Shatter Me, Part 15.

A/N: Hi everyone! I came home and FINALLY I have a decent WiFi so I can write a bit more. Sadly, I have to go back this Sunday so I don’t know how it’ll work the WiFi in my residence, so let’s go. I hope everybody likes it! As always, feel free to correct me, or comment me whatever you want! Also, we’re reaching the end of the story!

Warnings: None, I think.

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“What a surprise! My dear sister is here” The Red Queen clapped slowly and stood up, watching as your mother walked to the throne, her eyes moving to your face before facing her sister.

“It’s nice to see you” Your mother replied coldly as her hands closed into fists. “Leave my daughter”

“Why? Are you leaving us? It’s too soon” The Red Queen walked to face her sister, both of them staring at each other.

“As I say” Your mother said looking at you. “Run”

“Don’t. You. Dare”

Your mother raised her hand and something exploded on the room, causing it to be filled with smoke. She grabbed your arm and made you run towards the doors, hearing the voice of the Red Queen screaming “Off with their Heads!”

“Here” She said before opening a portal somehow. You didn’t want her to explain. Yet. You had bigger problems as several guards were chasing you to behead you.

Your mother and you jumped and you felt the world spinning around you. Your mouth opened and you shouted, feeling as a cold and hard surface hit your back, making your lungs to expel all the air.

“Are you okay?”

“I’ve been better” You muttered, accepting her hand and standing up on your feet. Your eyes wandered around the place and you frowned as you saw a castle made of glass. You turned and you saw your mother’s worried gaze on you.

“What’s happening, mom?”

“Jefferson is in trouble in Storybrook” You felt your heart jumping against your chest as you heard those words and stared at her. “His mind is fragile now. He’s between recovering his memories and losing them all. You have to go back. Soon. You’re the only one who can save him”

“How…how…?” You stammered as you sat down, feelng a lump in your throat and shaking your hand.

“He called me and I returned back. Listen, I’ll explain everything to you right now. You have to listen carefully to me” You nodded and your mother placed her hands on your shoulders, sighing.

As far as you could understand, Alice Liddell had come back to Wonderland and had had children with a genie calle Cyrus. Two girls: The Red Queen, your aunt and your mother, The White Queen. You had somehow met Jefferson and been brought to your aunt, meeting him years before in the Enchanted Forest, where you lived happily until the curse. Worried, your mother had made a spell for you and Jefferson to forget everything about that life. You had another life, another memories. Until that letter had arrived and you had met Jefferson again.

“That’s why you have to come back to the Enchanted Forest. Meet him again and return to Storybrooke and this will end. He needs you. You need each other”


“I made a mistake…I was selfish, thinking I could avoid you this suffering…But separating you from Jefferson…”Your mother sighed and cleaned one tear thar rolled down her cheek. “There was a time in which I didn’t want you to be with him. You were The White Princess” She snorted, grabbing your hands and kissing them. “I don’t now what that means anymore. I wanted you to be the Princess, without listening to you and understanding your feelings. Now, I have another opportunity to make you happy”

Your mother stood up and touched a bell, causing a white rabbit to appear. The animal bowed and your mother nodded, causing him to disappear before he brought something. You saw your mother opening a portal and she pointed at it with her chin.

“Go. I’ll be with you when you’re ready”

“Thanks, mom” You said, swallowing hard before taking a few steps to the portal, taking a deep breath.

Then, you screamed.

You hissed when you hit the ground and you muttered something about those journeys through timelines before standing up, cleaning the white dress you were wearing. You realised it was as one of those Alice had in her wardrobe. A noise between the bushes startled you and you tried to hide behind a tree when a voice made you stop, causing your heart to jump against your chest.


You turned and felt tears forming in your eyes. He had longer hair, curly. But those blue eyes were the same and his gaze was as lovingly as it had been in Storybrooke.



Yay! Watercolors. Always good to change it up once in a while.

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Marvel Princess 2.0! Wanted to revisit the marvel princess crossover I did a year ago. This is the first wave of the disney Heroines as super heroes. 
Anna as Thor
Elsa as Emma Frost
Aurora as Captain Marvel
Esmeralda as Scarlet Witch
Jasmine as Elektra
Merida as Kate Bishop Hawkeye
Mulan as Psylock
Tiana as Storm

Enjoy the first wave for now :)



Superhero Aesthetics // X-Men Pt.1

Mutation, it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve into the dominant species on the planet. This process normally takes thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millenia, evolution leaps forward.