white polyester

Always There

Jerome x Reader

Warnings: none

Sorry, it’s short


Slowly and reluctantly, you uncover your face. You blink, close your eyes, and blink again. Streaks of sunlight penetrate the window and blind you. You feel a strong arm grasped around your waist. You turn your head and there lies Jerome still fast asleep. You wiggle out of his embrace, and sat up, dragging your feet off the bed, and rubbed your knuckles onto your eyes. You stretched your arms above your head and yawn. You watch your legs dangle above the off-white polyester carpet. You got up and walked towards the bathroom, shutting the door behind you.

After brushing your teeth, you were looking at your reflection, you mumbled thinking you were saying it in your head,“Why can’t I be beautiful? What does Jerome see in me? Why does he think I’m pretty? He can do better than me. He can have anyone, well anyone that’s not afraid of him.”

What you didn’t know was Jerome was about to open the door when he heard you. He was appalled that you would think that. He stormed in, went up to you, and turned you so you were facing him.

“You are the most gorgeous person I have ever laid eyes on. Don’t ever think that your not good enough for me because babe I’m the one that’s not good enough. You are the brightest star in my sky. You’re my angel. When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds. When we’re apart, days feel like years. I wasn’t planning on loving you, but I’m glad I did. So please don’t ever think otherwise. I love you y/n.”

You weren’t going to deny it but this made you a bit teary eyed. You grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. “I love you too Jerome, but I can’t say that I won’t think those things again.”

“Then every time you do, I’ll be there to tell you otherwise.”

Hi my name is Alucard Prince of Dark’ness and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and crimson eyes like blood and a lot of people tell me I look like Vlad the Impaler (AN: if u don't know who he is get da hell out of here!). I'm not related to Integra Hellsing but I wish I was because she's a major fucking hottie. I'm a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I'm also a witch, and I work at a vampire hunting company called Hellsing in England where I’ve been for a few decades (I'm five hundred and fifty years young;) ). I'm a goth (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black waistcoat with a red coat around it and black polyester slacks, white gloves and black combat boots. I was wearing white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was walking outside Hellsing. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of humans stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
Squirtle Amigurumi Pattern

Here’s this weeks pattern! Only a day late, I’m off to a good start haha. I always picked the fire-type starter (they’re always so cute!) so Squirtle was always my enemy, but a pretty cute enemy so you always end up liking him anyway. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do his tail, and I kept making his shell too big (it’s quite small now), but I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out!

I hope you guys like him too! If you don’t crochet yourself, you can buy this little guy at my Etsy.

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“ Making Weather” by Rrichard Clarkson Studio & Crealev.  

‘floating’, is made of white hand fluffed polyester fibers that give each cloud a unique shape and has magnets embedded in both the reflective oval base and the body of the cloud.

The powerful magnets allow the speaker to float 1 to 2 inches off the base and lets the speaker softly bob and rotate to create an effect similar to that of clouds floating outside.

The speaker connects via Bluetooth to allow wireless streaming, and just like previous versions of the speaker, uses sound reactive LED lights to create music reactions like thunder and lightning depending on what’s happening in the music.

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fact: SCP-1022 is a white cotton-polyester laboratory coat in Size M. It has no identifying markings save for a printed label on the inside collar reading 'Dr. E████', its original owner. All surfaces of SCP-1022 are resistant to microbial colonisation; introduced microorganisms fail to reproduce and subsequently die. It thus remains sterile save in the immediate period after contact with a colonised surface. The physical properties of SCP-1022 are otherwise unremarkable.

..so my self esteem basically

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Mickey was as much of a grumbly-grump at Christmas time as he was the rest of the year, only this festive season he was a grumbly-grump in a stupid fucking hat.

He sat in one of the armchairs at the Gallagher’s, arms folded and a scowl on his face wearing a hat with bells on it - bells - for fuck sake.

Debbie thought it would be fun, but Mickey thought that it was probably Ian’s idea. The redhead came sauntering in, his own head shrouded in the fluffy white polyester of a santa hat.

His grin was wider than ever and he sat down on the floor by Mickey’s chair and looked up at him like a kid on - well, Christmas.

“What’s that fucking look?” he said.

“Hat looks good on you,” Ian said and Mickey just narrowed his eyes, reaching his arm out to bat the hat off Ian’s head.

Ian was still grinning, even as he looked down at it on the ground. “Scrooge,” he said and Mickey snatched his own hat and threw it across the room.

“I ain’t a fucking Scrooge I just hate wearing all this shit, you think this my thing? You’re fuckin’ family is out there gettin’ drunk and singin’ fuckin’ carols,” he said.

Ian laughed and shrugged. “Hey, could be worse, they could be in here singing.”

Mickey sighed loudly.

Ian got up, walking over to their makeshift tree and grabbed one of the precariously wrapped gifts and brought it over to the chair.

“I know we said we weren’t going to do this,” he said at the look on Mickey’s face. “But come on, it’s Christmas.”

“You pinky swore asshole,” Mickey said, snatching the gift off him and Ian’s lips twitched as his smile just grew.

“Oh I’m sorry, that’s a sacred thing is it?” Ian said and Mickey grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him closer.

“Yeah, sorta is,” he said before pressing his lips to Ian’s, parting them gently and drawing him in.

Ian lifted his hand and cupped Mickey’s cheek, the unexpected affection taking him by surprise and it was never something he pushed away.

Only this time he wanted to see Mickey open his gift. He pulled back and nipped at Mickey’s nose.

“You gonna open it or what?” he asked.

“You fuckin’ promised you weren’t gonna do some stupid shit like this,” he said as he tore at the wrapping.

Ian shrugged again.

Mickey finally got the paper off and looked up to give Ian a glare - the asshole’s grin was somehow impossibly bigger.

“Communication Skills for Dummies?” he said, holding the book up and making Ian snicker. “This your idea of a joke asshole?”

“Oh come on,” Ian said as Mickey smacked him across the head with the book.

“Smart ass,” Mickey said, his own mopey frown finally cracking into a smile. “Move, get out the way and wait the fuck here.”

Ian laughed, sitting back on the floor and watching Mickey head on upstairs. After a minute or so he came back down, holding something small in his hands.

“What was that about a pinky swear?” Ian said.

“Yeah, yeah, I only got it so I’d have something to hold over you when you came back with nothin’,” Mickey said.

“Your Christmas spirit is phenomenal Mick,” he smiled, reaching out to take the gift from him.

“Shut the fuck up and open it before I change my mind,” he said, standing a little awkwardly as he watched.

Ian opened it slowly, knowing it was putting Mickey on edge. Finally, he showed him some mercy and opened it fully.

He stared down at it for a second before looking up, “Mick… this is your favourite shirt,” he said.

“No…” he said. “It's your favourite.”

“So why are you giving it to me?” Ian asked.

Mickey shrugged. “Every time I wear the fuckin’ thing I get lucky,” Ian grinned because he knew it was true, he had a thing for Mickey in button-ups. “So, I don’t know. Make up your own fuckin’ metaphor about luck and… you, and me…”

Ian got up to sit on the armchair, still smiling up at Mickey. “Are you trying to say you’re lucky to have me? It that what this is?”

“Don’t push your luck,” Mickey said and Ian dragged him down until he was sitting on his lap.

I’m lucky I’ve got you Mick, not the other way around,” he said softly.

Mickey just scoffed and Ian’s hand was at his cheek again, pulling his face back so that he could stare into Mickey’s blue eyes.

“I’m lucky, okay?” he said and Mickey’s hand was tenderly pressed against his side.

A few moments went by of just staring at him, drinking in every ounce of affection in Ian’s eyes.

“Ian I―”

“Hey guys dinner’s up… was I interrupting?” Debbie said as she walked in through the kitchen, making the two of them jump back form one another a little.



Ian laughed a little and she just turned around.

“Well, dinner’s ready anyway,” she said as she walked away.

Ian’s gaze turned back to Mickey, “You were saying something?” he asked, a little too eagerly.

“Just uh, I think we should head on out there now,” he said and Ian sighed.

“I think you should read that book I got you, cover to cover,” he said and Mickey actually managed to laugh.

“Always knew you were a smart ass,” he said as he got up and the two of them headed in for Christmas dinner.

They sat at the hustle and bustle of the table, laughing and yelling over the din to try and talk to one another but they sat across from one another mostly in silence. As Ian watched Mickey he noticed him looking up and down from Ian to his food before finally he looked up and they locked eyes.

Ian cocked his head because Mickey had a weird look on his face and he almost missed his lips spelling his words out silently.

It didn’t take a genius to figure them out, even with Mickey’s mumbly-grumbly lips trying not to be obvious.

I love you.”

Maybe that Christmas gift wasn’t going to be needed as much as Ian thought.

"Throw Away The Key" - Kurt/Blaine

Skank!Kurt is a teensy bit shy about approaching Cheerio!Blaine.

Warnings for: Puck being Puck

UPDATE: It’s now a verse!
Part 1 of the Cuffed Verse

~1800 words


The new captain of the Cheerios is a problem.

Kurt takes a drag of his cigarette, puts a hand on one of the steel bars of the bleachers above his head, and watches this problem twist his way across the football field.

The red and white polyester hugs his compact body in the exact right places, and he rocks his hips in an easy figure-eight with Santana and Brittany doing the same on either side of him. His slick black hair glistens in the sun, and so does the sweat running down his neck when he turns his head just right.

Kurt holds the smoke in his lungs and runs his tongue around in his mouth. It’s not the taste he wants, not what he imagines the warm, salty taste of Anderson’s sweaty skin might be, but it’s all he has at the moment.

He hears Quinn and Puck making out on the ratty sofa behind him, lips smacking wetly against each other and Quinn making husky little noises into Puck’s mouth. And Kurt can’t help it; he wants that too.

Kurt wants that with Anderson, specifically.

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Body of Roses (Punk!Luke Fan Fiction) Chapter - 24

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Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Rating: A-14 (Read at own risk)

Word Count: 1,333

“He’s just being so irrational.” I complained as Kean insisted on walking me back after an early dismissal from school with the Semi-Formal dance being tonight. Kean told me since we couldn’t meet up at Geno’s like usual with me having to get ready, we decided that we’d walk home together and talk then. “It’s like he thinks he can control me.”

Kean’s eyes were on me the entire time, making me a little surprised that he actually care about what was happening with mine and Luke’s love life, but I guess I haven’t had a friend in such a long time that I’d forgot that that’s what friends were suppose to do.

“He’s only doing it because he cares for you.” Kean offered. “So much has happened to the two of you, he just wants to keep you safe.”

“Ya well, he needs to work on his debating skills,” I muttered though I knew Kean had a point. “I mean his argument for why he didn’t want me to hang out with you was because you use to be part of Jai’s gang.” A soft laugh escape from inside me though it held no note of humour. “For God’s sake, he was too.”

A long silence filled the air between us as we both knew what the next question was going to be.

“So where does this leave you guys?”

I gave him a shrug. “I don’t know.”

The rest of the walk was pretty quiet from there on. Luke was the only thought running through my mind at the moment. Were Luke and I still together? Where did our relationship stand? Was he out looking for a new girlfriend as we speak?

I shook the last thought out of my head not able to bear the thought of him seeing someone other than myself.

“Here we are,” I heard Kean say from beside me while I looked up to see us stopped in front of my house.

I turned towards him. “Thanks Kean,” I paused before adding, “For everything.”

His smile light up a hundred times more as he searched my face for something I wasn’t sure of. “You know,” He started. “Luke’s lucky to have a girl as beautiful as you, remember that.”

A smile formed on my face before I felt a pair of lips pressing against mine. I was in so much shock that I just froze not able to muster a single thought. It took me a few seconds to process exactly what was happening before I pushed Kean lightly off of me.

“I…” Stuttering, I had no idea what to say next.

“I’m sorry,” He said at last with genuine sincerer in his eyes. “I shouldn’t have- I just thought-”

I gave him a small smile showing him I was upset.

“It was stupid,” He finally got out. “I know things with Luke and you are complicated I just thought-” He shook his head letting his sentence trail. “I was caught up in the moment.”

“Hey,” I rested my hand gently on his cheek. We both shared unspoken words while searching each others eyes. I let my hand drop to from his face. “I’ll see you tonight at 8.”


I checked myself over in the mirror quickly, making sure everything was perfect. The white, polyester, cocktail dress clung to my olive skin making it look twice as dark as what it already was. I let the soft waves of hair fall loosely on my back while keeping the make up to a minimal; only some mascara, concealer and a pale shade of pink lipstick to brighten my face. I let myself smile into the mirror being as ready as ever to forget about the drama with Luke and have a night filled with fun.

“Ella!” I heard my mom call from the bottom of the stairs. “A handsome young man’s here for you.”

I let out a small breath before turning to put on my skin coloured heels then heading out of my bedroom door. The one side of the staircase opened up towards the door as I spotted Kean talking with my mom.

I knew I caught his eye once he paused mid sentence and turned his head to where I was making my way down the stairs. A smile crept onto his lips while he watched me, waiting until I was in front of him.

“You look beautiful.” He told me .

I felt a small blush creep up the side of my neck. “You don’t look too bad either.” At that comment a small laugh escaped from his throat before my mom spoke up.

“Picture time.” She chimed holding up a camera. I gave Kean an apologetic sigh before we both posed for a few photo’s.

“Be home by 10!” My mom called out to me as Kean and I made our way to his Jeep. “No later!”

We made it to the school after a 10 minute drive. The entire building was lit up at the front with a red carpet sprawled out that ran from where cars dropped students off to the front entrance of the school.

“Didn’t realize this was a themed dance.” I told him a bit worried since I hadn’t dress up as any celebrity with the obvious red carpet theme happening.

“It’s okay,” Kean smiled. “You have a striking resemblance to Vanessa Hudgens.”

I gave Kean a look that told him I didn’t really believe the comment but before I could protest it was our turn to step out of the car. A lower grade teacher opened the door for me on my side before taking the keys from Kean and parking his Jeep somewhere in the student parking lot. Kean offered me his arm and I took it while we walked up to the entrance laughing at the cliche theme, from the flashing lights acting as paparazzi to the red, velvet ropes that linded the carpets edges.

“Tonight’s gonna be a good night.” Kean leaned down to my ear. “I can feel it.”


Luke’s P.O.V 

My back was against my bed, tossing a bouncy ball at the wall. Thoughts of Kean and Ella were the only things to cloud my mind. The two of them were so close now and though I was happy for Ella to finally have a new friend since Nicole, I was also wiry of this friendship. I didn’t like Kean, didn’t trust him. Something about him seemed off to me and I’m not going to let someone like him hang around the one person I love.

“Well this is fun.” Calum muttered as the rest of the boys sat in my room with me, strumming some songs on my acoustic guitar. 

“Sorry,” I told them, getting myself off the ground and to my feet. “It’s just…”

“Ella?” Ashton finished for me.

I gave him a shrug. “I should have taken her to the stupid dance.” I told them. “I’m such a coward sometimes, too stubborn to let my own guard down even when it comes to making Ella happy.” I let out an angry sigh letting my hands rub my face. “I’m gonna go get some water. Do you guys want anything?”

With all of them declining, I made my way upstairs and into the kitchen, grabbing a glass from the cabinet and filling it with water. I looked out the window above the sink as I took a sip, seeing my own reflection in the glace with the night sky out. Closing my eyes I tried to sort through all my thoughts ripping away the ones the involved Ella and Kean from my mind. 

I took another gulp of water before opening my eyes again, letting them land back on the window jumping as I did.

Jai’s lifeless face stared back at me like it has so many times before whenever I looked into a mirror for the past week.

“Tonight.” He told me. “It goes down tonight.”


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