white people yelp reviews

“Given the location, my husband has always vetoed stating he wasn’t going to step foot in the place until he bought a gun.  He is way more paranoid of something bad happening in certain parts of town than I am….You have the option to call in, but he chose to order at the restaurant and wait.  He said the entire time there he was the only fair skinned person out of 30+ patrons in and out.  I often find that my tastiest meals happen to be at places I’m in the minority (Walls’, Nairobi, Randy’s, etc)”

I posted this before but I just figured out how to screenshot on my phone and wanted you to see what a person who doesn’t like Korean food, feels like there should be English speakers in a Korean restaurant, criticizes beef for having too much flavor, and still feels like their opinion matters looks like.

She packed one for me and put a sticker saying $5.99. I was surprised b/c she charged me more than the other man and thought she could get away with it.

I told her that the man next to me had the same one and was charged $4.99. So she took my container back, ripped my container open, put half of the contents into another container and repacked it up and put a $4.99 sticker on it.

She did this right in front of me.

from a local east asian supermarket chain: white woman not realizing hot food is measured and priced by WEIGHT instead of content and thinking poc have a personal vendetta against them by trying to charge them a dollar more.

go back to freshco or sobeys, ya weirdo

Hi im the same person who asked you about reviews about malls and stuff. This was a review about a local mall close by my house. I was browsing yelp to see what people had to say about random places i’ve been to and came across several reviews like this by white people calling the mall “ghetto.”

Ok just because the mall is located in a latino dominated community does not make the mall “ghetto.” I’ve been to this mall several times and i did not “fear for my life.” The people there are not “dangerous looking,” and the stores sold pretty average clothing. All the times i’ve been there, its clean. Nothing out of the ordinary, it just so happens that this mall is frequented by latinos, therefore its “ghetto, dirty and dangerous.” smh.

“This could possibly be the creepiest place in Austin.”

“Being vegan, you really need to keep your blinders on in this place.”

“I’m really skeptical about going back due to their live seafood tanks. Essentially, what that consists of is you tell the employees which of the animals you want, they pull it out and beat it to death with a hammer, I almost puked when I saw it.”

Apparently this white vegan can’t handle the place but keeps on spending “hours on the bus back and forth to check this place out”.