white people wonder why

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Yes actually. I was concerned you were posting a lot of PoC content because it is now cool to like PoC people and we're a fad suddenly. But you're not white. so.

My original reply to this, I accidentally hit the back button. So we’re now just doing the spark notes version.

1. Marvel fandom tends to have an influx of content for upcoming movies. Ergo, I see more content on my dash. I’m studying for the Bar Exam (to be a licensed attorney) and I don’t ever go into tags. So what’s on my dash is on my dash. And yes, I’m absolutely quite excited about BP and what this means for the black community. I hope it breaks all the records. I hope it wins awards. I hope it shows Marvel diversity is the best damn thing and they should keep pushing that envelope. So yes, I want to spread around the good word about BP. What is wrong with that?

2. You should have said what you said now, to me, before knowing my race. Being PoC does not give me any excuse to be ignorant. Treat me like you would a white person. That’s equality.

3. People on Tumblr are not fully realized persons. You don’t know my life. You don’t know how embedded (or lackthereof) I am in any community unless I have a conversation with you and you get to know me. a WHITE person, super excited for this movie could be involved in Legal Aid work, legislation for equality, working with the black community to get their voices heard and not speak for them, but you won’t know that just on their tumblr, a fandom blog, of all things, unless you talk to them. So idk what to tell you, anon. 

Idk how white people can be so ignorant. Like, they wonder why black people are mad and can hate them? White people tried to kill practically every race that isn’t their own. Then they expect everything to be explained to them like, read a book

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Why you gotta hate white people tho. Fucking racist.

“why you gotta hate white people tho” hmm 🤔 I 🤔 wonder 🤔 why 🤔


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I made the mistake of looking in the notes of the LGBT post and I regret it so much. Its basically white people complaining about how the flag looks weird now, that it's stripping away the original meaning, that it always included poc and now we're being too detailed. I'm just annoyed at how blind these guys are like they legit act like straight white people and wonder why we hate how the community is


What Miley Cyrus said and done is basically like when white women like her are appropriating people of colors hair/culture and they get tired of it, and start saying “it’s too vulgar” and that’s like them spitting on your culture. And that is why you wonder why people of color have problem with white people appropriating other peoples culture, especially their hairs.

Solange had to disable the comment section for the ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ video because white people ruin everything. And you wonder why we’re always mad

Watch on thehighpriestofreverseracism.tumblr.com

TW: racial slurs

press play.

if you ever wonder why black people hate these talentless white artists who are called “legendary” when all they have done is hijacked and watered down black culture and then thrown black people under the bus….press play

that’s John Lennon btw

rot in pieces

I understand like the want to look tan but like people who use tanning beds consistently baffle me Bc like, that’s so bad for your skin. P sure it’s worse than sun tanning like… and people wonder why white women don’t age well

me when i’m wondering why some white people tend to have a strong bias against me which involves viewing me as being aggressive and/or untrustworthy

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Not tryna put u on the defensive, but u seem to have an issue with interracial couples and mad hate on white-skin folk. Coming from someone of minority who's faced the of ridiculousness of white people too many times, I do feel u but wondering why it's so deep for u? Like soo often the anger and hated is justified but I feel like sometimes it's a bit too far? With so much division unnecessary hate is counterproductive when the hate is centred only around the fact that theyre white n that's it.

I’m going to assume you’re prolly new to my blog. I’ve made it perfectly clear before that I don’t have an issue with interracial couples. I’ve never had an issue with White people solely based on the fact that they are white. Rather I have multiple issues with them for all the privileges and benefits that come with being White. I am going to assume you decided to message me because of my recent Jane The Virgin liveblogging? I still absolutely stand by everything I’ve said. Every interracial couple I’ve seen so far on that show included a White. I hate the fact that White is seen as the Default race and everybody else is just accessories. So yes, it bothers me and if you honestly think that “hate” (because it’s not hate) is counterproductive I highly recommend you educate yourself. Also I have the strongest feeling that you’re a white. If not my bad but yeah. 

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Just curious, if you're all about diversity, shouldn't there be a white character in your header image? I'm a huge advocate of diversity, don't get me wrong, I'm just genuinely wondering if you excluded white people on purpose and why that is?

Just curious, if you’re all about diversity, shouldn’t there be a white character in your header image?

Let’s see, in my header image which is actually an art piece by the lovely @dmolech we have:

Tiana - African American, Pocahontas - Native American (specifically Powhatan), Jasmine (ethnicity unconfirmed but the film is a mixture of Middle Eastern and South Asian elements), Nani - Native Hawaiian, Esmeralda - Romani, Mulan - Han Chinese. All from very different racial/ethnic groups.

diverse dʌɪˈvəːs,ˈdʌɪvəːs/


  1. showing a great deal of variety; very different.

I mean…it’s almost as if…non-white people/people of colour are… wait for it…diverse??? Shocking I know…

And maybe that’s what I’m trying to show with this tiny blog and that’s why you won’t find any white characters here?

Besides white characters in Disney and the media in general are very, very well represented anyway (unlike characters of colour- which is why I decided to make this blog in the first place) so jot that down mate!

White guys, if you ever wonder why people hate you, just go on social media, you’ll find at least five examples in half an hour why we deserve the hatred MOST of the time
A Pro-Trump Writer Just Sued A Fusion Reporter For Accusing Her Of Making A "White Supremacist" Gesture
The lawsuit pits the new, far-right activist press against the mainstream media.
By Joseph Bernstein

If you’ve ever wondered why journalists call people “provocateurs” or “gadflies” or whatever instead of the more accurate “white nationalist”, this sort of thing is why. The threat of lawsuits from horrible dickbags has a real silencing effect on the media. The Right Wing Hate Machine is *very* well-funded by donations from ultra-rich assholes, and it’s really tough for news companies to hold their ground against it.

…At the very least, I hope shit like this serves as a reminder that the Right doesn’t give a damn about freedom of speech, and political correctness is not the biggest threat to the First Amendment.

So I made a post about institutional and structural racism in Hollywood that apparently took on a life of its own while I was in the warm embrace of sleep. I woke up to weird messages from angry white folks that were all some variation of “listen, I 100% support BLM but these movies have nothing to do with that…“ or "sure black lives matter but why are you making this a race thing?” and I was so confused because…what? Are you lost? Then it occurred to me…these white folks conceptualize *all* talk of racism as related to BLM because that’s literally all the “understanding” they have of anti-black racism. They see someone talking about inequality and racism against Black people in any way shape or form and their brain goes “ok…Black people…racism…ah! They’re talking about Black Lives Matter!” Like…that’s how little these folks know and understand or think about racism lol but are bold enough to message my Black ass to lecture me about racism. White people are Whild™.

"why can't white people be kpop artists??"

[before i begin: this post is directed at every non asian koreaboo regardless of their race, black, latin, white, doesn’t matter, a koreaboo is a koreaboo. i am saying “white people” bc theyre the main problem here.]

i’ve been a kpop fan for nearly 7 years now, so obviously i encountered koreaboos many times. one of the type i hate the most is the “korea is racist for not accepting white ppl into the industry!11!!” koreaboos.

first of all, do u even know the definition of kpop? kpop -> south korean pop, south korea -> a country in east asia, that its population is.. u guessed it, asians!

also tell me, how many asian apop singers do u know who are famous as miley cyrus or taylor swift? i’d say none. asians had no chance in the music industry unless they belong to a band that mostly consists of white people anyway (5sos for example).

kpop existed for only around 20 years, and before that, asians had absolutely no chance in the music industry, so imagine how happy we were that theres finally a music genre entirely for us with many fans worldwide.

now, do u rlly want to take it away from us just bc ur selfish ass can’t debut in that certain industry? if u wanna make music so badly - debut in the usa! although u probably just want to debut in korea so u could become closer to ur “oppars” or some shit.

take people like chad future for example: the kid is 100% white, has no relation to any asian culture, doesn’t speak korean and isn’t signed under a south korean entertainment company. yet the bitch is trying to fucking make a BRIDGE between apop and kpop, WE DON’T NEED A GODDAMN BRIDGE, KPOP IS FINE AS IT IS NOW. WE DON’T NEED UR CRAMPY MAYONNAISE ASS TO TRY TO TAKE SOMETHING THAT’S IMPORTANT TO ASIAN MUSICIANS AWAY FROM US.

also before you start with the whole “wow ur racist against white ppl and u hurt my white feelings!11!!!1” bullshit, here’s a little clarification: racism against white people doesn’t exist. the only thing thats barely even close to racism white people might experience is xenophobia, and yes, it happens sometimes when poc ppl dont like it when whities come to their countries.

gee i wonder why, maybe its bc white people enslaved their people in the past, forced their cultures and religion upon them and in our days, constantly make fun of poc? nahh, that cant be it! poc are probably just jealous of ur white skin and blue eyes, damn those blue eyes!

i am not saying that if ur white u can’t like kpop. i am saying that u have no right to complain about kpop consisting of asians only.

have a good day.

Americans, think about your own grade school education. You learned about genocide, war and slavery, how awful that all is, etc. You learned about how MLK Jr. fought for civil rights, and Thomas Jefferson said all men were created equal, how horrific the Holocaust was, and how the savior Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

But the textbooks conveniently leave out how MLK was an enemy of the state and the president and CIA wanted him dead, Thomas Jefferson owned and raped his slaves and he literally meant all caucasian males were created equal, the US denied entry to Holocaust refugees and no one cared, and Lincoln was also a racist and the emancipation of slaves was an agenda to destroy the confederate, not to save black people.

History paints us in a favorable light so we can shed the guilt and to lose accountability for past actions and to push the belief that it’s all in the past; everything is fine now. All tragedy of the past is mourned, but what are we taking away from it when history repeats itself?

We were taught as kids not to see or judge people based on color/gender/etc. and be tolerant because we’re all “equal.” It sounds like a good thing, but it just keeps privileged people ignorant and in denial of the existence of the current social issues. It becomes an excuse to be blind to other people’s problems and lose accountability for the social issues they unwittingly perpetuate so they can continue to live in comfort. It’s a delusion. When states like Texas rewrite textbooks to omit the word “slavery”, that just takes it all a step further.

If you grow up as a minority, or a double minority, or a triple minority, or a refugee of war, you don’t get the luxury of ignorance. You don’t get to pretend like social problems are a thing of the past. You don’t get to pretend racism/misogyny/homophobia/transphobia doesn’t exist when the inconvenient to life-threatening shit gets thrown at you on the daily. 

If you’re so lucky to live in a privilege-bubble, it can be hard to see how fucked up the world actually is, and eventually people like me just look unjustifiably angry all the time, and feminists look like angry bitches and black ppl need to get over slavery, and we should monitor or close down all the mosques (-Donald Trump) and Syrian refugees should stay in their country or be put in internment camps (-Sen. Elaine Morgan), and we should all pray for the white people in Paris. You lose sight of how the entire social construct for most of human existence was built on a hierarchy where heterosexual cis-gender Caucasian men have always been at the top. We see it in our government. We see it in the movie industry. In cartoon depictions of God and bible stories. We see it in how the news gets reported, and we see it in history textbooks.

People often misconstrue my fight against this social hierarchy as a hatred of white people which is not true and not the point. And they wonder why I’m so bitter and cynical all the time, and why I go on so many camping trips. Can you blame me? Am I at fault here? Am I the one that needs changing?

In response to the Anonymous Asker wondering why "white allies" and "non racist" White People are called Race Traitors by their fellow white people:


Personally, I thinks it’s because of the “white lens” their viewing the world from (not excusing btw just giving my theory).
It’s no secret, no matter how many times they try to deny it to save face, that White Pride and White Nationalism are White Supremacy Groups with racially motivated discriminative beliefs. The white people in such groups undeniably and ignorantly believe they are above any non-white human and have an unbecoming sense of entitlement to everything and everyone on our shared planet earth.

The premises of these groups is Hate. Also, to stroke their fragile Egos. Plain and simple it’s to HATE and LOATH People of Color with the full intentions of violence and hindering non-white communities. They know this and they forgo any sensibility that what they are doing is wrong or unethical. Or they know and don’t care, making up relatively false or discriminative misinformation to excuse themselves (willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance).

Subconsciously, throughout White Western communities whether it’s blatant, unknowingly, or subject to circumstance declaring love for your race, ethnicity, and cultural community is strongly associated with Hatred for others. i.e “You cannot love yourself without hating another group. Racial Pride means you view yourself supreme to all others. Self-love and cultural pride stem from the belittlement and dehumanization of those who differ from you”. A very black and white concept, I know. (no pun intended).

*Again, you all know me fairly well enough (as a blogger anyway) to conclude that I’m not giving anyone a free pass to think in this destructive way… I’m just explaining it in a way others can educate themselves and hopefully form strong arguments to combat this destructive thinking.*

*Now, where does this fit in with our ‘White Allies’(using this term very lightly)?*

We know that it is very possible to unlearn toxic mentalities and also to not internalize them heavily during socialization. The ‘White Allies’ that we’re speaking of do not share the false equivalence of “Self-Love=Outward-Hate”. Having the ability to understand that when a non-White person claiming love for their race (i.e. “Black Pride, etc) in response to White Pride/Nationalism it is not an act of hatred toward others, but a proclamation of love/acceptance of ones self despite Institutional Racism and Socialization telling non-white people that you aren’t worth anything. Self-Love is a beautiful revolutionary thought process, really.

IN CONCLUSION and answer your question (finally I know!):

Due to their environmental socialization White People, consciously or not, see non-white self-love and personal acceptance as ‘White Hate’ or 'Reverse Racism’. Witnessing another White Person (their own kin) speaking out against the very institution that allows them their unchecked privileges is disheartening to them. Not to mention seeing White People supporting non-White self love is seen as a White Person saying “Fuck me and my fellow White People! Non-White people are supreme and all around better than us White People). This then brings up conscious feelings of betrayal/anger/frustration to those who are blatantly racist and subconscious feelings of betrayal/anger/frustration to those who have internalized this mentality.

Hence, the term “race traitor” becomes applicable and make more sense as to why it’s used. Regardless of the probable fact that the aforementioned 'White Allie’ doesn’t hate themselves or their people. They just do not support Institutionalized Racism. Despite also having privileged and internalized racist socialization like their blatant counterparts.

HOPE THIS HELPS :) it’s a long read, but worth it to get a good understanding of this subconscious thought process. Again, not excusing, but it’s important to be aware of why people behave the way they do.

- Susie the Moderator

p.s. This knowledge can also be applied to why Feminism is thought of as 'Male Hatred’ and the LGBT+ being seen as wanting to destroy CIS heterosexual relationships, etc etc