white pyrite


Eeveelution: Quartzeon!

Quartzeon is the Rock-type Eeveelution, formed when Eevee evolves in the presence of a Float Stone. Its colors vary depending on its habitat; shown are the two most common varieties - Smoky Quartz/ Amethyst and White Quartz / Opalina (a glasslike opal variety common in the Kalos region) - but Quartzeon can occur bearing nearly any mineral coloration, from Citrine to Rose Quartz to Hematite. A particularly stunning specimen of White Quartz and Pyrite was the favored companion of Professor Ferrous, geology professor at Unova College.

Quartzeon’s body grows quill-like crystals down its spine, and its tail crystals shed as it grows. These shed crystals are highly sought-after good luck charms, and particularly fine crystals are always in demand for engagement rings. The crystals make a light, pleasant chiming as Quartzeon moves.

Quartzeon is not well suited to fighting, but makes a superb defensive Pokemon. Its sparkly hide is, as could be expected, rock hard, and it takes damage slowly. It is immune to poison-type attacks and has 2X resistance to fire, water, electricity, and ice. It is weak against Sandstorm attacks. Quartzeon is particularly fond of Fairy-type Pokemon, and can enhance Xereneas’s Geomancy ability.

Quartzeon is the slowest-moving of the Eeveelutions, but is said to be the longest-lived.