white phlox


STORY: John Mark & Victoria

DATE: August 2012

LOCATION: Shoreditch


Flowers! The cats are watching. C: 

From L to R- Pink columbines, violet columbines, purple columbines, purple and white tritelia, purple phlox, and Sarah Bernhart Peony. :D

I’ll be tagging garden things with Gardenbound.


The essence of Lucifer’s garden.  Images 1 and 3.  Contrast: The spent flower stalks of Echium russicum add a truly malevolent touch and heightens contrast in the extreme with pure white Phlox and silver Artemesia in the picture.  Decadent and indelible as unforgiven sin, these have become essential to the garden.

Image 2:  Light.  The garden is back lit in part or in whole at many times during the day giving a special fire to both flower and foliage.

Image 4:  Pattern.  The repeating banks of phlox, sedum, yarrow and the grassy forms create its overall unity.