white people wonder why

Okay it’s really fucking annoying though that we aren’t allowed to be excited about Black Panther without some white girl being like “BuT ThERes a MaLE LeAD”.

so we’re just going to ignore all the amazing black women in the movie as well just because they’re not the “lead”??????? Having an all black cast is really fucking important so it’d be cool if people didn’t dismiss that just because the lead is a male.

listent i’m just as hurt and pained by this that happened it hurts me so much to have cast members blatantly mock wlw ships and mock one of the few things that made me happy but i knew i just Knew the moment this happened that the white wlw that were so so eerily silent or outright told us to shut up or were outright racist when we called out floriana for playing a gay woman of color that we needed for representation of intersectionality, i knew those same people would suddenly be out here vocal calling for a boycott! i knew that the white wlw that don’t care about how the characters of color on this show are treated (james being sidelined and the ship destroyed, m’gann being written off and underutilized, j’onn only getting scenes to benefit the danvers’) would suddenly be vocal and call for this show to be canceled. and it is so so blatantly obvious what white wlw prioritize and its so obvious that solidarity means nothing to so many of you. ignore this if you want but do me a favor and evaluate the way that you respond to things in fandom. evaluate the way that you react when people of color criticize shows that you deem to be progressive and good just because it has a white wlw ship on it (this goes for many shows, y’all know who you are and i know people will ignore this bc its convenient for you as white people to do so)

do you wonder why so so many people boycottted and spoke out when lexa was killed, but when poussey was brutally murdered in an unjust way that blatantly took advantage of the deaths of so many black people at the hands of police, there was nothing? nothing at all from the white wlw that literally had billboards put up for lexa? not only was there no outrage, they continue to watch oitnb to this day, a show that is now making white supremacists a focal point on their show. i know why, its very obvious why.

you as white wlw need to do better, need to be vocal about intersectionality and about people of color, need to stop supporting shows that mistreat wlw of color and only speak up when it conveniences you. its so disappointing to see and a lot of y’all will keep ignoring it but you need to at the very least acknowledge what you’re doing and do better. 

Idk how white people can be so ignorant. Like, they wonder why black people are mad and can hate them? White people tried to kill practically every race that isn’t their own. Then they expect everything to be explained to them like, read a book

Getting older sucks sometimes.

Nick’s mom just called. His dad just got admitted to the hospital in La Jolla, two hours away. He just turned 80, and he’s had some recent health issues after a lifetime of being invincible. She can’t drive (she’s 78 and I’m poor health), so Nick is going down there to drive her home tonight and back to the hospital in the morning.

I’m trying not to worry. I love my in-laws so much it hurts. I can’t sleep, so I’m watching Chesapeake Shores and wondering why Hallmark shows have nothing but white people.

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Why do u discriminate whites so much? Isn't that equally as offensive as what SOME whites do to blacks/other races?

Lmao I was wondering why so many white people been following me recently. It’s so y’all can ask me dumb shit like this. Come off anon I gotta block for yo ass.

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Here's my problem with this unending "colorism" debate. Who gave us these ideals? It wasn't us non whites. It was white people. So getting angry at light skin people of color wont solve anything. If a light skin person of color says something "colorist" or "shadist" attacking them wont fix the root of the problem. You'll just hit a brick wall. See I'm 1/3 desi and 2/3 Jamaican and I'm light ya, but have dark people on both sides. I don't see them as inferior but white people want me too. Get it?

“2/3 Jamaican” 😒

I wonder why it’s unending bruh. Maybe it’s because of asks like these.


Namelessshipping: What If...

Chapter 7

Pairings: Red x Green Oak

Warnings: None

AU: Canon Divergence.

Red pushed Green away from him by the hands on his old friend’s arms, holding him at a distance to keep Green from trying to kiss him again. Everything about this situation was wrong and it was not the way he envisioned his first kiss would go like. It was supposed to be romantic and have great meaning, where he would admit his feelings towards Green and Green would reciprocate. Not Green reeking of alcohol and bad decisions. Red scowled, making his expression serious as he felt like reprimanding Green, but when he caught sight of Green’s face finally, all his anger deflated almost instantly. He was still upset and hurt, but when faced with this, Red knew his weakness.

Green was crying.

It was a rare sight, one Red had only seen once or twice in his childhood whenever Green had a bad dream. Late at night in the darkness so Red wouldn’t be able to see Green’s lapse in strength. Seeing him cry as an adult wasn’t any better, the light from the lamp prevented Green from hiding his tears now. The way they watered his hazel eyes and Red hated to admit he found Green beautiful in this moment. Even though his friend was drunk and crying his eyes out, the emotion he could see in those amber depths was raw and unguarded. Red wanted that, wanted Green to look at him without his usual guards up. He just wanted the real Green, but that didn’t mean he was going to accept using alcohol as a form to get what he wanted.

It was everything or nothing, Red would accept no less.

Still though, he didn’t have the heart to push Green away as the other male looked so vulnerable and flighty, as if any moment he’d run away after being rejected. Green would thank him tomorrow, or not considering he’d likely fall back to old habits again.Red pulled Green close, wrapping his arms about his friend to hug him close. He wouldn’t kiss, but hugging was just fine to comfort Green. It made him wonder if Green ever cried in front of anyone else before, if they would hold him with silent care like Red did. Instead of going to his own room where he assumed Green’s lady of the hour was, he had stumbled to Red’s room. He didn’t want to think too much into it, but he was just glad that he could be there for Green, he just wished he could be there more often.

As Green quaked with silent sobs, Red stroked his back, letting the other man let it all out. Red knew of Green’s habit of keeping everything in, it wasn’t healthy so he wasn’t about to interrupt this moment. Already he could feel the tears soak in his red and white shirt, wondering why Green of all people was crying for. Red had assumed Green was happy, his friend had all his dreams come true. He was famous, had the attention of many, people admired and respected him. He was an idol to so many, maybe Red wasn’t looking hard enough. It made him feel like a terrible friend for missing the fact that Green was suffering over something. He lifted a hand, curling a light brown spike of hair around his fingers, watching the way the silky strands brushed over his skin. He didn’t know if he’d ever get the chance to touch Green like this again, so he allowed himself to be a little indulgent.

Eventually, Green was slumped against him heavily, he had stopped shaking with his hard crying, leading Red to believe he passed out finally. Slowly, Red began to half carry, half drag Green over to the only bed in the room. Eevee and Pikachu made room for Green as Red eased him down onto the bed, it was when Red was pulling to covers up over Green that he noticed his old friend was watching him with dry, red-rimmed eyes. Red hesitated a moment, trying to figure out what he should say or do. He had a thousand questions to ask Green but he would feel guilty about taking advantage of Green’s current state. It was wrong to pry when Green was this exposed, he didn’t want his friend to regret it later and hate Red for it.

“Why?” Was all Green asked as he stared up in confusion, Red glanced away, unable to look into the very eyes that haunted his dreams. Now he would be haunted by the memory of Green crying in front of him, he wasn’t certain if he could take much more of this. He had thought meeting up with Green again would be nice, but it was only making his yearning for something he couldn’t have even worse. Red raised his hands, about to sign something but stopping himself, hand gestures wouldn’t get his feelings across. Red licked at his slightly chapped lips before swallowing roughly. After so many years, he finally broke his silence. His voice was low, soft, and a bit scratchy from lack of use.

“Because… I love you too much.”

The next morning, Red was at his desk working on his latest research paper on the Kanto water Pokemon here in Alola. Green was still asleep in his bed, having passed out after Red had admitted his feelings towards him. Red was almost certain Green wouldn’t remember it, torn between wanting Green to forget or to remember. He’d been so stressed over it, he couldn’t sleep. Instead, he stayed up the rest of the morning to work on his research. He only stopped to go downstairs and grab some coffee and breakfast, also grabbing a bottle of water and aspirin for Green. Red didn’t know much about drinking, but he’d overheard and seen enough on television to know that after getting drunk one typically had a hangover. The coffee didn’t help ease Red’s nerves though, only served to make them worse since he wasn’t a coffee drinker.

He leaned his elbows on the desk, stopping his typing to rub at his tired eyes. What the hell had he been thinking? He shouldn’t have said anything, but having Green kiss him like that had thrown him for a loop. Did Green really feel something towards him? Or was the alcohol making Green have bad decisions? A low groan filled the room, but it wasn’t from Red. Green was slowly starting to wake from the sounds of it, making Red tense. The hour of judgement was upon him and Red wasn’t ready in the slightest. He glanced at the door, wondering if it wasn’t too cowardly to bail while he had the chance. He didn’t want to face Green after last night, afraid he had just screwed up any hope that he could at least be friends again with Green.

“…The hell… What’re you doing in my room, Red?”

Too late to run. Red couldn’t stall any longer as he turned to look over at Green. He paused at the sight of Green sitting up in his bed, his silky black shirt wrinkled and that brown hair a complete mess. Despite the soured and pained look on Green’s face, Red’s breath caught in his throat. When Red didn’t answer him right away, Green’s glare turned harder. Quickly, with a faint tint to his cheeks, Red raised up his hands to answer.

‘This is my room. Do you not remember last night?’

From the panicked expression on Green’s face, Red assumed not. Green’s hands reached to check to see if he had all his clothes on, Red couldn’t help but to feel a bit insulted at the fact Green thought Red would do that to him. Red looked away with a scowl and knitted brows, making the point know that he was upset that Green thought he’d have sex with a drunk guy.Green looked around the room to confirm that this was Red’s room after confirming all his clothes were on except for his sandals. Once Green spotted the bottle of water and aspirin on the bed stand, he immediately dove for it. Tossing a couple of pills into his mouth, he washed out the taste of alcohol and bad breathe down with water.

“Last thing I remember was having a good time at the tiki bar.” Green admitted, then it seemed to dawn on him that he’d forgotten about Eevee. In a panic, he jumped to his feet, Red could see he immediately regretted it as a hand flew to his temple. “Eevee?!” He called out with strain, the brown fox Pokemon lifted her head from resting on Red’s lap. She seemed to feel sorry enough for her trainer that she jumped down and strolled over to Green. Green crouched down, but he lost his balance and fell back into a sit. Eevee took the opportunity to jump onto his lap and bump the top of her head under his chin affectionately. Green seemed relieved by her forgiveness and Red watched with a softening gaze. However, now that Green was sober, Red needed some answers.

'Why were you drinking?’

Blunt as always but Red now held some concern for his childhood friend after last night. Green had responsibilities and he couldn’t just get drunk like that. At least not alone and not telling Red so he wouldn’t worry. Green hadn’t even thought about Eevee and it was starting to remind Red of their Pokemon adventure all over again. Green seemed to find something interesting on the wall as he refused to meet Red’s gaze, his hand absently petting Eevee. Red was about to press for answers again, but Green finally gave in.

“You damn well know why.” Green groused, sounding like a sulky kid again, reluctant to admit his true feelings. Red tapped his fingers on the desk for a moment, implying he was waiting for Green to elaborate because Red wasn’t going to take that as an answer. He’d been fine with Green acting like a jerk when Red had thought he was happy with life, but finding out something was wrong had put Red on edge a little. He needed to know, for his own peace of mind. “I was pissed that Eevee chose you over me, just like everyone else did!” Green shouted, getting angry at having been put on the spot. Eevee growled in annoyance at such shouting, puffing up a little. Even Pikachu who had been laying on the desk seemed to grown upset and defensive.

Even after all these years of getting everyone’s admiration towards him, Green still wasn’t satisfied. Green had everything except his grandfather’s approval and love, that Red could understand why Green was upset over. However, Eevee had just reasons to be upset with Green and it was a shame that her trainer couldn’t understand her. Red rubbed his jaw in thought, he couldn’t simply tell Green that Eevee just wanted him to stop being a jerk.Green would likely just get more upset and angry at having his flaws pointed out to him. If Green thought no one would choose him for being who he really was, then that meant Green didn’t remember what Red had admitted last night. If only he could get Green to look past his own insecurities to see that someone would pick Green, that someone had been there the entire time waiting.

'Battle me. Only use Eevee and I’ll use Pikachu.’

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Black people weren’t destroying cities when they were stolen from Africa, they weren’t destroying cities when slavery ended and laws were changed to immediately try to round up as many black people as possible (such as making vagrancy illegal). These black people, now branded as a criminal, were sometimes even sent back to the plantation that had owned them during slavery because under the 13th Amendment slavery is legal when then person is a criminal. Black people also weren’t doing anything when white supremacists burned down black wall street and a lot of majority black towns. And they weren’t doing anything wrong when Jim Crow was introduced. White people constantly harass black people in America then wonder why they react and act like both parties have equal parts to play.

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yeah how come y'all never post dark skinned folks in ur aesthetic

Gay + Royal & Interracial Aesthetic

Graysexual + Ravenclaw WOC Aesthetic

Lesbian + Black & Dark Roses & Red Aesthetic

Bisexual + Mica Burton Aesthetic

and those are just the explicitly PoC moodboards we are requested!

its not that we never do it, theres a number of reasons behind why it doesnt appear as often as we post moodboards containing images of white people.

  1. we cant find the right aesthetic involving PoC - theres a lot more aesthetic images of white people online than people of other races (gee i wonder why)
  2. we have to explicitly tell google images that we are looking for PoC when searching. you google “man” and you get a bunch of pasty white ass dudes - the internet is white-orientated and its bullshit
  3. you google “aesthetic girl” and a large number of the results are white people and some people who i can only assume are of asian descent.
  4. in a non-specified request, sometimes we cant make an entire request all of one ethnicity, such as this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and others
  5. more than half of the requests we receive dont even have humans in them! theyre asking for cats or grunge or space or writing or games - last i checked, those werent race-related.

you can ask us to use images of specific race/s when making a request.
you can ask us to use the black pride flag when making a request.

these arent excuses for us to not make PoC-orientated moodboards, these are just the reasons behind why theyre not as common.

no, we dont never post PoC aesthetics, its just that theyre harder to make due to the internets obvious bias over what race is “aesthetically pleasing”.

so please, actually go through our aesthetics before calling us out on such touchy topics. better yet, help us fix the problem by requesting more PoC aesthetics - demand and supply and all that. maybe even take some pictures yourself and show us, we would happily include them in future aesthetics if they fit the bill! ♡

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Why you gotta hate white people tho. Fucking racist.

“why you gotta hate white people tho” hmm 🤔 I 🤔 wonder 🤔 why 🤔


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You know those edits where problem make $hiro's flood black again? I saw one of them on Instagram and all the comments were, "He looks so young" "space dad before kids" "he looks better with the scar and white hair". AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY I HATE OUR FANDOM SO MUCH. He looks young because he is young, he isn't a dad, and his suffering isn't cute.


Solange had to disable the comment section for the ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ video because white people ruin everything. And you wonder why we’re always mad

What Miley Cyrus said and done is basically like when white women like her are appropriating people of colors hair/culture and they get tired of it, and start saying “it’s too vulgar” and that’s like them spitting on your culture. And that is why you wonder why people of color have problem with white people appropriating other peoples culture, especially their hairs.

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Not tryna put u on the defensive, but u seem to have an issue with interracial couples and mad hate on white-skin folk. Coming from someone of minority who's faced the of ridiculousness of white people too many times, I do feel u but wondering why it's so deep for u? Like soo often the anger and hated is justified but I feel like sometimes it's a bit too far? With so much division unnecessary hate is counterproductive when the hate is centred only around the fact that theyre white n that's it.

I’m going to assume you’re prolly new to my blog. I’ve made it perfectly clear before that I don’t have an issue with interracial couples. I’ve never had an issue with White people solely based on the fact that they are white. Rather I have multiple issues with them for all the privileges and benefits that come with being White. I am going to assume you decided to message me because of my recent Jane The Virgin liveblogging? I still absolutely stand by everything I’ve said. Every interracial couple I’ve seen so far on that show included a White. I hate the fact that White is seen as the Default race and everybody else is just accessories. So yes, it bothers me and if you honestly think that “hate” (because it’s not hate) is counterproductive I highly recommend you educate yourself. Also I have the strongest feeling that you’re a white. If not my bad but yeah. 

Americans, think about your own grade school education. You learned about genocide, war and slavery, how awful that all is, etc. You learned about how MLK Jr. fought for civil rights, and Thomas Jefferson said all men were created equal, how horrific the Holocaust was, and how the savior Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

But the textbooks conveniently leave out how MLK was an enemy of the state and the president and CIA wanted him dead, Thomas Jefferson owned and raped his slaves and he literally meant all caucasian males were created equal, the US denied entry to Holocaust refugees and no one cared, and Lincoln was also a racist and the emancipation of slaves was an agenda to destroy the confederate, not to save black people.

History paints us in a favorable light so we can shed the guilt and to lose accountability for past actions and to push the belief that it’s all in the past; everything is fine now. All tragedy of the past is mourned, but what are we taking away from it when history repeats itself?

We were taught as kids not to see or judge people based on color/gender/etc. and be tolerant because we’re all “equal.” It sounds like a good thing, but it just keeps privileged people ignorant and in denial of the existence of the current social issues. It becomes an excuse to be blind to other people’s problems and lose accountability for the social issues they unwittingly perpetuate so they can continue to live in comfort. It’s a delusion. When states like Texas rewrite textbooks to omit the word “slavery”, that just takes it all a step further.

If you grow up as a minority, or a double minority, or a triple minority, or a refugee of war, you don’t get the luxury of ignorance. You don’t get to pretend like social problems are a thing of the past. You don’t get to pretend racism/misogyny/homophobia/transphobia doesn’t exist when the inconvenient to life-threatening shit gets thrown at you on the daily. 

If you’re so lucky to live in a privilege-bubble, it can be hard to see how fucked up the world actually is, and eventually people like me just look unjustifiably angry all the time, and feminists look like angry bitches and black ppl need to get over slavery, and we should monitor or close down all the mosques (-Donald Trump) and Syrian refugees should stay in their country or be put in internment camps (-Sen. Elaine Morgan), and we should all pray for the white people in Paris. You lose sight of how the entire social construct for most of human existence was built on a hierarchy where heterosexual cis-gender Caucasian men have always been at the top. We see it in our government. We see it in the movie industry. In cartoon depictions of God and bible stories. We see it in how the news gets reported, and we see it in history textbooks.

People often misconstrue my fight against this social hierarchy as a hatred of white people which is not true and not the point. And they wonder why I’m so bitter and cynical all the time, and why I go on so many camping trips. Can you blame me? Am I at fault here? Am I the one that needs changing?