white queen of my heart

“Little Wolf”

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Okay I know this ain’t my au but… @lthyl has written/is writing a wonderful fic titled “Down the Rabbit Hole” with Bangtan in a wonderland!AU and I just felt inspired

Taehyung - Mad Hatter
Jungkook - White Rabbit
Jimin - Chesire Cat
Namjoon - Blue Caterpillar
Hoseok - March Hare
Seokjin - Queen of Hearts
Yoongi - Jabberwocky

Hope y'all like it and can forgive me😅



“It ends in blood, as it began,” said Lady Nym. “It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within.” (For Ashley)

I’ve been dealing with a… not nice person on a different site trying to tell me what I can or can’t post artwise because they don’t like where I get my inspiration for EAH art. So, being the petty ass bitch I am, I used this as an opportunity to work on more of my Rotten! Apple stuff. I redesigned her outfit and I much prefer this one. So sexy~!