white ribbon alliance

If you live in any of the green areas, the only feminism you should involve yourself in should be aimed at the grey areas. Seriously, feminist blogs are dedicated to ‘manspreading’ and how they feel oppressed because they shouldn’t walk around alone at 3 in the morning. How many of them are actually doing anything to tackle feminist issues besides making whiny text posts with generalised accusations? How many of them donate to or at least promote organisations like White Ribbon Alliance, SEWA, or Engender Health, which actually do something to help women? I know not all feminists are like this, some are very active and progressive, but there’s far too many women who think they’re helping to achieve equality by taking pictures of their unshaved armpits.

I’m not saying that first world countries have the battle for equality won, there are still some issues that need sorting out, but they’re relatively minor. As a woman in a developed country, I don’t think my life would be any easier if I were a man. Posts about non-issues like “um, a guy said he found me attractive which made me uncomfortable” just make me laugh. Pretty sure the woman in Malawi who’s in serious danger of dying in childbirth due to the lack of resources would do anything to trade places with you.