I wonder what it’s like to grow up without fear

I was talking to one of my white friends about work one time. He’s a nice guy, one of the few white people I’ve met here at University that seems to at least be aware. 

Anyway, we’ve both worked in the food industry and were talking about difficult customers when I mention a particular incident back in High School. Now, for some context, where I live, we’re about 90% Latinx, mostly Mexican American, but I knew a few families from Honduras and Guatemala (the town was really small to begin with, so everyone knew everyone). The next town over is about 70% white, and our two towns have a bad history with each other. My town is constantly looked down on and everyone in the next town thinks we all do drugs and that we’re basically just low lifes. It was really bad during the Chicano movement, all the white people that lived in my town just upped and left, that’s basically how the next town got settled, so they’re not even an ‘old’ town.

Well, to get a decent job, you usually have to work in the neighboring town. My town doesn’t have many places that’ll hire you. In high school, I started working at a fast food restaurant and it was okay. For the most part, the customers didn’t really give me trouble. One day, however, I’m on drive thru and for some reason, it was extremely hard to hear over the intercom. I asked the driver to repeat his order but after the second time, I just asked him to pull up to the window and we’d take it there. He pulls up, and the second he sees me, he just starts to curse. He goes, “You fucking Mexicans. What the actual fuck,” then makes these exaggerated expressions with his hands and starts speaking loudly, “Yo quiero Iced Tea. Y un hamburger. Comprende? Do you understand that? Fucking wetbacks, man, I swear.” I take his order, repeat it back to him, he’s still looking at me with displeasure, I close the window after I hand him his drink and change and then ask one of my coworkers to hand him his food because I had to go to the bathroom and cry.

I told this story to my white friend, and he just looks horrified the entire time. After I’m done talking he says, “Oh my god. I would’ve just screamed at him. I’d never let anyone treat me like that.” and I told him how no one would ever treat him like that. He was a little taken aback by that, then agreed, then asked why I didn’t tell my manager, that surely a manager would’ve turned him away and just refused him service. And I told him, “Tell him what? My manager was a white guy. Yeah, he was cool and all, but you honestly think he was gonna tell the customer, another white guy, to fuck off? No. I’ve seen my coworkers get drinks thrown on them and my manager will still say we’ve got to ‘Please the customer’. Besides, it looks bad if we get bothered by stuff like that. The second I show that I’m angry or upset, is the second those people think their assumptions about me are correct. It’s bullshit, and my anger is justified, but that’s just how it was.”

And honestly, he looked like he ‘got’ it, but couldn’t really understand it. He started talking about the numerous times he’s flat out told rude customers to leave and it just kinda hit me, “This is what living without fear is like.” Not having to worry about getting fired, preserving your dignity, telling someone something is bothering you and not having it thrown back in your face.

For all intents and purposes, this guy is a nice guy. Does his best to understand and listen and even like that, he still will never know what it’s like to have that constant fear of judgement and ridicule. And it just makes me wonder what I or my family would be like without that fear. Like, all the things we don’t do because we know we’re under scrutiny. It makes me wonder if I wouldn’t have such a hard time expressing myself constructively, since I’m always trying to hold in my anger.

White people can be angry, and it is constantly validated. POC can’t be angry, cause then we’re just proving stereotypes and risking our jobs and/or lives.

-Mod C

Are White “People” Actually Demons?

If an alien were to come to Earth during any past to present period of time and land anywhere, what conclusion do you think that alien would come to with respect to whites? Let’s say it lands in Europe in either 1914 or 1939 just as WWI and WWII, respectively, were beginning. Who would it see as the perpetrators of mass violence, brutality and evil? What if it lands in a country colonized by whites during their point of colonization? History class always told us that the “civilized” whites invaded those countries to bring “civilization” to the country’s peoples. Would the alien see the indigenous people of that country warmly welcome the whites coming to take over their lands or would it see a resistance that led in massive bloodshed and valuable, important indigenous lives lost?

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Grant Our Request For A Meeting At The White House Regarding Police Misconduct | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Grant Our Request For A Meeting At The White House Regarding Police Misconduct

Shot Dogs, False Arrests, Mass Beatings, Unjustified Killings – This needs to stop.

This petition is a formal request for a meeting & interview with the White House to finally address the underlying cause of the problems we are having with law enforcement, as part of an effort to establish an overall remedy that will ensure that the public is no longer victimized by the police.

In the end, this will help to create a safer & more functional arrangement for the public, and their pets, as they come in contact with law enforcement.

Help us to help you. Sign the Petition.

Please sign and boost. This needs 100,000 signatures by August 11, 2015.

~ Sera

This is not the usual stuff I post but look at this bullshit… The KILLER COP looks like a HERO and the MURDER VICTIM is made to look like a CRIMINAL. Can’t trust the media… you can’t tell me this is unintentional. This blatantly racist and white people if you wanted another example of your privilege here it fucking is.

anonymous asked:

Why is there so much undermining going on with the Dubose case and Cecil? Both lives should equally matter. Even though it doesn't seem like blacklivesmatter. It also seems like the lives of wildlife and nature doesn't matter. Why can't they just be separate but equally important issues?

Bc they don’t exist in a vacuum. 

And let me just say that NO ONE is undermining Cecil the Lion’s death. The people I’ve seen talk about this are simply pointing out the unequal media treatment of two individuals who were both murdered by powerful white men. 

They’re simply trying to talk about what that MEANS for us all (especially Black people) and our varied valuations of difference. Not only that, Shaun King even expressed his own “outrage” about the injustice of Cecil the Lion’s death.  

If you can’t appreciate that and believe this type of discussion somehow “undermines” Cecil the Lion’s death and you’re super concerned about that, then please just unfollow me bc we’re clearly not in the same lane.  

re: x, x

Create a mandatory reporting system for, and transparent, independent investigations of, ALL deaths in police custody. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Create a mandatory reporting system for, and transparent, independent investigations of, ALL deaths in police custody.        

The US has only a “voluntary” reporting system for deaths of citizens at the hands of law enforcement, or in the custody of law enforcement.

Currently, a British newspaper (The Guardian) is doing a better job than us of keeping track of the citizens who have died in the custody of those sworn to “serve and protect” them.

This is unacceptable. With power, comes responsibility, and accountability.

We need a mandatory reporting system for any and all deaths that occur in federal, state, and municipal police custody.

We also need transparent, independent investigations of such deaths.

We have a justice system in place that allows for due process. Law enforcement is not Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

637 citizens have been killed by police this year alone. We need accountability, now.

Please sign and boost. This needs 100,000 signatures by August 21, 2015.

~ Sera


Adam Goodes, an Indigenous footballer, has recently announced he was taking time off from football for mental health reasons after last weekend’s continuous booing from the crowd. A couple fans were ejected from the game and one was singled out after having made the comment ‘go back to the zoo’ towards Goodes. Two years ago, Goodes singled out a 13-year old girl at the footy after she called him an ape, so this zoo comment was in reference to that. 

The person who made the comment said he was humiliated and felt like he was treated like a criminal for his remarks, which he didn’t think were in the least bit racist or directed at Goodes. The person who (decided to stand up against racism) informed security of his comments was later verbally abused by the crowd for dobbing and ended up leaving the game. 

Goodes is a proud Indigenous footballer and he’s copped a few racism remarks over the years including ‘ape’, ‘go back to the zoo’ and ‘he could be used to promote the musical King Kong’, which was said by big name football president (Eddie Maguire). He’s stood up against all these comments, which obviously led to media coverage over racism. During Indigenous round this year, where the entire AFL celebrates Indigenous heritage and culture, Goodes celebrated a goal with an Indigenous war cry dance that involved the action of throwing an imaginary spear. Apparently, many people were offended, intimidated and frightened of this imaginary spear, saying it was inappropriate - even though it was Indigenous round! They’re all for celebrating Indigenous round, but just don’t want it rubbed in their faces! 

My vent is about the reactions of the public and those around me. Whenever I see a facebook article about the issue, I like to read the comments to see where society stands. Sadly, more than three quarter of the comments every time were people calling him a sook, telling him to grow up, to brush it off, to not make such a big deal, that he is a baby, that calling out a 13-year old on a racist comment is bullying, is an attention seeker, etc. People who’ve never been on the receiving end of racism are saying that he is making a big deal out of nothing and in doing so, is escalating the issue further (which is the point but they don’t see it like that). 

The AFL even came out and have asked the crowds not to boo him, because doing so would be considered racist. You know what the response to this was? People said that if you tell kids not to do something, they will do the opposite! But we aren’t dealing with kids here. We’re dealing with grown adults who should know better, and if Goodes didn’t take time off, I’m betting most would still boo him, just because the AFL said they shouldn’t. Adults are actually worse than kids. 

People even justify their reactions by saying their reactions aren’t racist, but that they just don’t like him for those above reasons. They say that it’s not racism, because they’re not treating every other Indigenous player like this. Not every other Indigenous player has been directly racially abused or is brave enough to stand up to racism because this is the sort of public reactions that develop. Sort of like how people make racist comments but don’t see themselves as racist because they have a non-white friend. Sometimes my workmates will say something really racist, but then defend it by saying, but I don’t see you as Chinese (because I’m quite Aussie) or I have plenty of Chinese friends :\

They say that Goodes has brought the booing upon himself and deserves it. That he’s made a non-issue a racist one and that he continues to play the race card by bringing it up with the media. Too many people have the attitude of ‘just ignore the problem and it will eventually go away’ rather than addressing the issue to prevent it from happening. We seem to have this attitude of blaming the victim for apparently getting them self into the situation. It’s like Goodes must attract racist comments or something ridiculous like that. They suggest he suck it up, harden up and get on with footy (instead of continuing to bring up the very real issue of racism that’s affecting his mental health). I’m not even going to start on the public’s reaction to his supposed ‘mental health’, because we already know about the stigma surrounding mental health disorders.

Just earlier tonight, a workmate that I always talk footy with was saying how she lost all respect for Goodes when he called out the 13-year old girl for calling him an ape. I didn’t have time to interject because we were starting a work meeting, but I was thinking, why??? Why are people thinking like this? At 13, I knew what racism was and that racist comments were inappropriate. I knew the difference between right and wrong. Sure, you can say, she’s just a kid, who probably doesn’t know what racism even is, but her comments are a reflection of society! And that’s why Goodes pointed it out, not to vilify and condemn her, but to raise the issue that if our younger generation think it’s okay to racially abuse others, then there’s something wrong with society. 

It just makes me sad that so many people (including the ones I work with) have this attitude towards racism. I mean, their land was invaded, overtaken, children were taken from parents, many were killed and despite government efforts to close the gap between health and life expectancy of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, there’s still a massive gap. Racism still obviously exists! 

Society is going backwards.

On a positive note, my bro does see it as racism and is on my side with this topic.

#AllLivesMatter is Bullshit

Observation (with just a hint of snark):

#AllLivesMatter didn’t become a thing until #BlackLivesMatter became a movement.

If ALL lives truly mattered why weren’t those people who love to use it as a counter hashtag saying it BEFORE #BlackLivesMatter started to trend? Why weren’t they bringing attention to the fact that both POC and other people were being killed by police and declaring that those POC lives mattered?

The answer is simple. #AllLivesMatter is nothing but a counter movement used as a tool to silence and undermine black voices. It is ill-conceived and messy. Anytime you can deface a mural for someone in honor of their death (#SandraBland) with all lives matter that shows the true intent of what that hashtag means.

They don’t care about Black lives, or Native lives or Asian lives or Latino lives etc. What they care about is protecting their hurt feelings, personal goodness, and above all non implication.



I went off on a rant the other day about how tired I was of seeing black people looked down upon, even by close friends of mine. Especially since I have siblings who are black.

Then my lovely friend, Joyce, comes straight outta left field and HIT EVERYONE with how woke she is. Needless to say, it’s obvious as to why I call her, “mama.” She gives me so much life ❤️ chichaaang Thank you, I just had to share.