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Just curious, if you're all about diversity, shouldn't there be a white character in your header image? I'm a huge advocate of diversity, don't get me wrong, I'm just genuinely wondering if you excluded white people on purpose and why that is?

Just curious, if you’re all about diversity, shouldn’t there be a white character in your header image?

Let’s see, in my header image which is actually an art piece by the lovely @dmolech we have:

Tiana - African American, Pocahontas - Native American (specifically Powhatan), Jasmine (ethnicity unconfirmed but the film is a mixture of Middle Eastern and South Asian elements), Nani - Native Hawaiian, Esmeralda - Romani, Mulan - Han Chinese. All from very different racial/ethnic groups.

diverse dʌɪˈvəːs,ˈdʌɪvəːs/


  1. showing a great deal of variety; very different.

I mean…it’s almost as if…non-white people/people of colour are… wait for it…diverse??? Shocking I know…

And maybe that’s what I’m trying to show with this tiny blog and that’s why you won’t find any white characters here?

Besides white characters in Disney and the media in general are very, very well represented anyway (unlike characters of colour- which is why I decided to make this blog in the first place) so jot that down mate!

Idk how white people can be so ignorant. Like, they wonder why black people are mad and can hate them? White people tried to kill practically every race that isn’t their own. Then they expect everything to be explained to them like, read a book

i hate how….other poc get specifically mentioned like latinx and indigenous australians Or Whatever but for People Of Asia it’s just….asians. as if asia doesn’t comprise over half the world’s population. 4+ billion people. id forgive ‘east/southeast/south’ or whatever asians but just asians? like lmao we all know you’re just thinking of the pale skinny e asian people from japan and korea and china when you say asia may as well just make a post saying “i’m a fucken racist!!!” in large blaring letters

Solange had to disable the comment section for the ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ video because white people ruin everything. And you wonder why we’re always mad

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Hey, really <3 your blog! Re: South Asians using the n-word and "retarded", I think part of the problem is also a tendency, at least with South Asians, to use language that's offensive even within our own communities when you have privilege from caste, skin tone, economic class, etc. We fail to value how that makes people on the flip side feel. I've been frustrated lately with South Asians who support Trump only to wonder why white people attack us, telling us to go back to our country.

Thank you! :D

But definitely. And to add, when people come from caste, skin tone, privileged classes, etc., it’s like they’re taught to discriminate against those that are “under” them. In fact, we all may have some sort of privilege that discriminates against someone else so we should try our best to unlearn that.

And not that I’m trying to attack anyone, but there are pages like Hindus for Trump or Indians4Trump and to include others, there are Chinese Americans for Trump and Immigrants 4 Trump. Like fucking WHY? Trumpf and his regime is a continuation of the European colonists who destroyed our cultures, bombed our homelands, and killed our people. So I’m with you on that, it’s extremely frustrating knowing that some of our own people support the very colonists who ruined us (and still do).

Angry Asian Guy


TW: racial slurs

press play.

if you ever wonder why black people hate these talentless white artists who are called “legendary” when all they have done is hijacked and watered down black culture and then thrown black people under the bus….press play

that’s John Lennon btw

rot in pieces

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you know when people complain about oppressors making it so that the oppressed can't speak their own language? for some reason, they don't mention the Welsh. You know, the Welsh? The ones who the English literally whipped whilst kids in school if they spoke one word of Welsh and tried to squash the language by anglicising Wales? Yeah I can't speak Welsh due to that. There's been a revamp and now there ARE more people speak Welsh (:D ) but it's still quite low. Wonder why nobody protests that.

Welsh = white people so they don’t give a fuck lol 

yfip: chris edition
  • made a yfip post about me about five minutes ago
  • won’t drive up here to square up
  • drags me for being over coconut oil
  • probably only listens to fetty wap bc she’s stuck in 2015
  • sounds like a baby in distress
  • laughing at me rn because she knows im dragging that ass
  • asks me what she can use to make a yfip post ABOUT ME
  • encourages bougie behaviour
  • still has an aesthetic blog and wonders why white people keep bothering her
  • mumbles into the phone like a toddler
  • doesn’t know how to clap back for the life of her
  • literally
  • this girl will not clap back on you like you could go ham on her and nothing
  • won’t @ me ever
  • @zoiekravitz
  • probably a radfem

I seriously wonder why people get so salty about white people with dreads. And before I get bombarded with hate about how I’m a racist piece of shit mayo cracker some more because my hair is knotted up, let me get a point across, dreadlocks are beautiful on everyone. A hair style that has origins dating back in many cultures does not specifically belong to a single skin color or a single culture. Why would you sink so low, and say so many fucked up things to a human being because you don’t feel like they should keep their hair a certain style. It’s not even your hair. Seriously, worry about yourself. Dreadlocks are beautiful on anyone and everyone, and honestly different types of hair make different types of dreads and sometimes that’s really cool. Honestly, if you’re trippin that hard over white people having dreads, you need to rethink your life. 


I’m really curious about what turn will take their relationship in episode 8 (if hopefully they decided to work on it). More conflict? An alliance? Maybe the start of a friendship? A betrayal?

I wanted to draw a pic summing all  this.

You can see a black and a white version of this pic here 

BTW for people wondering why I have drawn Hux with a ceremonial sword, they are legit in canon at least in the Arkanis Academy 

So what if Hux has a ceremonial saber too? Maybe the one belonging to his dad or maybe the FO decided to keep the tradition.

In response to the Anonymous Asker wondering why "white allies" and "non racist" White People are called Race Traitors by their fellow white people:


Personally, I thinks it’s because of the “white lens” their viewing the world from (not excusing btw just giving my theory).
It’s no secret, no matter how many times they try to deny it to save face, that White Pride and White Nationalism are White Supremacy Groups with racially motivated discriminative beliefs. The white people in such groups undeniably and ignorantly believe they are above any non-white human and have an unbecoming sense of entitlement to everything and everyone on our shared planet earth.

The premises of these groups is Hate. Also, to stroke their fragile Egos. Plain and simple it’s to HATE and LOATH People of Color with the full intentions of violence and hindering non-white communities. They know this and they forgo any sensibility that what they are doing is wrong or unethical. Or they know and don’t care, making up relatively false or discriminative misinformation to excuse themselves (willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance).

Subconsciously, throughout White Western communities whether it’s blatant, unknowingly, or subject to circumstance declaring love for your race, ethnicity, and cultural community is strongly associated with Hatred for others. i.e “You cannot love yourself without hating another group. Racial Pride means you view yourself supreme to all others. Self-love and cultural pride stem from the belittlement and dehumanization of those who differ from you”. A very black and white concept, I know. (no pun intended).

*Again, you all know me fairly well enough (as a blogger anyway) to conclude that I’m not giving anyone a free pass to think in this destructive way… I’m just explaining it in a way others can educate themselves and hopefully form strong arguments to combat this destructive thinking.*

*Now, where does this fit in with our ‘White Allies’(using this term very lightly)?*

We know that it is very possible to unlearn toxic mentalities and also to not internalize them heavily during socialization. The ‘White Allies’ that we’re speaking of do not share the false equivalence of “Self-Love=Outward-Hate”. Having the ability to understand that when a non-White person claiming love for their race (i.e. “Black Pride, etc) in response to White Pride/Nationalism it is not an act of hatred toward others, but a proclamation of love/acceptance of ones self despite Institutional Racism and Socialization telling non-white people that you aren’t worth anything. Self-Love is a beautiful revolutionary thought process, really.

IN CONCLUSION and answer your question (finally I know!):

Due to their environmental socialization White People, consciously or not, see non-white self-love and personal acceptance as ‘White Hate’ or 'Reverse Racism’. Witnessing another White Person (their own kin) speaking out against the very institution that allows them their unchecked privileges is disheartening to them. Not to mention seeing White People supporting non-White self love is seen as a White Person saying “Fuck me and my fellow White People! Non-White people are supreme and all around better than us White People). This then brings up conscious feelings of betrayal/anger/frustration to those who are blatantly racist and subconscious feelings of betrayal/anger/frustration to those who have internalized this mentality.

Hence, the term “race traitor” becomes applicable and make more sense as to why it’s used. Regardless of the probable fact that the aforementioned 'White Allie’ doesn’t hate themselves or their people. They just do not support Institutionalized Racism. Despite also having privileged and internalized racist socialization like their blatant counterparts.

HOPE THIS HELPS :) it’s a long read, but worth it to get a good understanding of this subconscious thought process. Again, not excusing, but it’s important to be aware of why people behave the way they do.

- Susie the Moderator

p.s. This knowledge can also be applied to why Feminism is thought of as 'Male Hatred’ and the LGBT+ being seen as wanting to destroy CIS heterosexual relationships, etc etc

I wonder if White People understand that half the reason why Black People find Blackface so offensive is that we’ve told y’all for literally over a century that’s it’s always racist, 100% of the time, with no exceptions, and y’all still do it. 


why do white people like…….literally LOVE their dogs. I guess dogs can build countries at a time, be humble and quiet for hundreds of years (and counting), thus making their lives invalid right? :) NO WAY JOSE NOT IN AMURRICA.