drifting tears away.

He looked at his feet, “You..” he ran his fingers through his hair. “Me?” you asked, and he nodded. “Why?” wondering why anyone would ever cry over you.

“I was scared.. Scared, I was going to lose you y/n.. Because of what i did, I didn’t think you were going to talk to me again. I know you love Lucas..” he sighed bracing his bright electric blue eyes, that were now reddish and puffy, to your stare. 

“I don’t like him, were not bestfriends anymore.. He’s an asshole, and I just realized that about ten minutes ago..” you confessed.

“Really?!” he looked at you happily.

You chuckled at his reaction, “Yeah." 

"Well, you want me to tell you what I was going to over the phone, now?” he gestured back to inside.

You nodded. He took a deep breath, “Okay, y/n.. Your perfect, okay? And, I mean that. No lie. I know you’ve been hurt in the past, but I wanna do everything I can to protect you. It practically kills me to see you sad. And, at the times, you think you look your worst, I don’t. You look like a super model 24/7. Your personality is like no other. I wouldn’t change you for the world. What i’m saying is.. I like you, a lot. I wouldn’t change anything about you. When I started to like you, well I think I always have, but that’s when I figured out why none of my other stupid relationships worked out. And I wouldn’t trade you for the world. And I really hope you feel the same way, other wise i’m going to feel like an idiot for confessing to you." 

Tears fell down your face, faster than EVER before. 

"I want to protect you, from here, and the rest of time y/n.” he whispered to you.

He picked you up, you were both crying now, and he just hugged you. Tighter than any hug ever, but as gentle as possible at the same time. It was, so meaningful to you, because you could feel the love, and passion, as your fingers got lost in his hair. 

“I never thought you’d say it..” you slightly giggled in his ear, “I’ve liked you too Hayes." 

Hey beautiful people! ♥ I’m putting Nash/Sam fanfic on hold for a while.. Sorry.. But, I hope you enjoyed this little story I threw together. Message me TONS of requests, i’m going to be writing all week, so feel free. 

I love you guys! ♥ (:

The Miracle of Shawarma

Steve is an idiot. He should never have agreed to let Bucky be his personal trainer.

“Come on Rogers!” Bucky yells, getting into Steve’s space. “Thirty more push-ups and we can break for lunch.”

Barely working up a sweat, Steve does as he’s told. Honestly, the reason he even asked for someone to work with was because SHIELD had thought it well and good to put Bucky to work while he was being rehabilitated, just so he could feel useful. And also for Steve to keep an eye on him. Can’t have a walking weapon roaming about the city aimlessly. Whatever the case (and whatever Steve’s real motives might be) he was beginning to regret the decision. Bucky was in fact, a slave driver. Pushing Steve to his seemingly limitless limits, he had to hand it to the guy, he was tough as nails (And hot as hell, Steve’s brain dutifully reminded him). Wearing a white tanktop and navy running shorts, his hair returned to it’s normal state and the sun shining off his metal arm…



“I’ve been trying to tell you for five minutes that you’re done.” He said, a half smile playing on his lips.

Oh. Well, Steve did have a habit of inner monologuing, must’ve picked that up from Stark, he thought wearily.

“Wanna get some Shawarma?” Bucky was talking again and it took Steve’s brain a couple seconds to catch up.

“Ah, sure.” He found himself saying. Standing up, he turned to follow Bucky out of the park and down the busy street.

“Great. Tony showed me his favorite place yesterday, says ever since Manhattan he’s been hooked on the stuff.”

“That’s great Buck, glad you two are getting along so well.” Steve was in fact glad, though he and Tony didn’t always see eye to eye on things.

“It’s more of a mutual respect honestly, although he has brought me up to speed on a lot of new laws and such, since I didn’t have much time for that as The Soldier.” Steve could still see the lingering pain in his gaze when he said that, hair falling into his face a bit and eyes becoming slightly distant. Steve hated seeing Bucky sad.

Slapping an arm around the smaller man’s shoulders, they walked until they turned down a less busy side street, catching sight of Tony’s favorite Shawarma place almost immediately. Stark had, in fact, liked it so much that he promptly bought the place and it had become something of a hangout for the team in between missions. It was however, quiet when they approached, the lunch crowd already come and gone. Bucky walked a bit ahead and reached to hold the door open for Steve.

“Ladies first.” He remarked smugly as Steve pushed past him. At least he was smiling now, a bit of the old Bucky shining through. Steve kept his mouth shut other than muttering ‘jerk’ halfheartedly.

The building was small but comfy, Tony having insisted upon having a private lounge built onto the building, back near the kitchen, and all the furniture outfitted to look ‘not like someone’s grandmother had decorated’ as he’d put it. Steve chuckled a little at the thought.

“Whatcha laughin’ at Rogers?” Bucky’s blue eyes stared at him, amused. Steve just wanted to kiss that look off his face, wanted to see how smug he’d be then. Instead he answered, “Ah nothing, this place just has Tony Stark written all over it. From the brand new kitchen to the fancy booths and chairs. He’s most definitely a shawarma fan.”

Bucky just laughed and grabbed Steve’s arm, pulling him into the empty line and up to the cash register. Steve reached for his wallet in the back pocket of his jeans, but Bucky must’ve realized this as he quickly told Steve that he had it covered. The way Bucky had been acting lately was a little out of character, Steve thought, after ordering and grabbing his Shawarma and walking to the far side of the room.

“This isn’t a date Barnes, I can pay for myself you know.” Steve said, smirking a little and setting himself down on one side of a booth, Bucky sitting down across from him.

“Oh isn’t it?” He said, aiming for nonchalant and missing by a mile.

The bite of shawarma Steve had just taken landed back on his plate.

“You’re messing with me. Did Tony put you up to this?” Steve said, looking around for any sign of Stark, anything that might indicate that he was joking.

Bucky refused to meet his gaze, instead looking very suddenly interested in a stray piece of chicken on his plate. When he finally did look up, his eyes held a hint of sadness.

“Do you remember the day we went to Coney Island and I made you ride the Cyclone?”

“How could I forget.” Steve was growing more confused by the minute.

“And you remember that I took you out for Ice Cream afterwards.”

“What does this have to do with anything Buck? You’re not making sense.”

Tears were starting to well up in his eyes, voice going so soft only Steve could hear.

“I almost did it you know. I could’ve. Nobody was around, we were sitting on a bench away from the crowds and it was getting late. I almost kissed you. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. There was a war to fight and people didn’t like that sort of thing back then, you know? I was supposed to like girls. I was supposed to do so much, but every drunken one night stand, every girl I took home. None of them were you. They would never be you. And I know you don’t feel the same way, but I’ve regretted that for more than 40 years Steve.”

Steve sat stunned, just trying to make sense of it all. Bucky liked him?

More than 40 years.

Instantly a wave of guilt hit him.

"Well then, I guess we’ve got 40 years to make up for now don’t we?”

It was Bucky’s turn to look stunned. His blue eyes flashed with something akin to hope for the first time in a long time and Steve’s heart clenched. He didn’t dwell on it too long though, as he was already out of his seat and pushing his way onto Bucky’s lap. Leaning in, he gently pressed his mouth to Bucky’s. His lips were softer than he had imagined, and Steve found that he loved it immediately. Bucky apparently also found it enjoyable because he was threading a hand through Steve’s hair, pulling him even closer, knees hitting the underside of the table. His mouth was pliant and Steve made the most of it, kissing and nipping until they were both breathless, not caring who saw them. Then pulling back slightly, but hand still firmly in Steve’s hair, Bucky murmured,

“I love you, you punk.”

Steve laughed and kissed him again. It felt so good to have Bucky finally in his arms, and there was no way in hell Steve was ever letting him go again.

“I love you too, Jerk.”

“Guess this means I owe Stark 20 bucks and bragging rights.”

“For what?”

“He told me Shawarma works miracles. I guess he was right.”

Steve laughed again and rested their foreheads together, “I meant what I said when I told you I’m with you till the end of the line.”

In the end, Steve doesn’t regret his decision to let Bucky train him. Slave driver that he is, he’s Steve’s slave driver, and that makes everything ten times better.

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Nash Grier Imagine

I’ve always had a crush on him. We grew up across the street from each other. Our parents are best friends. I’m pretty sure we have pictures of us bathing together when we were two our families are so close. I stared in his bright blue eyes. I wouldn’t help but bite my lip when he smiled and laughed. Holy hotness. I mean. Wow. I was snapped back to reality when my teacher spoke up. 
“Okay class. We are starting a group project. I have paired you up by your grades, so the people who aren’t doing so well can work with someone who is doing well.”
The class returned with groans. That probably means I’ll be paired up with Levi because he sucks at Speech. We had a pretty small class.
“I have paired you up as so. Max and Charlotte, Casey and Levi, Ryan and Tyreek, Emily Cho with Luke. Emily Anne with Marissa, Loren and Nash, and Will with Adam. You’re project will be over the pros and cons of a current pop culture. Due Next Friday." 
Oh my gosh. I get to work with Nash!! Okay Loren. Contain yourself. Breathe. 
The bell rang and I walked towards my locker when Nash caught up with me. 
"Lor, do you wanna meet up tonight? I have to pick Hayes and Sky and take them home. But then I can come over if that’s okay?” He flashed that cheeky smile. 
“Yeah, that’s fine! See you around 3:30?”
He nodded and headed on his way. Once he was gone, I headed towards my car to go home. 
Of course nobody is home. That’s fine, Nash used to come over all the time. Oh my gosh. What am I going to wear?? I finally decided on a pair of pink, black and white running shorts with a white v neck. I put my hair up in a bun and threw on a headband before touching up my makeup and walking downstairs to wait for Nash. A few minutes after 3:30, there was a knock then he walked in. Both of out families have a pretty much open door policy for us kids.
He had changed into a pair of khaki shorts and a bro tank, showing off his recently nicely tanned spring break body. 
“Hey Nash, do you want something to drink before we get started?" 
"Oh yeah, thanks. Water is fine.”
He seemed fidgety about something and I didn’t know what. It’s whatever. I poured him some water out of the pitcher and walked back into the living room. 
“Hey, Loren… I didn’t come over to work on the project. I mean it isn’t due for another week. It’s Monday. I wanted to talk.”
“Nash, you know you can talk to me about anything. Go ahead." 
He nodded in agreement knowing I was right and he started. 
"Lissy from Spanish asked me out… But there is another girl. One that is funny, and smart and beautiful. She has a great body and loves to smile." 
"Oh okay. Well do I know her?" 
"Probably…. I mean, yeah. You do.”
I acted like my phone had vibrated so I could step outside. 
“Hey Nash, I gotta call my mom back. I’ll be right back.” I stood up and walked outside and acted like I was talking.
I was completely oblivious. I went to put my glass in the sink and saw Loren on the old swing set we always played on when we were little. She looked completely distraught. I opened the screen door and she looked up and wiped tears from her eyes. 
“Oh Lor. What’s wrong? Is everybody okay?" 
"Yeah. We’re all okay. And nothing’s wrong.”
“Loren, I can tell something is upsetting you.” I stated as I sat down on the swing next to her. We sat in silence for a few minutes as I let her cry into my shoulder when she broke down finally. When she finally calmed down enough, she pulled away. 
“Nash, am I pretty? It’s just guys don’t pay any attention to me. I’m not thirsty or anything, just I wonder because. What’s the use?”
“Loren, look at me.” I said as i pushed up her chin so I could look her in the eyes. As I wiped her eyes of tears, I smiled at her.
“You’re funny, and smart and beautiful. You have a killer body and you love to smile and laugh.”
“Nash, you’re just saying tha… Oh.” She suddenly caught my drift towards our conversation about the other girl earlier. 
“You’re the other girl Loren. You’re the girl I want to be with.”
You’re other girl. That rang through my head. He looked as if he was going to lean in for a kiss. I gently pushed him back. 
“Nash, I’ve never kissed anyone.”
“Well then, we’re going to have to change that aren’t we?”
“But… What if I’m bad?”
“We’ll learn together”
He pulled my lips to his and kissed me gently.


San Francisco International Jam (Day 2/3)

Berkeley day! I really went all out, but I’m really pissed, because I missed recording a MASSIVE drop pre (doing it was kind of on a whim), but the more interesting stuff I’ve put on here. Most else I did was done and recorded already from the last Berkeley jam. The last two gifs are in color because the location was just so damn pretty, I couldn’t just make them black and white.