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That ask about miley is disgusting and racist

NO i have a white nail polish im not racist what are you talking about


Weekend Nails: Grey Polka Dots!

Felt like a little simple pattern last weekend, so I painted my nails grey (Revlon Top Speed in Hazy), then used white acrylic paint and the fatter end of a dotting tool to apply white polka dots all over. 

Much easier to use acrylic than trying to work with white nail polish. Just let dry, and then seal with a thick layer of topcoat.

Period! Try it in any color combination you like!


I got a request to take pics of my feet in fishnets with the white polish. Since I was planning on changing the polish out today, I took the fishnet photos this morning. Most of the shots were ruined by my camera automatically doing the white balance and getting it wrong, so I need to redo it all. These are the only shots that didn’t turn out looking like ass.

Consider this a teaser, I guess.