white polish


I got a request to take pics of my feet in fishnets with the white polish. Since I was planning on changing the polish out today, I took the fishnet photos this morning. Most of the shots were ruined by my camera automatically doing the white balance and getting it wrong, so I need to redo it all. These are the only shots that didn’t turn out looking like ass.

Consider this a teaser, I guess.


POLISH OF THE WEEK - Sally Hansen - white on

As i’ve said before, super white nail polish makes me feel as though i’m channeling my 5th grade self and putting white out on my nails during class.

However, WHITE ON by Sally Hansen is my go-to-white polish for all my nail art. It has an opaque/not runny consistency so it’s perfect for doing any design because you wont have to apply multiple layers. (design depending).

Stay tuned for the four designs featuring this polish. Visit the CHALLENGES -> P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.