white person feels

we are young, we play our music loud,drink until we can’t stand, we sneak out, get grounded, fail tests, run wild, we make friendships that only last a month, lie about where we are, cry in the bathroom, try new things, sleep for hours, binge eat, go through lovers like we go through our expensive clothes. we are young,we are the corrupted youth.
we are the hated generation,but they forget who raised us.
—  diaryofasocialintrovert
The N word...

Let me just say this and then I’ll go back to that blog that just reblogs other people’s shit.

The excuse “Well nobody should say it. Not even THEM (black people)” that nonblacks use against the N word is well played out.

Black people reclaimed this slur. Like men calling females bitches and hoes, women began calling their friends the same. “I’m going out with my bitches”. We claimed that shit and put a more positive stigma on it. You can’t be mad at us for that. If I want to chill with my niggas, I will. Cuz that’s my nigga.

Now if I were an internalized racist and were to call other black people the N word negatively it’s a problem, but me referring to family or close ones this way isn’t an issue unless they don’t want me to (bc some black people don’t like it at all).

But don’t tell a black person “Yeah I know my ancestors called you that while they were beating, raping, enslaving, hanging, lynching and murdering your ancestors while they thought of them as property. I know racist people this day still call you that too. And you made it more positive. But I feel like if I can’t say it, Nobody should say it because somehow it offends me too”. The statement is invalid as fuck. And if you use this when I ask you not to say the word around me or at all, you might get socked.

that wasn’t the only shitty reply on those bookmarks but it was the most irritatingly smug. why the hell are people so condescending about being like “WELL ACTUALLY JK INTENDED-” like, buddy? i know. I’ve read the books a dozen times over just like everyone else has. I know jk rowling is racist and homophobic, u don’t have to tell me like it’s Hidden Knowledge only u gleaned from the books. trust me; i know, we all know, i’m just electing to ignore it bc i’m trying to pretend this world is a better place than it actually is, so go away

My family is trying to pressure me into putting up a Christmas tree but I’m like … I’m not Christian and you know it?

I mean okay, I don’t get the impression Freyr would mind much, but still. Stop trying to push your traditions onto me. You don’t see me walking around yelling at everyone to celebrate the solstices or something, after all.


5/12/17 // today, i found these old postcards and faded polaroid photos in a local vintage shop in my town. although random, images on them are truly beautiful and nostalgic. they all belonged to someone at some time in the past, and some even have writing on them, still. i intend to collect them & perhaps send them to friends in the mail. what a find ☆