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How would MONSTA X react to their s/o adopting a kitten/puppy to give to them as a present?

This so cute oml.


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*his super squishy side is appearing*

“Jagi you didn’t have to!” he’d exclaim as you shoved the mini white poodle in his arms.

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This boy would just be at a loss for words when the small golden retriever began to run over to him and tackle him to the ground, causing you to be in fits of laughter.

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*suffocates you with his hug*

“You didn’t have to get me a cat, Y/N!”

In addition to giving you his super tight embrace, he’ll shower you with kisses and would constantly remind you for the whole day that he is so grateful for the present.

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“Omo, look at that Choco.”

He and the dog would be so inseperable, I kid you not. Like sometimes it makes you regret getting him one because he’s alway with it. But once he caught on about how you’re feeling, he’d apologise and would make it up to you with something sweet because he’s Kihyun.

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“A cat? For real? Omg thank you for the best present ever, jagi.”`

He’ll pull you in for a little cuddle, placing a kiss at the top of your head, before ruffling your hair.

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He would be so surprise, when you brought him a husky pup to his workplace, looking at you with a ‘you aren’t shitting right’ expression.


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As soon as you showed him the dog he’ll pull out his polaroid to get ready to pose with you and the dog. He’ll definitely keep the pictures in a scrapbook or something to commemorate that day you bought him an awesome present.


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