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When Georgia O’Keeffe began painting New York City in the 1920s, she found a new subject for her experiments with line and silhouette. In Manhattan, a proposed mural design, she emphasized the rectilinear forms and stepped profiles of the city’s new skyscrapers and painted them in flat fields of color.

Similarly, O’Keeffe continued to dress in severe, almost minimalist, designs. In 1958 she sat for the famous photographer Richard Avedon in New York. For this occasion she chose to wear a custom-made black wool overcoat from the custom-tailoring house of Knize. Knize was known for its exclusive menswear, and this coat suited O’Keeffe’s increasingly androgynous style of dress.

O’Keeffe also ordered bespoke garments from Emsley, another upscale New York men’s tailor. This Emsley three-piece suit, for example, was perfectly fitted and deceptively plain-looking. She often paired black garments like her overcoat and suits with white shirts and white pocket squares, achieving the same striking linear effects that she had used in her skyscraper paintings.

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We Fight Like Hell [to Protect It]


anonymous - Nothing really specific but I would love some protective Harvey.

Not sure if this is what you had in mind but I was doing a re-watch and this wouldn’t leave me alone so here we go! An AU during 4x11 Enough is Enough

Donna was staring out the expansive window of Harvey’s office overlooking the late hour of bustling Midtown madness when she closed her eyes as she heard his familiar footsteps outside the hallway. It was late enough that he’d be the only one coming this way, but that still doesn’t change the fact that she’d be able to pick out his steady gait out of the hundred employees at Pearson Specter.

She caught his reflection and twisted her fingers in shame.

“Harvey,” she called out and watched the reflection step into his own office before she began to turn around.

“You don’t need to say it,” he said with a quiet rage discernable only to her ears. It isn’t directed at her, but she feels like it should be. At least, partially.

“Yeah, I do,” she confirmed as she turned to face him. She paused for a moment before walking towards him as he came around to stand at the corner of his desk. “Louis came looking for you, and I didn’t know what to do. He was going to call Sheila and tell her everything. I’d never seen him like that before.”

She shrugged her shoulders and lifted her hands and for the first time, Harvey saw the smudged mascara and tear tracks bleeding through her typically put together self.

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Check out Alexander Skarsgård is in this week’s @Variety!

The Variety issue dated September 20, 2017 has 4 separate photos of Alex for pre-Emmy (Variety Women in Film Pre-Emmy Celebration) and post Emmy parties (HBO’s and Governors Ball) after his big win Sunday night for OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A LIMITED SERIES/TV MOVIE for BIG LITTLE LIES.

He even got a grade of “A-” on the WWD Report Card thanks to the styling of Jeanne Yang for his Ermenegildo Zegna Couture tuxedo, Cartier lapel pin and Christian Louboutin shoes. He was groomed by Kim Verbeck.

They said, ‘He pulls off the evening wear look effortlessly. Three-piece tuxedos are hard to wear but his slender 6-foot-4 physique makes the look work. And the suit’s fitted silhouette only helps. The hint of white pocket square, the jeweled lapel and gold watch add the right luxe touch.’

It also says that ‘Alexander Skarsgård reunited with TRUE BLOOD castmates Rutina Wesley and Adina Porter, and made the rounds through the crowd with Jack McBrayer, whom he jokingly called his “husband” as he toted his statuette.’

There are also HBO and CAA congratulatory ads that lists all of their Emmy winners (Alex), but I will be posting them in a different post. (see THR post)

📸 My digital scans.