white rocks mountain


A year ago today… I hiked up to Ruby Lake, in the High Sierras. 11,000 feet never felt so good!

The lake itself is nestled in a glacial Cirque, a round depression left by the last holdout of a glacier bounded by a terminal moraine. It’s not known how deep this lake is, but it remarkably clear and you can see very far into the water from the shore. The glacier was visible prominently until about a hundred years ago, and now remains only under a large pile of rocks. 

Having fun playing with icy reflections in this drawing that will be of a certain Ice Queen from RWBY. Will be drawing her in the scene soon~!

This WIP is from one of thirteen RWBY nature scene drawings I’m doing to help myself improve as an artist. This scene will feature Weiss Schnee, who alludes to Snow White. And as Snow White is a German fairy tale, this scene was inspired by the amazingly beautiful mountain lake landscapes of Germany.