white rubber strap


BSD Keychain Sales Post

Hi y’all! Just got a few new keychains in as well as some I still need to sell! Please send me a tumblr message (please no asks) and we can discuss which ones you’d be interested in and other payment info.

The prices are as listed in the photos above + Shipping from North Carolina. I will ship internationally, but please be aware the shipping costs will be higher.

Toji Colle - Hanafuda Design - Rubber Strap - $7 each

  • Akutagawa (RESERVED)
  • Atsushi (RESERVED)
  • Chuuya (RESERVED)
  • Ranpo

Pita Colle Black/White Rubber Straps - $8 each

  • Ranpo Pita Colle White Rubber Strap - $8
  • Twain Pita Colle Black Rubber Strap - $8
  • Fitzgerald Pita Colle Black Rubber Strap - $8
  • Mori Pita Colle Black Rubber Strap  - $8


  • Atsushi Eformed Rubber Strap - $8 (RESERVED)

I will be accepting payment from either Paypal or Venmo!